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The Delaware Death Dog - New Cryptid on the Loose!

It appears we might have a new cryptid running around in Delaware. The witness has labeled it "The Delaware Death Dog". Its kind of a catchy name if you ask me. So far, from what little we know, that after the DDD makes an appearance, death soon follows for other wildlife in the immediate area.

Just what is this large mysterious canine looking beast is up in the air. Have others seen something similar? Is it a known animal in the area? How about the deaths after the sighting, was it just a coincidence?

Check out the report and see what you think about the Delaware Death Dog.

Here is the report

The Hawkesbury River Monster

Mysterious water monsters are not unusual. The Loch Ness Monster and Lake Champlain’s Champ are just two creatures belonging to this fascinating class of cryptid. However, New South Wales, Australia has its own resident water creature, known as the Hawkesbury River Monster.

How does one distinguish reality from fiction?  The answer is simple....experience.  What tends to be fiction to some is reality to others based on their experience alone.  It is awful hard to convince someone that they didn't see something that they know they saw with their own two eyes.

Evidence is another key factor in a reality check.  If it is present, the only ones denying the facts are the ones that do not wish to believe them.

Aliens In The Mona Lisa?
Extra-Terrestrials and the DaVinci Connection
By Dorraine Fisher

In the last sixteen years of his life, Leonardo Da Vinci fussed and toiled and agonized over a single portrait; a portrait he would never sell. A curious portrait of a woman with an interesting smile on her face that would eventually become famous the world over. The portrait known as simply the Mona Lisa.  But it’s possible that none but Da Vinci himself could predict some of the more elusive reasons this painting would still be under such heavy scrutiny to this day.

Da Vinci was a very secretive man and used a form of writing known as mirror writing to keep his private notes private. Anyone else trying to read them would have, unbeknownst to them, needed to use a mirror to read them. And modern researchers have found that he used the mirror effect for more than just his notes.  He used it in his paintings too. And they’ve found hundreds of examples of this phenomenon in the Mona Lisa alone.

In the forest near Hull, England there are numerous reports of people seeing what some are calling a werewolf. It is said to stand a towering eight foot tall, covered in hair and has red glowing eyes. The term werewolf may be very off putting to some people. It may make them think of movies and fantasy tales. I think the more modern term, that a majority of people are using to describe these creatures, is Dogman.

Dogman is normally associated with bigfoot by many cryptid researchers. This may be a good assessment. But if you compare the two, Dogman and Bigfoot, Dogman seems to be the more aggressive and fits in with witness accounts from the Hull area.

Witnesses describe the beast as being fast, jumping tall fences, attacking and eating dogs, sometimes even running on all fours. The main sightings seem to be around the area known as Barmston Drain.

Bodfish, Ca
I recently got in this report of some odd and unusual activity happening in and near Bodfish, CA. It appears to have elements of several different phenomenon. I'm not quite sure to make of it all, but wanted to share it with others in case they have had a similar experience.

Here is the report.

-Start Report- 

Name: Lisa ******

Email Address: On File

State: Ca


Date of Sighting: November 10, 2016

Time of Day:
4:00 pm

Nearest Town: Bodfish

Length of Sighting: 10 seconds

How many Witnesses: Just Me

Any Photos/Videos: Not of this put I have pictures of entities all over the mountain I speak of

Describe sighting in detail:

I moved into my mothers house Sept 1, 2016. She lives in Bodfish, Ca. in a very secluded area. Just a few neighbors. Her back yard stretches into the tallest mountain in our area,but a small mountain that has many strange activities going on...I think in it?

First let me explain the sound that roars. It almost sounds like a jet but not quite. Never see anything overhead and I understand the sound barrier affect. I was constantly looking for an object until I just ignored it, until Nov. 10, 2016. I am walking to my truck to take my dog to the park as I always do and I just happened to look up because the roar was so loud and I saw a HUGE I MEAN HUGE white almost see through air craft 10 times the size of a 747 flying just above the ridge of the mountain dropped down straight INTO THE MOUNTAIN. No booms. It was amazing and I think the sound rumbles from within along with creatures and people of the 4th dimension. They morph in and out of sight. But they can't hide in pictures.

I am always taking pictures of this mountain it oddly has things change on it, I understand the sunlight changes things dramatically but rocks and dirt always moving, caves appearing then vanishing. Every picture has faces of people clear as day, people standing in different places, alligators in some, giant ants, elephants, demons, giants and much more.

And I just saw a truck that said UFO investigators camped at the Old Ghost Town down the street. It was to late to drop in but first thing in the morning I am going to see whats up.

-End Report-

First, a thanks goes to Lisa for sharing her experiences with us.There are things going on that fall into several different categories. It is an interesting report and I thought I would share it.

Maybe, Lisa will have an update for us in the future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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The Camp Beauregard Memorial, outside Water Valley, Kentucky on Kentucky state road 2422 northeast of town, marks the site of Camp Beauregard during the American Civil War. It was named for Confederate general P. G. T. Beauregard. It was situated to protect the right flank of the Confederate base at Columbus, Kentucky.

While an active military installation, from September 1861 to March 1, 1862, it trained 5,000-6,000 soldiers for the Confederate States of America.

However, the place was disease-ridden, resulting in 1,000-1,500 deaths at the camp. The diseases included cerebrospinal meningitis, pneumonia, and typhoid fever with poor weather and lack of sufficient supplies for the troops contributing to the dire situation. In a single day 75 cases of typhoid and pneumonia were reported.

