Thursday, July 18, 2013

Google Earth Takes Photo Of Giant Bug?

I ran across this photo that was taken by Google Earth Satellite of what appears to be a giant bug. The "bug" has been calculated to be about 45 meters long, which would be a little over 147 feet long.
The photo reportedly was taken somewhere in Germany. It is my understanding this was taken in 2006.

Here is the photo

Giant bug photographed by Google Earth
Giant Bug?
Many people have suggested that his is nothing more than bug on the lens of the camera, but it is my understanding the Google Earth Satellite is in orbit in space. I don't think there are bugs in space, right? So if the photo has not been photoshoped, how can we explain it?

I also read that there has been many request for this photo to be removed from all websites. Time will tell if I get one of the removal request.



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  1. It looks like a statue with a long shadow.

  2. Well bugs can't live in space... or does this prove some can? Would be nice if Google would just explain how this happened, instead of requesting to pull it.

  3. Google Earth uses pictures taken from airplanes.
    The movie 'Enemy of the State' is worth watching, but it is SF.


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