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Monday, October 4, 2021

Colin Haggerty - Bigfoot Or Not

It's always exciting when new paranormal shows and documentaries make their appearance in our TV programming. But there are real problems attached to that. The producers are looking for attracting a larger viewing audience. And that's where the subject is done a disservice.

For example, one of the newer ones is "Paranormal caught on camera" on Travel Channel. There have been some great segments presented on varied topics. But we need to exercise caution. The videos produced are not always real. Some may be real; some are deliberately misinterpreted; some are jokes; some are hoax.

Let's take the Colin Haggerty Oregon bigfoot story shown on May 22, 2019.

We are shown a shortened version of Haggerty's video [some omitted because of his language]. We see a blurry, dark figure strut across a field while the 'witnesses' scream and exclaim.

Haggerty has published his videos on the internet; pictured in them are three occasions where someone filmed the encounters using a cell phone. Some places say Haggerty filmed them, some say one of his friend's did, some say his friend's father did the honors.

The encounters are said to have taken place on Haggerty's friend's father's vacation land -- a 150 acre area on which apparently they come to every other weekend or so just to hang out and drink since Haggerty claims there are no working guns on the property and that his friend's father is not a hunter.

But on to his videos. The first one that Haggerty released was published on July 28, 2018. Take a look at it below.
[Caution : Language disclaimer for the linked videos.]

In this video we see a dark figure walking along and who a couple of times drops down to what we are to believe is a threatening type of posture. This incites screams from the female witnesses and a command for everyone to get inside.

During this video, Haggerty is heard to say "It's a person. They're messing with us." in response to the girls' allegedly being frightened. While listening to the screams, I can't help but seem to hear some laughing and giggling. Perhaps I've misinterpreted this. Maybe one or more of the witnesses explodes into laughter and giggle fits when confronted with something that frightens them.

Haggerty also appears to be heard saying the figure could easily be someone "messing" with them in a ghillie suit.

This entire video seems to me to be more like playing a game than it is about an encounter with sasquatch. Perhaps the [alleged] sasquatch was channeling the Jack Links sasquatch. It appears to strut along like the commercial version. It does not seem to stride along as other reported encounters describe. The figure has a human-like gait and arm swing.

Now, remember that in this video they are acting like they have no idea what it is they are looking at. This does not follow the narrative that Haggerty supplies in various sources.

"We've seen this thing (whatever it is) multiple times initially saw it come up behind a deer and try to snatch it. My friends cousin pulled out his phone and started recording. Not definitively saying this is a Bigfoot but seems really sick that someone would be on our property scaring little kids. There's three different videos because my friends cousin probably got scared sh**less and turned his phone off to run inside. Can someone please do like an in depth analysis of this video and tell me what the h*** that is." -- Haggerty

Then on September 29, 2018, Haggerty decided to share another video with the public. [link below].

September 29, 2018 of May, 2018 sighting

"Since my video is getting more publicity I figured I'd post a video me and some friends caught earlier this year. This one seemed a lot bigger and it was brown. The one posted before this was black/brown. Bad quality but still decent footage." -- Haggerty

Photo Enhancments by Thomas Marcum TCC

This one seems to be filmed later in the evening, as it seems darker. Someone has found a spotlight and is trying to keep the figure illuminated as another person tries to film the upright figure.

This being seems to be ignoring the spotlight and the people talking and moving around. It continues to stride along with a human stride, never pausing. The video ends abruptly, perhaps because the spotlight person can't keep the figure lit, or it moves out of range.


This May, 2018 sighting was first shared on the internet by Samuel Anderson on May 12, 2018. Anderson appears to be one of Haggerty's friends and fellow witness. The video was titled : Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sighting around central Oregon on May 11, 2018."

"My friends and I have seen him/it once or twice in the same area before but never had a camera. Was spotted around dusk. Not verifying its authenticity, but this is in the middle of NOWHERE. Walks very casually in this video, but we have seen it running and jumping." -- Anderson

Never had a camera. I have a hard time believing that these young men did not have their phones with them those times. They appear to have had them for the two published videos.

Despite Haggerty's plea for analysis , only Thinker Thunker appears to have done so. His video was published on September 28, 2018.

