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Justin Decker - Terrors of the Amazon

Recently our friend Justin Decker was on episode 101 of Paranormal Round Table. Justin was raised in the wilds of the Amazon and while on the show he talks about the many dangers it presented.

This was a fantastic show and lots of great stories. 

Here is the show followed by a little more information.

A few days ago I got an interesting submission in my email. While I have many questions about what happened, I still find the report intriguing. I emailed back and forth with the person to get a little more information. I know many of you will probably find the story unbelievable but I wanted to share it to see if anyone else has had something similar happen.

Here is the report as told to me via email.

Dead Daughters, Dogs, and Pirates: Estate Hauntings of Galveston, TX

The Lone Star State is home to a vast wealth of American history, which means it’s also home to an unsettling collection of sites inhabited by beings of the afterlife. The presence of the paranormal is truly palpable, as the majority of people who enter haunted property experience bone stiffening fear within five seconds of entering. When looking out for new sights to explore, none compare to the island city of Galveston, Texas. This relaxing resort town is home to a chilling variety of haunted locations that are sure to intrigue even experienced spectral investigator. Espers are present all around us, but here are a few locations that are especially dense with afterlife activity.

When Tyler was young, back in 2008, about like 6 years of age, when he and his parents moved into a small house in the woods that used to be a hunting cabin in Hedgesville,WV. Everything seemed to be normal until a few months later. He said that he was outside playing in the backyard, when he saw a black humanoid creature with glowing white eyes and about 5'8" in height, watching him from the woods. As a young boy he was very curious, so he started to approach it and it just vanished into thin air. This occurrence scared and shocked him, very much so that he was afraid to go outside for months.

I thought I would just alert everyone about a movie that was just released on November the 7th, 2017.
It is entitled Sightings and it is getting some pretty good reviews. Although, I have not watched the film I thought our followers might be interested in hearing a little more about it.

The plot, in a nutshell, goes like this:
"A dysfunctional family living on a ranch in TX is threatened by a cryptid in their woods. Ultimately, they must overcome their interpersonal conflict in order to unite and survive."

But the underlying theme deals with a skeptic taking the journey to becoming a believer after some extraordinary experiences.

The Scariest, Most Convincing Radio Broadcast In History!
A Supposed “War of the Worlds” In The American Psyche

By Dorraine Fisher

Back in 1938, it wasn’t publicly realized that the idea of aliens from other worlds was still simmering in the collective American psyche. From H.G. Wells’s 19th century novel, The War of the Worlds, a story of Martians invading earth, the public was apparently still hungry for something “otherworldly” to ponder. And ponder they did. It seemed the idea of Martians or any aliens from other worlds was something people were still eager to think about.  And this story is living proof.

Maybe they shouldn’t have been surprised when a young radio broadcaster named Orson Welles scared the nation literally to death on a cool, autumn night of that year.  And of all times it could have happened, it was on Halloween Eve night.

We finally made it to episode 37 of The Crypto Files. This episode has been a long time coming due to numerous projects and things going on.

In this episode we take a look at a long rumored crypitd from west Russia,The Brosno Dragon.
The Brosno Dragon is a Russian Lake Monster with a very long history. The are many tales about the creature dating back centuries.

Check out The Brosno Dragon in this episode of The Crypto Files

In episode 7 Eugene talks about the mysterious Land Between the Lakes (LBL). It is the home of numerous odd reports. The home of several stories about unexplained murders and tales of warnings about certain areas, forbidden areas, not to go into. The land itself has a questionable history which many tie to all the strangeness. Reports of unusual creatures inhabiting this area are abundant.

I will give you a fair warning, some of the stories told in this episode are very graphic.

Here is the episode

Bladenboro is a town in Bladen County, North Carolina. It's citizens were in a state of fear after a series of gruesome attacks on dogs and other animals. Reports of a blood sucking cat like predator roaming the area had the towns folks on edge. Many reported attacks strangely had little or no blood indicating the beast employed a blood-sucking trait.

Learn more about the Beast of Bladenboro in episode 28 of The Crypto Files.

