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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bigfoot seen crossing the road
Bigfoot Crosses the Road
This is a very recent report from Harlan, KY. The sighting date and more info are in the video.
I was able to go to the area and investigate the sighting. I know the video is a bit long but I wanted to include as much info as possible as I know this a real sighting.

-Sighting Report and Bonus photo-
Name: Zora Marcum
State: KY (Harlan County)
Date of Sighting:  7/26/2013 (After my Dad looked at the calendar it was on the 26th)
Time of Day: about 15 till 6am
Nearest Town: Pathfork
Length of Sighting: 5-10 seconds
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail: 
8-9 foot tall, very dark or black in color, crossed road in 2 steps, looks at driver, scary.
Investigation:  I drove to the area with the witness and was able to find tracks at the exact spot where he said the creature crossed the road.
Track was about 13-14 inches long and about 7-8 inches wide. While there I also found other evidence which is in the above video.
Here is one photo that I did not include in the video. It appears to be a old tree twist but can't say for sure. This was about 9 foot high.
Old Tree Twist
  Old tree twist?

I know that this sighting report is 100 percent real, the witness was my father, Zora Marcum. I was able to find evidence, in the form of tracks, right where he seen the creature. I know in the photos the tracks are a little hard to see due to the brown of the pine needles and leaves, but they for sure where tracks and you could see toes. I hope to continue to investigate the area, as it if very close to where I live. The actual sighting area is kind of remote and not any house close by. The area from which the bigfoot came from is the backside of a National Park and there is nothing but trees and mountains.

[UPDATE! 8/1/2013]
The bigfoot has been seen again! The other day I went to the area to again to investigate but it rained pretty hard so I was limited in the investigation. Today I got word that the bigfoot was seen again by one of the night watchmen, A person I know, I hope to get an interview soon.
The word that came to me was that some breaking brush was heard and he had a flash light and shinned the light right on the bigfoot. He also reportedly same it smelled terrible and that he was scared to death. I hope to have more on this soon.

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  1. Great and credible story. I hope I see a bigfoot someday, but not anywhere near my house, or my wife says we're moving. I live near Asheville, NC in a rural setting. About an hour and a half from here, Scott Carpenter has found several habitation areas in and around the Great Smoky Mtn. National Park on the Tennessee side.

    1. I went back to the area this morning but it was raining. I got there before daylight broke. I seen 2 deer cross right where the bigfoot crossed. It made me think that maybe the bigfoot was trailing the deer that morning. I will be going back to the area soon. I hope.

  2. Despite playing in the woods a lot in North Texas as a child, living in Montana, and now living in a heavily forested area of North Carolina, I have never seen a Bigfoot. I would only want to see one from a distance though! I believe they exist and that there are more out there than we can fathom. It does seem as if they procreate as people have reported seeing childlike ones. My feeling is that they are hungry and are foraging for food. They seem to have some intelligence and have figured out man usually has food around. What really strikes me though is that they will stand there watching people, waiting to be invited. Most often they don't go charging into a campsite, etc. They seem to just blend into their surroundings and are hard to spot. I saw a photograph of one with a withered, atrophied arm and I felt sorry for it. Life out there can't be easy for these creatures, but after watching a video of one almost pushing over a pine tree, I would be leery of getting too close. They do look terrifying. Even the females.

  3. I am working with a investigation organization that's why your important post is very important for me for knowing about the igfoot Sighting Report & Investigation. I have liked this content as well.


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