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By Dan Baker
An Interview With Cypto-Artist Dan Baker
By Dorraine Fisher

We love all of our cryptid artists but out sculptors are unique and special as they create a multi-dimensional depictions of our hairy friends. And crypto-sculptor, Dan Baker is by far one of our favorites. And he has a very unique perspective based on his personal experiences and his many collected reports from others. And based on the latest information on Bigfoot, he may be closer than anyone to having some of the most honest depictions. Only time and research will tell. But in the meantime, Dan is creating sculptures that tell an interesting story about bigfoot.

Dorraine: When did you first become interested in pursuing art?

Dan:  I became interested in art at a very young age. I remember as a very young boy, I would be eager for Sunday to come around so that I could get my hands on the cartoons in the funny pages. I would sit for hours and attempt to draw my favorite cartoon characters.
I have pretty much stayed with drawing cartoon characters most of my life but stopping about ten to twelve years ago.

Dorraine: Have you always lived in Ohio? And what influence has that had on your art, if any?

Dan: I haven't always lived in Ohio. I lived in both Michigan and Indiana for a while. 
I've had two primary influences on my art.  The first would be both the cartoons of Warner Bros. and Disney. The second would be my obsession with early hominids, great apes and bigfoot.

Dorraine: What made you pursue sasquatch art?

Dan: For a while, I was making Christmas figurines out of polymer clay.  I made everything from elves to nutcrackers. Then one day as I was doing some online bigfoot research, I decided to try and sculpt a bigfoot bust. On thing led to another and I did one after another. Every individual hair was cut, rolled and put in place. One at a time. It was very time consuming!

Dorraine: Have you had a bigfoot encounter of your own?

Dan: Yes, I had a bigfoot sighting of my own on June of 2013. It was about 12:30am and I was at our basecamp with my wife and a property owners wife. We heard what sounded like bipedal footsteps just inside the tree line about 35 yds. From camp. I jumped up with my night vision and caught site of the Squatch when I canned left to about my ten o'clock position. 
Four other people witnessed the Squatch after I did.

Dorraine: I know you didn’t get a good look at the creature’s face. So how do you attempt to depict the face of a creature considered by many to be mythical?  Where does your prototype come from?

Dan: So many people have described the faces of the creatures they witnessed as being like that of a Neanderthal, or Native American, including my wife Sue. Then there are those who have described something more apelike. So, I have attempted to sculpt both types. I have however sculpted a kind of whimsical little baby Squatch named "Skookum". He is my wife's and won't part with him even though I’ve been offered quite a bit of money for him.

Dorraine: What keeps you inspired to do crypto-art?

Dan: I think that trying to create something that has the possibility of looking like any creature that someone has seen is somewhat of a driving force to keep sculpting even though I have taken a rather long hiatus from it at this point.

Dorraine: Tell us about your research group.

Dan: American Primate Exploration / A.P.E.  is a group of like- minded people who are trying to make sense and provide absolute proof to mainstream science of a species of relic hominid through proper evidence collection and field research.  We research early hominids and great apes in an effort to put pieces together of an enormously huge puzzle of possibilities. Many of our people in the field have many years of hunting and tracking experience under their belts and know all the sights and sounds of the indigenous wildlife as well as the vegetation in their areas which can be edible or poisonous. We make every effort to keep it real and not allow any of the "woo" inside our group.

Dorraine: Tell us about your new Educational Visual Aids Fund.

Dan: My Educational Visual Aids Fund on "Go Fund Me " is an effort to raise needed funds to obtain early hominid and great ape skulls and life casts to use as hands-on tools to show people when we do our public lectures. Our lectures are primarily broken into two parts. Part one is speaking about bigfoot, encounters, sightings, etc. Part two is showing and speaking about early hominids and great apes in an effort to show people the possibilities of a relic hominid, similarities and differences in many different species, their relative sizes, possible diets, musculature, skeletal features and how long ago they were here on earth.
Showing photos up on a screen simply does not in any way compare to being able to hold a 2.8 million year old skull up for everyone to be able to see and touch for themselves.
I have been able to obtain a museum quality replica mandible of Paranthropus Boisei and it is absolutely amazing ! It is also in the neighborhood of 2.8 million years old !
It will be used in future lectures as well. People will be able to see this specimen up very close with their own eyes !
Currently, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Esteban Sarmiento, and Paleoanthropologist Ran Cartwright are on board with me and my fund.