Nightbeasts Dvd
Run Time: 80 minutes

First let me post up the plot line for the movie.
"Charles Thomas takes his son Tim on a weekend hunting trip to the woods only to have that outing violently interrupted by the appearance of Bigfoot. What starts as a vacation turns into an intense battle of survival against malevolent forces."

Now, this movie has a little star power in it as well, it features Zach Galligan of "Gremlins" fame and it also has Robert Miano of Donnie Brasco fame. The film also features Audra Wise and while you may not recognize the name, I'm sure you have heard of some of the movies she has been in...like The Dentist 2, and Unspeakable, just to name a few.

Now, with all that going for it, I can tell you I had high hopes for this film and really wanted to watch it. But in the end I was very disappointed in this film. The acting was about as bad as it gets, and the bigfoot costumes were dreadful. It appears that most of the funding for this film went to pay the stars, who really in the end, just did not deliver. The film quality is good, the plot line has promise but for me the film just fell so flat. Maybe I was over expecting. Another thing that really got me was that some of the "facts" about bigfoot were things that were odd and not consistent with bigfoot , at all. For example, Bigfoot has eyesight like bats and can not cross car lights,...yes I know this is silly but it happens in the movie.

While, I was sorely disappointed in the movie, it seems to have found an audience and is getting good reviews. So, you may just have to take a chance on it and see if it is something that falls into your realm of entertainment.

Nightbeasts trailer

You ca purchase the film on Amazon by - Clicking Here

Rating: 1 out of 5


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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The Jersey Devil, sometimes called the Leeds Devil, is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many variations. The Jersey Devil has worked its way into the pop culture of the area, even lending its name to New Jersey's team in the National Hockey League.

Most accounts of the Jersey Devil legend attribute the creature to a "Mother Leeds", a supposed witch, although the tale has many variations. According to one version, she invoked the devil while giving birth to her 13th child, and when the baby was born, it either immediately or soon afterwards transformed into a devil like creature and flew off into the surrounding pines.

According to legend, while visiting the Hanover Mill Works to inspect his cannonballs being forged, Commodore Stephen Decatur sighted a flying creature flapping its wings and fired a cannonball directly upon it to no effect. Joseph Bonaparte, eldest brother of Emperor Napoleon, is also said to have witnessed the Jersey Devil while hunting on his Bordentown, New Jersey estate around 1820. Throughout the 1800s, the Jersey Devil was blamed for livestock killings, strange tracks, and reported sounds. In the early 1900s, a number of people in New Jersey and neighboring states claimed to witness the Jersey Devil or see its tracks. Claims of a corpse matching the Jersey Devil's description arose in 1957. In 1960, the merchants around Camden offered a $10,000 reward for the capture of the Jersey Devil, even offering to build a private zoo to house the creature if captured.


THE JERSEY DEVIL Without a doubt, New Jersey’s oldest, most enduring, and important pieces of folklore is the tale of the infamous Jersey Devil. For close to three hundred years now, Jerseyans have told tales of this mythical beast which stalks the Pine Barrens and terrorizes local residents. The recurring nature of this story begs a few of questions: Why have New Jerseyans embraced this legend so steadfastly, and above all others? Is there actually some sort of creature roaming the Pine Barrens of Southern NJ? And if so, what in God’s name is it?

Legend has it that in 1735, a Pines resident known as Mother Leeds found herself pregnant for the thirteenth time. (Leeds is the name of one of New Jersey’s earliest settlers, and many descendants of the Leeds family can still be found throughout NJ to this day.) Mother Leeds was not living a wealthy lifestyle by any means. Her husband was a drunkard who made few efforts to provide for his wife and twelve children. Reaching the point of absolute exasperation upon learning of her thirteenth child’s forthcoming, she raised her hands to the heavens and proclaimed “Let this one be a devil!”

She went into labor a few months later, on a tumultuously stormy night, no longer mindful of the curse she had utter previously regarding her unborn child. Her children and husband huddled together in one room of their Leeds’ Point home while local midwives gathered to deliver the baby in another. By all accounts the birth went routinely, and the thirteenth Leeds child was a seemingly normal baby boy.