"Rough footage, yes. But possibly amazing. Whatever they caught here matches up with the Patterson Bigfoot in two, very profound ways." -- Thinker Thunker

Apparently, Thinker Thunker likes the footage and feels this is a real sasquatch. He first states that it's either something or nothing. He talks of the build of the figure but fails to take into account the possibility of arm extensions, readily available on the internet. He compares the stride to Patty [of course]. Patty's gait is a quick walk while this subject appears to be strolling along. I suppose one can still compare them as being the same.

But Thinker Thunker's main reason for belief seems to be centered on the reaction of the witnesses. He feels that people would not be screaming if it was only a man in a ghillie suit. Elsewhere Haggerty admits that on weekends there, the young adults go to drink and hang out. Add in some teenage girls and perhaps younger kids. And then imagine the sun is setting and has moved behind the trees and terrain. And then something strange is walking along and older people with you are acting weird about it.

I imagine that Thinker Thunker has not been around teenagers very much. Or those of his acquaintance act more adult. Take a bunch of them, especially girls, to something like a Haunted House. The screams and excitement will fill the air. It's something they do. So, yeah, TT, it could be "normal reaction".

He also states the figure somehow crawled quickly from one location to another. Much more quickly than a human could. Well, the person filming this encounter was focused on the bush where it appeared to have passed behind it. He and the others were waiting to see it come out from behind the bush. When the figure is finally spotted a distance away on the other side of the bush, it might appear to have crawled rapidly. It may also have just walked the distance upright. We don't know as no one was filming that part of the field or claimed to have been looking there.

He talks of the possibility of being shot if a person walked around Oregon in a ghillie suit trying to frighten people. Haggerty states that there are no guns on the vacation property and that the family are not hunters. May be true, may not. Also, he fails to state that if the "witnesses" were in on the prank, the person in the suit would not be worried about getting shot.  

TT does have an interesting observation that he feels at the end, after the figure is shouted at, that it does NOT take up an aggressive posture against the witnesses. He claims that it appears the figure is trying to catch something.  That it could be an inexperienced young one trying to hunt for food. "A teenage forest giant".

This doesn't appear to me to be a plausible hunting trip. Why would it just stroll along in such a casual manner and then try to pounce on some creature? Wouldn't it's advancement through the field be a little more cautious? Wouldn't the being walk more slowly, looking down, searching?

And if it is not confronting the humans, why the screaming then? And the ending of the video? And then fleeing into the house?

thinker thunker

This site shared and discussed the video also. "Disclose Screen". Haggerty appears to have sent the video to this site. The "Grimreefar" has this to say :

it could possibly be a bigfoot. He is not convinced. He calls it a "blobsquatch". It could be real. It could be staged. Or a prank.

The Grimreefar - Disclose Screen

Colin Haggerty posted on Reddit.com under "haggswagg_56."  The host commented that Haggerty "showed a video in which he and his siblings and friends spot a bigfoot in central Oregon. But Colin f***ed up : initially he told us the Bigfoot was on his friend's father's property, but in later post said, 'If it is a person I will look into legally pursuing whoever that was on our property.' ".

As haggswagg_56 he responded : "It'd be awesome if you were able to break down the video and objectively prove that video was a hoax instead of basing your assumption off of one grammatically incorrect word that sounded misleading. Call me a hoaxer all you want man. What I saw that day was not planned, staged, or practiced in any way. What you see and hear in that video was what I experienced. I'd be happy to show you the uncropped video which clearly depicts Mt. Hood in the background and I would love to share with you more information of my experience."

So, he waffles between not knowing what he saw to implying it was a real bigfoot. And I'm not certain about the reference to Mt. Hood. I did not see any reference to doubt over the location of the alleged encounter. But I could have missed it.

Haggarty also states : "My friends dad owns a 150 acre vacation property near wamic Oregon. My friends family were in town so they were all there along with me and my other friend. We were hanging out on the property when my friends dad texted us that they were hearing howls in the trees. So we came over to the house to check it out. We were all out on the deck and looked over and saw it come up behind a deer and try to snatch it. Then it looked over at us and starting coming towards us."