Dorraine: Do you have any other favorite subjects for your artwork?

Dan: I really only specialize on bigfoot or hominid art at this point. Maybe a few little cartoon characters here and there from time to time just to change things up!

Dorraine: Over the years, have you developed any theories or philosophies about Sasquatches?

Dan: Up to about four years ago, I was in the Gigantopithecus camp when it came to my thoughts of what bigfoot was. I have to say that the late Grover Krantz had a lot to do with that.
But then I began really studying paleoanthropology and primatology and I began to look at sasquatch as more of a relic hominid. First of all, we have countless footcasts that show a bipedal creature albeit flat footed which points to mid-tarsal flexibility.  (Many humans including the great primatologist Esteban Sarmiento have this condition) Next, many eyewitnesses have described a creature resembling a Neanderthal or Native American. These are hominid traits. The musculature appears to show some features of a great ape, however, many early hominids had the same features such as very powerful arms and the trapezoid muscles that are so prominent in the "Patty" film which would limit the ability of the creature to turn its head the same as we would. Very large, thick chests with powerful pectoral muscles have also been witnessed. The very robust mandible and sagittal crest are also traits shared by both great apes and early hominids such as Paranthropus Boisei or Paranthropus Robustus and gorillas.
Then we have to think of the intelligence of these creatures. We all know they are very smart and seem to have an awareness that we as humans have. The size of the brain would most likely dwarf ours. (Speculation)
I believe that sasquatch may be a relic hominid that has developed along its very own branch of the evolutionary tree, sharing traits of great apes but only to an extent both physically and in mannerisms. I believe that instead of dropping all of the great ape mannerisms and traits, they have maintained them to this day. (quite possibly an asset to their way of life)
I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. 

Dorraine: Is there somewhere people can see a gallery of your work? Do you have a website or blog?

Dan: I don't have a website or blog to show my art, but will gladly show some photos here.
Dorraine: What is your favorite medium for your art?

Dan: My favorite medium in art is polymer clay.  You can let your imagination and creativity come to life in 3D.

Dorraine: What else do you like to do outside of art?

Dan: I have to say that I love to go camping and spend time in the outdoors doing field research and being with nature. I love all the fresh air and the creatures that we come across along with the beautiful scenery we come across.

Dorraine: What do you do for a living? And does that have any correlation with or influence on the way you pursue your art?

Dan: I no longer work everyday due to my M.S. And many other ailments. I guess my work now is my research although going into the field is becoming much more difficult, so, I study early hominids and great apes and look forward to future lectures where I can still make people happy and go "Wow" by showing and telling them things that perhaps they didn't know. 

Dorraine:   Is there anything else you'd like to tell us.

Dan:  I would like to ask folks to please help out my Educational Visual Aids Fund on "Go Fund Me " so that I can continue to be active at least in teaching folks about both bigfoot and early hominids and great apes.

Special thanks to Dan Baker.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Wildmen of the Pamir Mountains

There seems to be renewed interests in the 'wildmen' of Asia...probably the best known is the Yeti. But there have been expeditions into the more tropical areas of south central Asia as well. In this post, I want to concentrate on mountainous central Asia, specifically those hominids or 'snowmen' that are said to exist in the Pamir Range of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. These hominids go by several monikers...the Barmanu, the Tajik Yeti, the Almysty, the Golub-Yavan or simply the Gul.

In August 2001, the Russian magazine Karavan + I, published an article about the killing of a wild man on the old Soviet-Afghanistan border. According to the author, border guards of the Kevran unit in the Pamir Mountains saw a "Snowman" during the winter of 1967/68. They reported their observation to their superior, Kuzkov, the officer in charge of the unit. He did not, at first, pay any attention to it.

The soldiers of the next watch again saw a creature and reported the fact. Subsequently, the duty officer accompanied the soldiers to the spot and personally observed the creature. Kuskov informed his superior officer, a colonel in Khorog – a settlement on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border. News about this reached the Central Asia Command where, in February 1968, a high-ranking officer gave the order, ‘Catch him or, if that isn’t possible, eliminate him!’. Thereupon, the border guards shot the creature and took it to the border post. The body was stored in a woodshed. A subsequent article 3) in Karavan + I in September 2001 on the happening disclosed that the body was taken to Moscow in great secrecy.