Under the direction of the 27th Tennessee Regiment's Colonel Thomas Logwood, the camp was burned down. Union forces captured the site shortly after the abandonment.

A monument was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1909 to commemorate the soldiers that died there and supposedly, some 900 soldiers are buried in a mass grave under the monument…..but some folks say those soldiers are STILL THERE today?

Here is an experience from my friend, Dana M.:

My best experience: I was with a group of friends at night. It was very late. We all branched off wandering around reading headstones. I went off to myself. 

I was standing reading a large monument and the name "Dorothy" screamed in my head. It was weird. I turned around and when I shined my light on the headstone behind me her name was Dorothy. It was surreal.

We heard the beast and ran to the car and left. These events are all separate nights. The last time I went my friend Bob was in town. I had not seen him in 25 years. We went to the cemetery. He also went with another group. This was in August of 2012. In March of 2014, he died in his sleep.
My other friend Karen and I went as a group and took pictures. About three months later she died on her living room floor. I will not go back I'm also very ill but that's another novella.”

Other reports include:
One person explains he has seen lights dancing on some of the headstones and seeing various dark figures running through the graves only to vanish.

There’s also a black beast-like figure that supposedly will chase visitors in an attempt to make them leave.

One night, two individuals said the “beast” followed them for several miles before flooding their car with an over-whelming scent of cinnamon before vanishing.

Also, there are reports of people hearing combat sounds, including what has been described as the sound of sabers clashing.


This post by Team Member Greg Champy. Greg displays an amazing artistic ability and a special knack for background research. He is an accomplished writer and does voice over narrations.

(Source: Wikipedia )

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Mystery is now solved
Weird worm snake bug

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

This odd worm-snake like creature has been causing a stir among some locals and on the internet the last week. They were found in the city of Campo Gallo in the province of Santiago del Estero.
The strange creature was/is called "gusanos-vibora",  the invertebrate was an unknown creature that seems to combine the features of a worm and a snake.
The first of these weird creatures were found in a vineyard but soon they seemed to be popping up in other areas, the snake like head caused fear among the locals.

The creature is only about 4 inches long and for a few days people were kind of in a panic, well now the mystery has been solved.

Here is a close up of this fearsome looking monster beast

The mystery has been solved and people can stop being in fear and panic thanks to Bachelor in biology Maria Elvira Paz.
Paz said "..new specimens......no one should fear because they are larvae of future butterflies and are in a development stage."

So these monsters will become butterflies!

 "..these larvae will transform into a pupa stage, where they form like a cocoon which they remain to the time necessary to become adult butterflies." added professor Paz.

So it's not an alien or some kind of monster that takes your life, it's only a butterfly.


[source: nuevodiarioweb.com ]

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A 9 meters long creatures has washed up on the beach in New Zealand. The unknown beast is said to have jagged teeth and large flippers. Many beach goers said it looked "pre-historic".
Some are convinced it is a killer whale while others are just not sure about the beast.
The creature is roughly 30 foot long and appears to have been attacked by a shark or something. 

A video has been made asking for help in identifying the monster.

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!! Strange Creature seen on Hwy. 119 in bell county !!

I first heard of this a few months ( couple of years ago now) back and have researched it on and off for the last few months. The following is from a forum and most of the posters do not use their real names.

Actual location where the creature was seen

Strange Creature seen on 119

Hawk - This morning about 10:00 I was going up 119 a little outside calloway was heading toward Harlan when I looked to my right in a field of the road were some cow's were grazeing a I saw something that I cant explaine, it was running across the field extreamily fast, it was gray in color and was running on two legs like a man but low to the ground and it had a head like a man and large body and moved very fast. I got a good look at it and I'm 49 years old and I have never seen anything like it, has anyone else seen this thing or anything else strange like i described? I'm really interested in finding out what the heck this was..

It is being dubbed "Beast of Tenby" and the" Beast from the East" by the Westerntelegraph.
This odd carcass washed up Tenby's south beach and was photographed by 27 year old Peter Bailey who was walking his dog on the beach.

Bailey said:  "I was taking my dog for her evening walk across the south beach when she started acting out of character by howling and running round in circles.
 I ran up to her to see if she was ok and then I came across this hideous looking carcass. I could see it had little hair left on it's decomposing body. Immediately I thought it was a horse but it had claws like a bear and a body of a pig. Surprisingly it didn't smell."

So what is this mystery beast?


[Sources: Westerntelegraph,Paranormal Geeks Radio]

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Are these eyewitnesses seeing an apparition or is this creature real? Listen to the riveting testimony of those who have encountered the beast first hand and decide for yourself.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch attributes from numerous reports include:

The smell of a Sasquatch far exceeds that of a bear or other mammals, many cases report an intolerable stench when a Bigfoot is in the area.

They vocalize in terrifyingly, high pitched scream like mannerisms, many recordings have surfaced in recent years.

They knock trees with branches and logs, reportedly to communicate with each other over long distances.

They throw rocks and boulders, there are countless cases with the creature throwing rocks at campers, even boulders from hill tops if disturbed.

They live in family units, many cases report the sighting of not one but two or more individuals at a time, often with young in tow.

They may have developed a language, many reports tell of a whinnying or gurgling whistle sound associated with their possible speech patterns.

They leave very distinct footprints, many of these prints have dermal ridges and other anomalies that rule out a hoax.

Is Bigfoot real? You will believe after viewing this fascinating collection.
TCC- Thanks to Reality Entertainment for the FREE movie !

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