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Over the years we have had a few Shunka Warakin reports sent in to us.  Most of those reports were from Iowa. The report for today took place in Montana...which is considerably a long distance from Iowa.

For those who may not be familiar with the Shunka Warakin, here is additional information.

The Shunka Warakin is an animal mentioned in American folklore that is said to resemble a wolf, a hyena, or both. According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, shunka warak'in is an Ioway term meaning "carries off dogs". Coleman suggested that the creature was some animal unknown to modern sources. Ioway is a term related to Native American Siouan people.

Here is the report

More Bigfoot Screams In Ohio?
By Dorraine Fisher

This is a very short but telling video that’s been circulating recently. Researchers have heard these kinds of screams before, but each time we hear them it serves to reinforce the existence of unknown creatures in our woods. These sounds are not being made by a coyote or bear or cougar, or anything else that’s known. And they are screams that are rather haunting and display a level of emotion that we don’t often find in any known animals. In fact, many of these screams indicate the creature in question is grieving or suffering some other kind of emotional torment. 

A Youtuber known only as Preston Riley who posts mostly video gaming videos on his channel suddenly posted this one on February 9, 2020. He claims it was recorded in Ohio outside his house.  He also claims it’s 100 percent real and that he had never heard anything like it before. But is it Bigfoot? Listen and tell us what you think.

The Origin of the Famous “Skinwalker” Photo

By Dorraine Fisher

The above photo has been circulating on the internet for years now and we’ve even featured it on our website once or twice. But where did this intriguing and seriously creepy photo come from?   

It seems it all started back in 2014 when an individual who’s name isn’t clear posted this photo on Facebook. The person who posted it claimed it was taken just south of the Jicarilla Reservation in New Mexico between Lybrook and Counselor. This person claimed a geologist working at an oil field in the area was driving home one night in the area, saw something odd on the road and captured this heat signature photo of it. But after the event, the geologist suddenly quit without explanation.

I got in the following report and video a few days ago. The person sending this to me wants to remain anonymous. While he has some activity near him, his message was concerning what another person had film. It is rare that a "caught on camera" video is sent to us but this one is pretty interesting.

Here is what he told me about the video.

"I had a co-worker share this video with me at work today and she said her girlfriend filmed this on HWY 63 in the valley around 2:30-3:00am, it was a few weeks ago she said.
She was driving home from her boyfriends house and she mentioned near a dollar store. I don't know if it is the one nearer Harrogate or in Speedwell. She said the girl passed this thing and saw it and turned around, saw it again and turned around and the last time turned her cell phone on to record.  She didn't know what to make of it, but said each time it was on two legs."

Here is the video.

This report comes our way thanks to our good friend Holly Mullins. As some of you may know Holly is an Intuitive Healer along with several other talents. She also does numerous events and this presents her with the opportunity to meet and talk with a lot of people. She recently talked with a gentleman who had a harrowing experience.

The man has never told his story to the public and Holly was only the second person he had ever told. He also wishes to remain anonymous and for this report, we will just call him Pete.

The event described below happen at Elk Mountain in North Carolina.

A couple of week ago I was watching some footage of the Japan tsunami. What got me re-interested in the video was the claim that it was footage that had not been released. The video was about 3 or 4 months old but I had not seen it so I watched it. The devastation is just totally unreal.

During the video, there is a segment of what many say is a ghostly figure climbing to higher ground on top of a small building. I have watched many tsunami videos that had odd things in them and this one is very interesting.
Just what was this odd figure captured on camera during the Japan Tsunami. Some say it is the spirit of a person kill during the raging waters.

Have a look at the footage and then I will offer some opinions.

Philip Spencer
Philip Spencer

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne! 


