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is this the mothman?
Is this the Mothman?
This video has recently been making the rounds as a possible new Mothman video. The creature is on top of a bridge and that is kind of weird in itself. I have attempted to enhance the video. What do you see? I think it looks like a monkey but what is a monkey doing in this area? Could it be a young sasquatch? Again more questions than answers.


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Bigfoot seen crossing the road
Bigfoot Crosses the Road
This is a very recent report from Harlan, KY. The sighting date and more info are in the video.
I was able to go to the area and investigate the sighting. I know the video is a bit long but I wanted to include as much info as possible as I know this a real sighting.

Strange things in the forest
Cannock Chase [Photo by Lee Brickley]

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Cannock Chase. The Creepiest Place On Earth?
An Interview With Author, Lee Brickley
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            When we follow enough stories of the paranormal and all manner of strangeness in the world, we sometimes find certain places where unusual events and sightings of strange things seem to be more concentrated.  Cannock Chase in England is just such a place; a beautiful scenic landscape, immersed in folklore and history. And it’s a place where reports of nearly every manner of being known to the paranormal world have been collected.  But is it a paranormal hub or just good fuel for active imaginations?  Much of it is designated by authorities there as a “Site of Special Scientific Interest,” which leads us to wonder even more what’s beyond the shadows of its boundaries.   Paranormal author, Lee Brickley, lives near there in Birmingham and regularly investigates the strange events and entities reported, which include the curious “Pig Man of Cannock,” among many others. And he’s written a book about his findings there.   

Dorraine:  What first caused your interest in the paranormal? How did it all start?
Lee:  My interest in the paranormal began at a very young age when I experienced a series of disturbances in my family home over a time span of around 6 months. This included: shadows moving across the walls, scratching on the walls, items moving around on their own and this eventually came to a head one night when I awoke completely paralyzed with a tall, dark silhouette of a man, stood over me, watching me for around 3 hours.

Dorraine:  Where is Cannock Chase? And what kind of place is it?
Lee:   Cannock Chase is a forest located in the county of Staffordshire, in the centre of England. It has a 2000 year history that can be traced back to a Celtic tribe known as the "Cornovii" - which translates as "people of the horn."

Dorraine:  How did you come to investigate the happenings there?
Lee:  Living in towns around Cannock Chase all my life has meant that I've followed the events very closely.

Dorraine:  Describe some of the things that are reported there.

Lee:   Pretty much every type of paranormal phenomena is reported on Cannock Chase. From "big cats" and UFOs to werewolves and a monster known locally as The Pig-Man.

Dorraine:  What exactly is the Pig Man of Cannock? 

Lee:  The Pig-Man story has been around since WW2 (around 1940). It is alleged that during WW2, when two huge military training camps were located on Cannock Chase, a human/swine hybrid was created and somehow escaped in to the woods, where it has lived to this very day. Some people believe that the military concocted this story themselves as a way of keeping people away from Cannock Chase and the camps, as German prisoners of war were also being kept at the site. Some people believe the military were up to no good and really did create a monster on Cannock Chase. Whichever is correct, sightings do occur relatively regularly in the area.

Dorraine:  Do you have any theories about what has created the strangeness there? Any ideas about how it became such an unusual place?

Lee:   I believe it is possible that unusual occult rituals performed by the aforementioned Cornovii tribe could well have caused a portal to open in the area. That said, either the military are aware of this and are monitoring the situation, or they are somehow causing it all. Many people think it could be the case that: when people get too close to something top secret, the military employ "battlefield technology."
Dorraine:  About how often are strange things reported there?

Lee:  Strange things are reported on a weekly basis.

Dorraine:  Are you ever afraid when you're in Cannock? Have you seen things that actually scared you?

Lee:   I am not affraid when im in Cannock Chase, but that doesn't mean I'd go up there alone in the dark, and would also advise others not to. I've heard howling in the woods on many occasions, which is odd, because there haven't been any wolves in the wild in England for decades.

Dorraine:  How are you received by the people that live there?

Lee:   I’m received well by local residents, most of them are as interested as me in the strange happenings.
Dorraine:  When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them?

Lee:   I tell them I'm a paranormal writer.

Dorraine:  And how do they respond?

