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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bigfoot filmed in Ga.
Bigfoot in Ga
Below is an attempt at enhancing the "incredible bigfoot footage" posted to youtube by Legends Beware.  Reportedly filmed 5 miles north of Blue Ridge, GA by a person on vacation. The video was submitted to Legends Beware. I ask them permission to investigate the video and they kindly said yes. So a big thanks to them.  I have attempted to enhance the video but didn't do very well with it.

I personally think the video is most likely a fake for a few reasons. A couple reasons that stand out to me are: no muscle definition and very skinny legs. At times it appears to be a slacky suit as well.

It is still fun to debate the video regardless of your stance of it. Some will surly say it is 100 percent real while others will say 100 percent fake.

Maybe more video will come from this area to help the debate.


[Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onaobjHksic ]
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Legends beware on Youtube

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  1. After the bigfoot goes into the woods and the guy finds him again (@ 1:05) you notice the bigfoot seems to be taking a breather. Maybe the suit was hot with all that running?

    1. yeah, the cameraman was huffing pretty good as well.


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