The Kentucky Wild Man Hunter
A Tribute To Philip Spencer

By Dorraine Fisher

The Bigfoot Community has suffered a huge loss this last week. The man known best as the Kentucky Wild Man Hunter, Philip Spencer, passed away in his home last Wednesday. But those of us who knew him know he was never a real member of what we call the Bigfoot community. He was an outsider. A pioneer in bigfoot research, roaming the woods of Anderson County, Kentucky when many of us were still in diapers. And I’m honored to say he was one of my best friends in the world.

I knew I wanted to do a tribute to him, but when I sat down to write, I was at a loss. Not because there’s nothing to say, but because there’s so much. He was a bigfoot researcher, woodsman, master tracker, photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. His numerous projects included work on the hit TV show, Monsterquest, on the history channel, and work on various rock videos in the music industry. Bigfoot represented only part of what he did with his life, but it was definitely his greatest passion.

Phil believed in Bigfoot before it was cool to believe; before the earliest Bigfoot TV shows, and before the subject was accepted into the mainstream. He knew they existed because he’d seen one when he was a child in 1970. And he dedicated his life to searching for them and documenting everything he could about them.

"We all think we’re so smart," he told me in a conversation I had with him one day about bigfoot and the skeptics. "But if these creatures have made it their career to not be found by humans, we’re gonna have a hell of a time finding them. But they’re out there."

He believed that his Kentucky home around Daniel Boone National Forest just might be the real hotspot for Bigfoot in the U.S. And he had good reasons to think so.

"There are places in this forest where humans have still never set foot," he told me. "This is a perfect place for a large animal to live in peace."

And he was never afraid to say whatever he thought about them, no matter how crazy it might sound to someone else. He was never afraid to offer new theories about them based on his observations. If you called him crazy, he didn’t care. He was a true leader in the field and he knew he had nothing to prove to anyone. He’d been there and done that. He’s one of those who set the standard for research the way it exists today.

So I was a little surprised a couple of years ago when he honed in on me and struck up a friendship. He’d actually read my work with The Crypto Crew and encouraged me to keep going. To try to introduce new ideas and new ways of thinking in the way research is done. He knew the community wasn’t thinking broadly enough. He was an outside-the-box thinker whose greatest strength was in his knowing he didn’t know everything and would always need to challenge his own ideas, as well as everyone else’s, until solid proof was on the table. He shaped my view about the subject and shaped the way I’ll forever think about the world and the nature of reality too.

He was a legend, though I know he’d laugh hysterically if I’d ever said that to his face. He considered himself an old Kentucky boy first and foremost. But he was most certainly one of a kind, and he will be missed.

I agonized about what to say here. But when I was looking over what I had to use to make the point, I knew that I had to allow his own material to speak for itself. The real man shines through in every video clip. Rest in peace, my good friend. It won’t be the same here without you. ******DF

Links to Philip Spencer's Book and DVD

                                                         (Paperback)              (DVD)

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The Goat Sucker Strikes again! 

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Looks like the Chupacabra is back on a killing spree in Mexico were 97 sheep were found dead. The sheep were found in the California Alta province of Mexico. According to the report all the sheep that was found dead on the ranch had three puncture wounds in their chest and all were drained of blood.

Over the last two years, alleged chupacabra attacks have multiplied in Mexico, with over 12,000 animals dead and most were drained of blood.

You can read more about this report by Clicking Here.

I must say the website in which this report comes from has some very questionable content but you can make up your own mind by clicking the link above.


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The History Channel's CRYPTID: THE SWAMP BEAST
The History Channel's CRYPTID: THE SWAMP BEAST

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.


The bayous of Southern Louisiana are home to some of the planet's most rugged and unforgiving terrain.  And hidden deep within these swampy confines lie many of America's oldest mysteries and bone-chilling legends.  With its ancient Indian burial grounds and above ground cemeteries, the area has always teemed with eerie sightings.  In recent years however, there has been a dramatic uptick in strange occurrences, many of them attributed to a legendary werewolf-like creature known as the Rougarou.   In History's newest narrative series, residents of a small bayou town must face their darkest fears when something unknown begins to attack, leading to panic and hysteria.  When it's believed the culprit is possibly the Rougarou, or Bigfoot of the bayou, the townsfolk will use whatever means necessary, including the dark arts, to ward off the evil.  An American folktale comes to life with the story of CRYPTID: THE SWAMP BEAST.