Lee:   They usually have many questions. 

Dorraine:   So would you say overall that the people there are fairly open to discussing the strange happenings in the area, or not? 

Lee:  That is a tricky one. Some people are very open, others not so. In fact, there is a werewolf story in my book for which I had to use a false name for the family involved. Generally with UFO sightings, people are happy to talk, however some people seem to worry about being called "mad" when they've seen cryptids or the like. I think I got such a good response from them because I'm from around here. That particular family said they would have never reported their werewolf encounter to the press.

Dorraine:  How do you conduct investigations? What's your research "style?" 

Lee:   I like to get out in the field, in the woods, or interviewing local people in their homes.

Dorraine:  What things have you seen out there yourself? 

Lee:   I have seen a number of UFOs (specifically huge black triangular shaped ones) as well as a number of "entities" (although I don't believe that what we call "ghosts" are necessarily dead people.)

Dorraine:  Can you elaborate on what you mean by that? 

Lee:  I mean I don’t think ghosts are necessarily dead people. It seems possible to me that people are merely catching a glimpse of another place or another time. A sort of mental time slip, if you will.

Dorraine:  What do you feel fairly sure exists there for real based on your own personal experiences of the area and the research you’ve conducted? 

Lee:  For me, the only complete certainty is UFO's. I've personally seen many, and although some of them are undoubtedly secret military craft, many sightings cannot be explained this way, so I feel something "otherworldly" is afoot. Be it extra-terrestrial or paranormal.
Dorraine:  Do people outside the situation call you crazy?

Lee:   No one has called me crazy as yet, but there's still time. (Wink)

Dorraine:  Do you have trouble separating normal life from your investigative life? What do you think about on a normal day?

Lee:   I don't think my investigative life needs to be separated from my private life, I investigate as and when reports come in. I consider myself "on call."

Dorraine:  What is it that drives you the most? What inspires you to keep doing this?

Lee:   I just find it all incredibly interesting. I realized a long time ago that the world is not as it is portrayed on TV. 

Dorraine:  You deal with the people that live there and you listen to all these strange stories. Anyone who really thinks about what you do on a daily basis might wonder how you keep your wits about you. How do you keep it all in perspective?

Lee: I have no trouble keeping my wits about me. Very little scares me in this world, I tend to find things that scare others incredibly fascinating.

Dorraine:  And what do you say to skeptics?

Lee:   To skeptics I say "come to Cannock Chase and see for yourselves."

Dorraine:  Fair enough. And tell us about your book?

Lee:   My book "UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man: Exposing England's Strangest Location - Cannock Chase" is out now, available from Amazon. It chronicles my investigation into the area, and contains a wealth of information, never before published by any journalists or press. 

            I’m a little embarrassed to say I’d never even heard of Cannock Chase or the Pig Man before The Crypto Crew first spoke to Lee recently. But whether they are military secrets or paranormal phenomena or some combination of both that feed the stories told in this “enchanted” forest in England doesn’t really matter. It’s fascinating, and we’ll certainly be watching it from now on.   And if you want to know more, you’ll have to read the book.  ******DF 
Order Lee Brickley's Book Today! 

[Note:  Special thanks to author Lee Brickley for sharing his story with us.]   

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More evidence of bigfoot
Jackson creek near Tiller,OR

This investigation/Research by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.

Notes From Bobby
Did some research the last couple days near Cover camp in Jackson creek near Tiller, OR.
We Found 3 tracks way up a gully, there's pics below of the one we tried casting.
It was so wet that the plaster is falling apart.
We also got something tearing down trees near the creek while we were crawdad hunting. We were hunting in the dark with a flashlight for crawdads.
We went up and down the road and the nearest campers were over a mile away. We also heard whoops twice but nothing else after.
Lightning caught all the areas around us on fire so we couldn't do follow up pictures today.
Here is the photos of the track casting.

Bigfoot Track Casting
Track casting from Oregon

Bigfoot Track Casting


1680ft, GPS: 42.96353°N, 122.70247°W

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UFO- they are among us
Not actual UFO, used for Reference
I recently did an interview with Randall about possible bigfoot activity around his location. (Found Here) During our messaging before the interview he briefly told me about an odd black triangle he had seen several years ago. Here is the interview with Randall about the UFO sighting. 

