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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Waking Up To The End Of The World?
The New Conspiracy Of Consciousness And What’s Ahead For Us

By Dorraine Fisher

Some people out there think the world is ending. But we are all just deeply entrenched in an enigmatic shift.

Have you been looking around you and wondering why everyone is so restless or angry or frustrated? Hell-bent on hurting each other; killing each other. People seem to be in an uproar about something in every part of the world. It’s like the whole world’s gone mad. So, have you wondered what’s really going on? Of course, a lot of people think they know what’s going on. But others think it might be too complicated, or they don’t want to think about it at all. After all, it’s not that comfortable to live on this planet right now. And there are days we’d all like to crawl under a rock and hide. But at some point, after we’ve been sitting here for a while and the world hasn’t yet come to an end, we’re bound to start asking questions.

Why DOES it appear that the world is going crazy?
The answer is consciousness.  But people hear that word and they kind of tune it out because they don’t really understand it...though it’s fairly simple.

Consciousness is the state of being awakened. When we consider ourselves “conscious,” we consider ourselves alert and aware. That’s all consciousness is: awakeness and alertness. It’s a good thing, and it certainly beats the alternative.

Have you ever driven home down a long road and when you finally made it to your destination, you didn’t really remember the details of the trip? It’s almost like you were asleep, but you know that couldn’t have been or you would have never made it home. And yet...what exactly happened? Why did you make it home? Have you ever had so many things go wrong in your life that you shut yourself down emotionally and went numb? Like being in that state was better than dealing with all the negative stimuli? And in a sense, many people simply stay asleep in order to avoid dealing with what they refer to as “reality.”

It’s necessary to be conscious in order to live good lives and create good things. Because when we’re conscious, we ask more questions and we challenge what we see.

We as humans, spend quite a bit of our lives in this psychic sleep state. We go to work, we work, we go home, we watch TV, we crawl in bed and fall asleep and start over again the next day. And people have been doing this for centuries now, in that psychic sleep, never really thinking about...well...anything. Except what they have to do to survive.

So, can you imagine what happens in your daily life when you approach every aspect of it in this state of psychic sleep? How do you make good decisions when you’re completely numb or just not giving something your full attention? How do you even know what you’re doing in the first place? How do you choose the right occupation or the right life partner?  It should be impossible to go through our entire lives asleep. And yet many people do it. And collective unhappiness of the human race is the clear result.

And is not something we’ve questioned at all. Until recently, that is. Recently things have changed. And there are a lot of theories out there about what might be causing that, but maybe it doesn’t really matter. Because being conscious is the best way we can be.

The world is going somewhat crazy because people all around the world are waking up. Or we could say they’re becoming conscious. And, after many centuries of us plodding through life in this psychic sleep, consciousness is a whole new energy with new implications. Implications that we’re seeing in the world right now.

And it’s hard to believe that it’s a good energy with the way things seem to be going with all the negativity and tragedy. But it really is a good thing and I’ll tell you why, if you’ll stay with me.

We may think we’re just waking up in time to see the world end, but it’s different than that.

People are finally opening their eyes to the world around them. And they’re not necessarily liking everything they see. It’s not necessary to get into politics or the social science of it all, because it affects us all in basically the same ways. We work all day to pay for a house we barely have time to live in. We work all day to pay for a vehicle we need to drive to the place we work all day that keeps us from spending time in the house we’re paying for.  Our lives and everything we see around us right now are controlled by an elite few that constantly and psychopathically seek to control our minds, what we buy, how we spend our time,  and what we think and believe. 

So, a great deal of the turmoil is happening because of something ultimately positive. The enslavement state that we’ve all been in for years is crumbling.

People are finally waking up to all this, folks. And they’re pretty angry. And many of them are deciding that they’re not taking it any more. And they’re expressing their distaste in any way they can, making sure the rest of the world knows also that this is the wrong way to live and that we can all do better. And in turn, from there, more people wake up. And the cycle continues.

Consciousness. That’s what’s causing all this.

We’re told that consciousness creates our reality. And it’s true. Science is proving it every day and people are now witnessing those effects in their own lives.  And since we as the human race have been collectively UN-conscious for so long, the world we’ve inadvertently created is the same one we’re not liking so much right now. So, what do we have to lose by trying to repair it and reform it in a more collectively conscious state? 

But we have to understand that there will be a transition stage. And it may not be so glamorous. At least for a while. There will be seemingly endless turmoil as we all jockey for a new position in a new and better world. There will be still sleeping people who will hurt or even kill others to keep the status quo. Because change is terrifying to some. And those who are happy to work toward the changes will have disagreements on how the changes should take place.

But we have to get to a place in which we can realize that, in spite of our differences in how changes should be implemented, we all have more in common than we think.

But first...the turmoil will continue. But only for a while.

We’ll continue to watch TV shows about the zombie apocalypse, and shallow, superficial reality shows that have nothing to do with reality. We’ll all argue about politics when we all ultimately want the same things in life: peace, and a chance to thrive. The people in charge will continue to create problems where there really are none in order to keep us preoccupied and distracted from waking up to the truth.  National Geographic will continue to air documentaries about the many possible end-of-the-world scenarios. Some will scream for the return of divine prophets to earth. Some will say we’re under attack and will blame the aliens for everything.

This will all continue...until we wake up a little more and realize that all of this serves no purpose in the new earth we want to create.

Consciousness is good. It just sometimes starts out bad. But consciousness really does create our reality. We’re finally awake and aware of the reality we’re creating and we can suddenly see the need for great change. After centuries of groping around in the dark, we can finally see things a little better every day.

So, this is why everyone seems to be screaming, crying, or complaining about something.  It’s because they finally see it. That’s consciousness. It’s a real conspiracy, but a good one...just one with a rough beginning.

So, now that you’re conscious of how much more conscious you’ve become, what will YOU do about it?


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!


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