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UFO Filmed in Fremont County Colorado
Witness Interview

I was alerted to a very recent UFO sighting by my good friend and colleague Leon Drew. Leon was able to bring us all together so we could get the full scoop on the report.

The sighting took place yesterday (8/2/20) in Fremont County Colorado. There were multiple witnesses and we are thankful to have gotten to interview Ashley about the sightings.

What follows is our interview with the witness, the video she shot of the object and some opinions and reactions about the object.

“Chemtrails” And A Mysterious “Fleet” of Lights In The Sky Over L.A.

By Dorraine Fisher

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it multiple times. There is something strange going on in our skies. UFO sightings have skyrocketed recently and there seems to be no end to the variety of different types of  “craft” that have been spotted both day and night in many areas of the world.

But there’s more. Check this out. A Youtuber named John Graf posted videos on July 21 of the sky over Los Angeles. He captured a number of plain black helicopters flying overhead. Then later he posted a video of some mysterious double chemtrails but claimed he never saw any craft that made them. Then recently he just posted a video of a grouping of mysterious lights moving in strange circular patterns in the night sky. What’s going on in L.A.

Check out the videos and tell us what you think.

Weird Figure Caught on Camera During Live Feed

Well, this is an odd one for sure. During a live facebook feed a strange and weird figure was filmed in a person's back yard. Apparently they had seen this, whatever it is, before and was shaken up by it.

I have taken a very small clip from the broadcast and attempted to slow it down and enhance it.Many are talking about it on social media. Some say it is a dogman others say it is a werewolf. Some say it is a demon or ghost. When I first saw it I thought it was a ghost or a spirit...and it may be.

Check out the enhancements and tell me what you think this thing looks like.

Totally weird.

Here is the video

Next up is this ghostly image captured by Helen at Lake Cumberland. There is also some enhancements, zooms and before pictures in this post. But before we get to them lets talk a little about Lake Cumberland. After reading some of the history of the lake I can understand why there might be ghost hanging around.

Lake Cumberland is a reservoir in Clinton, Laurel, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, and Wayne counties in good old Kentucky. The reservoir ranks 9th in the U.S. in size and contains 6,100,000 acre feet of water. It was built for two primary reasons: one to help control flooding and two the production of hydroelectric power. But if you dig into some of the stories and history you will find some really spooky tales.
Photo by conner bowe on Unsplash

Psychic Spies: Yes, They're Real

If someone were to tell you that government officials had spent millions of taxpayer money to try to recruit psychics for international defense systems, would you believe them? Wild as it sounds, the U.S. government did just that in 1978 with its Stargate Project. Though this isn't the first time the government has seemingly had a close call with the paranormal , it is the first time that they were open about being interested in recruiting psychics. Here's the strange, wild, and unbelievable story of psychic spies in the US military...

The Child-Eaters Of The Oklahoma Territory?
One Of The Most Horrific Bigfoot Stories Ever Told
By Dorraine Fisher

Native American legends are full of stories about giant hairy men. Some are sweet and spiritual stories, while others are full of murder and mayhem. Many of the stories tell harrowing tales of the natives’ problems with these “giants” snatching and even eating their children. Most of these were dismissed as legend or myth by others, but Native American legend is based in truth...or the way in which they perceived the truth. And it very well may be that the “giants” they were referring to may very well have been bigfoot in some of the cases.

And it seems that may be true in this case.

As some of you may know, I recently set up at the Crypto Con in Harlan Kentucky. During this event I was able to talk to a lot of people. I was able to talk to several witnesses who had sightings or found possible evidence. While some of the reports may not contain all the details, I think some of them have enough information to go ahead and document the event.

So, today I want to share a possible Dogman sighting that was reported to me during the event.

Out Of The Matrix?
Is This A Bumpy Ride Into The Age Of Aquarius
By Dorraine Fisher

Does it seem sometimes like the world is going crazy?

You’ve felt it. We all have. Something strange is going on in the world. 

We are rather chaotically slipping into a new age on planet earth. Experts can’t seem to come together on an idea about what that means, but they all seem to agree that the planet is experiencing a massive energy shift. Which means that the human race, profoundly affected by energy,  is also changing at an accelerated rate.