Thanks goes out to Randall and all of our supporters!


©The Crypto Crew

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UFO Seen in Sorrento,FL
Sorrento, FL
Name: Julian
State: FL
Date of Sighting:  1993
Time of Day: 9-10
Nearest Town: Zellwood
Length of Sighting: 2 minutes
How many Witnesses: 4
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
It was 1993 around 9 or 10 o'clock at night. My aunt and uncle where out side with my mom and dad, they where out on the yard drinking, when this Big disk shape craft with lights around it appeared above them. It was moving real slow and when my uncle seen it he ran to get his video camera.
He jumped in his car with my dad they tried to record but at the time they wanted to record it the recorder didn't want to work. They said it was real close and real big and they have never seen any thing like this before.
This was in near Duda Astatula, Florida and at the moment where we are live. We still see weird sightings as well but nothing like the one I just talked about. This was like a year ago, we seen it twice in the sky, looked like it was real far in the sky and this star size thing was going zig zag every where, I thought I was seeing things until I called my wife and she seen it as well and my friend. The next day we seen it again pretty sure I could see it again if I look again. This was at Plymouth Sorrento, FL.

-End Report

Thanks goes to Julian for sharing, If you get photos of videos make sure to contact me.


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bigfoot footprints
Possible Bigfoot Track
Below you can listen to our interview with Randall about some strange bigfoot type sounds outside his home. There was also several bigfoot type tracks found within about 15 miles from his home. The tracks measured about 15 inches long. Photo taken by Adrianna.

Here is the famous Sierra Sounds that Randall is referring to in the interview.

©The Crypto Crew

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Great place to live for bigfoot
Another photo from the area
[This is a follow up post to Bigfoot Encounter in Illinois ]

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

What I Saw Or Didn’t See That Day
Putting A “Non-Sighting” Into Perspective
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            After having had a little time to think about what happened to me, I must say it messed with my head for a little while; this “non-sighting” of bigfoot.  Did it really happen? Am I crazy? A lot of things go through your head. But is there a way to put an “encounter” into perspective when you really didn’t see what you needed to see to make it clear in your mind?

            Actually, looking back, it seemed my hiker’s brain went on vacation that day. Usually when I hear a strange noise out there, I at least reach for my knife or my weapon if I’m carrying one. On this particular day, however, I didn’t seem to have the presence of mind.  I take a lot of pictures on a normal day now, and yet it didn’t even occur to me to reach for my camera that was strapped around my neck and easily accessible. Every inclination I might normally have just wasn’t there. And it was a little disturbing to think about after it happened. It had me wondering if I’d be able to keep myself safe in a more serious situation.

            Was I in danger? I don’t think so. I never felt afraid. Not even a little bit. More intrigued than anything, and I felt more like I was interrupting something there. It was kind of like walking into a stranger’s house by accident. It was more a feeling like, “Excuse me. Sorry to bother you. I’ll be leaving now.”  

            The magnitude didn’t really hit me until I made it home. I thought about bigfoot while it was happening. That’s why I was staring off into the woods looking for movement. But it wasn’t until I got home and reviewed the whole thing in my head that I finally decided I may have had a real encounter.

            And what about the deer? Why did they seem to be running around in circles?  Deer usually run as far and as fast as they can away from potential danger. These stayed in the same area. I listened to them running in circles for a fair amount of time before the two fawns nearly ran me over on the trail.

            The only thing I can think might have happened is their mother had already been killed and the two babies were struggling to stay near her in those last moments. Since they almost ran right into me, I got a pretty good look at them, and they looked to be only half grown, still with spots. They were definitely too young to leave their mother, and yet she was nowhere in sight. Perhaps when I got in the way of their escape was about the time they decided they had to leave the area.  Each of the two darted in opposite directions; one down and the hill and one up. Neither went back the way they came.

