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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great place to live for bigfoot
Another photo from the area
[This is a follow up post to Bigfoot Encounter in Illinois ]

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

What I Saw Or Didn’t See That Day
Putting A “Non-Sighting” Into Perspective
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            After having had a little time to think about what happened to me, I must say it messed with my head for a little while; this “non-sighting” of bigfoot.  Did it really happen? Am I crazy? A lot of things go through your head. But is there a way to put an “encounter” into perspective when you really didn’t see what you needed to see to make it clear in your mind?

            Actually, looking back, it seemed my hiker’s brain went on vacation that day. Usually when I hear a strange noise out there, I at least reach for my knife or my weapon if I’m carrying one. On this particular day, however, I didn’t seem to have the presence of mind.  I take a lot of pictures on a normal day now, and yet it didn’t even occur to me to reach for my camera that was strapped around my neck and easily accessible. Every inclination I might normally have just wasn’t there. And it was a little disturbing to think about after it happened. It had me wondering if I’d be able to keep myself safe in a more serious situation.

            Was I in danger? I don’t think so. I never felt afraid. Not even a little bit. More intrigued than anything, and I felt more like I was interrupting something there. It was kind of like walking into a stranger’s house by accident. It was more a feeling like, “Excuse me. Sorry to bother you. I’ll be leaving now.”  

            The magnitude didn’t really hit me until I made it home. I thought about bigfoot while it was happening. That’s why I was staring off into the woods looking for movement. But it wasn’t until I got home and reviewed the whole thing in my head that I finally decided I may have had a real encounter.

            And what about the deer? Why did they seem to be running around in circles?  Deer usually run as far and as fast as they can away from potential danger. These stayed in the same area. I listened to them running in circles for a fair amount of time before the two fawns nearly ran me over on the trail.

            The only thing I can think might have happened is their mother had already been killed and the two babies were struggling to stay near her in those last moments. Since they almost ran right into me, I got a pretty good look at them, and they looked to be only half grown, still with spots. They were definitely too young to leave their mother, and yet she was nowhere in sight. Perhaps when I got in the way of their escape was about the time they decided they had to leave the area.  Each of the two darted in opposite directions; one down and the hill and one up. Neither went back the way they came.

            But the thing I really struggled with at first is things being thrown at me. Did I just imagine it? When I returned to the area the next day, the woods were back to normal. But as I stood in the brush, I could hear tiny dropping sounds of objects falling to the ground. It confused me for a while and made me doubt my own story just a little bit. But the more I thought it through, the more I feel sure that I heard something fly over my head that day. Something larger that made more of a louder thudding sound on ground behind me. And while I was still processing that, I watched as something similar hit a tree branch in front of me. And it caused the branch to sway…back and forth, not up and down like you’d expect if something fell straight down from above. So I still feel sure something was thrown at me…twice.  

            I think I may have interrupted a hunt and they were, ever so gently, encouraging me to leave. I think it was a nice peaceful way to do this, and the message, to me, was loud and clear. I feel sure they could’ve have knocked me in the head and killed me with something bigger if they’d had the inclination. But that isn’t what happened.

            And down to the last thing I have to think about. If I decide this really happened, what am I going to do about it? I’ve received many suggestions from friends and other researchers.

“You should set up a trail cam in that area.”

“You should start a gifting rock; spend more time there. Set up a sound recorder.” Etc., etc.

            And as all those are good ideas, my big decision here is to do basically nothing. Oh, I’ll spend more time there than I have in the past. I’ll keep my camera handy on video mode while I’m there, and I’ll know more what I’m looking for when I’m out there looking.

            But if this experience has done anything for me, it’s made me understand myself just a little bit better.  I now understand that I don’t have a burning need to prove they exist. I know what I know and that’s enough for me.

            And I’ve also learned that I don’t care at all if anyone else believes my story. I don’t have this burning need to be believed. I’ve been dealing with people thinking I’m weird for most of my life now. If they think I’m weird or crazy for the rest of my life, that doesn’t concern me in the least. I’ve learned to wear my weirdness like a medal of honor.

            I’ve also always had a live and let live policy. And that’s how I’ll deal with this too. And if the hairy ones decide to make their presence known to me again at some time, I’ll consider it another blessing and I’ll accept it graciously. And hopefully get a picture or two this time.... just to be able to say I did. *******DF

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