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Thursday, March 8, 2018

When Tyler was young, back in 2008, about like 6 years of age, when he and his parents moved into a small house in the woods that used to be a hunting cabin in Hedgesville,WV. Everything seemed to be normal until a few months later. He said that he was outside playing in the backyard, when he saw a black humanoid creature with glowing white eyes and about 5'8" in height, watching him from the woods. As a young boy he was very curious, so he started to approach it and it just vanished into thin air. This occurrence scared and shocked him, very much so that he was afraid to go outside for months.
After this incident it seemed to of went away, since he had friends to play with. This humanoid creature only seemed interested when he was alone. These occurrences seemed to have stopped until he was 9 years of age. One memorable event was when he was in 5th grade, in the winter he went outside alone. He saw the creature again and got scared, so he ran inside and called up his friends but they all thought it was a bear. He knew this creature was not a bear though, how could it be? It had glowing white eyes and was about 5'8" fully dark black, like an abyss. Another day in spring when he was still 9, in the kitchen it randomly appeared watching him through the window. As he got older at the age of 14, he got cars that he would work on outside alone. Again this terrifying creature appeared watching him, but it was never deep in the woods anymore. It seemed to get closer every time he saw it.

As these occurrences happened continuously throughout the years he was still always startled, Every account was when he was alone at random times. The most recent occurrence that happened was just last weekend. I was at his house with him this time. Tyler and I were planning a weekend to have our rap crew "Atomic Mic Crew" or "AMC" for short, to meet up at his house. All the members came except for one so it was Tyler another guy and I there, Tyler was recording his vocals so the other guy and I left the room. We were sitting out there waiting for him, when we heard him scream and him throwing something.
We thought that he was mad because of messing up his verse, so we rushed in there to see what happened.

I saw that a chair was flipped and he looked confused. I asked him what happened, when he told me that he saw an all black creature with white glowing eyes and no face, right behind him. He said it was about to put its hand on him, so he flipped the chair at it. I was surprised myself and a little creeped out, but he said that he was fine and we left the room again. That was the most recent occurrence of this creature. Recently, over text he told me that he has been seeing this creature along with his sister for years now. He says that was the first time ever seeing it in his house, and he just wants this to stop happening to him.

[Editor - This phenomenon has also been reported by others. Here is a couple links. Link 1 and Link 2 ]


This report by TCC's Wyatt Zombro.Wyatt is a Cryptozoology enthusiast, enjoys being outdoors and exploring the forest. Wyatt researches bigfoot in his home state of West Virginia. Wyatt also has interest in other mysteries such as UFOs and ghost.

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  1. Hi. I'm 19 and I've seen a figure as you describe twice in my life. He only came to me when I tried to sleep. Once at my step grandmother's, and once at my dad's.

    It might not be the same thing we're seeing but the first time I saw him, he stood tall over a pullout bed in the living room where my mom and 2 younger siblings slept. He stared and his eyes were white and they seemed angry or plagued. After what felt like forever his head snapped to my right and then he disappeared.

    The second time, I was laying down at my dad's and something compelled me to sit up. I did and he was in the hallway staring. I said hello and he ran towards me and then disappeared before touching me.

    Any time I'm at my dad's for whatever reason at night I leave the lights on but I feel like I know he's around because I can feel the same paralysing feeling when I hear a sound and the idea of him appearing pops in my head and terrifies me.

    I'm sorry to be commenting but I finally sucked it up and tried to look up familiar experiences and I read through this and it's kind of relieving to know he's been seen before (if it's the same thing)

  2. Thanks for the comment and for telling about your experience. I think many times people are reluctant to share these types of things.


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