The magazine questioned two scientists to establish what had happened to the remains of the "Snowman". One of these was Georgy Skvorzov, director of the programme Animals in inhabited settlements and, according to Karavan, for many years a collector of information about the ‘Snowmen’.

 [Karavan:] Georgy, do you believe in the existence of the Snowmen?

[Skvorzov:] Of course. The Snowman has not only just been seen once in the mountains of Tibet, in the Pamir Mountains, Siberia and the northern Caucasus. In recent time these sightings have been fewer. Probably these very cautious creatures are hiding from the advancing human civilisation.

[Karavan:] Do you know about the affair at the end of Winter 1968 when our border guards killed a Snowman in the Pamir Mountains and brought his body to the capital? Did scientists get their hands on this specimen?

[Skvorzov:] We have slightly different information if we are talking about the same event. According to my information the body of a Snowman was found by a shepherd in the Pamir Mountains in autumn 1968. But at that time our scientists only received pieces of the fur and the eye-teeth.

The magazine confided that their editor had been visited by an ex-border guard called Andrej. He had served in the Pamir Mountains during the 1960s and had confirmed the killing of a "Snowman" at the place mentioned. Further information about what happened to the body or about the fur and eye-teeth was not given.

In the Russian Newspaper Simbirskij Kur'er (Simbirsk Courier), Arsenij Korolev reported in 2002 among others about a 1982 expedition of the Tajik Academy of Science in the Hissar Mountains in the western Pamirs. The academy was equally involved in the 'snowman' problem. According to Korolev, in the 1980s, many adventure lovers came to Tajikistan in search of snowmen. During their holidays, media workers organized themselves into groups and came to the Hissar Mountains. A great number of publications followed as a result and the local press was full of stories concerning the Gul' He writes: “Only few, however, knew that this puzzle would be solved by the scientists of the Tajik Academy of Science." Tatjana Vasileva, at that time a scientist at the academy, is quoted as following: “Despite all that, the scientists were not inactive. Of course we were inquisitive to follow the traces of the snowman, particularly so when this legends was just close to us. But the leading stuff of the Academy was against an official expedition. The only thing that we could do was to organize an expedition that was dealing with soil profiles. At the same time, we could also search for traces of the snowman."

Cryptozoologist George M. Eberhart's description of the 'Wildman'
At the beginning of May 1982, a ten member expedition left for the Hissar Mountains. Flora and fauna related materials were collected and examined to find possible eyewitnesses of the snowman. The expedition team noted that the locals themselves would reluctantly talk about the Gul. Often, they changed the subject quite abruptly. In most cases, no personal experiences would be reported except for encounters through another person. The expedition found no traces of "Snowmen".

Furthermore, Korolev reported about an encounter with a police chief of Tadshikabad who spent the weekend with friends in the mountains: “After lunch, the friends went to the river for a bath. The policeman was tired and fell asleep. He only woke up because someone was shaking his car. He looked back and saw a Gul beside his Shiguli. The Gul was pushing the Shiguli forward. Then, the creature placed its hands at the rear windscreen of his car. Full of fear, the policeman shot up and the Gul ran away. But the prints of his hands at the rear windscreen of his car have remained. A Tajik detective has taken these prints and has forwarded them to the police department of criminal investigation."

A guide Surob stakes his honor on the wild man's existence. “I saw his footprints, bigger than the man’s, in snow.”

The road slides upwards from Dushanbe and starts to disintegrate. Surob gestures towards a sad-looking town to our right. “That’s town where I was born, after collapse Soviet Union, people started banging, stealing, breaking everything, proving they themselves are the Yetis.” He bristles when I suggest the Yeti may be a peasant mirage. “They swear on the Koran. Why should they lie? They know nothing, they have nothing, they swear by Allah they have seen it.” I back down.

We pull up at a shack for a pit stop. This is where the valley begins. I am peckish. Soviet-style sweets are displayed in plastic bags. “What’s the best one?” I ask in Russian. The proprietor dashes to a side room and brings me a Snickers bar. My guide wants to hurry, but an old man with an unwashed beard and one strikingly yellow tooth asks for a ride up towards his village. Surob asks him if he is from here. “He from here. Now I will gather the information.”