            But the thing I really struggled with at first is things being thrown at me. Did I just imagine it? When I returned to the area the next day, the woods were back to normal. But as I stood in the brush, I could hear tiny dropping sounds of objects falling to the ground. It confused me for a while and made me doubt my own story just a little bit. But the more I thought it through, the more I feel sure that I heard something fly over my head that day. Something larger that made more of a louder thudding sound on ground behind me. And while I was still processing that, I watched as something similar hit a tree branch in front of me. And it caused the branch to sway…back and forth, not up and down like you’d expect if something fell straight down from above. So I still feel sure something was thrown at me…twice.  

            I think I may have interrupted a hunt and they were, ever so gently, encouraging me to leave. I think it was a nice peaceful way to do this, and the message, to me, was loud and clear. I feel sure they could’ve have knocked me in the head and killed me with something bigger if they’d had the inclination. But that isn’t what happened.

            And down to the last thing I have to think about. If I decide this really happened, what am I going to do about it? I’ve received many suggestions from friends and other researchers.

“You should set up a trail cam in that area.”

“You should start a gifting rock; spend more time there. Set up a sound recorder.” Etc., etc.

            And as all those are good ideas, my big decision here is to do basically nothing. Oh, I’ll spend more time there than I have in the past. I’ll keep my camera handy on video mode while I’m there, and I’ll know more what I’m looking for when I’m out there looking.

            But if this experience has done anything for me, it’s made me understand myself just a little bit better.  I now understand that I don’t have a burning need to prove they exist. I know what I know and that’s enough for me.

            And I’ve also learned that I don’t care at all if anyone else believes my story. I don’t have this burning need to be believed. I’ve been dealing with people thinking I’m weird for most of my life now. If they think I’m weird or crazy for the rest of my life, that doesn’t concern me in the least. I’ve learned to wear my weirdness like a medal of honor.

            I’ve also always had a live and let live policy. And that’s how I’ll deal with this too. And if the hairy ones decide to make their presence known to me again at some time, I’ll consider it another blessing and I’ll accept it graciously. And hopefully get a picture or two this time.... just to be able to say I did. *******DF

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Bigfoot filmed in Ga.
Bigfoot in Ga
Below is an attempt at enhancing the "incredible bigfoot footage" posted to youtube by Legends Beware.  Reportedly filmed 5 miles north of Blue Ridge, GA by a person on vacation. The video was submitted to Legends Beware. I ask them permission to investigate the video and they kindly said yes. So a big thanks to them.  I have attempted to enhance the video but didn't do very well with it.

I personally think the video is most likely a fake for a few reasons. A couple reasons that stand out to me are: no muscle definition and very skinny legs. At times it appears to be a slacky suit as well.

It is still fun to debate the video regardless of your stance of it. Some will surly say it is 100 percent real while others will say 100 percent fake.

Maybe more video will come from this area to help the debate.


[Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onaobjHksic ]
Thanks To
Legends beware on Youtube

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bigfoot encounter in the woods
General Area

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Bigfoot Encounter In Illinois?
 What Exactly Happened To Me?
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            As a writer of cryptozoology, I hear stories every day about weird things that happened to other people. Weird things they’ve seen and heard.  And I always try to be objective.  I mean, who are any of us to say that something doesn’t exist or events couldn’t possibly have happened the way the story teller said?

            But I had a little event occur recently in the woods in my area. And, even though I DO always try to keep that open mind with others, I’m having trouble processing what just might possibly have been my very own bigfoot encounter.  So, I guess you can tell me what you think happened.

             I was getting ready to hike an area that I hadn’t traveled in a while. It’s a more difficult trail that winds into a deep canyon and is very steep in places. But I decided that day that I could do it because mostly I wanted a change of scenery.  

            When I got out of the truck at the edge of the woods, something seemed different right away. I’d been to this area enough times before, but that day it was quieter. No birds singing. No squirrels barking from the tree tops. No animal sounds of any kind. But I didn’t think too much about it until I was recalling the story later in my head.

But when I stepped onto the trail and started walking, I could hear deer running around in the brush. That wasn’t anything unusual, I knew, and I slowed down for a moment to give them a moment to settle somewhere they felt safe. This time, strangely, they didn’t, but I just kept walking, thinking they would get quiet at any moment. And they did for a time.  

            But I kept walking the trail that led through thick brush, when suddenly, I heard a crashing noise, almost like a small tree dropping to the ground, in the distance to my left. This was perhaps forty feet away, though I’ve never been a good judge of distance. But the deer started scattering again. It sounded like there were several of them and they seemed to be all around me.  