In an apparent attempt to explain and/or justify the shared videos, Colin made a video in which he talked of the events. In this 50 minute video, he manages to ramble on in a disjointed manner, repeating himself. But it does point out this fact. Although he repeatedly attests that they did not know if this was a real bigfoot or not, in this video it appears he is more certain and also lists all the experiences he and his friends have had on this property. Below is the link to his video titled "My Bigfoot Sightings explaining everything". This was posted November 21, 2018.

He prefaces the video with this statement : Since a few other YouTubers have gotten a hold of my videos and they're getting more attention. I thought I would make a video trying to explain everything. I've contacted BFRO multiple times and they haven't answered me. If someone could get my videos in their hands I would really appreciate it. I didn't make this video to try and prove anything. I've done that before and it's a rabbit hole which involves me getting really frustrated. Because no matter what people won't believe it. I'm simply here to explain everything I've heard of and witnessed. You can make your own conclusions."

In his beginning ramblings, he discusses he had three encounters with the being. The second time was the nighttime video. The third was the daylight one. He talks of the figures being 7 or 8 feet tall and 400 or so lbs. That they are "bulky", "hairy". But he offers no video or photos to help the viewer determine approximate size. He states that since he has been asked for that information that he was going to do a reenactment so that the size and bulk could be more accurately determined. This was supposed to be done during Thanksgiving week. I have been unable to discover any such video provided by Haggerty. He may still be working on it.

Despite the multiple sightings, he states : "No idea if it was a person or a wild animal." And also ". . . . whether it was a person or a bigfoot."  Is he trying to say that people keep coming around hoaxing or pranking the family? That seems odd to me.

And we are talking of multiple experiences. Haggerty lists them all in the video.

Experience 1 : This occurred before Haggerty was friends with the son of the property owner. The son [witness] was perhaps in the 4th or 5th grade. One of the son's friends was visiting. He came into the house crying, telling the son's dad that he just saw a monkey near the trees. It was 3 to 4 foot tall. He stared at the "monkey" and then ran for the house, crying.

Experience 2 : This occurred just before Haggerty started going to the vacation property. Haggerty's friend, his friend's dad and another friend were gathered around a campfire in the front yard. It was dark out. The dad looked up into the trees near the front yard. He could see a massive figure staring at them. It seemed to give a "low pitched growl", and was swaying side to side. The dad told everyone to go inside.

Experience 3 : This one took place in the daylight. Again before Haggerty started visiting the vacation home. His friend was in the house in his bedroom. He looked out through the window and saw a giant person-like, hairy thing. He watched as it ran - sprinted and hurdled - a 4 foot wooden fence. His friend described it as having it's back straight up "perfectly straight". It's knees were high, like a sprinter's, coming up to it's waist level. The arms were swinging up into the air, not tucked in like human runners.

The remaining three were also witnessed by Haggerty.

Experience 4 : Haggerty and his friends were hanging out in the bunk room in the barn. His friend's dad texts them. He is hearing weird sounds. The boys go to the main house and stay on the porch listening. Haggerty describes the sound as being similar to a person trying to howl like a coyote. This lasted around 2 or 3 minutes. It's a shame no one thought to record the howls.

By the time the sounds stopped, it was pitch dark. They decided to go looking for who or what was making the sound. They went over the fence and crossed the open field. Their only light was their phone flash lights and some small flashlights which they were mostly keeping focused on the ground at their feet as they walked. They would occasionally stop and scan the area around them and then continue their forward progress.

One of the friends claimed that he had just seen a pair of eyes staring at them. Haggerty said he did not see the eyes when he stopped to look. They continued on their way. Then suddenly 20 to 30 yards ahead of them they could see a big giant thing. Two legs, two arms, covered in hair. It appeared to be 7 or 8 foot tall. It was walking, moving away from them. It was a 3/4 view, facing away from them. Frightened, the young men ran and got inside.

It didn't seem real to Haggerty. He said it was big and bulky with a massive shoulder. Color was brown, a little lighter than a grizzly bear brown. It had straight, shaggy hair.

When everyone had run inside, they were all "freaking out". But they were also happy as they could confirm bigfoot is real.

Now if that is the conclusion made then, why then is there the statements made later that they didn't know what they were looking at?