Aliens And Hairy Giants In The Ancient Temple of Malta???
The Strange Mysteries of the Hypogeum

By Dorraine Fisher

The island of Malta in the Mediterranean has a long, violent and mysterious history. Under the island is a huge network of underground tunnels.  Many of which are yet to be explored. But since the 1940’s, children have been reported missing and echoing screams have been heard in the many chambers, though none of those children have ever been found.  But that’s not all that’s strange about these tunnels. 

During the Crusades, the island was guarded and protected from the many invasive outside forces by a highly-skilled, elite group of knights. The Ottoman Empire, attempting to gain control of the Mediterranean, wanted the island for themselves and tried to invade. But these skilled knights managed to fight off this force for many years even though they were outnumbered nearly 6 to 1. And, along with other forces in Europe, the empire was eventually defeated. But the knights remained there and were rumored to have been guarding many secrets inside the network of underground tunnels underneath this tiny island nation. These secrets may have included loot from the Ottomans and the Crusades, but the caverns have many more stories to tell.

The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories? What Is The Mandela Effect?
Alternate Reality Or Parallel Universe? 

By Dorraine Fisher

Are we living in a parallel universe?

Some people think so. And yet, this may just be the mother of all conspiracy theories.

Have you ever encountered something that you believe happened and even a lot of other people believe it too, but when you check the record, strangely, according to history,  it never happened at all, and you and all these other people are totally wrong? Or maybe it just happened differently than everyone thought?

Or...maybe...as some people believe, we’ve slipped into an alternate reality or parallel universe where everything is just slightly different than the one we actually remember? Or maybe someone traveled back in time and tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and changed the course of future events just a tiny bit?

Photo Credit: Richard J. McCormack
Strange Apparition In The Sky At 9-11 Memorial
By Dorraine Fisher

Every year, on September 11 in New York City, lights beam from the spots where the Twin
Towers of the World Trade Center once stood. This is called the Tribute In Light. And photographers from everywhere flock to the area to get the perfect shot of the lighted sky over the city. But this year, photographer, Rich McCormack, got an added bonus in his photos.

At the top of one of the beams, there appears to be a human-shaped, glowing figure that looks to
be standing on a cloud above the city.

 McCormack swears he didn't tamper with the photos, and many believe the figure looks like
Jesus and the photos have profound religious significance. While others think they're meaningless
or just plain fake.

Photo Credit: Richard J. McCormack

But whatever your beliefs, it's pretty spectacular. Tell us what you think.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Strange Lights Seen Over The Western Sky Wednesday Night
Space Junk???

By Dorraine Fisher

At around 9:30 Wednesday night, July 27, 2016, residents of states like Nevada, Utah, reported on social media about seeing a strange meteor shower or lights streaking across the sky overhead. Many took video, but none were sure what they were seeing.

Many first heard one expert say the spectacle was nothing more than debris from a Chinese rocket launch that took place on June 25 that was believed to have returned to the earth’s atmosphere and was likely traveling around earth at a high rate of speed; around 18,000 mph. But others weren’t so sure.

The 45-year director of Griffith Observatory, Ed Krupp, made another claim.
"Anytime you have a report of a luminous object, it's a fair bet it's a natural event. It's likely space debris or a meteor produced by interplanetary debris."

And today, “space junk” is the prevailing theory, although we at the Crypto Crew can think of many different spins on the story about what it might be. But we’ll let you decide.
Check out the videos.

Video 1

Video 2 - Apparently, someone in Utah also recorded the lights.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Creepy Figure Caught On Tape In Tabook, Saudi Arabia
 By Dorraine Fisher
Take a look at this new creepy video circulating on Youtube. Not much is known about this footage, but it’s said to have been filmed in Tabook, Saudi Arabia, which is basically in the middle of nowhere.

There are what seem to be two men in a vehicle that spot this hunched figure wearing white, and they appear to back up the vehicle to get a closer look. But when they do, the intense fear the one man feels is obvious. He doesn’t speak English, but he’s clearly horrified by what he’s seeing. The area was reported to have been investigated the next day, but nothing unusual was found.

