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So, a few days ago I ran across this image on social media. The best I can recall I have never seen the image before, so this got my curiosity up and I had to start researching it. In the photograph we see what appears to be a human shaped figure lying on the ground.

Some think it could possibly be a Bigfoot waiting or watching the people taking the picture. Others think that the figure is more in line with the paranormal and think it could be a demon. A few have also suggested it could be a Dogman.

Adding to the creep factor is the fact there is a missing persons flyer posted on the rock wall.

I was able to track down some information about the image and later traced down a video explaining it in even more detail.
From the documentary " Missing: The Dennis Martin Case" Artwork by Greg Champy.
By now most people know about or at least have heard of, the Dennis Martin Case. If you don't know about this strange case I would recommend that you research it. The Martin case is one in which a young boy, Dennis Martin, went missing in the Smoky Mountains. There are many people who think there is a possibility that Martin was abducted by a Bigfoot.

While many know about the Martin case, there are probably a lot that don't know there was another attempted abduction, that took place in Tennessee, several years later, of a 4 year old boy. So, today I want to tell you what we know about that incident.

The Child-Eaters Of The Oklahoma Territory?
One Of The Most Horrific Bigfoot Stories Ever Told
By Dorraine Fisher

Native American legends are full of stories about giant hairy men. Some are sweet and spiritual stories, while others are full of murder and mayhem. Many of the stories tell harrowing tales of the natives’ problems with these “giants” snatching and even eating their children. Most of these were dismissed as legend or myth by others, but Native American legend is based in truth...or the way in which they perceived the truth. And it very well may be that the “giants” they were referring to may very well have been bigfoot in some of the cases.

And it seems that may be true in this case.

Ego - The Scariest Monster Of All Is Inside You
Is Yours A Monster Too?

By Dorraine Fisher

Throughout our entire lives, we hear a lot about the ego. And we think we know what it is. Most people believe that a person with a big ego is a person with an over inflated view of him or herself, or a person who’s narcissistic or conceited. And, though those things are true, they’re not all there is to the ego. We all fall victim to our egos. Psychiatric professionals battle this monster throughout their entire careers, attempting to make people understand and conquer their egos.

So, why is it such a big deal?

Its time for another episode of The Eugene Johnson show!

In this episode, Eugene talks about some of his theories and opinions about different aspects of bigfoot. Then dives into the famous Fred Beck case known as the "Incident at Ape Canyon".

Eugene also give you a short overview of what he has been up to and a rundown of possible upcoming show topics.

Here is this episode..
Mock up of the event, not actual picture.

What a very interesting report that comes from Southern Illinois. The original report and investigation was conducted by KBRO and Don Neal. A man was coon hunting and his dog is killed by a bigfoot and he actually sees the bigfoot. Don and the witness actually return to the actual site of the incident and the tale is pretty amazing.

This does not come as a shock to me, that bigfoot would kill a dog, I know from first hand experience that dogs are terrified of bigfoot. Over the years I have taken in several reports of dogs encountering bigfoot and the reaction is always the same, the dogs are fearful. I also recently conducted an interview with a man who saw a bigfoot take his dog.

So, anytime I hear someone talking about how their dog is friends with bigfoot, it just raises a red flag for me. It just does not correlate with my person experience or the numerous witness and reports I have taken in.

Now, back to the bigfoot killing this man's coon dog. In the interview the man tells some gory details and is somewhat emotional, and very believable.

Here are the videos

Bladenboro is a town in Bladen County, North Carolina. It's citizens were in a state of fear after a series of gruesome attacks on dogs and other animals. Reports of a blood sucking cat like predator roaming the area had the towns folks on edge. Many reported attacks strangely had little or no blood indicating the beast employed a blood-sucking trait.

Learn more about the Beast of Bladenboro in episode 28 of The Crypto Files.

Could Bigfoot Mindspeak Be Dangerous?

I know bigfoot mindspeak is a very touchy subject, with many believing in it and many others not believing in it. This post is not about whether or not bigfoot can or possesses this ability, but it is rather one about possible dangers of the idea of mindspeak. I know some will see the subject of this post and automatically skip past it. But I think and I feel the need to address it. Also, just for the record, I highly doubt that bigfoot have this ability. But I can not totally discount the many reports of it. I can say that it has never happened to me and I have been around bigfoot many times. I can confirm that bigfoot do speak, as I have heard them. Now, let me get to some of the things I want to talk about.