Within minutes however, Mother Leeds’ unholy wish of months before began to come to fruition. The baby started to change, and metamorphosed right before her very eyes. Within moments it transformed from a beautiful newborn baby into a hideous creature unlike anything the world had ever seen.

The wailing infant began growing at an incredible rate. It sprouted horns from the top of its head and talon-like claws tore through the tips of its fingers. Leathery bat-like wings unfurled from its back, and hair and feathers sprouted all over the child’s body. Its eyes began glowing bright red as they grew larger in the monster’s gnarled and snarling face. The creature savagely attacked its own mother, killing her, then turned its attention to the rest of the horrified onlookers who witnessed its tempestuous transformation. It flew at them, clawing and biting, voicing unearthly shrieks the entire time. It tore the midwives limb from limb, maiming some and killing others.

The monster then knocked down the door to the next room where its own father and siblings cowered in fear and attacked them all, killing as many as it could. Those who survived to tell the tale then watched in horror as the rotten beast sprinted to the chimney and flew up it, destroying it on the way and leaving a pile of rubble in its wake. The creature then made good its escape into the darkness and desolation of the Pines, where it has lived ever since. To this day the creature, known varyingly as the Leeds Devil and the Jersey Devil, claims the Pines as its own, and terrorizes any who are unfortunate enough to encounter it.

In 18th and 19th centuries the Jersey Devil was spotted sporadically throughout the Pine Barrens region, frightening local residents and any of those brave enough to traverse the vast undeveloped expanses of New Jersey’s southern reaches. Unearthly wails were often reported emanating from the dark forests and swampy bogs, and the slaughter of domesticated animals would invariably be attributed to the Phantom of the Pines. Over the years the legend of the Leeds Devil grew, occasionally even overstepping the boundaries of its rural Pine Barrens haunt to terrorized local towns and cities.

The most infamous of these incidents occurred during the week of January 16 thru 23, 1909. Early in the week reports starting emerging from all across the Delaware Valley that strange tracks were being found in the snow. The mysterious footprints went over and under fences, through fields and backyards, and across the rooftops of houses. They were even reported in the large cities of Camden and Philadelphia. Panic immediately began to spread, and posses formed in more than one town. Fear and intrigue grew even greater when it was reported that bloodhounds refused to follow the unidentified creature’s trail in Hammonton. Schools closed or suffered low attendance throughout lower NJ and in Philadelphia. Mills in the Pine Barrens were forced to close when workers refused to leave their homes and travel through the woods to get to their jobs.

Eyewitnesses spotted the beast in Camden and in Bristol, Pennsylvania, and in both cities police fired on it but did not manage to bring it down. A few days later it reappeared in Camden, attacking a late night meeting of a social club and then flying away. Earlier that day it had appeared in Haddon Heights, setting its sights upon a trolley car before flying away. Witnesses claimed that it looked like a large flying kangaroo. Another trolley car full of people saw it in Burlington when it scurried across the tracks in front of their car. In West Collingswood it appeared on the roof of a house and was described as an ostrich-like creature. Firemen turned their hose upon it, but it attacked them and then flew away. The entire week people reported that their livestock, particularly their chickens, were being slaughtered. This was most widespread in the towns of Bridgeton and Millville.

The marauding misanthrope reappeared later in the week in Camden, where a local woman found the beast attempting to eat her dog. She hit it with a broomstick and it flew away.

While there has not since been been another week to match the frequency, fervor, and intensity of the January 1909 rampage, numerous sightings of the Jersey Devil have continued to be reported to this day. The tale of the Devil has spread beyond the Pine Barrens and has been embraced by all of New Jersey, even to the point where it has been largely commercialized. The Devil is portrayed in toys, on t-shirts, and is even the subject of his own comic book. Most famously, the Devil has lent its name to New Jersey’s NHL hockey team.