Some are describing this figure as a “witch,” which is interesting since witchcraft and sorcery are prohibited in Saudi, Arabia, and punishable by death. So if this video is faked, someone put him or herself at serious risk in making it. And, if you know the location where this footage was captured, I would have to ask why someone would be alone in the dark, miles from civilization like this. So what is it?

Watch and tell us what you think.

SOUND Warning! Creepy video.

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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I got in this report of a strange smell and odd behavior from some dogs. Nothing was actually seen, so I guess this will just remain as an unknown for now.

Here is the report.

-Start Report-
Name: William ****
Email Address: on file
State: Texas
County: Bowie
Date of Sighting: 2/4/15
Time of Day: 7:30 PM
Nearest Town: Hooks Tx,
Length of Sighting: about 30 min.
How many Witnesses: 1 just me
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I'm not shore if this is a sighting or what it was. I was in my back yard working on my boat and I got a very strong odor of something.
It almost smelled like very strong human body odor and wet dog mixed. I have three dogs two small and one big, they barked at it and ran in to the woods with it. They quit barking and started playing, they would run in and out of the woods kind of like they had just found a long lost friend.
Like I stated I don't know what it was I never seen it. I just smelled it and the closest it could have been was maybe 20 yards. I have never smelled any one that could smell that bad and have a dog that smelled that bad as well.
Will bigfoot make friends with dogs are would he eat them? I kept looking in the woods with my light and I could not see any thing.

-End Report-

Thanks for the report, William. As for your question about dogs and Bigfoot. I have heard it said both ways. That Bigfoot get along fine with dogs and others who say they do not. I can only go by my personal experience, I had 2 hunting dogs around a Bigfoot once and they  were terrified. They would "booger" bark it and had their tails between their legs. I hope to tell this full story someday.

I'm interested to hear what others have to say about Bigfoot and dogs, please feel free to let us know what your experience with Bigfoot and dogs has been.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Yo, You taken a picture of me? (Photo credit: Dorraine Fisher)

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Looking For Bigfoot?
Watch What’s Going On With The Deer
By Dorraine Fisher

   As I was leaving one of my local wildlife sanctuaries one evening as the sun was going down, I nearly jumped out of my truck seat when a whitetail doe zipped across the road in front of me. I just almost hit her, but missed her, by I believe, only inches, and I watched her fly over a fence into the rows of cornstalks. Even though I could no longer see her, I could see the cornstalks rustling further and further away as she kept running across the field away from me.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but this got me thinking again. What causes deer to bolt in such away? I mean in a way in which they look crazed and scared to death and don’t care what else is in their path.

And then I remembered something my grandfather had told me.  When he had once spoke about hunting predators years ago that would attack his farm animals. “If you want to find them, just follow what they eat,” he said.   Which brings me to what all this has to do with bigfoot.
Researchers and other experts believe that deer are sasquatches main food source.  Many incidents have been documented. And it seems that wherever bigoot sightings have taken place, those areas are generally teeming with deer.

Now, all this may sound really obvious, like we should all know this already, but no one talks about it all that much. Grandpa, an avid hunter, tracker, and woodsman had a very valid point.  Any hiker knows that if you run across an abundant area of a dangerous animal’s food source, you’re likely to run into that animal.

So, if there are weird things going on with the deer, are we likely to find Bigfoot there? Of course, not always, but it seems there might be a better chance.

Our team leader, Thomas Marcum, was investigating several bigfoot sightings in his area last year when a deer scrambled into his back yard, wild-eyed, exhausted and bleeding from the mouth.  Of course we try to find another explanation for this kind of behavior in deer, but what if it’s what we want to think it is. Sure, it could be a cougar or bear flushing them out, but if there have been sightings in the area the deer are acting strange, we have to wonder.

In my encounter last year, two very young deer, still spotted, nearly knocked me down a canyon running from something they considered scarier than me. Both of their noses touched my hand before they both ran in opposite directions, and not the direction they came.  And there was no mother in sight. The little ones looked scared out of their minds and wasted no time getting away. And I heard several crashing sounds that morning that sounded like heavy wood on wood that sent the deer scrambling in circles. Things that make you go "Hmmm."