First, I guess we need to explain bigfoot mindspeak, just a little. Bigfoot mindspeak is just basically telepathy. The ability of one person, in this case bigfoot, to communicate with another person using only the mind. To speak or talk to a person without using verbal sounds. To use your mind to send thoughts and words to another being. In other words, you will hear a voice, in your mind, talking to you. Many researchers have made claims that they have had this happen while being around bigfoot. Some even claim that they communicate, with mindspeak, very often or on a regular basis with bigfoot. I know of no way a bigfoot researcher could prove that a bigfoot was mindspeaking to them. 

Here in Kentucky and even many other southern states, we get told that there is no cougars in this area. But yet, we keep seeing them and sometimes even black panthers. But according to wildlife officials we do not have any cougars in the area and we are misidentifying other animals. It reminds me of a few years ago, when these same wildlife officials told us we didn't have any black bears in this area but of course we have a growing number of them.

Well, I got the following report of a cougar sighting in the state of Georgia and wanted to share it.

- Start Report -

Name: Ken ******

Email Address: On file

State: Georgia


Date of Sighting: October 99

Time of Day: 7 PM

Nearest Town: Wrightsville

Length of Sighting: 20 seconds

How many Witnesses: 1

Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:
Sitting in a tree stand deer hunting a pine grove, when at dusk a cougar walks right under my stand. It was on the trail I have to take back to the truck.  I live in the west and know a cougar when I see one.  Not a black panther but a tan cougar. 

- End Report -

I wonder why wildlife officials tell us that there is no cougars in an area, when in fact there is. Is it because they don't really know? or is it because they just don't want the general public to know they are there? To me, if the officials know they are there and are lying to people, it would be more dangerous to hikers and campers.  I think it would be better to let people know the possibly dangerous cat was in the area, so the hikers and campers could take precautions in case they ran into one. If an accident happened and the wildlife officials had lied about cougars being in an area, would that make the libel in some way?

Thanks to Ken for sending in his report.

Be safe everyone.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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You never know what kind of item you might find up for sell on ebay. If you like haunted items and ghost then this auction might be for you.

Haunted Possessed doll Auction!

Here is what is said about the doll:

"As the title says, this is not a joke. Now we are not saying that this is an evil doll that her head is going to spin around and vomit pea soup. But at least 8 - 9 times in the past year, we have come into our store to find her somewhere other than the shelf she belongs on. Usually in the middle of an aisle in a part of the store where she doesn't belong. And even one day manage to fall (jump) off the shelf in the middle of the day. Which is a pretty big thing being that our shelves are 18" deep and she leans up against the wall. The last two times happened one day apart just a few days back. My wife and I arrived to open the store in the morning, there the doll was again, laying on the floor in the doorway. We got into an all day long discussion of how often one of us finds her on the floor to return her back on her shelf. Did not realize the other finds her out of place just as much. So that night we decided to bury her under a pile of other dolls so there would be no mistaking where she should be come morning. The next morning I arrived alone and walking past the doll shelf I noticed one of the dolls we placed on top was almost falling off the shelf. To my amazement "The Doll " wasn't on the shelf. It almost looked like she pushed her way out. At this point I'm totally freaked out and start looking for her. It didn't take me long to find her, I found her laying on the cash register. The register was turned on with the numbers 6913. I always shut off my register at night. You can believe or not but I no longer want the doll and do not want her back. No returns."

So, if you feel like a little danger in your life, Click here and buy this Doll!


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Here in my area of Kentucky, we have a growing black bear population. This has led to an increase of sightings and run ins with bears. For many years now I have never carried a fire arm while out in the mountains but that recently changed for me.

Over the last month, I have been out 4-6 times a week looking for ginseng. I enjoy the outdoors and I like digging the sought after root and maybe I can make a few bucks at the end of the season. Well, about a week ago I was coming out of a place where I have been hunting ginseng and I passed another ATV going into the hollow. It is a guy I know and I later found out he had been hunting ginseng in this area as well. I later found out that while he was in there a bear charged him that same day. He was able to back up and fire off his pistol a few times to scare off the bear. He did report it and the Fish and Wildlife people came and set out a large trap for the bear but they never caught it.

On the day the bear charged the man, I had encounter what I thought was a bear but I never could see it. I'm still hunting ginseng in the very area but now I have decided to pack my pistol with me. I have no intentions of shooting a bear unless it is absolutely necessary but firing off a few shots in the air or in the ground might stop a possible attack.