The peasant knows about the Yeti. “Ten years ago, I saw him. I was climbing a hill to gather firewood and I saw somebody. I go hey, hey, but then he started running towards me. It was the Yeti, covered in black wool, with breasts like the woman’s…”

I ask him to swear on the Koran that he saw the Yeti. Raising his hand to heaven the old man insists and gives me his Islamic word. “I don’t know about other people, but I saw it. It was shouting with anger, rarghh, I was shouting with fear, eeee, and I run.” The countryside changes dramatically as we talk. The road has become a dirt track. The car is swerving and sidling as it climbs up the barren gullies. The old man insists he saw the Yeti. Everyone knows somebody who has in the nearby villages. “When I got back to the village, my father started reading the Koran to me, as protection.”

Nature is starting to blossom in rich abundance. Cherry blossom hangs off the crags. Shoots of wild onions sprout out of the dark earth. “Look,” says Surob. “Look at the herbals, the Yeti is eating the herbals, this is why he lives here.” Coloured tips of wild flowers, blues, reds, purples, grow among the jagged browns, reds and greys of the mountains. Another curve. A stark, barren river valley. “Hey, they saw him too.” Surob stops the car and gives traditional greetings to two middle-aged men driving the traditional clapped-out Lada.

“Yeah, I had fight with him,” says the hunter. “He has wool, black wool, and these breasts…” And he wolf-whistles. His companion, a chubby man in a sizable skullcap, butts in. “Oh yes, I was up in the glade, and he attacked my donkey. It was very frightening. He looked like a wild man — or a clever monkey.” The sightings occur in the same places. Regularly.

In the winter of 2002, Pakistan newspapers reported that the 'Russian UFO Digest' (Rossiskij Ufologicheskij Daidjest) reported a new wildmen event in Pakistan. A 20 year-old citizen of the Pakistan village of Kharipur, Radschu, left his house and heard strange sounds from the bushes in front of it. Suddenly an apelike male creature, about 1,20m high, covered with thick black coat, came out of the bushes and attacked and scratched him. Radschu cried and run back into his house. The 'wildmen' fled from the apple garden when other men using torches began to search around Radschu´s house. Eyewitnesses reported about the high shrill cries of the creature. Old villagers remembered they has seen such "strangers from the mountains" many times in the past, particulary in winter, when they came into the villages in search for food.

A another 'wild man' hominid is thought to live in portions of eastern Afghanistan as well as the Shishi Kuh Valley in the Chitral region of North Pakistan. The Barmanu, which translates as “The Hairy One”, is often thought to be related to early hominids and descriptions generally resemble the Neanderthal. As is the case with other sightings of man like hairy hominids, accounts of this creature are often accompanied by tales of a horrible stench, a trait which is attributed to the creature’s wilderness lifestyle and hair covered body. Legends of this creature have been told by the locals for centuries, but it was not until the early 1990’s that the legend would receive international attention.

During the early 1900’s several Spanish expeditions into the Shishi Kih Valley region of North Pakistan learned of the Barmanu through retelling of the legend by local people. The tales of the Barmanu eventually caught the ear of zoologist Jordi Magraner who traveled to the region with medical doctor Anne Mallasse and another team member. Between 1992 and 1994 Magraner and his team detailed not only eyewitness reports but personal experiences including grunting noise thought to have been made by a primitive voice box as well as discovering ape like foot prints. Magraner was killed by one of his Pakistani guides on August 2, 2002.

Full Credit to Lon Strickler over at  http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com

(Apologizes to Lon for not giving proper credit. This was something I had saved on my PC almost 5 years ago and I assumed the sources listed below covered all credits.)  


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

(Sources: www.unknownexplorers.com "Again the "Snowman" - Rossiskij Ufologicheskij Dajdjest (Russian UFO Digest) - January, 2003 Gurov, Boris - "Snowman Against the USSR" - Karavan + I - August 19, 2001 Gurov, Boris - "On the Tracks of Snowman" - Karavan + I - October 10, 2001 Khakhlov, Vitaly - "On the "Wild Men" in Central Asia" - The Commission for the Study of the "Snowman" Question - 1959 Eberhart, George M. - "Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology, Volume 1" - 2002 standpointmag.co.uk  www.andras-nagy.com Smeljanskij, Vladimir - "Mountain Spirit" - Rabochaja Gazeta - May 24, 2006 www.tajinfo.ru Makarov, Vadim - "Atlas of the Snowman" - 2002)

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Is it a hoax or is it real
Could this really be a skull?

