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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Still Frame from Todd Standings video 
I thought  I'd give a little update about Todd Standing. The above photo is a still frame grab from one of Todd's videos. There is other close up face shots of reported bigfoot in some of Todd's videos, while most people have dismissed the face shots as being fake, the part of the video where you seen this creature, in the photo above, duck down is pretty interesting but not without some controversy. The controversy comes from Todd's sister from what I've heard, that she claims it was all fake, but in any case I have zoomed in on the figure and you can make up your own mind about it.

As for the face shots from Todd, I personally think they are not real, but with that said I do think Todd has had some real sightings and encounters. Todd is still somewhat of a controversial person in the bigfoot community but I have found him to be rather nice and not seen him bash on anyone.

So where is Todd now? Well, over the last year or so it has been kind of quiet for Todd. The only thing I have really seen him on is the Finding Bigfoot show and that didn't go very well. The whole story about what went down on the show goes much deeper than what was shown, I have been told about some of it and it wasn't good. If Todd would like to make it public record he is welcome to contact me.

Todd is currently working here in the United States with Albert Fuhs. Albert had seen Todd on the Finding Bigfoot TV show and felt like Todd had some real encounters, Albert started trying to contact Todd. So the two finally got together and are currently recording and researching in Albert's area.
I know Albert a little and have found some of his videos and photos to be very good and he seems like a very nice guy.

From what I understand Albert, Todd and another more famous person, that I will not name, are working on a documentary film in this area. I do not know when it will be released but I will try to keep everyone posted. They are using some of the best HD cameras available from what I am told and that the footage will be ground breaking. It has already been a lengthy process from my understanding but that their methods are working and they are getting closer to the bigfoots.

It is my understanding that Albert has been researching this area for some time now but he had limited time and equipment, now with Todd's involvement he has much better equipment and some help.
Over time Albert has been able to get closer to these bigfoot and now with Todd in the mix they hope to produce some of the very best bigfoot video footage ever seen.

I really feel like Albert has an outstanding area for research and look forward to what him and Todd produce. I wish them the best of luck in their quest.



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  1. Thanks for the update Tom! Always have enjoyed Todds work. The facial close-ups are still undecided for me.

  2. Check out Todds Facebook. There is a picture of him on a snowmobile in what he says is Sylvanic. Funny. He always said the only way in was through a tunnel or belaying down a mountain. So how did he get that snowmobile in. As for Albert, none of his videos show a thing. They are all fake.

  3. The pics with the snowmobiles were takin in montana. So fast to throw stones. Where do u do your research?

  4. All of Todds stuff is Very Real & the fact that he & Albert have gotten together is so great so we can get Bigfoots proven & protected. This is Albert & Todds main objective & many of us r behind them 100% % waiting patiently for what they have gathered not to mention the "other" guy that most of us r aware of too. Keep on doing it you guys! :D PS. If u go aways back on Todds FB page, u can see what he had to say about his awful experience on the Finding Bigfoot TV Show.

  5. The picture is marked Sylvanic, not Montana there Mr. Anonymous. Todd is always wanting to take people to show them but when the Finding Bigfoot crew wanted to go he said it was too dangerous. How convenient. Guy is full of crap.

  6. BTW-The crouching BF video of Todds. During one post he said it was captured by accident and in another several years later he said it was as a result of hard work and not by accident.Why are you so naive? Is it because you want to believe so badly. Well don`t believe Todd or Albert.

  7. i heard a rumor that todd and the "survivor man" were going to film together...i hope so

    1. yes, this is true I have been told that by the people involved.

  8. I'm a huge skeptic and I will believe it when I see it! Meantime I guess Todd will have to keep riding off the backs off those believers who wish to keep the dream alive! IMHO of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I just started researching Mr. Standing and it seems like he's a huge target! Some say he had a shady past and that he's an out and out hoaxer and this and that. Wow. I am still undecided, only because I have not found definitive proof of his hoaxes. I do know that debunkers always make it seem like they know for a fact that something is not true when they really don't know anything. Their mantra is, when you can't prove a hoax, attack the person.

    1. please read this post - http://www.thecryptocrew.com/2014/04/another-hoaxer-bites-dust.html
      Todd's sister - is a make up artist - http://louisestanding.com/ and a looker and they own a production company.
      and while you are at it - see Todd's first attempt at hoaxing a video - http://squatchdetective.weebly.com/sylvanic--todd-standing.html

      The guy is a fake. He's the Canadian version of Rick Dyer.


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