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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Another Unknown Creature Seen At Virginia Beach,VA

I recently got another report of an unusual creature sighting from Virginia Beach, VA. This actually makes the second report, of what I will now assume is the same creature, from this area. This report and the previous both describe what sounds like the same being ...with the same odd things about it. 

On the first report, I kind of thought it might be some kind of deformed Dogman but after getting this report, I would think it is not a Dogman or a Bigfoot. But whatever it is seems to be fast and strong....and weird.

Here is the report

- Start Report -

"I have been trying to figure out what me and my brother saw near the Oceana base in Virginia Beach back around (after brain storming we think 2010) and I found your website with someone seeing the same thing I saw (http://www.thecryptocrew.com/2021/08/possible-dogman-sighting.html)  I don’t want my name or email attached to this story on any post. [ Name and email is on file]

 Here is my story.

10+ years ago (we think it might have been 2010) I was driving with my brother in Virginia Beach, VA.  It was late at night and we were going to grab some food. We were the only car on this road which wasn’t abnormal due to the time of night. The right side of the road was wooded with trees and on the left was a fenced area of Oceana base.  

A giant wolf like creature ran full speed in front of the car.  It came from the right wooded area and was booking it towards the fence. This thing was at least 12 feet tall minimum. It was hunched over running insanely fast on it’s back legs. It was so big the legs completely engulfed the view from the windshield. The legs were bent backwards and extremely muscular. The only way I could describe it was they were bent backwards in a way that demon legs are depicted. The legs were furless except for near the bottom where there were patches of fur.  It was wearing a brown hooded cloak that was tattered along the bottom edges. The hood covered it’s head and midsection leaving the legs fully exposed. Some sort of elongated snout was emerging from the front of the hood.  It was square like a wolf and had fur. The thing never turned to look at us.  It was running towards the fence, jumped and cleared it.  I have never seen anything jump so high.

I spent the next couple of moments trying to process what I saw.  I thought there was some kind of logical explanation, until my brother said “did you see that?”  And described in detail exactly what I had seen. The only thing that differed was he thinks he saw what he described as long claws emerging from the front of the cloak. 

Seeing this “thing” terrified me. All these years later, I am still terrified.  Any ideas of what it was?  

[I really don't know]

The cloak and the backwards legs were something I really focused on. The cloak was cloth and I am certain I didn’t mistake it for anything else.

I posted this description on Reddit and a few people had me send it to a Dogman expert. He said he doesn’t think it was a dogman mainly based on the cloak and sheer size. I have no idea what it was. I never posted about it until recently because who in the world would believe me?  I would sound like a crazy person.  I would have brushed this off as me seeing things if my brother wasn’t with me and saw the same thing.

I never thought creatures liked this existed until that point.  The only creature I had heard of people seeing was Bigfoot. Like on the post, there were no negative vibrations from it.  We didn’t feel like it would come hurt us. It was definitely not focused on us at all.  If you want to send my info and contact information to the original poster you can.  I would like to reach out to someone that saw this thing too.

Just to be clear: I have no desire on coming on a podcast or sharing my story publicly with my voice or in video.  A lot of people reached out and hounded me on Reddit to come on their shows.  I have absolutely no desire to have my name or likeness attached to this.  

Thank you,"

-End Report-

So, now we have two reports from different witnesses that have seen this unknown and odd creature. These sightings appear to have happened roughly 3 years apart, which leads me to think it stays in this area. Now with this being close to the NAS Oceana it makes you wonder if it is somehow tied to that facility. We will probably never know.

So, just what is this creature is anyone's guess, but it clearly is not the typically reported Bigfoot or Dogman sighting.

And with these 2 reports spanning around 3 years, I would assume that other drivers have seen it. If so, I hope they file a report with us or contact us.

A special thanks to this witness for coming forward and I can totally understand not wanting your name out there for things like this....it can lead to a lot of unwanted attention.

If anyone has information about this creature then please contact us via the "report a sighting" link or contact form.



This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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