[I do not know where this story originally came from and have no idea who to credit for the photos]

For a long time now sightings of what is call "Wildman" have persisted in some regions of Minnesota. Many witness testimonies have been gathered and most report the Wildman as being large, hairy and having a bad smell. Most of you remember the famed Minnesota iceman that was shown for years in sideshow exhibits in shopping malls, state fairs and carnivals. The Minnesota Iceman depicts a man like being that was promoted as a "missing link" and a "Living Fossil".

Bigfoot researcher Billy Mills gets many reply knocks and finds a possible track. I have gave the reply knocks a audio boost but during the video you will hear numerous knocks while Billy is talking. At the end of the video there are knocks coming from 2 different directions. Billy also has a facebook group - Renegade Bigfoot Society

Special Thanks to Billy for letting me tinker with the video.

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The Beacon Bigfoot videos have been around for a little while now and most, including me, think they are nothing more than fakes.
Well now there is a blog just for the Beacon Bigfoot stuff, it appears to be ran by Randal Hart the same person on youtube.
Here is a few of the photos from the site and some enhancements.
Bigfoot and a baby
Here is a zoom in on the subjects
You can see the "baby" now peaking from behind the adult

Here is another photo of a baby bigfoot and some deer

Now here is the zoom in

yep, it's a family thing. I hope they are on private property because someone might shoot them.

Feel free to leave your opinion about the Beacon Bigfoot. You can view their block by Clicking Here


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Is this a Dead Yowie?
Is this a photo of a dead yowie? I know this has been around a little while but I have not seen much said about it.
Here is about all I know about it

"Bigfoot found dead by Australian bush walker Jeff Watson he has released 1 of 5 photos taken "

Now is this big pile of hair a Yowie? I would guess it's not. If I remember correctly this was first posted on the bigfoot forums. I think this was first around in 2009 but not sure.

Pretty interesting ....would like to know for sure what it really is.


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This investigation by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long
Both are avid outdoors people and good researchers.

[This Sighting was take by TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long]
Sighting Date: October 1991
Location: Days Creek Oregon.
Details: Two young men were hunting and spot a large dark brown almost black Bigfoot moving through the brush at a high rate of speed away from them.
At the same time a deer bolted from near by. David who gave the report said he thought the creature was after the deer they had spooked out by throwing rocks over the bank into the brush. Also stated the creature was way too large to be a bear and it pushed down trees as it tore through the brush.
The entire encounter was 20-30 seconds. They were so startled by the encounter they didn't look for tracks. They went to their car and left the area. No pics or video.
 David B*****

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The Photo above was post to facebook by Thom Cantrall - It appears to be a picture of a bigfoot.
I noticed several other people where sharing the photo, so I thought I'd take a closer look at it. If Thom does not approve of this and wants me to take it down all he has to do is send me a message.
I have attempted to zoom in on the figure and have used various effects to get a better look at it.

I find the photo very interesting but do not know anything about it. I do not even know where it was take or the story. I do know Thom is a good guy and this photo is possibly a real bigfoot.
A big Thanks goes to Thom Cantrall for sharing the photo.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Candy over at Sasquatch Canada we now have more information about this photo. The photo was original posted by a Kris Friesen from Winnipeg. The picture was sent to him by a friend that took the picture up in northern Manitoba, a secluded area near a native reserve.
Hopefully more info will become available.


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Bigfoot Catching a fish?

Here is what was posted about this video:
"My husband filmed this by Fishkill Creek by Mount Beacon. He lost track of where it went and kept filming for about 45 minutes. He returned there a few more times with no luck."

I have taken a still frame from the video and attempted to enhance it. This "bigfoot" appears to be wearing shoes. You can decide for yourself.

Overall the appearance of the bigfoot looks pretty good but it does appear to be wearing shoes.
I have seen a few other videos that look an awful lot like this creature.
In my opinion this is a fake video but the fish catching is pretty cool. I think under the right filming angle this would fool a lot of people.


