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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally a update on the Shooting Bigfoot movie - Looks like some screening dates are now set up for April 30th, May 1st and May 3rd.
Here is what is said about the film:
 “I don’t think an hour goes by in the day where I don’t think about Sasquatch,” divulges one aficionado. So begins Morgan Matthews’ rollicking foray into the obsessive, hoax-filled cult of Sasquatch. Using the in-the-trenches style of The Blair Witch Project, the film allows us to accompany the adventures of three Sasquatch search parties: socially awkward “master tracker” Ric Dyer; crotchety old guys Dallas and Wayne; and Tom Biscotti, perhaps the most devoted of the bunch, who has hunted Sasquatch unabatedly for 37 years. The teams tramp through the wooded unknown with tracking equipment and ample conviction in hand, the bipedal ape-like creature they seek seemingly just around every bend. As truth and fact tip into malarkey, nighttime hunts devolve into farcical displays of voodoo and comic stretches of the human imagination. A humorous look at perception gone off the rails, Shooting Bigfoot is a no-holds-barred plummet into folkloric lunacy. Justin Mah

http://www.hotdocs.ca//film/title/shooting_bigfoot - Read it for yourself

- So one must ask themselves does this sound like a movie about killing a bigfoot? Does this sound like some kind of ground breaking discovery?  Or does it seem like the people they filmed was 1. made light of and 2. used to make fun of  Bigfoot believers and the bigfoot community.

For the last couple of weeks, as the story and details seemed to change, I was really starting to doubt this whole story, well now, unless the write up about the movie is just misleading, this all appears to be a hoax and a marketing scheme.

At one point I was about 85-90 percent sure there was a dead bigfoot body but some of the details started to change over the last couple of weeks and now the movie is being labeled as "A humorous look at perception gone off the rails", I can only think it was a farce from the start and I would now give it a less than 10 percent chance of there being a real dead bigfoot body.

In the end I would like to believe there is a bigfoot body but at this point it just don't seem plausible. I would really have to see some hard evidence to sway me back the other way and then I would be skeptical.

It's seems disappointment is the norm in the bigfoot community and it appears there is a lot of players in the latest event. I can only assume there will be more bashing back and forth between various groups, as it seems that is when they are the happiest.

I have followed the story a long time now, I've tried to give everyone a fair shake and keep everyone updated, I've not bashed on others even though I have been lied about and bashed myself.
I guess it will be an interesting few weeks as this event finally comes to an end. 


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  1. The movie has not been screened yet, nor will it be before the festivals. This review is based on a trailer that was produced before the Bigfoot shooting. Morgan Matthews' original intent was to parade some of the "eccentric personas" of the Bigfoot subculture. It, however, turned into something waaaay beyond his imaginings; you can take it to the bank. But even if you don't, you'll have no choice after April 30th.

    1. Not long away, in fact that's like seconds in the "Ketchum Time World!"

  2. The write up about the movie sure don't make it sound good. I guess when the director makes a statement that will help.

  3. Proves many things, all facts. all stated by Rick so far and have come true..Morgan Matthews was with rick, Morgan Matthews Filmed Rick, Footage filmed in SanAntonio, and last but not least, there is an actual film.Everytime people ask for info and it's given they immidiately jump to the wrong conclusion and everytime it gets shot down with facts..shame on you Thomas, using Rick for page hits..

    1. you are wrong anonymous ...I have followed this story for a long time and took heat for doing so. The write up of the film does not jive with the killing of a bigfoot, Could the write up be wrong? yes it could ... your "hits theory" is way off base.

  4. Actually the hits thing is right on target considering all the crappy articles here as of late. Todd Standing: Hello WTF

    As mentioned by the other anon, the movie has NOT been pre-screened, don't believe me you can ask Minnow yourself instead of copy/pasting the majority of your article from sources who have a bias against Dyer.

    1. I have had many post about Dyer - most of them have been very positive ... and you got to think that someone has to screen the films before just letting them into a festival..right? If you don't like what we do here then that's fine, feel free to move along.... just so you know I have taken a lot of heat just for posting anything about Dyer, I've been attacked and lied about from people who don't like him. oh well I guess you can't please everyone.

    2. Plus I'll be happy if it is all true ... I personally have talked to Dyer a few times and I found him to be a nice guy.