Deer with a broken neck?
Deer with what appears to be a broken neck (Photo Credit: Google Search)
But it’s not just what the deer are doing, but how we find them sometimes.  There are numerous reports of deer carcasses having been found with broken necks, believed to be the sasquatch’s method of killing them.  And there have also been reports of carcasses lodged high in trees. High enough in straight trees that they couldn’t have been put up there by big cats, and high enough and remote enough they were unlikely to have been placed up there by humans.

What put this deer way up this tree
Deer way up a tree (Photo credit: huntdrop.com)

Are there other explanations for all this phenomena? Of course. But each case needs to be taken on its own merit and the wildlife conditions in the area have to be weighed. It’s important to understand the wildlife in your research area and each animal’s normal behavior. What  really causes such odd behavior in deer? What causes deer carcasses to be found in strange places in strange configurations? Are we ignoring this point more than we should?

And in the case of researching bigfoot, the deer may tell a lot more of the story than we’re realizing.


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Mystery is now solved
Weird worm snake bug

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

This odd worm-snake like creature has been causing a stir among some locals and on the internet the last week. They were found in the city of Campo Gallo in the province of Santiago del Estero.
The strange creature was/is called "gusanos-vibora",  the invertebrate was an unknown creature that seems to combine the features of a worm and a snake.
The first of these weird creatures were found in a vineyard but soon they seemed to be popping up in other areas, the snake like head caused fear among the locals.

The creature is only about 4 inches long and for a few days people were kind of in a panic, well now the mystery has been solved.

Here is a close up of this fearsome looking monster beast

The mystery has been solved and people can stop being in fear and panic thanks to Bachelor in biology Maria Elvira Paz.
Paz said "..new specimens......no one should fear because they are larvae of future butterflies and are in a development stage."

So these monsters will become butterflies!

 "..these larvae will transform into a pupa stage, where they form like a cocoon which they remain to the time necessary to become adult butterflies." added professor Paz.

So it's not an alien or some kind of monster that takes your life, it's only a butterfly.


[source: nuevodiarioweb.com ]

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Reincarnation - is it real

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

So You Don’t Believe In Reincarnation?
Consider These Things - The Soul Series Part 3
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

