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Never Disappoint Bongo!
Over the last few months there has been many disappointments for the bigfoot community.

Ketchum DNA Study -
First lets look at the Dr. Ketchum DNA Study. A 5 year study with over 100 reported DNA samples from bigfoots. The study finally published in what some are calling Self Publishing. This only fueled the controversy over the study. The unknown part of the DNA was labeled as "Angel DNA" by some and was quickly tied to the Nelphlim, which links to the Bible. This was a target for many people, seeing that the bigfoot community has a large number of people who do not believe in God or the Bible, the attack was on.
Many scientist ripped the study and didn't support it, but a few scientist came out and supported the 5 year study and the published results. In the end you must ask yourself one question about this bigfoot DNA study, "Did the results of the DNA study prove or convince anyone, who did not already believe in bigfoot, that bigfoot is a real creature?"  To me that answer is No. Please don't get me wrong, I think there were many good and real bigfoot DNA samples in the study but it appears they have been wasted at this point.
I was glad about the bigfoot DNA study and had some hope for it, but in the end it was a disappointment for me and many in the bigfoot community. I do support the efforts of DNA study and hope that some good comes from all of it.
Genome Link: Sasquatch Genome

The Guys over at FBFB have posted this tiny sliver of a photo from the shooting bigfoot movie and have said that it is for sure not a mask and a real bigfoot.

How does the above photo compare to the creature in the tent video?

Is it the same? is it different? You can decide for yourself.

Now how does it compare to the artwork?

Do they all look enough alike to be the same creature? You can decide for yourself.

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people wanted to see the actual creature from the film, so there it is ....how do you feel about it now? Does it change your mind?


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The reviews are starting to come in about Shooting Bigfoot and they are not good for the film or Team Tracker.

"What SHOOTING BIGFOOT allows us to do is spend time with the people behind the findings, and see them for the kooks, cons and crazies they really are. This is one wild film, and one of the best documentaries of the festival for certain.
Bigfoot might still be out there. The beast likely still inspires believers and will continue to until its existence is conclusively proven or disproven. Matthews doesn’t purport to have any clear answers, and neither do I. One thing is for sure though – the four men profiled in this film sure don’t have any answers either."

read it yourself and make up your own mind

Stories of Dyer supporters getting up and leaving the movie, reports of it being a bigfoot suit and reports of only about 30 seconds of  bigfoot footage and no HD footage.

If all of this is true then one can only assume it has been a hoax.

Also the silence coming from FB/FB speaks volumes, they had it all riding on a bigfoot body.

Dyer did make a few comments during his Google hangout and pointed some of the blame, of lack of bigfoot footage, onto Morgan Matthews. Dyer went on to promise the bigfoot body would be shown on Aug. 15.
Another interesting note is that Dyer did not attend the showing, but he could have had good reasons.

Several months ago I was covering this story pretty hard and I broke the news of some of the details but as time went on and the story changed, I got a bad feeling about it. The more I heard and seen the more doubt I had, so I just basically dropped the story as I didn't want to get drawn into all the personal bashing and fighting. I also was attacked just for covering the story but I was trying to get details for everyone. In any case, I would like to apologize to anyone who feels I was unfair in my reporting or was purposely aiding in a hoax.

If this is for sure a hoax, and it appears to be, there are many players who might just be finished in the bigfoot community. Hoaxing in the bigfoot community seems to be at an all time high, which really hurts true bigfoot research.

I still don't think this is totally over with yet and expect it to linger on for a little while.

Maybe things will get a little bit back to normal and all the fighting will end over the next few weeks.

Have a great week!

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Above is the new poster for the film Shooting Bigfoot. This came from the Minnow Films website.

It is just a few days until the film will be shown, what will be the out come is anybody guess at this point. Will it Bang or Bust?

Here is a statement from Minnow Films:

"We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods"

So I guess depending on what your view is of "fairly dramatic" is makes the world of difference.

I kind of lost interest in this whole story/film/event due to all the fighting and how the details of the story changed a little and at this point I will just be glad to get to finally see what is real and what is not real about the story.