Airs Mondays 10/9C on The History Channel

I've watched this show a few times and it's pretty good, but more like a drama show than a documentary. Check it out.

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This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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TCC's Jason Morse will be on the air on Monday 24th.

"A first on Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi this Monday, 8pm est... we have from The Crypto Crew Jason Morse joining us!!!! Steve can't wait to talk Bigfoot with him!!!! DON'T MISS IT!!! www.dtmwickedradio.com/itur "

Make sure to click the links and like their Facebook page and their website!

Lets talk about BIGFOOT!


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Bigfoot Art

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

During my years of study, witness interviews and research of bigfoot, I've seen some common misconceptions about the elusive creature.
Some of these misconceptions come from skeptics or casual researchers who have not taken the time to research the subject. This of course will not be an exhaustive list, but will serve as a general overview.

The First misconception that comes to mind and I've heard this many time, is that the bigfoot phenomenon started with the Roger Patterson film in 1967. This is totally untrue but the film and media television helped generate interest in the subject. Bigfoot sighting date back hundreds of years, not only in print but in the oral history told by Native Americans. Plus I guess I should mention there is cave art depicting what appears to be sasquatch as well.

Another misconception, and this one makes me laugh, is that many people think that there is only ONE bigfoot. That all sightings worldwide are the same bigfoot. This is utterly ridiculous and with just a little research of sighting reports and a quick read of the creatures description one could see that bigfoots come in various sizes and colors. Plus the bigfoot would need the ability to travel great distances in short spans and the ability to be in multiple places at once. This misconception leads us to the next misconception, the one where people think all bigfoot look just alike. The basic overall appearance of bigfoot are the same but bigfoot vary widely in color and size. According to reports the color of bigfoots are black, white, gray, brown, reddish, blond and other variations. Hair thickness can varies as well, according to reports. Facial features can also vary, much the way human have different features, not all humans have the same size nose. There also appears to be some body shape differences between male and female bigfoot, with the males being larger in height and width. Which makes perfect sense as in most cases males tend to be larger than females, but not always. In my personal opinion bigfoot probably differ slightly based on region. For example, bigfoot in the deep south may have a slightly different appearance than a bigfoot from Canada or Oregon. These differences may include thickness in hair, shape of head and overall body shape.

variety of bigfoot
The majority of bigfoot sightings/encounters portray the creature as curious and a friendly type of being, but there are numerous accounts of bigfoot being aggressive. I've heard many accounts from fellow researchers of aggressive behavior when infant bigfoot are involved. I have personally interviewed a few people who said they felt threatened by a close, unexpected bigfoot encounters. So don't think all bigfoots wants to be friends, some just want to be left alone. I assume that personalities of bigfoot differ much like in humans and other animals. I know from my coon hunting days that not all dogs have a gentle disposition.

The last thing I'll bring up is the misconception that bigfoot do not have a language or can speak. There are numerous accounts and some recordings of witnesses hearing bigfoot produce vocals and/or speech. I personally have heard what could have been nothing but a bigfoot speaking. I was in the woods researching a very recent sighting, I was totally alone, and I heard a mumbling voice. I could not make out what was said, it was like if someone was just our of earshot enough that you couldn't understand what they were saying. This area is still active and an area I continue to research. The event that happened to me and much more was documented in the film I made, Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend.

This of course is not all the misconceptions about bigfoot but this is some of the common ones.
Thanks for reading, please feel free to contact me if you have a sighting or want to share a report.
Contact me via the link above or via email at thecryptocrew@kih.net.


