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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It seems Musky Allen has had an artist ( David Durrett ) draw what he seen while in Las Vegas.
It has been reported that Musky and David had many interactions getting the art down.
What I find interesting is that his looks like some photos I have seen of what I think is real Sasquatch.
I have had this photo for a few days now but didn't have permission to release it until now. Please read the fine print on the photo as well.


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  1. I just don't understand why they wouldn't just have photos taken. That's the big headscratcher for me.

  2. I wont believe until i see a real picture.drawings and accounts just dont do it anymore.

  3. I have a picture of a unicorn my niece finger painted. Would this be evidence of a cryptid?
    I agree with Peter. Put up or ...well you know.

  4. Having been hunting for 30 years, I'm quite familiar to the exit wound produced by a 30-06. Typical 180 grain hunting bullet will put a pencil hole sized entry wound in a deer, and the exit wound is usually big enough to put your fist in.

    RD claims to have shot Bigfoot from behind, in the back of the neck. He said the bullet exited through the mouth, knocking out several teeth. This was a fatal wound, according to RD. In order for it to be fatal, the bullet would have had to hit the spine, severing the spinal column. Since this Bigfoot was 8-feet tall (claimed), it would have been a very large spine, surrounded by heavy muscles. The 30-06 bullet, hitting this much mass, would have expanded completely (as it would passing through a much smaller animal, like a deer). The expanded bullet would have likely blown out the contents of the mouth -- in essence, liquifying the tongue, cheeks, lips (imagine the mouth like a floppy half-inflated balloon - now imagine a bullet traveling 2700 fps passing through it).

    Yet here we have an artist's rendering of the dead Bigfoot. No evidence at all of being shot through the back of the neck or head in the facial area. No fist-sized exit wound. No torn flesh. Perhaps the injuries are present on the actual Bigfoot, and the artist omitted them in order to sanitize the scene. Or...

    Hoax. Big elaborate tall hunting tale.

    1. I totally agree. Has anyone out there ever seen just what a 30 caliber rifle bullet does to an animal? Especially at close range? As a former hunter & long-range target shooter, I can validate the above statement. I know ballistics & I know for a fact that a round from an .308/.30-06 will obliterate any flesh/bone that it hits, especially before that said bullet reaches it's maximum velocity,(say from a close-up shot). Show me the body, (wound intact), not some cleaned up drawing, then I'll believe R.D. shot & killed a Bigfoot. Until then, I call B.S.

  5. According to RD, early on in his telling of this event, after he'd shot the Bigfoot, a scuffle ensued between him and some members of the film crew. After he was disarmed, things settled down, authorities were called.

    We don't know which authorities. Game warden? FBI? San Antonio police? Local county Sheriff? RD never specifies. After the authorities visited, verified that the creature was not a human and that no murder of a human had taken place, RD claimed the body for himself, loaded it up, hauled it to Las Vegas where it was put in a secret storage facility.

    Has there been any confirmation of any local law enforcement visiting the scene, verifying the dead creature, releasing it to RD? Wouldn't a response by local law enforcement be verifiable? Wouldn't the radio dispatch be a matter of record? Wouldn't a report be filed? Wouldn't such a report be made public, should say a journalist or reporter file a Freedom of Information Act?

    If the events transpired as RD claims, there corroboration is possible. Yet, nobody has done it. Is it because none exists, and this is all a big...



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