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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Researcher Derek Randles To View Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Body

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

We’ve all been hoping for some kind of confirmation of the supposed Bigfoot body housed in Las Vegas by Rick Dyer. Many have not been satisfied with the idea of long-time skeptic, Musky Allen, having been the only other individual in the community that has seen it. It’s believed the community is looking for a more "trusted" individual to view it and confirm it’s "authenticity."

But a Crypto Crew team member has confirmed tonight that Washington State researcher, Derek Randles, has been personally invited by Dyer to view the body. He would not disclose the time this would take place, but Randles himself confirmed this after Dyer apologized to Randles on his blog earlier today for dragging Randles’ name through the mud on many occasions since Dyer first released the story and the "tent video" to the public.

We’ll have more information as this unfolds. ********DF

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  1. Oh hell! They should start having sideshow tickets? This is utter ridiculousness. If there is physical proof of BF, I dare the FBI to come in and take the body and arrest the f'er who shot it and the Minnow films that is promoting this crack whore drama. I am so sick of this whole Biscardi-esque show.

    1. Then don't read it.

    2. Sharon, I have no idea if there is a body but why would the FBI come in and take it if there is?

  2. I already believe Musky Allens testimony but this will be interesting. If Randles says its real he will be considered part of "the hoax" just like Musky. Oh well thats the price of declaring the truth.

  3. DNA Paper = Fake/sham
    Smeja Kills = Hoax
    Bigfoot Captured (aka Daisy in a box) = Hoax
    Dyer's Dead Bigfoot = tent video/body not proven fake YET.

    No wonder people use fake names within the BF community.

  4. I believe its the real deal. I hope that Derek can confirm on this and the truth will be there for all to see. Its an exciting time in the Squatchy world :)

  5. It's fine getting Derek Ranfled to view the supposed Bigfoot body and I'm sure he's a well respected researcher in this field but it still won't prove a thing untill the scientific community get involved and the body is there for all to see untill then it's just another unproven story

  6. When it's on the cover of National Geographic, then I'll believe.

  7. If this were real it wouldn't be this long, drawn out sideshow of revealing it one at a time to a bunch of self proclaimed bigfoot experts who are nothing more than a bunch of uneducated rednecks trying to make a buck on the national stage. And found in TEXAS of all places! I could see maybe remote parts of Canada or Siberia but San Antonio? Why not Rocky Top, Tennessee for that matter? Absolute BS (Bigfoot S--t)

  8. Funny how this stuff all used to be found back in the 50's' 60's, and 70's in northern California, Idaho, Washington, and BC. The narrative then was it could only survive, "in the remotest of places, where man seldom tread". Now almost every state in the union has bigfoot clubs with daily sightings! Are they now living in grain silos and eating chinese food at Trader Vics? People just want to believe so bad they abandon personal honesty and integrity to continue the excitement. Then there are those who go further and exploit this for money, the biggest losers of all. The real story here is the psychological study of people who belive this and what makes them tic.

    1. It seems to me that if everyone were a mere skeptic, disbelieving in everything until proof is laid bare before them, then there would never be any discoveries whatsoever. One must believe there is something to find, in order to find anything.

      I say this merely to point out that your skepticism is of the same extreme as the true believers you bash. There is no more evidence of a hoax, than of a dead Sasquatch. In fact, what little evidence we do have is flowing towards there being a dead Sasquatch, than of a dead Sasquatch hoax.
      Yet you are so sure of the hoax because there needs to 'evidence'? Why not just keep your mouth shut and wait. Time will tell.

  9. in the most remote... not remostest you uneducated twit. you sure have a lot to say for someone who doesn't believe. all your bantering has actually helped use understand that your nothing more than a uneducated self proclaimed skeptic. we understand that your tiny little brain doesn't have the capability to understand there are things in this world that we cant understand or why they are here. we get that all your bantering is you just trying to step up to our level in hopes that someone will agree with you so your not alone in your own cant get a grip on reality brain is to small cause my dads my brother uneducated inbred ass life. not my best slam... but for what i'm working with here it will do. and this isn't a open floor discussion. my conversation is over with you.

  10. If I was jeff meldrum.... I would be all over this!!!!

  11. This has never been true

  12. Why doesn't Dyer & his cohorts just put up some sort of a lottery system for regular guys like us to see this Bigfoot body? He's in it for the money, isn't he? I think he's full of himself(shit). Lying, greedy, murderous sack of shit. That's who/what rick dyer is.


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