The fighting has really went over the top with many personal attacks on all sides. I wonder, will any of them kiss and make up after it is all over? I would think some will and some will not or is some of it just part of the hype?

Recently a trailer was released for Shooting Bigfoot, which again brought many mixed and varied reviews/opinions.
Here is the trailer

In the end I will watch the movie, at some point, even if it turns out to be a hoax.
In my opinion Dallas and Wayne have been the most low key with their bigfoot researcher over the years and their other movie "Not your Typical Bigfoot Movie" was very entertaining for me.
Almost everyone has heard of Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi and opinions vary about them but it is undeniable that both Dyer and Biscardi have large followings and followers.

So everyone get ready to either "eat crow" or say "I told you so" as Shooting Bigfoot is only a few days away.


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Finally a update on the Shooting Bigfoot movie - Looks like some screening dates are now set up for April 30th, May 1st and May 3rd.
Here is what is said about the film:
 “I don’t think an hour goes by in the day where I don’t think about Sasquatch,” divulges one aficionado. So begins Morgan Matthews’ rollicking foray into the obsessive, hoax-filled cult of Sasquatch. Using the in-the-trenches style of The Blair Witch Project, the film allows us to accompany the adventures of three Sasquatch search parties: socially awkward “master tracker” Ric Dyer; crotchety old guys Dallas and Wayne; and Tom Biscotti, perhaps the most devoted of the bunch, who has hunted Sasquatch unabatedly for 37 years. The teams tramp through the wooded unknown with tracking equipment and ample conviction in hand, the bipedal ape-like creature they seek seemingly just around every bend. As truth and fact tip into malarkey, nighttime hunts devolve into farcical displays of voodoo and comic stretches of the human imagination. A humorous look at perception gone off the rails, Shooting Bigfoot is a no-holds-barred plummet into folkloric lunacy. Justin Mah

http://www.hotdocs.ca//film/title/shooting_bigfoot - Read it for yourself

- So one must ask themselves does this sound like a movie about killing a bigfoot? Does this sound like some kind of ground breaking discovery?  Or does it seem like the people they filmed was 1. made light of and 2. used to make fun of  Bigfoot believers and the bigfoot community.

For the last couple of weeks, as the story and details seemed to change, I was really starting to doubt this whole story, well now, unless the write up about the movie is just misleading, this all appears to be a hoax and a marketing scheme.

At one point I was about 85-90 percent sure there was a dead bigfoot body but some of the details started to change over the last couple of weeks and now the movie is being labeled as "A humorous look at perception gone off the rails", I can only think it was a farce from the start and I would now give it a less than 10 percent chance of there being a real dead bigfoot body.

In the end I would like to believe there is a bigfoot body but at this point it just don't seem plausible. I would really have to see some hard evidence to sway me back the other way and then I would be skeptical.

It's seems disappointment is the norm in the bigfoot community and it appears there is a lot of players in the latest event. I can only assume there will be more bashing back and forth between various groups, as it seems that is when they are the happiest.

I have followed the story a long time now, I've tried to give everyone a fair shake and keep everyone updated, I've not bashed on others even though I have been lied about and bashed myself.
I guess it will be an interesting few weeks as this event finally comes to an end. 


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Facebook/FindBigfoot - Just released a video with more details about the Rick Dyer Tent Video.
This Video includes sound. There is not any more footage of the bigfoot seen in the video but you get to hear some talking and then a re-enactment by Dyer. There is a little overview at the first of the video of some of these reported events.
I'm just reporting the latest news, everyone please feel free to make up your own minds about all reported events surrounding this story.
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It seems Musky Allen has had an artist ( David Durrett ) draw what he seen while in Las Vegas.
It has been reported that Musky and David had many interactions getting the art down.
What I find interesting is that his looks like some photos I have seen of what I think is real Sasquatch.
I have had this photo for a few days now but didn't have permission to release it until now. Please read the fine print on the photo as well.


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This is the second investigation of the Rick Dyer alleged kill site as done by J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr.

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Close up from the tent video
I just wanted to give a little update about the whole Tent video/Dead bigfoot saga. There has been some new things that are being talked about and some things that Rick Dyer mentioned on his recent BTR radio show.

