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Monday, June 2, 2014

Philip Spencer
Philip Spencer

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne! 


The Kentucky Wild Man Hunter
A Tribute To Philip Spencer

By Dorraine Fisher

The Bigfoot Community has suffered a huge loss this last week. The man known best as the Kentucky Wild Man Hunter, Philip Spencer, passed away in his home last Wednesday. But those of us who knew him know he was never a real member of what we call the Bigfoot community. He was an outsider. A pioneer in bigfoot research, roaming the woods of Anderson County, Kentucky when many of us were still in diapers. And I’m honored to say he was one of my best friends in the world.

I knew I wanted to do a tribute to him, but when I sat down to write, I was at a loss. Not because there’s nothing to say, but because there’s so much. He was a bigfoot researcher, woodsman, master tracker, photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. His numerous projects included work on the hit TV show, Monsterquest, on the history channel, and work on various rock videos in the music industry. Bigfoot represented only part of what he did with his life, but it was definitely his greatest passion.

Phil believed in Bigfoot before it was cool to believe; before the earliest Bigfoot TV shows, and before the subject was accepted into the mainstream. He knew they existed because he’d seen one when he was a child in 1970. And he dedicated his life to searching for them and documenting everything he could about them.

"We all think we’re so smart," he told me in a conversation I had with him one day about bigfoot and the skeptics. "But if these creatures have made it their career to not be found by humans, we’re gonna have a hell of a time finding them. But they’re out there."

He believed that his Kentucky home around Daniel Boone National Forest just might be the real hotspot for Bigfoot in the U.S. And he had good reasons to think so.

"There are places in this forest where humans have still never set foot," he told me. "This is a perfect place for a large animal to live in peace."

And he was never afraid to say whatever he thought about them, no matter how crazy it might sound to someone else. He was never afraid to offer new theories about them based on his observations. If you called him crazy, he didn’t care. He was a true leader in the field and he knew he had nothing to prove to anyone. He’d been there and done that. He’s one of those who set the standard for research the way it exists today.

So I was a little surprised a couple of years ago when he honed in on me and struck up a friendship. He’d actually read my work with The Crypto Crew and encouraged me to keep going. To try to introduce new ideas and new ways of thinking in the way research is done. He knew the community wasn’t thinking broadly enough. He was an outside-the-box thinker whose greatest strength was in his knowing he didn’t know everything and would always need to challenge his own ideas, as well as everyone else’s, until solid proof was on the table. He shaped my view about the subject and shaped the way I’ll forever think about the world and the nature of reality too.

He was a legend, though I know he’d laugh hysterically if I’d ever said that to his face. He considered himself an old Kentucky boy first and foremost. But he was most certainly one of a kind, and he will be missed.

I agonized about what to say here. But when I was looking over what I had to use to make the point, I knew that I had to allow his own material to speak for itself. The real man shines through in every video clip. Rest in peace, my good friend. It won’t be the same here without you. ******DF

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  1. Thanks for this. I know it was hard for you.

  2. My sympathies for your loss and also to other friends and the family of Mr. Spencer. It was great that you developed such a supportive friendship from within your own neck of the woods, over a subject that can make people feel isolated because of their belief. I'm sure he appreciated knowing you as well. Take care.


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