There are still many, however, who believe that the Jersey Devil is a very real, very dangerous creature. There has been a constant stream of reports over the years of Devil encounters. Most often, people report finding strange, unidentifiable tracks in the sandy soil in desolate areas of the Pine Barrens. Some reports claim that they are the footprints of a strange bird. Others say that they closely resemble hoofprints, although whatever it is walks on just two legs. There have even been a substantial amount of reports which describe the tracks as being cloven, a well cited description of the feet/hooves of a more famous Devil, Satan. While less frequent, there are still occasional reports of people who see more than just tracks and manage to catch a glimpse of Ol’ JD himself. He is most commonly described as having the body of a kangaroo, the head of a dog, the face of a horse, large leathery wings, antlers similar to those of a deer, a forked reptilian tail, and prominent, intimidating claws.

While some Jerseyans embrace their Devil as nothing more than a quaint figment of our collective imagination, a source of unification and pride, and a unique and important piece of NJ folk culture, others see it as a very real creature and a threat upon their safety. Still others who have sworn they did not believe in the existence of the Jersey Devil have had their minds changed after spending just one moonlit night in the Pine Barrens. There, where a ghostly mist drifts across the cedar swamps and the unearthly cry of some unseen creature can be heard piercing the stillness of the dark forest, few disbelievers can be found. Whether its deep in the Pine Barrens or deep in our collective unconscious, one thing is certain; the Devil still lurks in New Jersey, and most likely always will.

(Not sure where some of this comes from, I've had it a long time, so I can't list any sources or give proper credit. Sorry)


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Ghost: A Natural History: 500 years of searching for proof
Roger Clarke

Just in time for Halloween and filled with ghost and haunting tales dating back into the 1600's, it's Roger Clarke's Ghost: A natural history: 500 years of searching for proof. Yeah, it's a long title but it's very fitting.

As some of you may know, I have a hard time reading most books because they tend to not hold my interest and end up just laying around. Well, I'm happy to say this is not the case with this book. It has held my interest with not only it's recounting of very old hauntings but also with it's large list of famous people. There are many famous names in the book that you will recognize and learning about their involvement in ghost, hauntings and research that will fascinate you...it sure did me. From John Wesley to Charles Dickens to Harry Houdini and numerous Dukes, Earls and Vicars, learn how they helped shape the paranormal field to what it is today.

This book is more than just a bunch of ghost stories, it shows how some of these famous tales were debunked and how some led to lawsuits, destroyed lives, exposed secrets and caused deaths.  It's also fascinating to read and understand how ghost stories evolved from knocks and bangs to seances with full body apparitions.

Ghost: A natural history: 500 years of searching for proof not only manages to be entertaining but it is also educational. I found a great wealth of knowledge in it.        

At times the book takes a look at how various classes in society were thought of when it came to seeing ghost and some of the extremes taken to try and expose fakes. It explores the mob mentality of the "ghost mobs" that would gather at haunted houses. Sometimes hundreds of people would gather at haunted houses, some walking for miles, in hopes to get a glimpse of a ghost.

This book is filled with over 350 pages of history, creepy tales, knowledge, murder, pictures and so much more.

I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars



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Monster in Enfield

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Illinois: Home of The Strangest Cryptid of All?
The Tale of the Enfield Horror
By Dorraine Fisher

When we’re searching for monsters, we’ll tend to skip right over Illinois for anything interesting. But amazingly, it was the location of sightings of one of the strangest cryptids ever recorded. Enfield, Illinois is a tiny town of a little over 600 people in Southeastern Illinois and the scene of some very strange happenings in 1973.

The townspeople probably thought their fellow Enfield citizen, Henry McDaniel, was crazy when he first started telling everyone about the weird events that he claimed took place at his home on April 25 of that year. Enough that the sheriff threatened to lock him up. But McDaniel kept on warning people and some frightening events followed.

According to McDaniel, something started beating on his door that evening. And he probably thought he was seeing things we he opened it only to find the weirdest creature anyone could imagine. He described it as grey in color, with three legs, two little short arms coming out of its chest, and short body. He claimed it stood some 4 to 5 feet tall and was trying to get into the house.

He opened the door again and opened fire at the creature with his pistol and felt sure that he hit it as he claims it hissed at him. But it ran away, McDaniel said, covering 75 feet in three jumps. And it disappeared in some brush near his house.