First I want to cover the youtube video where a man went to the possible site where Dyer killed the bigfoot. While there he interviewed a homeless man who confirmed that Dyer and a film crew was there for about a week. The young homeless man also confirms that he did hear gun shots but never seen any bigfoot body.

What was a little humorous was it appears that this was a video to expose a hoax but after talking to the homeless man it comes off as showing evidence it is all real. An insider had already told me the name of the young homeless man in the interview, which I did not post, but Dyer confirmed the young mans name as Jeff and that was also what I was told. I was also told more info about the area where this video was filmed but I have not posted it. I can report that according to my inside source that is not the actual kill site but it is fairly close. Here is the video with the interview.

Now on to some of the things that Dyer revealed during his recent radio show.
Dyer stated that there is already a 50 million dollar offer on the table for the bigfoot body. Dyer also stated that a famous and respected person from the bigfoot community has been contacted, he did not give a name but I assume this person is about them viewing the body. Dyer also confirmed, as we first reported, that Derek Randles is coming to view the dead bigfoot. It is not clear what the date for this viewing but we should assume it would be fairly soon.
During Dyer's show someone ask about the state of the body, if it was decomposing, and Dyer stated that the body was still in good shape and is being taken care of by some very smart people.
Also during Dyer's radio show he talked about Dr. Meldrum. Dyers stated that Dr. Meldrum has been contacted by some of his (Dyers) people. It was stated the Dr. Meldrum had a list of potential  conditions and that all the details are still being worked out.
There is a video in which some are claiming that Rick Dyer admits this is all a hoax but during the show Dyer said that the statement was taken out of context and was misconstrued.
Now what about the Film Shooting Bigfoot?
Dyer stated that he will be flying to London in a couple of weeks to view the film. This will be a kind of final view for those involved before the film is shown to the public is what I'm assuming.

So it would appear that the film is still on pace to be released in April, so at least it will not be that much longer to we will know the whole story. I think the video will be interesting regardless of how this all plays out.
Here is Rick Dyer's recent radio show 
Listen to internet radio with BIGFOOT TRACKER LLC on Blog Talk Radio


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The News has now done a report on the dead bigfoot story. Just wanted to share it with everyone.


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Researcher Derek Randles To View Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Body

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

We’ve all been hoping for some kind of confirmation of the supposed Bigfoot body housed in Las Vegas by Rick Dyer. Many have not been satisfied with the idea of long-time skeptic, Musky Allen, having been the only other individual in the community that has seen it. It’s believed the community is looking for a more "trusted" individual to view it and confirm it’s "authenticity."

But a Crypto Crew team member has confirmed tonight that Washington State researcher, Derek Randles, has been personally invited by Dyer to view the body. He would not disclose the time this would take place, but Randles himself confirmed this after Dyer apologized to Randles on his blog earlier today for dragging Randles’ name through the mud on many occasions since Dyer first released the story and the "tent video" to the public.

We’ll have more information as this unfolds. ********DF

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After this image was leaked onto various facebook sites I contacted the creator to see if it was commissioned by Minnow films or anyone associated with the film Shooting Bigfoot.
Here is the reply I got back.

" Hi Tom,

Just to let you know that was not an official poster and was just done a personal piece..



The Creator of the piece is Matthew Broughton. I thank him for replying to my email. I just wanted to clear this up.


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Did they see the body?
An inside source has told us that Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen from Facebook/Find Bigfoot was possibly in Las Vegas with Rick Dyer last night. The possible meeting was for a viewing of the reported dead bigfoot body from the tent video. The meeting reportedly started with Dyer picking them up at the airport and lasted well into early morning hours on Monday. It is also rumored that they are still there and not left town yet.

There is some kind of NDA between Jack, Jeff and Rick according to our source but the details were not made clear to me. I would expect that maybe one of the guys from Facebook/FindBigfoot will make a statement at some point as long as it does not break the NDA. We will have to keep an eye on this to see if we can confirm it.