            But still, in spite of all the movement, I kept walking to the edge where the canyon trail drops off down the steep ravine. I hesitated for a moment at the top because it’s a little treacherous and I was starting to doubt I was really up for it so early in the morning. But I started down anyway and got maybe 8 feet down when I changed my mind. I was experiencing a little vertigo and had started to think it wasn’t safe for me.  I started back up and reached the top again surrounded by the deer still moving in the brush, though I still couldn’t see them.  I stood there for a moment straining to see.

            Now is when the events may be misarranged in my mind, because I started to get a creepy feeling, like I wasn’t alone, or that something was watching me. I stared off into the woods for a moment to see if I could see anything at all. But it was still pretty early and the brush there was so thick that all I could see was dark forest and maybe a few tree branches moving. There was no noise at that moment. It had become eerily quiet again.

            But suddenly, I thought I heard something whiz over my head and land on the hillside behind me.  I stood there for a moment, my eyes darting from side to side, trying to process it, wondering if it had really happened, when, as I stared into the woods, I saw something hit a tree branch in front of me and fall straight down to the ground. It looked like a stick or piece of bark. I stood there for a moment again, staring into the woods, and I thought I saw movement, but I couldn’t be sure.

            But by that time, the creepy feeling was in high gear. Did I just have something thrown at me? Twice?

I guess I was thinking that might have been what happened, because I started to think maybe I needed to leave the area. Strangely I wasn’t feeling afraid, but more like I was in the way or interrupting something.  And I started back up the hill trail.

 But no sooner had I started walking, I heard another crashing sound, same as before, but closer this time it seemed. And I could hear the deer, crazed again, running in circles up and down the steep incline. I started walking a little faster, but suddenly to my right, two deer, fawns still with spots, came charging at me out of the brush and startled me. They caught sight of me at the last second and spun sideways and darted in two different directions. Just not the direction they came. But at the speed in which they were running, if they would have run into me, they would have knocked me into the canyon and possibly killed me. I ran quickly up the trail toward my vehicle.

            When I got to the truck, I was still processing the whole thing. What had just happened? Why were the deer acting so crazy? Why were they running toward me instead of away? And where was their mother?  When I was halfway home, I felt sure something “unusual” had happened to me. And by the time I made it home I was processing a full-blown theory about what it was.

            I’m still having trouble actually saying what I might have encountered. I didn’t see anything, so I’ll never be able to say for sure.   But I will say that there was a lot going on there at that moment, and I think I interrupted something.

            Crashing noises, deer crazed with fear charging right toward me, objects flying through the air in my direction.  Intelligence tells you to look for another explanation. Crashing noises? Could be trees falling in the woods. Right? Deer racing through the woods could be running from anything: coyote, bobcat, or a panther even.  Things being hurled in my direction could just be my imagination. Right? Things fall from trees all the time. Squirrels and birds drop things.

            But all these little events together could add up to something. Just about anyone who spends a lot of time in the woods like me has seen something at least once that seemed unusual, that maybe for which you couldn’t quite find an explanation. Something that didn’t quite add up to what you know as familiar.

             And all I can say is this event gave me a really weird feeling. And to me, weird feelings count, especially when you’re in the woods far away from any help or human contact. They’re called instincts and you have them for a reason.

 But no matter what it was or might have been, I’m pretty sure I won’t forget it. And I have my theories about it, but what do you think happened to me? ************DF

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UFO Seen in Pickerington
UFO Seen in Pickerington, Ohio

[This report comes from TCC Team Member Eric Tipton.] 
UFO Report
Date: 7/12/2013
Location: Pickerington, OH
Witnesses: 2

It was 7/12/2013 at 10:30pm my son and I were standing on the drive letting the dog out when we witness a round shape sphere drop out of the clouds.
It then stopped and hovered for a few seconds then moved quickly to the left stopping again for a few seconds.
After that it then moved extremely fast to the right stopping again. Then it dropped and went back up doing a "U" shape.
Then in tenths of a second shot off west. It was bright orange with a light blue haze around the outside edge. It made no sound and you could see the orange moving around in the middle.
The only way I can describe what I saw, it was a ball of lava. I know what it wasn't. I'm just having a hard time with what it was.
I also reported it to MUFON and I checked the local news stations and there were no call in's of a UFO report.
- End Report

Eric is also taking some steps at capturing a image of the object by setting up a camera. We hope to have an update on this at some point.