Experience 5 [Haggerty's 2nd] : This is the May 2018 video; the "darker video". Once again his friend's dad texts them saying he is hearing noises. They again go to the house and listen for a couple of minutes. [Again no recording??]

About 100 yards out towards the tree line, they see a bipedal figure. Haggerty says that his friend's dad starts recording. "I'm seeing this thing again."

Haggerty is "in awe". He states the figure didn't seem aggressive or dangerous. And that they think it's a bigfoot.

They have an industrial spotlight and a friend starts trying to light up the moving figure which is about 70 yards away. Afterwards, they all return to the bunkroom in the barn. One or two hours later, the dad again texts them : "Are you guys messing with me on the porch?" They respond : "No." He then tells them : "There's something big on the porch walking." They all walk towards the house using their iPhone flashlights.

When they get about half way to the house, Haggerty says he started freaking out, being scared. A friend claims to see the figure hop off the porch and disappear into the dark. He sees it for only a split second. The dad meets them and tells them he was so scared he didn't want to look on the porch. Whatever it was, was right outside his bedroom and sounded like a person stomping on the porch.

Experience 6 [Haggerty's third] : This is the daylight video recorded in July. Haggerty states that his friend's cousin recorded it. Haggerty, his friends' entire family and all the boys' other friends were all visiting. They were either cooking dinner or it was just after dinner. Once again they got a text message saying there were noises. They head to the house to listen. This time the sound was like a "throaty bird sound", low pitched. This lasted for a couple of minutes. [again, no recording made].

After about 5 minutes they could see the figure along the tree line. It seemed to be creeping up behind a deer in an "athletic position". It got to around 15 feet behind the deer, when the deer sees it and runs off. The bigfoot then looks at them and starts "creeping" towards them. Then it stops, stands straight up and stares at them. Haggerty said it crouched and started to creep at them again. That is when the friend started to film it.

The bigfoot then starts running towards them. Haggerty says he is busy trying to get everyone inside. He felt like he knew it was a bigfoot and knew it was dangerous. The family seemed to think it was a person and were not frightened.

Colin's "explanation"

For me, I still have unanswered questions.

If Haggerty is so convinced that this is a real bigfoot, why does he seem to deny it or question it in later posts?

If they all had their iphones with them and were able to record video, why didn't any of them think to record the "noises"?

If this is a "prank" being played on them, [as Haggerty suggests a couple of times], who would carry on such a prank over a period of years?

Are all six experiences tied in together? Are the video encounters pranks? Or hoaxes? And the rest of the evidence real?

He claims "poverty" and so being unable to purchase a better camera to film future encounters. You don't really need a $400 camera to get better footage than a cell phone. He also claims he can't afford game cams to set out either. But then he talks of a game camera and a salt lick. If the family doesn't hunt, why would they put out a game camera and a salt lick?

And where is the "comparison" video that Haggerty promised?

Why does Anderson say Haggerty filmed one of the videos and Haggerty claims others recorded the two videos?

Well, there it is. What do you think?

It could be real. It could be someone's prank. It could be a deliberate hoax. But then we are left with the question Why? Why prank? Why hoax?

My initial reaction is that if this is a prank or hoax on Haggerty's part, it is just a young guy's way of getting some attention and enjoyment of watching everyone scurrying around trying to prove the videos real or not. I think he is enjoying the notoriety and attention and likes how much of a stir he can make.

I have my doubts on the videos being real. While watching it on a big screen tv, the face appeared to be lighter in color and the figure seemed to have lighter colored hands. It brought this costume to mind. Or perhaps this other one.

Of course, I could be wrong. The walk looks human, the arm swing, the actions seem too human like. The "hunting" does not sound very sasquatch like.  But that's just through my experiences. I certainly haven't seen everything there is to see concerning them.

I would love for this to be real. Hopefully, someone can convince me some time of it. [But not Thinker Thunker. I'm uncomfortable with his analysis.]

[Sources:Colin Haggerty,squatchable.com,reddit.com,Samuel Anderson,dailystar.co.uk,ThinkerThunker,
Bigfoot forums,Disclose screen; the Grimreefar,Truths Stranger,Cyber Comment,Paranormal caught on camera; Travel Channel]


"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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