    Over the years, through experience and knowledge, I’ve come to believe in at least the possibility of reincarnation. I’ve had enough strange experiences of the world that I never dismiss something as impossible any more. And I believe it’s folly to say something isn’t possible when “impossible” things happen every day. I DO believe that the mysteries of the universe run far deeper than any of us really imagine. And you may think it’s easier to believe in something like Bigfoot because there is some evidence to suggest they exist, where there’s no proof of reincarnation at all. Right?
Well, let’s examine this a little further.
In parts one and two of this series, I’ve introduced the possibility that our soul is actually an energy force that drives us and makes us who we are; a real, genuine source of energy like any other known to science. And science knows that energy can’t be destroyed. It can only change its form. So if the soul is as I describe, where does it go when we die?
Is it possible that you are a time traveler?
With all this information in mind, suppose you have died. But suppose that it’s just your body that has given out. This other part of you, your soul, this indestructible energy force must now find a new home. It needs a body…and what better body to use than a newborn baby?
But you don’t have to take my word for it.
Dr. Ian Stevenson, Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia has spent many years studying cases of reincarnation in children. And he has documented over 3000 cases in the course of his career. He’s a medical doctor, the former head of the department of psychiatry for the university; and has a spotless reputation. And believers and skeptics alike who are familiar with his work agree that he has the best collection of evidence yet that could prove the validity of reincarnation.
Thousands of children remember details, events, circumstances, and names of people they knew. They can find their way around places with which they couldn’t possibly be familiar unless they had been there. And they remember details about vocations they couldn’t possibly know unless they had worked in that vocation. Some even recall details of a different language if their supposed last life was in a different country. And many experience seemingly mysterious physical pain from an injury or death in the previous life. These experts estimate that 90 percent of physical ailments we have can be attributed to some past life experience.
And experts like Dr.Stevenson claim children have a better chance of remembering a past life while they’re young, like it’s fresher in their minds. But these memories have a tendency to fade as they get older.
But on a more personal level, maybe you’ve had some experience of this and didn’t realize it. Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Do you have an abnormal fear of something that literally consumes you and yet you don’t know where it came from? Could it be you had a terrifying experience in a previous life that may have even claimed your life and now invokes horrible fear as you recall it in this one?
  2. Did your parents claim that you possessed certain significant personality traits from the day you were born?
  3. Do you have certain aches or pains or other physical ailments that no doctor seems to be able to help? I.E. if you were strangled or hanged in a previous life, you may experience neck pain in this one for no apparent reason.
  4. Have you ever had a dream that was historically accurate? Like it correlated with a familiar period in history? Were you wearing clothes from the period? Did you feel like you were really there? Could it be not just a simple dream, but a past life recollection?
  5. Do you feel more comfortable in certain types of terrain? Do you maybe feel more at home in the mountains or by the seaside, when maybe you weren’t necessarily born there? Could it be you had a happy life in one of those places in a former life?
  6. Have you ever met someone that you liked right away and had that feeling like you’ve “known each other forever?” These experts say we find a way to stay close to the same familiar souls in each life. Could it be you really have known this person forever?
  7. Have you ever met someone you hated right away but really couldn’t put your finger on the idea of why? Could it be this person wronged you in some way in a previous life and you, on some level, sense it in this one?
  8. Have you ever seen someone and instantly felt drawn to them by some unseen force you couldn’t explain? Almost like they seemed familiar? Could it be they remind you of someone you’ve known before and even loved in a past life? Could it be that you somehow recognized this as a person you’ve known before?
  9. Have you ever entered a place you’ve never been to before, but somehow it seems familiar? Is it possible you’ve been there in a previous life?
  10. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that gives you that feeling of déjà-vu? Like this has happened to you before, but you know it couldn’t have possibly? But is it possible it may have happened to you this way in a previous life?
  11. Have you ever known a child that seemed frustrated by being a child and having the limitations of being a child? Could it be this person is unknowingly trying to accomplish something that was left unresolved in a previous life?
  12. Do you have emotional issues that you can’t seem to resolve? Are you stuck in your life or confused much of the time? Do you feel you have a mental block about certain aspects of your life. Could it be that these problems were created in a previous life, never resolved, and carried with you into this one?

     Grasping the idea of having lived past lives gives an explanation to many things in our lives we can’t

explain. And strangely it takes away the fear of death somewhat because it lets us know that this life

is not the end. There is another after this one. We have another chance. It can change our whole

perspective on life and why we are the way we are. Maybe…just maybe there’s always a reason.

     Modern medical science is just beginning to recognize the possibility that many of our problems,

 mental and physical, can be healed through past life regression therapy. The act of finding the origin

 of our problems in this life by delving into previous ones is proving to be very successful. And

 they’re using it more and more. Why?

     Could it be because we really have lived before? Hmmm. ******DF

     Still don’t believe? Check out this video featuring little James Leininger who recalls compelling

 details of his past life as a WWII fighter pilot:

©The Crypto Crew 

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Strange things in the forest
Cannock Chase [Photo by Lee Brickley]

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Cannock Chase. The Creepiest Place On Earth?
An Interview With Author, Lee Brickley
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            When we follow enough stories of the paranormal and all manner of strangeness in the world, we sometimes find certain places where unusual events and sightings of strange things seem to be more concentrated.  Cannock Chase in England is just such a place; a beautiful scenic landscape, immersed in folklore and history. And it’s a place where reports of nearly every manner of being known to the paranormal world have been collected.  But is it a paranormal hub or just good fuel for active imaginations?  Much of it is designated by authorities there as a “Site of Special Scientific Interest,” which leads us to wonder even more what’s beyond the shadows of its boundaries.   Paranormal author, Lee Brickley, lives near there in Birmingham and regularly investigates the strange events and entities reported, which include the curious “Pig Man of Cannock,” among many others. And he’s written a book about his findings there.   