Thanks goes to Eric for sending in the report. If anyone else seen this unusual object please contact us ASAP.


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ufo seen on hwy 119 in Kentucky
Area where the UFO was at
I finally took the time to tell about one of my personal UFO sightings. I have used actual photos (Thanks to Google Earth) of the area. This is on Hwy 119 as you travel towards Pineville. The area is called Tanyard Hill but I think the proper name is Tinyard Hill but we all call it Tan instead of Tin. The actual area is named Calloway, Ky.
If anyone else ever seen this object around the same time frame please let me know.
©The Crypto Crew

[All Rights Reserved]
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I ran across this photo that was taken by Google Earth Satellite of what appears to be a giant bug. The "bug" has been calculated to be about 45 meters long, which would be a little over 147 feet long.
The photo reportedly was taken somewhere in Germany. It is my understanding this was taken in 2006.

Here is the photo

Giant bug photographed by Google Earth
Giant Bug?
Many people have suggested that his is nothing more than bug on the lens of the camera, but it is my understanding the Google Earth Satellite is in orbit in space. I don't think there are bugs in space, right? So if the photo has not been photoshoped, how can we explain it?

I also read that there has been many request for this photo to be removed from all websites. Time will tell if I get one of the removal request.



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Clay model of the creature
Larry Surface video and clay model

I was contacted  by our friend Larry Surface and he pointed out how the Mark Hubbard photo looked somewhat like the still frame and clay model from his video.

Larry said "I was struck by the similarity of the Hubbard photo and my video subject."

The clay model of the Surface video was based on several different frames where individual features could be seen.

Here is an enhancement I did of the Mark Hubbard photo, Can you see the similarities?
Enhancement of the Hubbard photo

For those who are not aware of or would like to view the Larry Surface video. Here is a link

You can also view more enhancements and the original Hubbard photo by Clicking Here!

It should also be noted that the Surface video was shot in Ohio and the Hubbard photo was taken in Oregon.


[Thanks : Mark Hubbard, Larry Surface]

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We recently took a trip to ride the train at Big South Fork Railway in Stearns, Ky.
We captured a strange orb like thing on two different cameras and I wanted to share the video.

It was about a 2 hour train ride. This was an old mining camp and at one point you go into a very small tunnel. We captured something just as we were going into the tunnel. Could it be a ghost orb from some long dead miner or railroad worker or is it just a bug? I really can't say for sure but wanted to share the video.
(c)The Crypto Crew

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White bigfoot seen in Cary
Cary, KY - Bell County
Again I know this is an old sighting but many have never read about it before. This is just adding more bigfoot sighting history to the area.

Where: Cary, KY (Bell County)
When: Late 1950's
Witnesses: 2
Creature: Standing
Two teenage boys were playing near coal mine when they noticed something standing right at the mouth of the mine.
It appeared to be a gray or white looking ape type animal but it was on two legs and it was standing with one arm hanging over a wooden cross timber, the cross timber would be about 8-9 feet tall. The tow boys ran to tell parents but when they got back to the mines the creature was gone.

-End Report

White bigfoot seen in Cary
(not actual photo, used as a reference only)


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Paranormal Distraction posted the following photos of a possible bigfoot taken on July 4th at Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Mo.

could this be a bigfoot
is this a real bigfoot
Closer shot

3rd photo as it walks away

I have attempted to enhance the photos

is this a real bigfoot

is this a real bigfoot

I'm not sure this is a real bigfoot or not but it is worth a deep look that is for sure.

Opinions welcomed about the photo

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why do some bigfoot stink
why do some bigfoot stink?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

The Scent Of A Sasquatch
What’s That Smell All About?
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher


            With the now thousands of bigfoot sighting reports around North America, we can start to see patterns, and also differences in the types of reports in what people see, hear… and also smell.