With that said, I thought it might be a good idea to post about what to do to avoid a bear attack and what to do if a bear charges you.
Here we go, with some tips. Remember, each person should weight their situation and use their own judgements as to the appropriate actions to take. 

    * Hike or hunt in a group if possible. If you go alone, like me, don't be so stealthy. Make some noise or do some singing. I personally have started to sing softly to myself but yet loud enough to give a bear a warning that someone is coming. This will give the bear time to move on.

    * If you see the bear at a good distance, back up slowly and/or find an alternative route.

    * If a black bear charges you, stand your ground and make some noise. Waving your arms is normally a good thing to do. Do not run! A bear can run around 30 mph, you can't out run it. If the bear thinks you mean business, it may lose interest and move on.      

    * Carry Pepper spray. If a black bear charges you, pepper spray will normally make it change it's mind and move on. If you carry a firearm you can shoot it in the air or ground and the loud bang might get the bear to move on.

    * If none of this works and the bear actually attacks you, then fight back. Use anything you can find, sticks, rocks or your own hands. Hit the bear on the snout and near the eyes. The bear may decide it is not worth it and give up. If you still can't discourage the bear and it gets you down, ball up and clasp your interlocked fingers over the back of your neck and pull your elbows in next to your face. If you have a backpack on it will help absorb some of the blows. Hopefully, the bear will give up and move on. If, the bear gives up and moves on, lay there for 20 minutes or more before getting up, as sometimes bears are slow to move on and will keep watching you.     

Most bear attacks are defensive attacks, meaning the bear feels threatened by you, or is protecting cubs, or protecting a kill site or maybe you just startled it. In these cases you can normally back away slowly and talk softly to let it know you are not a threat. Once the bear sees you are not a threat, it will move on. A predatory attack is even more serious, although much more rare for black bears. In this type of attack a bear is stalking you and has intention of using you for food. Playing dead is not a good idea and you must fight for your life.

The main thing is to be alert and keep an eye out for black bears. Avoid them if at all possible. Let others know where you will be hiking or hunting at and your expected return time. A black bear standing on it's back legs, only stands about 5 foot tall or less. But don't let that fool you, black bears can be very dangerous.

Enjoy the woods and be safe!


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

(Partial source for this post - Art of Manliness.com)

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The Waco Tribune-Herald reported that Larry Goodwin was attacked as he drove a tractor on a neighbor's land in Moody, about 26 miles (41km) south of Waco.
The 62-year-old ran to a house about 50 yards (46 meters) away and tried to use a garden hose to ward off the swarm, according to McLennan County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cawthon.
A woman came out to help and was also stung. Mr. Goodwin was pronounced dead at the scene.
"If anybody has any brush or anything on their lands please clear it because they don't want to go through this. Nobody needs to go through this,' Mr. Goodwin's tearful daughter Tanya told KCEN-TV.
Allen Miller, owner of Bee Be Gone, who later destroyed the hive, said the farmer apparently hit a pile of wood that housed a hive.
He estimated it contained about 40,000 Africanized bees.

"You can't believe how bad they are. They make me want to get out of this business," Mr. Miller said.

I know for many years now we have been hearing about killer bees and how there was or is an effort to stop them from spreading.

Here is some Killer Bees Fact for you
* Killer Bees swarm more often than regular bees.
* Killer Bees hate high pitched sounds.
* Killer Bees produce less honey and wax than honeybees.
* If one Killer Bee stings, it releases an alarm that smells like bananas and incites other bees to sting.
* They have been known to attack animals or people a quarter of a mile from their hives.

* Killer Bee venom has been found to lead to permanent neurological damage in victims who are stung, but do not die.
* The bees may adversely react to such things as shiny jewelry or dark clothes.
* Killer Bees can remain agitated for up to 24 hours.

(Map Source: flamblogger )

This might be good to be aware of if you are a hiker or a bigfoot researcher. Remember it is very hard to tell the difference between a normal honey bee and a killer bee just by looking at them.

Be safe.


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Move to Mars!

So, have you ever thought about moving to Mars or what it would be like to visit the Red Planet in Person? Well Good News! Apparently you're not alone.
According to Mars One, In the last two weeks there has been over 78,000 people who have filled out an application to move to Mars for ever and never return.

Mars one is a Dutch company, that just recently started accepting applications to move to Mars.
The applicants are helping fund the mission via a small fee based on where the applicant lives. For example someone living in the United States has to be a fee of $38.

