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Monday, April 30, 2018

The Child-Eaters Of The Oklahoma Territory?
One Of The Most Horrific Bigfoot Stories Ever Told
By Dorraine Fisher

Native American legends are full of stories about giant hairy men. Some are sweet and spiritual stories, while others are full of murder and mayhem. Many of the stories tell harrowing tales of the natives’ problems with these “giants” snatching and even eating their children. Most of these were dismissed as legend or myth by others, but Native American legend is based in truth...or the way in which they perceived the truth. And it very well may be that the “giants” they were referring to may very well have been bigfoot in some of the cases.

And it seems that may be true in this case.
As the story goes, in 1855, a man named Joshua LeFlore, on official record as really existing and having been born of the Choctaw nation in 1797,  was half French and half Native American, and was given the task of leading a group of Native men in the territory in keeping the peace in the region. But this was then very wild country and this was no easy task. And they soon found themselves tracking a group of notorious bandits who had been terrorizing locals in the outlying areas who were said to have been stealing crops and, curiously, kidnapping children. They were wanted dead or alive, and LeFlore and his Indian cavalry set out to find them. And after an intense 24 hours or more of searching, they believed they found something.

Now keep in mind that they were entering an area where there was a long history of strange encounters and dark mysteries. Over the years, the natives had heard tales of monsters in those woods who were known to break into camps and steal children and eat them.

But in the distance, LeFlore saw what he believed to be a group of men through his telescope, and he assumed these were the outlaws they’d been pursuing. And they charged forward, only to find these “men” to be moving at an amazing rate of speed into the forest.

But the group was driven by the ambition to bring these men to justice and they followed them into the forest, only to encounter a wave of powerful stench. They claimed it smelled like death. Their horses became fearful and began rearing, and threw LeFlore and his men from their saddles, and they were forced to continue advancing on foot. And as they pushed through the brush, they came to what they believed to be the bandit’s camp, but a more sinister scene was unfolding. They found several hairy “men” near scattered corpses of children in different states of decay on the ground. And they saw these hairy men eating off these corpses.

Their initial reaction was fear, but also anger. LeFlore, in his emotion, emptied his pistol onto these creatures and then charged forward toward them with nothing more than his sword. He managed to shoot one several times with his .50 caliber Sharp’s buffalo rifle and also stabbed it with his sword, but none of this brought it down. When suddenly, according to witnesses, another one of these creatures came up behind him and knocked off his head with a single blow. LeFlore’s headless body fell to the ground as the rest of the men opened a spray of gunfire onto the beasts, shooting them all in their heads with these same high caliber rifles and finally killing them.

Following the carnage, the men searched the area only to find the bodies of 19 dead children. They subsequently buried all the remains including their captain, LeFlore. But they burned the bodies of the creatures, according to their native protocol, injecting them into legend forever.
Later, they returned to their people with their story, and the area where the incident took place was declared off limits. It was said that any humans who entered the territory never returned. And it was never really made clear if there really were any bandits on the loose or if it was bigfoot-type creatures causing all the problems all along. The natives had a long history of stories of trouble with “giants, and Bigfoot sightings in these areas of southeast Oklahoma persist to this day. But thankfully there aren’t any more stories these days as horrific as this one.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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1 comment:

  1. first off i would like to see you do a better job of researching your subject, secondly they were not any sharps rifles be`ing made at that time they dident come into production untill about the about the second year of the civil war in 1862 i beleave it was.


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