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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Facebook/FindBigfoot - Just released a video with more details about the Rick Dyer Tent Video.
This Video includes sound. There is not any more footage of the bigfoot seen in the video but you get to hear some talking and then a re-enactment by Dyer. There is a little overview at the first of the video of some of these reported events.
I'm just reporting the latest news, everyone please feel free to make up your own minds about all reported events surrounding this story.
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  1. How are there no comments?! I have been waiting for this movie/documentary to come out. I believe that RD has a body and I can not wait to see it! I really hope the movie goes into details and such.

  2. The version of this same video on Dyer's bigfootevidencenews site has an extra 3 minutes of content, including a reenactment of the shooting.

  3. Tom.

    By running with a 'world exclusive' from a known liar and hoaxer about an event which did not take place, you will be have to accept the consequences along with FB/FB, Chris Noel, Musky Allen & Robert Lindsay.

    Shame on you.


    1. say what you want -- I was following the story and broke some of the details about this event. I do not know how much of it is true or not ---and I have stated that many times. Have a great day.


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