Not only that but there will be a reality show where people can vote for who will be moving to Mars forever. I know some people I hope are on the show.
In any case, the last stage of the process will come down to 24-40 people and the viewing audience will get to follow them as they receive their training and as the show goes on the audience will get to vote on who will be the first settlers on Mars.

The show is planned to be a long running, global reality show that will continue to help fund the missions to Mars. There is a plan in place that will bring more settlers and supplies over the coming years. The goal is to have at least 20 settlers by the year 2033.
The first departure to Mars is planed for 2022, it will take about 7 months to land on the red planet, which according to the deployment date, will make it sometime in 2023.

The colony as it is expected to look in 2015 - with four astronauts arriving every two years on the one-way mission
Bas Lansdorp, Co-founder of Mars one, said "With 78,000 applications in two weeks, this is turning out to be the most desired job in history, These numbers put us right on track for our goal of half a million applicants."

Norbert Kraft, former NASA researcher and current medical director at Mars One said "
Gone are the days when bravery and the number of hours flying a supersonic jet were the top criteria for selection. Now, we are more concerned with how well each astronaut works and lives with the others – and for a lifetime of challenges ahead"

I seen a few of the applicants and it appears this endeavor is drawing both men and women into this once in a lifetime chance to live on Mars. View some of the applicants by Clicking Here!

If you would like to find out how to become a applicant to live on Mars and never come back to earth again, then by all means go to the link below
Live on Mars!

On the website there is a lot of info, gifts to purchase, a link to Donate, list of the Team and much more.

Do you think they can do it? Would you want to live on Mars forever? Would you watch the reality TV show?


[Sources: dailymailMars One]

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A meteor estimated to be around 10 ton hit in Russia. The sonic boom blew out windows and doors and caused a wide panic. At last count almost 1000 people were injured due to the meteor, around 40 are reportedly in somewhat serious condition. Most of the injuries were due to flying glass and debris.
A 20 foot crater was also found.  It was reported that at first some people thought it was some type of military attack but soon found out it was a meteor.
Are we ready if that happened in the USA?

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rabid beaver!
PINE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) - A Boy Scout leader from New York who was attacked by a rabid beaver while swimming in the Delaware River is recovering.
The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that 51-year-old Normand Brousseau, of Pine Plains, was swimming in eastern Pennsylvania on Aug. 2 when a beaver swam through his legs and bit him in the chest.
The animal then bit him in the leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso before he managed to grab it and hold its jaw closed.
One Boy Scout pulled Brousseau to shore, where he tossed the beaver away from him. The Scouts then used rocks to kill the animal.
A doctor confirmed the beaver had rabies a day after the attack.
Dutchess County health officials say a rabid beaver attack is unusual.
[Source:Huffingtonpost ]

TCC - "..say rabid beaver attack is unusual." ...The under statement of the month!

pale grass blue butterfly
Japanese scientists say "abnormalities" detected in the country's butterflies may be a result of radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year. In a study published in Scientific Reports, an online journal, researchers say "artificial radionuclides" from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant caused "physiological and genetic damage" to pale grass blue butterflies.
Scientists first began tracking common butterflies around the nuclear plant two months after the disaster. They collected 121 insects, and found 12 percent of them had unusually small wings. That number jumped more than 5 percent when butterflies collected from the plant site had offspring of their own.

In another group of butterflies collected six months after the disaster, scientists found 28 percent had "abnormal" traits. That number nearly doubled among the second generation born.

"At the time of the accident, the populations of this species were overwintering as larvae and were externally exposed to artificial radiation," the researchers wrote in their study. "It is possible that they ate contaminated leaves during the spring and were thus also exposed to internal radiation."
It has been 17 months after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, and its effects on human health have largely been considered minimal, with no radiation-related deaths or illnesses reported so far. But traces of radioactive cesium exceeding government safety levels have been detected in seafood off the Fukushima coast, limiting the catch for fisherman there.
Tiny amounts of cesium of 137 and cesium 134 were detected in more than a dozen bluefin tuna caught near San Diego in August last year. The levels were 10 times higher than tuna found in previous years, but well below those the Japanese and US governments considered harmful to human health.
[Source: yahoo.com ]

Hikers Beware!!!

