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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creepy Figure Caught On Tape In Tabook, Saudi Arabia
 By Dorraine Fisher
Take a look at this new creepy video circulating on Youtube. Not much is known about this footage, but it’s said to have been filmed in Tabook, Saudi Arabia, which is basically in the middle of nowhere.

There are what seem to be two men in a vehicle that spot this hunched figure wearing white, and they appear to back up the vehicle to get a closer look. But when they do, the intense fear the one man feels is obvious. He doesn’t speak English, but he’s clearly horrified by what he’s seeing. The area was reported to have been investigated the next day, but nothing unusual was found.

Some are describing this figure as a “witch,” which is interesting since witchcraft and sorcery are prohibited in Saudi, Arabia, and punishable by death. So if this video is faked, someone put him or herself at serious risk in making it. And, if you know the location where this footage was captured, I would have to ask why someone would be alone in the dark, miles from civilization like this. So what is it?

Watch and tell us what you think.

SOUND Warning! Creepy video.

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, nature, wildlife, and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews, and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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  1. That was deliciously creepy. Seemed to be hunched over with a walking stick. We do find that UFO vids and zombie and troll ones and the like are more scary with foreign languages being spoken because they add and element of really not knowing what's going on. If it was a video hoax for the internet, double thumbs up. If it wasn't, well it might be time for Saudi Arabia to think about the karma they've accrued.

  2. Chicken shit. It looks like an invalid person all hunched over and requiring a stick for balance. Love how he/she charges the vehicle after hearing how freaked out its occupant is by it, lol.


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