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Saturday, July 13, 2013

White bigfoot seen in Cary
Cary, KY - Bell County
Again I know this is an old sighting but many have never read about it before. This is just adding more bigfoot sighting history to the area.

Where: Cary, KY (Bell County)
When: Late 1950's
Witnesses: 2
Creature: Standing
Two teenage boys were playing near coal mine when they noticed something standing right at the mouth of the mine.
It appeared to be a gray or white looking ape type animal but it was on two legs and it was standing with one arm hanging over a wooden cross timber, the cross timber would be about 8-9 feet tall. The two boys ran to tell parents but when they got back to the mines the creature was gone.

-End Report

White bigfoot seen in Cary
(not actual photo, used as a reference only)


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