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bigfoot howls
Carter County - Possible Bigfoot Howls
Some possible bigfoot howls recorded in Carter County, KY on 11/11/13

This was recorded in Grahn, KY by Tabatha Steagall and she was nice enough to give me permission to use it and enhance the audio.
Now I don't know for sure if this is a bigfoot but there has been a lot of activity coming out of Carter county Kentucky for many years now, so it is very possible it is a bigfoot.
Tabatha told me about the time she let her young son makes some bigfoot calls and was awed when they heard replies.  That event happened about 1 year ago.


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Not Actual Photo
A couple days ago I got an unconfirmed report out of Virginia from a local man who over heard some bigfoot talk at the Back of the Dragon event. If you are not familiar with this event, it takes place in the town of Tazwell, VA and goes to the town of Marion. Thousands of motorcycle and sport car fans gather there for the annual event, where the 32 mile ride event takes place. People from all over come and enjoy the sports cars, music and food.

Well, it seems that during the 32 mile ride, one of the drivers saw something large and hairy run across the road in front of his car.
The best I can remember the driver was complaining that it was dangerous, as the cars go pretty fast and wanted to know what it was or what the purpose of it was. I'm thinking he thought it was staged.
Well the people who host the event had no idea what he was talking about and basically told him it was nothing that they had done.

Now I hear that this drive may have gotten a video of this possible bigfoot as well, but like I said I have not been able to officially confirm the sighting. I do trust the source who told me what he had over heard but it seems this possible sighting was not taken down or reported to any other officials or sources. It would be a shame if it was totally lost.
I do know that this area has numerous bigfoot reports, so it could very well be true.

So If anyone has any knowledge of this possible sighting, feel free to contact me.

Here is a video of the event to kind of let you know what it's about.


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Ok, this video is catching fire on facebook and some people are saying it is a real bigfoot. It seem pretty obvious that is a cheap bigfoot suit but I did some poking around to see what I could find. Also at the end if the video the guys are laughing and having a fun time and I don't think this is how a person would act who just seen a real bigfoot.
The bigfoot in the above video looks a lot like the same suit used by famous youtuber BUTCHYKID - click and watch.

I also checked out Tim Wells facebook page and it appears a still frame was released towards the end of September of his bigfoot video. No other post about it that I could find until the youtube explosion of the video today.

Here is that still frame and notice what Tim says under it

I can also gather by looking at Tim's facebook page is that he is kind of a joker/prankster type of guy.
According to some of his followers Tim pulls these Spoofs from time to time.
Still not convinced?  Then check out one of Tim's other spoof videos

Now it seems Tim is a great fun loving guy but I'd guess he didn't know how some in the bigfoot community would pounce on his video and think it was a real bigfoot. If you watch the video it is clearly a plug to get likes to his facebook page and that is fine and nothing is wrong with that at all.

This is clearly a fake bigfoot video made for fun and marketing.

Here is Tim with Bigfoot

So lets please put an end to thinking this is a real bigfoot and enjoy the video for what it is and that's a funny marketing video .

Have a great day!

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Is it a hoax or is it real
Could this really be a skull?

[I do not know where this story originally came from and have no idea who to credit for the photos]

For a long time now sightings of what is call "Wildman" have persisted in some regions of Minnesota. Many witness testimonies have been gathered and most report the Wildman as being large, hairy and having a bad smell. Most of you remember the famed Minnesota iceman that was shown for years in sideshow exhibits in shopping malls, state fairs and carnivals. The Minnesota Iceman depicts a man like being that was promoted as a "missing link" and a "Living Fossil".

Could this be a baby Nessie
Is this a baby Nessie?
I know this story is old and many may have heard about it but for me, it's New. I don't know a lot about it and some of the things I'll write may not be completely correct. I do not know where the original story comes from but here is the tale.

Supposedly there was an expedition in 1912 to try and prove the existence of the lake monster we call Nessie.