So this will mean that in the last couple of weeks at least 4 new people have now seen the reported dead bigfoot body. These include: Musky Allen, Jeff Andersen, Jack Barnes and the unnamed person.

I know most have wrote this off as a hoax due to the Musky Allen comments flap but there have been several attempts at explaining the comments. Christopher Noel attempted to explain the comments issue recently in an interview and he also address the Fake bigfoot tracker website issue.

(This video is from Bigfoot Evidence 101 blog Site)

 There is even more news about the Tent video Saga with evidence that it is indeed going to be at the Tribeca Film Festival. The name of the film has changed but it is listed and slated for the festival.
Here is the partial listing on the Tribeca website:

"SHOOTING BIGFOOT (aka OF MONSTERS AND MEN) (2011 TFI/Insurgent Fellowship)
Morgan Matthews, Director...."

There is also a poster being shown for the film but it is unclear if this is the official artwork or just a mock up. Here is that poster. It was created by Matt Broughton but has now been removed from his website.

While I can understand people using caution concerning the Tent Video/Dead bigfoot, we should remember that the video itself has not been shown to be a fake or a man in a suit.

MK Davis just released a GIF image of what appears to be the eye brow moving on the bigfoot in the tent video. Excellent work MK !  Here is that image.

This whole thing kind of reminds me of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, some believe it while others say it was a hoax. Many are attacking each other and fighting about if the dead bigfoot story is real or a big hoax. We have debated the Patterson footage for 40+ years now without any clear cut decision on if it's real or fake, but with the tent video/dead bigfoot story we should have a solid answer in a couple months at the latest.

So I will continue to follow the story until it either bangs or bust. I feel I have a responsibility to monitor the story as it could be a game changer for the bigfoot world.


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Tent video Bigfoot - RIP?

By now most have heard of the tent video and the reported killing of the bigfoot seen in the video.
Many are saying that this is now an admitted hoax, that Rick Dyer has now admitted to it or did at some point. I have not seen any comments by Dyer admitting to a hoax but on the contrary I have seen him make recent statements like "... well worth the wait." Meaning it will be worth the wait for people who want to see the proof and body.

Some are saying that Minnow Films is behind this "hoax" and are putting it out. I personally find it a little hard to believe that a company with a good reputation of making award winning documentaries would engage in this type of behavior.
Minnow Films has made over 20 films and worked with people like Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald. Minnow films also made a documentary for Warner Brothers titled "When Harry Left
Hogwarts" in 2011. It was a behind the scenes look at the Harry Potter films that took 1 year to film.
Minnow Films has also worked with  BBC and aired several programs and currently have a few in production for BBC. So I find it a little hard to believe that a successful,award winning film company with a good reputation could be behind a hoaxed story about killing a bigfoot. It would seem to be a very risky move on their part.

Minnow Films was founded by Morgan Matthews in 2006. Matthews has been directing documentaries for over 10 years.

Minnow Films Filmography - Click Here
Minnow Films In Production - Click Here

So what are we left with? Well at this point we have a small clip of a possible bigfoot filmed from inside a tent, we do know that there was a rifle in that very same tent and we have a report that the rifle was used to kill the bigfoot seen in the video. We also know that other people (Film crew) were reportedly filming these events. We also have been told that some DNA testing has been done on the bigfoot and will continue, and at some point the body will be shown to some researchers.

I know that many still have a bad taste in their mouth over the 2008 Dead Bigfoot hoax pulled by Dyer but it could be possible that it's not a hoax this time. We all know that Dyer has spent many days and nights in the woods over the last few years running his expeditions, so it could be possible that he really has something this go around. I know it seems easy to totally dismiss this claim because of who is making it but one has to admit the creature seen in the tent video looks pretty real.
I will continue to follow the story as much as I can, it should be interesting to see which way all this will go.

In case you have missed our first post about this, you can catch up by Clicking Here!

Here is the Tent video 


[sources: Bigfoot Evidence 101,Minnow Films]

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This is possibly the rifle the Rick Dyer used to shoot the tent video bigfoot in the back of the head.
Reportedly Dyer came out of the tent sporting nothing but underwear and a rifle when he took the shot.   

is this the rifle Dyer used to kill the bigfoot?
It seems the the BBC film group, Minnow Films, is supporting the claims of the bigfoot being killed by Dyer. Reportedly the DNA testing will finish up on or before the 28th of May according to Dyer.

