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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Recently, at the Harlan Crypto Con, I got to meet fellow Bigfoot enthusiast Glen Paul Richardson. I know some of you may not know him and you are not be familiar with his artwork, but I hope to change that today.

Mr. Richardson is also the creator of the comic book series Sgt. Sasquatch. I thought it would be great to have a short Q & A with Glen and learn more about his comic and the character Sgt. Sasquatch.

TM: Tell us a little bit about your background?

GPR: Prior to becoming a full time artist I served in law enforcement for 14 years.  Seven of those were for Virginia State Parks and the other seven in Grayson County, Virginia. Currently I am working on my teaching license and I plan on teaching in public schools full time in 2019 and working on my comic series and touring during the summer months.

TM: What got you interested in doing artwork?

GPR: I have always drawn. My first memories are of that and I stuck with it. Cartoons were my biggest influence, Johnny Quest, the Super Friends, GI Joe, Robotech and others. Those were the sources that I learned my craft.  Later, I explored painting and sculpture.  My most proficient mediums I work in is pencil, ink, and watercolor.

TM: What inspired you to create Sgt. Sasquatch?

GPR: I grew up on a show called "In Search Of..." hosted by the late Leonard Nimoy who used to play Mr. Spock in Star Trek.  I was fascinated by the stories that surrounded Big Foot, UFO's, the Loch Ness Monster and other cryptids.  I wasn't has interested in the creatures themselves as I was the legends and mythology behind them with some of these stories going back 1000's of years in oral traditions.  There is something distinctly human and primal in these stories that can and often do touch us all whether we've had an actual encounter or not.  I am about the sociological aspect of this phenomenon.  My comics feature this aspect of archetypes and the didactic.

TM: Give us a little bit of information about Sgt. Sasquatch the character; What's his mission?

GPR: Sgt. Sasquatch is an amalgamation of Staff Sgt. Bixby Patterson of the US Army Corps who, in 1947, crash lands with his squad in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. It is here that the squat encounters an ancient evil force that has not walked the face of the Earth for over 11,000 years. This force is unleashed and the mystical guardian known as Sasquatch arrives to fight these evil beings.  In the course of the fight, Sgt. Patters sacrifices himself in trying to help the Sasquatch and the ancient evil manifests and leaves the area.  Witnessing this noble sacrifice, the Sasquatch merges with Sgt Patterson to save his life and in doing so, Bixby Patterson of the US Army Air Corps becomes Sgt Sasquatch: The Bigfoot of Liberty!
He joins and super hero team of specialists and they globe trot around the world to stop the ancient evil entity from spreading his malicious force the world over.

TM: Who is his nemesis?

GPR: The nemesis is a being known as Orgulous.  He was once a Nazi Geneticist, Engineer, and Archaeologist.  He ruthlessly experimented on women and children.  He had discovered ancient artifacts that once belonged to King Arthur (his crown) as well as artifacts from the lost continent of Atlantis.  In issue one of the series, Orgulous is shown before and after his transformation; imbued with the power of ancient evil beings that once wandered the earth.

TM: How many issues of Sgt. Sasquatch are available and about how long does it take for you to create an issue?

GPR: Currently there are 4 issues available of Sgt Sasquatch. They can be bought in person from me at shows and conventions or through my website Sgt. Sasquatch.com.
A single issue will have as many as 180 individual drawing in it (24 pages). If I could work full time on it then I could produce a single issue in about 6 weeks (240 hours). That work includes writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring and printing.

The first story arc is 5 issues long and is known as Sgt. Sasquatch and the Mystery of the Moai.
There will be another 5 issues series (Chapter 2) that will deal with Greek Mythology and will be known as Sgt. Sasquatch and the Perils of the Parthenon.

TM: What are your current plans for the Sgt. Sasquatch comic series?

GPR: My current plans for the comic series is to complete the first two story arcs.  I am self published which means I work on this along with all my other artwork that I do for various projects (film, magazines, websites, logos, etc) and commissions I do for for private individuals.
Once I have a body of work behind me I plan on submitting the project to some major publishers to see if any are interested.  If that happens then I'll get nationwide distribution including Canada and my comic will show up in other places around the world. IF that happens then it will also take a lot of travel off me and a lot of the leg work of marketing. That would be a great thing as I would have more time at the drawing board telling and drawing more stories of everyone's favorite big hairy patriotic superhero.

A big thanks to Glen for doing this little interview with me and we wish him the best of luck with the comics series and his artwork.

To find out more and check out a sample of the work from issue one and issue two of Sgt. Sasquatch check out the website, Click Here!.  And make sure to like the Sgt. Sasquatch on Facebook page, so you can keep up with what show Glen is going to be at next!

"Keep on Squatch'n!"
If you get a chance make sure to check out Sgt. Sasquatch at one of the upcoming conventions. Not only does Glen have Sgt. Sasquatch stuff, he also have numerous other pieces of artwork that are sure to wow you.

As for the Sgt. Sasquatch comic, I think it is a very creative and a wonderful idea. I very cool addition to the expanding universe of all things Bigfoot. 

~ Tom~

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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