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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Aliens And Hairy Giants In The Ancient Temple of Malta???
The Strange Mysteries of the Hypogeum

By Dorraine Fisher

The island of Malta in the Mediterranean has a long, violent and mysterious history. Under the island is a huge network of underground tunnels.  Many of which are yet to be explored. But since the 1940’s, children have been reported missing and echoing screams have been heard in the many chambers, though none of those children have ever been found.  But that’s not all that’s strange about these tunnels. 

During the Crusades, the island was guarded and protected from the many invasive outside forces by a highly-skilled, elite group of knights. The Ottoman Empire, attempting to gain control of the Mediterranean, wanted the island for themselves and tried to invade. But these skilled knights managed to fight off this force for many years even though they were outnumbered nearly 6 to 1. And, along with other forces in Europe, the empire was eventually defeated. But the knights remained there and were rumored to have been guarding many secrets inside the network of underground tunnels underneath this tiny island nation. These secrets may have included loot from the Ottomans and the Crusades, but the caverns have many more stories to tell.

Eventually, the knights were abruptly banished from Malta by Napoleon in 1798, leaving the secrets of the tunnels behind. And many strange mysteries and events have been reported under the island ever since.

Two laborers in 1902 were digging foundations for a new structure when the ground suddenly collapsed under one of them. The laborer had fallen into an underground cavern. On further investigation, he discovered an underground complex of tunnels like no other. It seemed much more like an enormous underground temple. The men were said to have kept the temple a secret until something they found there scared them into telling a priest what they had seen. What they revealed to this priest never saw the light of day. But more information would eventually be revealed.

This underground coliseum was named the Hypogeum, meaning “underground” in Latin. And it is believed to be a prehistoric temple complex. Around 7000 skeletons were found in the temple and kept in scattered locations there.  But the skeletons mysteriously came up missing. The only evidence left is a series of photographs taken at the complex that show, not conventional human skulls, but skeletons with elongated skulls.

By 1940, the existence of the Hypogeum was introduced to the public. It was said to have huge networks of caverns, many of which hadn’t yet been explored. And they advised the public not to explore them. The never-ending network of tunnels and complex maze of passages was so deep and so vast that anyone exploring them would be at risk of not finding their way out.  There were even rumors that the caverns were an entrance to a dark underworld kingdom ruled by strange creatures. Rumors that still hold to this day. And with good reason.

A group of around thirty school children ignored the warnings and decided to explore the complex one day. But nearly as soon as they entered the tunnels, they all disappeared. None of them were ever seen again, but it was said that screams of children could be heard in many of the caverns, and are still said to be heard to this day. Subsequently, many of the tunnel’s corridors were sealed off in order to prevent any further tragedies. But none of this is as strange as an event that took place before this.

There had always been legends of a race of giants that had occupied the island of Malta many centuries before. They were said to have built the island’s many structures. Many that are believed to be some of the oldest on earth. But, according to the legend, the giants could see the emergence of humans as a threat to them and they retreated underground where they are said to consume any unwitting human that dares to enter. And a mysterious story written by an embassy employee in Malta certainly makes us wonder.

She, and a group of friends, shortly before the children disappeared, decided to explore the tunnels one afternoon with the aid of a “supposed” tour guide. But, curiosity got the best of her and she decided to break with the tour. She, under no obvious supervision by the guide, entered one of the dark caverns with the aid of nothing but a candle in the pitch blackness. At the other end of this tunnel, she came to a ledge with perhaps a 50 foot drop. And on a landing across from her, she could see some twenty large, imposing figures. She expected them to be humans, but on closer examination, she realized something strange, and described them as maybe ten feet tall and covered in thick hair.

She stood there in shock, not realizing she was still holding the bright candle in the air. These “beings” suddenly spotted her and raised their arms toward her as if to acknowledge her presence. She turned and ran out of the cavern as fast as she could. When she returned to her friends, they could see the fear in her eyes, and when they asked what she’d seen, she said nothing. But she also said they should leave immediately.

She kept quiet about the incident until later when she heard about the 30 missing children. And that prompted her to return to the temple complex. When she arrived, she asked the current tour guide to direct her to the tour guide who had been there on the day of her incident, but he said there were no other tour guides except him. He stated he had always been the only one.  So, who guided this woman to that ledge that day? The tour guide she had encountered that day obviously didn’t stop her from straying off the intended path.

And these are just a few significant mysteries of the Hypogeum. It’s said to hold many more mysteries. And it’s believed to to tunnel hundreds of miles into the earth. And all these mysteries may never be discovered in our lifetime.

Here are a some more photos of the mysterious interior of the complex.

Who built this temple complex and why?


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!


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