The Top States For Meth Labs and What To Watch For

By Dorraine Fisher (TCC Team Member)
Meth Lab set up in the woods
             There are always a lot of things to be concerned about when you’re hiking the wilderness areas.  Water, food, communication, insects, snakes, injuries, seeing Bigfoot (if you’re lucky), and predatory animals are all things to consider before you start walking. Often the last thing you’ll think about is the humans out there hiding in the remote areas forging illegal activities like cooking up meth on private and public lands. And the real danger is, they’ll do anything to protect their investment, including killing you and dumping your body somewhere it will never be found. So it pays to ad this to your list of precautions before you go hiking anywhere.
            Meth labs seizures are on the rise since new reports last year. Many operators have moved into urban and suburban areas. But disturbing numbers of clan labs have still have been discovered in rural areas. Public lands, that hikers often occupy, are used for this activity since there is no confiscation of the land if arrests are made. And here are the top 10 states to be concerned about:
1.                  Missouri
2.                  Tennessee
3.                  Indiana
4.                  Kentucky
5.                  Oklahoma
6.                  Illinois
7.                  Iowa
8.                  Michigan
9.                  North Carolina
10.              South Carolina

            But how do you know what to look out for?
             Some warning signs include:
                    Noticing unusual chemical odors in isolated areas
                    People seen stepping outside their building to smoke
                     Plastic bottles with hoses attached
                    Red stained coffee filters
                    Large numbers of matchbooks lying around with the strikers removed.
                    Any objects that look like science lab equipment
                    Large numbers of stripped lithium batteries lying around
                    Heet, STP, or Red Devil Lye containers
                     Sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or hydrochloric acid
                    Discarded boxes and blister packs of ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine
                    Red phosphorous road flares
                    Any abandoned buildings that have been fortified in some way
                    Propane tanks with fittings that have a blue tinge
            Always be careful about approaching any unknown, run down structures, cabins, or RV’s, in the remote areas that seem abandoned but have a lot of debris lying thrown around including the objects mentioned above. You may possibly come across evidence of chemicals and containers that have been dumped in nearby streams, on hillsides, and in ravines.
            Keep in mind that just because your state isn’t mentioned here, that you’re completely safe. These are only the top ten. Any state with remote areas is subject to danger.
            Be aware and be safe out there. ************

© The Crypto Crew

A warning for Bigfooters
Now is a great time of the year to get out in the mountains and enjoy a nice hike or a day out looking for bigfoot evidence.
With the popularity of TV shows like Finding Bigfoot and past shows like Monster Quest, the Bigfoot world is buzzing with new researchers and people with hopes of finding evidence. So the woods and Mountains will be getting many more people in them. Many of which may not have much or any experience camping,hiking or just being in the forest at all.
New and veteran outdoors men and outdoors women need to be very careful of the dangers of venomous snakes. Depending on what region you live in or research in,there could be several venomous snakes in the area.

Many of these poisonous snake can be deadly to humans and pets. So one should be cautious.
It would be very easy to see some movement up on a ridge and not watch were you are stepping and step a little too close to a snake and get bit.
It is also a good idea to wear some protective gear to protect against snake bites.
Snake leggings and boots are a very good way to protect yourself while out looking for bigfoot or just taking a hike.
According to reports most snake bites happen from the months of March to October,but they can happen in the other months as well. In spring, when snakes first come out, they are a little more aggressive due to them needing to eat. So bites can happen often.
Normally a snake will try and get away from humans, as we are to large to be food, but if the snake feels threatened by us it will strike and try to bite us.
I have seen several up close snake bite victims and it is like something you see in the horror movies.Snake venom is devastating on the human body.
Our pets can take snake bites better than us humans but many times snake bites are deadly to them as well.
It is a good idea to know what poisonous snakes are in the area you will be researching or hiking in, so a quick Internet search is a good place to start. The most common poisonous snake in North America is the Rattlesnake. It is very deadly.
If you every get bit by a venomous snake here is some things to do:
*Get away from the snake! - snakes will bite multiple times.
*Call 911 immediately! - Get help coming your way.
*Do not elevate! - Keep the bite below the level of the heart.
Prevention is the best:
*Wear long pants and boots taller than the ankle Or snake leggings. 
*Avoid tall brush and deep, dark crevices.
*Make some noise and vibration while walking.
*Watch and look around good before crossing logs and rocks piles.
While poisonous snakes are very dangerous to humans, we can still use precautions and enjoy the outdoors.
So while out on your next adventure use caution and be alert to the dangers of snake bites.
Have fun,be safe and enjoy the outdoors.
©The Crypto Crew
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
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