Rick just issued a new statement - "First of all I would like to think my supporters,followers and friends. This could not have been achieved without your support. We had no choice but to release this information. I don't regret what I have done. I will do everything in my power to make sure the Bigfoot Community does not profit from or benefit in any way from this discovery.
I have endured insults and defamation for over five years for something I've done when I did not believe in Bigfoot....To my followers and to the public this is for you."

Many are pointing back to Dyers 2008 dead bigfoot hoax and saying he is just doing it all over again but what if he really has a body? He has admitted that he did not believe in Bigfoot back in 08. Now after pulling the biggest bigfoot hoax of all time wouldn't it be something if Dyer really has a body? Of course I'm skeptical but time will tell if it's all true or not and the story could be too important to ignore over a hoax pulled 4 years ago.
Then there are many other questions about the killing of a creature like bigfoot, will there be any legal problems? Who all has seen the footage? would all involved be consider accomplishes to the killing? Will the Government step in? 

On top of all of this ,Rick's wife is having  their baby today and we wish them all the best with the new addition.   

Rick Dyer,Bigfoot Tracker.LLC
For months back in the summer Rick Dyer said he was going to kill a bigfoot. Many people were pretty upset over this and others just thought Rick was just blowing smoke.
Then the "Tent Video" came out that later turn out to be filmed by Dyer but not only him but a BBC film crew. As the story goes the Bigfoot seen in the tent video was shot by Dyer, the bigfoot reportedly was shot in the head, ending it's life quickly.

Late Thursday night Dyer confirmed that in fact a bigfoot body was in cold storage via his blog site. Not only that but that DNA samples have been tested and will continue to be tested by top a University with test resuming on January 15. At some point there is a plan to show the body to the public.

Rick and I had a private conversation a few weeks back and he basically told me about the bigfoot body but I have not told anyone until now and am only doing so because Rick has now made a public statement. While he did not tell me anything in great detail I was left with the impression he had a dead bigfoot and I was pretty convinced of it.

It is safe to assume that the upcoming film "Of Monsters and Men" will not only feature Dyer and the tent video but also the dead bigfoot body. I'm sure some people will call it all a hoax, while others will be outraged at the thought of anyone killing a bigfoot. Time will tell what really happened and how it all went down and if it is a hoax or not.  

The film "Of Monsters and Men" is currently in production by BBC film group Minnow Films.They have been working with Dyer for several months,maybe even years.

Tent Video


[Source:Bigfoot Evidence 101]

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Love him or Hate him, Rick Dyer and the Tent video caused a stir among the bigfoot community.
Now it seem the video will be released by a British film company called Minnow films.
Minnow Films has been filming with Dyer and many other Bigfoot groups all over the world for the past 4 Years. The film group was reportedly with Dyer on September 6, 2012 in San Antonio, TX  when the now famous Tent video was shot.
The working title of the upcoming release is "Of Men and Monsters".

I went to the Minnow Films website, Found Here , and indeed the title is in production.
The tag line is "A fascinating and touching portrait of men who are obsessed with monsters and their adventures to find them"

Just who is Minnow Films?
His is what their website says about them:
"Minnow Films is an award-winning independent production company, renowned for its sensitive and intelligent portrayal of powerful human stories. Founded in 2006 by filmmaker Morgan Matthews, Minnow quickly established a reputation for bringing a fresh take to challenging and moving stories, such as the BAFTA and RTS winning The Fallen, a film described by the BBC as their most ambitious single documentary film to date."

More can be found about them from the links above."

After I watched the black and white version of the Tent video I was sure it was some type of suit and we were being played but after the HD color version came out and I watched it , I was not so sure anymore.
So I for one would like to see the entire video and the story surrounding it. It could be a very important piece of evidence or at least let me make a better judgment of the film.


[Sources: Minnow Films , Bigfootevidence101]

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