Dorraine:  What first caused your interest in the paranormal? How did it all start?
Lee:  My interest in the paranormal began at a very young age when I experienced a series of disturbances in my family home over a time span of around 6 months. This included: shadows moving across the walls, scratching on the walls, items moving around on their own and this eventually came to a head one night when I awoke completely paralyzed with a tall, dark silhouette of a man, stood over me, watching me for around 3 hours.

Dorraine:  Where is Cannock Chase? And what kind of place is it?
Lee:   Cannock Chase is a forest located in the county of Staffordshire, in the centre of England. It has a 2000 year history that can be traced back to a Celtic tribe known as the "Cornovii" - which translates as "people of the horn."

Dorraine:  How did you come to investigate the happenings there?
Lee:  Living in towns around Cannock Chase all my life has meant that I've followed the events very closely.

Dorraine:  Describe some of the things that are reported there.

Lee:   Pretty much every type of paranormal phenomena is reported on Cannock Chase. From "big cats" and UFOs to werewolves and a monster known locally as The Pig-Man.

Dorraine:  What exactly is the Pig Man of Cannock? 

Lee:  The Pig-Man story has been around since WW2 (around 1940). It is alleged that during WW2, when two huge military training camps were located on Cannock Chase, a human/swine hybrid was created and somehow escaped in to the woods, where it has lived to this very day. Some people believe that the military concocted this story themselves as a way of keeping people away from Cannock Chase and the camps, as German prisoners of war were also being kept at the site. Some people believe the military were up to no good and really did create a monster on Cannock Chase. Whichever is correct, sightings do occur relatively regularly in the area.

Dorraine:  Do you have any theories about what has created the strangeness there? Any ideas about how it became such an unusual place?

Lee:   I believe it is possible that unusual occult rituals performed by the aforementioned Cornovii tribe could well have caused a portal to open in the area. That said, either the military are aware of this and are monitoring the situation, or they are somehow causing it all. Many people think it could be the case that: when people get too close to something top secret, the military employ "battlefield technology."
Dorraine:  About how often are strange things reported there?

Lee:  Strange things are reported on a weekly basis.

Dorraine:  Are you ever afraid when you're in Cannock? Have you seen things that actually scared you?

Lee:   I am not affraid when im in Cannock Chase, but that doesn't mean I'd go up there alone in the dark, and would also advise others not to. I've heard howling in the woods on many occasions, which is odd, because there haven't been any wolves in the wild in England for decades.

Dorraine:  How are you received by the people that live there?

Lee:   I’m received well by local residents, most of them are as interested as me in the strange happenings.
Dorraine:  When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them?

Lee:   I tell them I'm a paranormal writer.

Dorraine:  And how do they respond?

Lee:   They usually have many questions. 

Dorraine:   So would you say overall that the people there are fairly open to discussing the strange happenings in the area, or not? 

Lee:  That is a tricky one. Some people are very open, others not so. In fact, there is a werewolf story in my book for which I had to use a false name for the family involved. Generally with UFO sightings, people are happy to talk, however some people seem to worry about being called "mad" when they've seen cryptids or the like. I think I got such a good response from them because I'm from around here. That particular family said they would have never reported their werewolf encounter to the press.

Dorraine:  How do you conduct investigations? What's your research "style?" 

Lee:   I like to get out in the field, in the woods, or interviewing local people in their homes.

Dorraine:  What things have you seen out there yourself? 

Lee:   I have seen a number of UFOs (specifically huge black triangular shaped ones) as well as a number of "entities" (although I don't believe that what we call "ghosts" are necessarily dead people.)

Dorraine:  Can you elaborate on what you mean by that? 

Lee:  I mean I don’t think ghosts are necessarily dead people. It seems possible to me that people are merely catching a glimpse of another place or another time. A sort of mental time slip, if you will.

Dorraine:  What do you feel fairly sure exists there for real based on your own personal experiences of the area and the research you’ve conducted? 

Lee:  For me, the only complete certainty is UFO's. I've personally seen many, and although some of them are undoubtedly secret military craft, many sightings cannot be explained this way, so I feel something "otherworldly" is afoot. Be it extra-terrestrial or paranormal.
Dorraine:  Do people outside the situation call you crazy?