When the police investigated, they found tracks something like a dog’s, but they had 6 toe pads on each foot. And two of the footprints were four inches wide while the width of the third foot was slightly smaller.

Not long after, they learned a young boy named Greg Garrett who lived just behind McDaniel, was also attacked in his yard shortly before McDaniel’s incident. He claimed a deformed looking creature appeared out of nowhere and jumped up and down on his feet with it large, sharp, curled claws, and shredded the boy’s tennis shoes. But he somehow managed to escape into the house, obviously terrified.

Some two weeks later, McDaniel woke up in the middle of the night to the neighborhood dogs howling strangely. And when he looked outside, he saw the creature again. This time standing by the railroad tracks near his house. He said the creature just walked slowly down the tracks, not seeming to be in much of a hurry.

And then, five hunters were arrested on May 8 for violating hunting regulations. It seems they had been shooting at some "gray, hairy thing" they’d seen in the brush. They said they thought they hit it, but it ran off before they could know for sure.

The town was subsequently flooded with reporters and thrill seekers from everywhere. A reporter, Rick Rainbow, the news director from an Indiana radio station, along with some others, spotted the monster near an abandoned house not far from McDaniel’s house. They didn’t see it very clearly, but they described it as being about five feet tall and hunched over. Rainbow did manage to record the strange hissing/crying sounds it made. And those cries were heard for several days afterward near the same railroad tracks close to Henry McDaniel’s home.

But then, the sightings ended abruptly. No one knows what happened, though many have speculated wildly about things like UFO sightings in the area at that time. Or did it simply succumb to gunshot wounds and die? It’s likely the mystery of the Enfield Horror will never be solved. ******DF

[*Special thanks to Troy Taylor and his book Weird Illinois.]

©The Crypto Crew
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I had this odd story from back in October but just kind of let it slip passed me. This is an odd story and a small Q & A with a lady named Sheri. What was these strange hands reaching under the door?

Here is what Sheri told me
"In my late teens and early 20's, I saw weird monkey-like hands or paws or whatever you want to call them, scrabbling beneath the space between the bottom of the door and kitchen floor that lead to the partially finished basement of our family home. In the basement there were two bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry area. We lived in North Battleford Saskatchewan at the time which is definitely not a tropical area because Saskatchewan is smack dab in the middle of Canada. Our winters are long and freezing cold. North Battleford is a very small prairie city without zoos of any kind. The monkey hands or paws or whatever they were, were witnessed twice. I was always with other people when I saw them. The hands were small in size like a spider monkey sort of but somehow different. They were covered with dark hair or fur and had long jointed humanoid fingers and long dark fingernails. The small arms were visible from just below where the elbows would be, exposing only the forearms of the creatures. Both times as they reached beneath the bottom of the door they would scrabble back and forth frantically, scratching loudly. There appeared to be at least two of them but their movements were so fast and so aggressive, it was hard to be sure. They scared the hell out of everyone. The first time I saw them I was with three of my girlfriends and the next time I was with my little brother and three of our cousins. I was always the one who would open the door. It took every last ounce of courage I could muster to do it. Everyone would be screaming and freaking out. I felt compelled to calm them down despite being terrified myself but each time I whipped that door open nothing would be there.

We had no evidence of wild animals being in our house. No scat or signs of destruction that would have been there had wild animals invaded the premises. We also had family pets, a dog and a cat who lived in our house. They most certainly would have reacted had wild animals been inside. Both times this event occurred, the dog had been at the lake with my parents but my Siamese cat, Jade, was home. For some reason he had stopped coming down to my basement bedroom to cuddle with me at night like he used to. At the time I didn’t know why. When we saw these creatures, Jade would poke his head into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about.

These creatures we saw felt somehow "wrong". They were very frightening experiences filled with a sense of evil. I am writing this to see if anyone else in this big old world has ever had a similar experience. I am baffled by what I witnessed; maybe somebody can help me put this experience to rest.
Q: was the nails like human nails? how big would you guess the hands to be in inches across?