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This video was originally uploaded by Joseph Fobister. It was titled as a juvenile bigfoot in grassy Narrows. I have attempted to enhance the video to see the figure better.  You can decide for yourself if you think it is a real bigfoot on not.
I was first alerted to this video by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher.(Thanks)

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View Bigfoot & UFO Sightings in a larger map

I think some people may have missed our growing sightings map. It is fairly interactive and you can use the little arrows on the top left to move around the map and use the "+" and "-" to zoom in and out.
Clicking on a icon will pop up a little overview of the sighting report and provide a link to the full account.
I have added a link to the map on top of this site.

I hope to add many more reports to the map.


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The follow report was submitted to TCC by Ben (Last name withheld)

Name: Brad

Email Address: *******@aol.com

State: Mississippi

County: Smith

Date of Sighting: 10-23-11

Time of Day: 2:30am

Nearest Town: Homewood

Length of Sighting: 2-3 seconds

How many Witnesses: 3

Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail: Walking through a pasture to enter a woodline with a creek running as the border of the woodline. When we got within 10-15 yards from the creek, a large rock was thrown into the creek. The creek was three to four feet deep and the rock hit the creek bed. The land was private for six square miles. We followed the ripples in the water to see if an animal had jumped in but no activity from anything was found.

Thanks for submitting the report Ben!

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The Guys over at FBFB have posted this tiny sliver of a photo from the shooting bigfoot movie and have said that it is for sure not a mask and a real bigfoot.

How does the above photo compare to the creature in the tent video?

Is it the same? is it different? You can decide for yourself.

Now how does it compare to the artwork?

Do they all look enough alike to be the same creature? You can decide for yourself.

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people wanted to see the actual creature from the film, so there it is ....how do you feel about it now? Does it change your mind?


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The reviews are starting to come in about Shooting Bigfoot and they are not good for the film or Team Tracker.

"What SHOOTING BIGFOOT allows us to do is spend time with the people behind the findings, and see them for the kooks, cons and crazies they really are. This is one wild film, and one of the best documentaries of the festival for certain.
Bigfoot might still be out there. The beast likely still inspires believers and will continue to until its existence is conclusively proven or disproven. Matthews doesn’t purport to have any clear answers, and neither do I. One thing is for sure though – the four men profiled in this film sure don’t have any answers either."

read it yourself and make up your own mind

Stories of Dyer supporters getting up and leaving the movie, reports of it being a bigfoot suit and reports of only about 30 seconds of  bigfoot footage and no HD footage.

If all of this is true then one can only assume it has been a hoax.

Also the silence coming from FB/FB speaks volumes, they had it all riding on a bigfoot body.

Dyer did make a few comments during his Google hangout and pointed some of the blame, of lack of bigfoot footage, onto Morgan Matthews. Dyer went on to promise the bigfoot body would be shown on Aug. 15.
Another interesting note is that Dyer did not attend the showing, but he could have had good reasons.

Several months ago I was covering this story pretty hard and I broke the news of some of the details but as time went on and the story changed, I got a bad feeling about it. The more I heard and seen the more doubt I had, so I just basically dropped the story as I didn't want to get drawn into all the personal bashing and fighting. I also was attacked just for covering the story but I was trying to get details for everyone. In any case, I would like to apologize to anyone who feels I was unfair in my reporting or was purposely aiding in a hoax.

If this is for sure a hoax, and it appears to be, there are many players who might just be finished in the bigfoot community. Hoaxing in the bigfoot community seems to be at an all time high, which really hurts true bigfoot research.

I still don't think this is totally over with yet and expect it to linger on for a little while.

Maybe things will get a little bit back to normal and all the fighting will end over the next few weeks.

Have a great week!

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Eddie Duncan Shackleford is a Senior Editor for Direct2TV and loves to research and write topics on Cryptozoology, entertainment, sports and more. Bigfoot is one of his favorite topics to talk about as it is arguably one of the most controversial mythical creatures that has ever lived. Eddie D. Shackleford can be followed on twitter at: Eddie20Ford


Bigfoot fans enjoy watching TV reality shows revealing shocking proof
First you have to know "Bigfoot," as it’s commonly called, is a hot theme for Sasquatch fans the world over who tune in to their favorite TV reality show for updates on this hairy beast that’s often seen but not yet caught.

