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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Still frame with the figure going behind the garage.
I was made aware of the following video by one of our followers of our Facebook page.
The video was shot in northern Minnesota apparently on Christmas day back in 2014.
As everyone is saying their Merry Christmas and the camera is panning around one woman notices a figure dart behind the garage.

A couple of the family members go outside and film the figure some more. During one part of the filming the family dog runs out and towards the figure. The dog quickly gets scared and runs back to the people but turns and barks at the figure.

I will now show you the video and then offer up some of my thoughts about it and some enhancements of still frames.

Here is the video.

Right off you will notice it is filmed vertically ...which is terrible...for goodness sake stop that stuff!

As for the video there are lots of mixed views from people on youtube. Many think it is staged while others think it is real. Some people even claim that the figure is CGI and one person even said the dog was fake. What!?

Another thing was the mixed reaction to how the dog acted. It made some believe the video real, while it didn't convince others. Now, I know from experience that dogs are terrified of Bigfoot. They will run away and cower most of the time. Not only have I experienced this first hand but have also taken in several reports of the same reaction. When we encountered a Bigfoot, many years ago, while coon hunting, our trained coon dogs were terrified but after a few minutes they manged to bark a few times, but remained scared. So, the dog in the video was somewhat similar to what I experienced with my dogs when we encountered a real Bigfoot. With that said, I also know I can pull my shirt up over my head and scare the dogs I have now. So IF it was a person in a suit the dog's reaction would have probably been the same, in my opinion. 

The uploader did response with some additional information when ask about foot tracks:

"If you see that this Christmas in your yard you go out there and look at the footprints. An animal that size could easily snap a person like a twig. That fear was real. The next day we looked and there was just holes in the snow, that's what happens when anything heavy walks in deep snow. For example if a german shepard and a timberwolf both walk through 3 feet of snow you can tell it's a canine but that's about it."

Now, I have attempt to grab a few still frames from the video in hopes of seeing more details. I was not very successful as the video is pretty low quality. Here is an image of a still frame in gif form.

Another still frame from when the figure moves across the clearing. not much detail, just a black blob. One thing to consider is that the figure does not appear to be anything overly large, but it is kind of hard to get a height estimate.  But the figure seems to move fairly quickly over the brush and snow covered ground. The arms seem short but that could be due to angle.

Here is one last still frame. It comes from the very first part of the video. The general consensus is that Bigfoot walks with a bent knee. That it does not lock at the knee and does not have that straight leg like us human folks. In this frame it appears as if the back leg is totally extended and in that locked position.

This video has many pros and cons. If you look at the person's youtube channel, they don't have any other "bigfoot" type of videos. The channel mostly is about shooting different guns and a podcast about various topics.

I'm personally on the fence about the video but I'm leaning towards it being a fake. There is not a lot of detail to glean from the video as the quality is low and the figure is dark against a dark background. One thing that stands out to me is the fact the figure stays in the area. Normally, you would think that Bigfoot would get out of view and hit the forest.

I wonder if the people in the video had someone prank them? I think that would be dangerous and who would do that on Christmas? Or maybe they staged it themselves. Then there is the option that it is real.

How about you make up your own mind and let me know what you think. Is it real or fake?


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thomas, This was an excellent breakdown. Good Job! I'm glad you took the time to contact the woman and ask for additional information. Her ability to articulate anything accurately would only add to the validity of the film. Unfortunately that isn't the case. For clearly her anecdote about deep snow and examples of German Shepherds, and wolves fall far short of reality and truth. We can clearly see the snow in the film and determine the type of snow is what's known as Crud or Snowball snow -- meaning it has moisture in it and easily packs. You can see where the snowplow pushed the snow into nice curled waves and the snow stayed that way. Also, the dog which is a small terrier type canine and who's clearance is only a few inches off the ground easily runs through the snow without any difficulty. I doubt the snow was any more than three to five inches deep. This type of visual evidence available to us clearly goes against the woman's claims that the snow was deep and that only holes where the critter stepped were left behind. I don't see this video as anything coming close to a true encounter. However, it makes an excellent example of "How Not To Fake" a Bigfoot sighting.


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