So what’s that awful smell all about? And why doesn’t everyone who’s had a sighting report an odor when they have their encounter? Some report a smell, and some don’t. Great apes are known to emit an odor when they’re excited or feel threatened. Do sasquatches fall into that category? Is that all there is to it?  There are many and various thoughts on the matter, and each makes sense in its own right. But what’s the real answer? I asked a few experts in the community to try and shed some light on the subject. Like zoologist, Dale Drinnon.

“People do it too. I’ve noticed my body puts out a perfumy smell when I’m around a

woman I like, and a much more sour smell if I feel threatened. It’s more exaggerated in

 apes though.”

            “What exactly causes it?” I asked.

            “It comes out in the sweat and it’s produced by glands in the skin,” he explained. “A lot

of what people smell [during an encounter with sasquatch] is actually due to feces clinging to the

body hair. That can be fairly fresh or old and stale depending on how long it’s been there.”

“But the curious thing is that many report an almost skunk-like odor,” I said.

“That's sulfurous fumes and they can come from the large intestine,” he answered. 

“The smell resembles a wet animal with a skunky type of odor, but most folks describe it much worse,” says Crypto Crew researcher, Bobby Long. “My garbage cans outside are much worse.”  Bobby lives and tracks sasquatches in Oregon, a drier, more mountainous state, which brings me to the next theory.

Leon Drew, a bigfoot researcher from Colorado believes it may be a regional thing.

“I think the odor has to do with humidity and temperature.  My encounter had no odor at 30 feet of distance. I theorize that the Sasquatch odor is tied to sweat and perceived danger. I feel in the dry mountain areas the odor is less than, say, Washington State and the Swamp Ape in the Southeast,” he told me.

“Have you ever smelled one during your research?”

“I think I smelled one earlier this year when we were scouting for camping area. It was a skunk-musk-like smell and it moved as we moved.”

And these theories explain it to some degree, but other interviewees suggested that maybe a sasquatch can create this smell at will. There are many animals that have the ability to do this and why should a sasquatch not also have this skill? Certain snakes like copperheads and pythons do it. Foxes, hyenas, and wolverines also. Some use it as a defense mechanism, like stinkbugs and skunks, while others seem to just emit an odor when they’re agitated or stressed.

But there was still a curious element left here to ponder. How do we explain the skunk-like element to the smell? Is that significant? Or just some kind of coincidence?  

This brings me to the last theory and the most interesting one I’ve heard posed yet that came from JC Johnson, a cryptid investigator with the organization, Crypto Four Corners, in the Four Corners Region of New Mexico. And he has the video footage to back up his idea.

            “It’s just my observations,” he said when he attempted to explain why he’s come to these conclusions.  The video chronicles an investigation in which a supposed sasquatch extracted a skunk from a drain pipe. In what seemed to be quite a desperate attempt, the creature punched a hole in what appeared to be a fiberglass or plastic drain pipe to extract the animal from its hiding place. The body of a skunk had been found nearby earlier that day with only the scent sack removed, which prompted the investigation of this local resident farm. JC gleaned from the information collected on that investigation, and from others, that sasquatches may harvest skunk scent glands in order to mask the smell of their young, and deter any predators.

That would certainly do it. Everyone knows that a skunk killed on the road is rarely eaten by anything, including the crows and buzzards. And humans and other animals usually just try to get away from it. So why would a sasquatch want to kill one and work so hard to get the job done?

 “We have reason to believe that jaguars are back in this area again and may be threatening the young of the local wildlife population,” JC explained.

This event took place in a semi-rural area where human presence is prevalent and they believe jaguars are now prowling. When new animals migrate and introduce themselves to a new area, it always creates new problems for the wildlife that’s already there. In this case, sasquatches.

So if we put all the pieces together, it all makes sense. There could be many factors that determine the smell in so many sightings reports.  Maybe it’s one of them; maybe it’s all of them. But JC also added that if you suspect sasquatch activity in your area and there are large predators there also, you might add checking the local skunk population to your research agenda. And maybe we can all help put the pieces together in this.

But watch the video and see what you think. *******DF

[Special Thanks to: Bobby Long, Leon Drew, Jc Johnson, Dale Drinnon for contributing to the article]

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