Alexander Moore, a biologist (?), traveled the lake for three weeks and discovered what was described as a baby Nessie. The baby was already dead when Moore found it but according to the story Moore was able to recover the heart, a kidney and a section of the small intestine. I'm assuming that Moore removed these parts from the dead carcass. These parts are what is seen in the photo above.

Up until 2010 this unusual find was exhibited in the Museum of Curiosity. I'm not sure if this was the somewhat famous traveling museum that was or maybe still is, in London or not.

Now many, from what I gather, say this is nothing more than a hoax and that the mummified creature is nothing more that a creation made out of paper or that it's a known animal that has been altered to appear unusual.

In any case there has been numerous reports of people seeing Nessie over the years, so what if it is really a baby Nessie? What if this creature is really reproducing? I would assume that Nessie sightings will continue for many years but if there is only one Nessie creature then at some point the sightings will stop completely.

  Loch Ness Monster
 - Wikipedia -
The Loch Ness Monster is a crypid, reputedly a large unknown animal that inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next. Popular interest and belief in the animal's existence has varied since it was first brought to the world's attention in 1933. Evidence of its existence is anecdotal, with minimal and much-disputed photographic material and sonar readings.
The most common speculation among believers is that the creature represents a line of long-surviving plesiosaur. The scientific community regards the Loch Ness Monster as a modern-day myth, and explains sightings as including misidentifications of more mundane objects, outright hoaxes, and wishful thinking. Despite this, it remains one of the most famous examples of cryptozoology. The legendary monster has been affectionately referred to by the nickname Nessie.
- Wikipedia -

Now while the Wikipedia gives a date of 1933 for Nessie to have been brought to world attention, if this story of a baby Nessie and the three week expedition is true then sightings must have been happening long before 1933.

Thanks for reading.
[Sources: Wikipedia, Wikimedia]

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Area of the bigfoot sighting
Area of a recent bigfoot sighting
On 9/28/13 there was a bigfoot sighting right below my house, I conducted an investigation and a witness interview. (Found Here)
During the field investigation I heard and seen something right in front of me, so I was trying to record it and see what it was, it was squirrels. While going back through the videos at home I noticed what appeared to be movement in the background, which I did not see at the time. I made a short video of the movement which can be found Here. Well I went back to the area and made a comparison video.
Here it is.

I had also got some possible new sighting info from this same general area. My aunt told me her dogs were barking one night so her husband got a spot light and shined it around and they saw 2 large glowing eyes. They do not believe in bigfoot but said the eyes were really high off the ground and they thought it could have been a bear walking on it back legs. So with this new possible sighting info I took back to the forest to look for evidence. Here is the research video.

I also got some more new information from another neighbor, who said that almost every night something was going through the woods behind his house. He said whatever it is must be big and it scares the dogs real bad. He told us that you can hear it between about 1am to about 4am in the mornings. So a couple nights later, I was up sick at my stomach and thought I'd set on the porch to see if I could hear anything. Sure enough at about 1:30 am it sounded like a very large log was broken and there were numerous other sounds from behind this guys house.
So the next day I took a little trip into the woods behind hid house just to see if I could find anything. I managed to find and photograph several unusual things.

odd sticks
Sticks photo 1
These sticks seemed out of place for the surround area. There were 2 of these odd sticks structures. I just it could have just been random but they just seemed out of place.

Sticks photo 2
But that was not all I found, I also found where 2 young saplings both about 8 foot tall were bent, twisted and shoved under an old dead fall tree. The dead fall tree had been there a long time and there was no pressure on the 2 young saplings from the tree. The dead tree was actually laying against a rock and another log, but yet these 2 young trees were pushed under it. One of the young trees was actually snapped during the event.
Here are the photos
Photo of the 2 small trees that had been pushed under this dead fall 
Close up of the one tree that broke as it was pushed under the dead fall tree. It was fairly fresh, maybe a week old if I was guessing.  
Here is a close up of the root end of the dead fall tree.