However, that may change when Spike TV launches a new 10-episode Bigfoot show that’s been dubbed "10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty." In fact, this new realty competition formatted television program will be offering one of the largest cash prizes in either Bigfoot or television history.

At the same time, there are still Bigfoot fans who remember the cult TV show "Bigfoot and Wildboy" that was featured in the late 1970’s as a children TV show on ABC.

The big TV show that many fans of Sasquatch enjoy watching is the popular Animal Plant program "Finding Bigfoot." This documentary styled TV services premiered in 2011, and is still drawing lots of viewers.

Above is the new poster for the film Shooting Bigfoot. This came from the Minnow Films website.

It is just a few days until the film will be shown, what will be the out come is anybody guess at this point. Will it Bang or Bust?

Here is a statement from Minnow Films:

"We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods"

So I guess depending on what your view is of "fairly dramatic" is makes the world of difference.

I kind of lost interest in this whole story/film/event due to all the fighting and how the details of the story changed a little and at this point I will just be glad to get to finally see what is real and what is not real about the story.

The fighting has really went over the top with many personal attacks on all sides. I wonder, will any of them kiss and make up after it is all over? I would think some will and some will not or is some of it just part of the hype?

Recently a trailer was released for Shooting Bigfoot, which again brought many mixed and varied reviews/opinions.
Here is the trailer

In the end I will watch the movie, at some point, even if it turns out to be a hoax.
In my opinion Dallas and Wayne have been the most low key with their bigfoot researcher over the years and their other movie "Not your Typical Bigfoot Movie" was very entertaining for me.
Almost everyone has heard of Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi and opinions vary about them but it is undeniable that both Dyer and Biscardi have large followings and followers.

So everyone get ready to either "eat crow" or say "I told you so" as Shooting Bigfoot is only a few days away.


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!! Strange Creature seen on Hwy. 119 in bell county !!

I first heard of this a few months ( couple of years ago now) back and have researched it on and off for the last few months. The following is from a forum and most of the posters do not use their real names.

Actual location where the creature was seen

Strange Creature seen on 119

Hawk - This morning about 10:00 I was going up 119 a little outside calloway was heading toward Harlan when I looked to my right in a field of the road were some cow's were grazeing a I saw something that I cant explaine, it was running across the field extreamily fast, it was gray in color and was running on two legs like a man but low to the ground and it had a head like a man and large body and moved very fast. I got a good look at it and I'm 49 years old and I have never seen anything like it, has anyone else seen this thing or anything else strange like i described? I'm really interested in finding out what the heck this was..

TCC's  Dax Rushlow gets possible reply knock.
I have increased the audio in an attempt to make it easier to here. The shorter clip at the end is even more amplified. It is pretty quick so you may want to listen to it a couple of times.


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Is this proof of bigfoot in NH? (I have made a color adjustment to the photo)
I was sent a report about the above photo by Craig D. Gadwah and here is what he said about it on his facebook page.

    "This picture was taken with a motion detecting trail camera, in, McDaniels marsh. Springfield N.H. on 9/13/12 at 12:37PM. The person who took the photo. Said it was over 70 degrees that day This Picture was looked at by a forensic photo specialist who lives on George Hill, Springfield, N.H. and he said it was a person in a suit. The person who took the photo estimates the height of the creature to be at least 9 feet tall."

I have been a little reluctant to post this photo because Craig did not take the photo. I personally do not know for sure who owns it, I did attempted contact with one person about the photo. I will gladly remove it at the request and proof of ownership.

The main reason I posted this is because we have had a ton of reports and done a lot of research and investigation in the Newmarket, New Hampshire area. Our own Jason Morse had a couple encounters with a bigfoot he calls "goliath", which if my memory is correct is what Jason estimated to be between 8-9 foot tall.

I have also zoomed in on the figure and done a little photo enhancing . Here are the results.

I do not know if this is real or not, it could be a person in a suit, but we have had a lot of reports from and around this area. If it really is 9 foot tall, then it could not be a person in a suit. Plus it does look pretty massive.
Anyone with more information about this photo or if you have had a sighting please contact Us at

(Link to Follow up Report )


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