Lee:   No one has called me crazy as yet, but there's still time. (Wink)

Dorraine:  Do you have trouble separating normal life from your investigative life? What do you think about on a normal day?

Lee:   I don't think my investigative life needs to be separated from my private life, I investigate as and when reports come in. I consider myself "on call."

Dorraine:  What is it that drives you the most? What inspires you to keep doing this?

Lee:   I just find it all incredibly interesting. I realized a long time ago that the world is not as it is portrayed on TV. 

Dorraine:  You deal with the people that live there and you listen to all these strange stories. Anyone who really thinks about what you do on a daily basis might wonder how you keep your wits about you. How do you keep it all in perspective?

Lee: I have no trouble keeping my wits about me. Very little scares me in this world, I tend to find things that scare others incredibly fascinating.

Dorraine:  And what do you say to skeptics?

Lee:   To skeptics I say "come to Cannock Chase and see for yourselves."

Dorraine:  Fair enough. And tell us about your book?

Lee:   My book "UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man: Exposing England's Strangest Location - Cannock Chase" is out now, available from Amazon. It chronicles my investigation into the area, and contains a wealth of information, never before published by any journalists or press. 

            I’m a little embarrassed to say I’d never even heard of Cannock Chase or the Pig Man before The Crypto Crew first spoke to Lee recently. But whether they are military secrets or paranormal phenomena or some combination of both that feed the stories told in this “enchanted” forest in England doesn’t really matter. It’s fascinating, and we’ll certainly be watching it from now on.   And if you want to know more, you’ll have to read the book.  ******DF 
Order Lee Brickley's Book Today! 

[Note:  Special thanks to author Lee Brickley for sharing his story with us.]   

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Not Actual Horse that was killed, just used for reference

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Livestock Mutilations In Ohio
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Butler County, Ohio has been the recent scene of some disturbing livestock mutilations. Two miniature horses named Blaze and Buck were found hacked to death last week on a stretch of pasture near what is known as Springfield Road situated near the Indiana state line. They had been known to be missing since May 23.

The owners Augustin and Yolanda Gama-Martinez, said their children were playing near the fence where the animals were found when they said they smelled something awful. They found one of the bodies intact, while the other’s head was found some 30 yards from the body.

Incidentally, this is very near the same spot where, on May 9, four sheep were found hacked to death, along with four more sheep and two other horses that were severely injured. Outside investigators have been trying to get more information on the incidents but no one close to the situation is talking much.

The partially decomposed bodies of the two horses left no clue as to how they actually died. Local law enforcement is obviously stumped and claiming it was probably coyotes, but local residents aren’t convinced. And some are convinced it’s more likely the work of some disturbed human(s).

Brittany Kolb, 27, who’s sheep were killed last month claimed there has been no problems with coyotes in the area. She believes whatever killed her sheep is also responsible for these killings. The rest of her animals that were injured by stab wounds at that time, received care, and are now recovering. Since these incidents, she is boarding her animals at another location.

Since the bodies were described as being hacked or having stab wounds and the bodies did not appear to have been eaten, also deflects from the coyote theory. Kolb said, "(The wounds) are pretty wide, very deep, like you can put your hand in them." She also said she originally believed the wounds may have been inflicted by an axe or hatchet. Though some have claimed over the years that coyotes kill "for the fun of killing," they don’t generally inflict stab wounds and sever heads from their bodies without great difficulty. And even if coyotes didn’t eat their prey, something else most surely would, especially if the animals had been lying dead for a while.

At any rate, it has everyone in this normally quiet rural area spooked. Children are being severely restricted in their outside play time, and pets are being kept under watch also. And the incidents may remain a mystery indefinitely and leave the local residents disturbed for a long time to come.

"We’ve had animals for eight years in that field," Kolb said. "And never had a problem with coyotes, and so have these people. Now all of a sudden, they have dead horses. It’s pretty ironic to me." *******DF

Special thanks to Philip Spencer for relaying this story.

[source: wcpo ]

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