I also found another possible old break or two but will not post them as this post is getting pretty long. I should also note that where these photos were taken this is a couple of walnut trees and small apple trees. It is also right next to a small stream.
I know at night the dog bark and then the next set of dogs bark and this is right where the first witness (Terry Roark) seen the bigfoot go up the mountain. I will continue to investigate the area and try to beware of any unusual activity as this is right where I live.


©The Crypto Crew

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Hunter shoots a bigfoot
General area of the event

World Exclusive! Never Told  Publicly Until NOW! 

The below phone interview is well over an hour long but it is an amazing tale.
A hunter encounters 2 bigfoots and feeling in danger of being attacked shoots one of the creatures.

The Virginia Fish and Wildlife get involved and another unnamed government department.
Blood samples and photos were taken.

The person who contacted me wishes to remain anonymous because there could be negative effects on his personal life and his company/business.

Here is our interview

Mock up Photo by *viergacht
Mock up Photo by *viergacht

The Goatman of Maryland is a legendary half-human, half-goat creature that carries an ax.

Wikipedia -
According to legend, Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went awry, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.
Folklorist at the University of Maryland Barry Lee Pearson said modern examples of folk legends like Goatman are most commonly generated by teenagers, and the stories end up stirring interest in sites like Fletchertown Road
[Source: Wikipedia]

The Goatman has been described as being between 6 and 7 feet tall. The first reports of Goatman date to around 1957 but sighting have continued over the years. The Goatman also gets around some with numerous sightings from various places, including Texas, California, Indiana and Canada. Lets just say he hoofs it. (Sorry bad pun)

In Prince George's County, Maryland there is a bridge called "Crybaby bridge" and it is told that if you go there in the dead of night you will hear the sounds of a goat braying. In my online research, I found more than one bridge that carried the name "Crybaby bridge" but I think the photo below is of the actual "Crybaby bridge" but I can't be 100 percent certain.

Crybaby Bridge
  Crybaby Bridge

Some people attempt to tie the Goatman to Greek Mythology and as being Pan. Pan in mythology was the god of the wild, a half human half goat type of creature, While others tie Goatman to the devil himself. Another interesting fact about Prince George's County is that it is home of the demon possessed boy in which the hit movie The Exorcist was based on.

The Goatman is not only is said to stalk and terrify humans but reports claim Goatman snatches and kills small pets such as dogs and cats. Numerous carcasses have been found over the years and not knowing what really killed these animals, Goatman got the blame.

The Goatman is an interesting legend for many reasons, from ties with the Devil, to stalking lovers in parked cars, to killing your family pets. Goatman continues to strike fear in some people and it appears the legend is here to stay.  It is also worth noting that having a insane asylum near by only adds to the terror mystic.

So when driving or visiting Maryland keep your ears sharp for the sound of a braying goat and your eyes peeled for the glimmering of an ax, because you never know when the Goatman will strike next.


[Photo credit: viergacht]
[Sources: Strangenewsdaily, Google Maps, Wikipedia]

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The Photo above was post to facebook by Thom Cantrall - It appears to be a picture of a bigfoot.
I noticed several other people where sharing the photo, so I thought I'd take a closer look at it. If Thom does not approve of this and wants me to take it down all he has to do is send me a message.
I have attempted to zoom in on the figure and have used various effects to get a better look at it.

I find the photo very interesting but do not know anything about it. I do not even know where it was take or the story. I do know Thom is a good guy and this photo is possibly a real bigfoot.
A big Thanks goes to Thom Cantrall for sharing the photo.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Candy over at Sasquatch Canada we now have more information about this photo. The photo was original posted by a Kris Friesen from Winnipeg. The picture was sent to him by a friend that took the picture up in northern Manitoba, a secluded area near a native reserve.
Hopefully more info will become available.


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The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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