  5. Tons of good articles on this blog. It's nice to see coverage of different people.

    As far as this whole debacle goes, I have not heard or seen any evidence from anyone reputable. Until I hear a statement from the director stating they filmed Rick Dyer shooting and killing an entirely new species that was never before recognized by science. I want the director to say that his movie will rewrite every science text book in the entire world with the discovery that him and his team of filmmakers and amateur bigfoot reseaechers have made.

    Until I and alot of people see or her that, this is all bs!

    1. The Director has actually made a statement on their website, found here: http://www.minnowfilms.co.uk/in-production/Shooting_Bigfoot.html

      The statement is below:
      We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods.

      Now it doesn't come out and state that there was a shooting but it is also interesting that the director did choose to change the films title from "Of Monsters and Men" to "Shooting Bigfoot" after the event in September.

      This director is well respected in the UK and has won many awards for his documentaries so I can't imagine him to be involved in a hoax. Just my opinion...

    2. Im going to Toronto on the 30th....Im going based on Morgan Matthews' reputation, not Dyer's. Its three hour drive from my house in NY so nothing to lose. I want this to be real so badly. There has to be something in our woods of North America and its running in the new age of technology. Why not Dyer, even though he is a tool.

    3. I understand we all want proof.....But my honest gut feeling is.....Dyer is lying and no body...Think about it.....if I had a big foot body....perhaps the biggest story of our life time...how do you sit on it for 8 months????....Because of some movie????? Come on man....You would be the man of the century......get your head out of your ass ,,,,step back and think about it.....minnow films doesn't own the body...Rick or anyone else isn't gonna sit on the only proof of such a significant discovery....

  6. It was NEVER going to be anything other than a piss take, I have said this everywhere that people were discussing it, even from the description of it on minnow films website, it looked nothing like a ground breaking reveal of a legend but a humours look at the nutters that fake its existence.

  7. How can people be so gullible to believe in a guy who has hoaxed and lied about things not once in 2008, but 4 times since. Remember the supposed 2nd body he had that was taken away by the MIB? Or the fake permit to hunt and kill a bigfoot in Canada? When will you Dyer"ites" wake up and realize he is a sociopath and a liar? there never was a body. This was nothing more than a hoax, marketing scheme by FB/FB and Dyer to make money off the film. If there really was a bigfoot body like you all seem to believe, Minnow Films would not have kept the body after Dyer's claims of the Texas fish and game commission viewing the body. How gullible can you people really be? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Words perhaps you should follow a little more closer.

  8. Oh and even more news, the movie completd filming on May 23 2012. Far before dyers tent video and supposed bigfoot shooting. Anymore proof that this is all a hoax? The fat lady has sung.

    1. Please get your facts right. It is quite clearly listed on the Minnow Films website that this film is still IN PRODUCTION: http://www.minnowfilms.co.uk/in-production/Shooting_Bigfoot.html

      There were similar allegations to yours that referred to some funding that the movie received that was completed in May 2012...the FUNDING WAS COMPLETED...not the movie.

      Anyway,glad I could clear up your confusion. :)

    2. Just to prove that I like to get my facts from reputable sites and not just out of my ass, you can find the funding information here: https://www.bfi.org.uk/film-industry/funding-awards

      Search for Of Monsters and Men (the working title) and you will see that they received funding of £250,000 for the COMPLETION of the project (meaning the project was already underway) and the funds had a disposition date of 23/05/2012.

      Hope everyone is clear on this, as I have come across this misinformation before and it irks me as the truth is extremely easy to find...just have to know how to use Google and understand big words like Disposition Date. :-)

  9. I have been following this story since the camper video was first posted. I have remained neutral, giving Rick Dyer and his followers the benefit of the doubt. However, it is beyond the pale that a small documentary film company could force the "owners" of a major scientific discovery, according to what they say they have, to wait until they release said film in some small Canadian film festival. I am afraid I cannot suspend my disbelief any further. This whole charade is sickening, as are Mr. Dyer's blogs and his ridiculous curse filled you tube videos.

  10. Hopefully this film paints Dyer and Biscardi as the clowns they are.

  11. Wonder how much Dyer paid the sculptor who made THIS latex Bigfoot face? Hope his investment doesn't pay off. And next time he cries, 'Bigfoot!', we can only hope it ends the same as the boy who cried 'Wolf!'.


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