A: The hands were as I said the size of a spider monkey ...about the size of a large raccoon. The nails on the hands looked more humanoid than animal which was why they were so scary. Remember, they were moving very fast and frantic, making a lot of noise. The hair was not thick like fur more like really hairy... in inches across I would estimate that the hands were 1 and 3/4 to 2 inches across.
It was a horrifying experience.

Q: Could it have possibly been a large coon?

A: There were two sets of arms ...absolutely not wild animals such as coons ...the arms were sort of boney and hairy...not furry. I have seen coons and these were different. Besides, how would coons get in the house? Where were they when I flung open the door? The door lead down to our basement from the kitchen. When I flung the door open there was nothing on the landing and wouldn't coons tear the house apart looking for food? Wouldn’t they leave signs like damage, hair or scat....? Seriously it was bone chilling. Everyone was screaming....it came on suddenly and ended abruptly when I opened the door. Each episode only lasted a couple of minutes. They were about 2 years apart.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen? could it be some kind of dark energy? If anyone has any thing to add please feel free to do so.

Thanks goes to Sheri for sharing her story.


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Mothman statue
Mothman Statue
The Mothman was seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967. It is reported that about 100 people seen this strange creature during this time frame.
The description of the creature varied some, but generally the creature was described as being 5-7 foot tall, man shaped, grey or brown, with wings and wider than a man. The strangest detail told about this creature was it's lack of a head, with witnesses stating that it's red glowing eyes set on it's upper chest area.  To me this would represent the lack of a neck with the head sitting down between the shoulders. The red glowing eyes were often described as being as big as bicycle reflectors.

Another odd detail, about this totally odd being,  is that witnesses told that the Mothman didn't flap it's large wings when taking off or while in flight. People reported seeing the Mothman ascent straight up in the air without any wing flapping, odd indeed for a winged creature.
There is at least 1 report of the Mothman pacing a car at approximately 100 mph! The terrified witnesses in the car escaped when Mothman broke off it's chase at the city limits.

Some people also reported hearing humming sounds coming from the Mothman and a few reported screams that sounded like a woman screaming.
Another odd thing about this is that some people reported radio and electronic interference. Stuff like lose of TV reception or YV's having static and that radios would not work correctly.

One thing is for sure, everyone who saw this creature was struck with terror. This terror might play a part in the concept that seeing the Mothman is a bad omen or of a pending disaster. This is also fueled by the collapse of  Sliver Bridge, which crossed the Ohio river to Point Pleasant. Witnesses claimed to have seen Mothman in the area before the bridge collapsed. The bridge collapsed on Dec. 15, 1967 during rush hour traffic killing 46 people, 2 of which were never found. The Silver Bridge was build in 1928 and named "Silver bridge" due to it's shiny aluminum paint.  After the collapse investigators determined that a small 2.5mm defect in one single eyebar in a suspension chain and being overloaded caused the collapse. The bridge was replace in 1969 and name Silver Memorial Bridge.

Another eerie part of this story is that the Mothman was said to have been hanging around the old World War II munition domes in Point Pleasant. There are over 100 of these old TNT domes in the area. Some thought Mothman chose that area due to the chemicals that are buried underground there.

Over the years there has been many movies and books about the Mothman. One of the most known movies is The Mothman Prophecies starring Richard Gere. Cryptozoologist Loren Colman wrote Mothman and Other Curious Encounters for which he received very high praise.

The Mothman sightings are not just contained to the United States. There has been several reports from other areas. In 1985 a similar type creature was reported just before the Mexico City earthquake and in 1986 a Mothman type of creature was reported just before the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant meltdown. There was also a reported sighting in 1963 in England and many others. There continues to be Mothman sightings even to this today.

So is the Mothman part of the terrible disasters or is it just some type of warning that we do not understand? No one really knows for sure and that part of the tale is open for debate.

So just what is Mothman?  Many speculate that it could be an alien, while others believe it to be some type of mutation due to the chemicals in the TNT domes.  Others think it could be some type of a death angel sent to warn people of impending doom or disaster. Still others think it's just a hoax.

If you have had a Mothman sighting feel free to contact us.


[Sources: Wikipedia, boudillion, theparanormalfiles]

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