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artist's depiction of Zana

They Called Her the “Wild Woman” of Russia
What was Zana The Alma?
By Dorraine Fisher

There have been a lot of wild-man stories circulating in different regions of the world for hundreds of years. But none of them are quite as fascinating as the story of Zana, the wild woman of Russia. This is not a legend. Zana was real, and her story still begs a lot of questions to this day about elusive hominids of the world such as Bigfoot and Yeti.

She was captured in the late 1800’s in the Caucasus Mountains between Russia and Georgia where she behaved much like a wild animal, as she was kept in squalor in a hole in the ground and taunted by the village children. She was kept there for about two years until her spirit was basically broken and she was allowed to run around the village. By then, she didn’t wander far from her food source and stayed close to the humans around her. She was used as a slave to do much of the heavy work on her owner’s estate, and it was said some of the village men got her drunk occasionally and gave away prizes to the men who dared to have sex with her.

As a result of this, she was said to have given birth to eight children by human men. The first four died, tragically, as she instinctively took them to the icy river to wash them shortly after birth. They didn’t survive the frigid water. The last four were taken by the village women and raised by them and integrated into Russian society as humans, since they could speak and function as moderately intelligent, albeit not very attractive humans. And they lived as humans and had children of their own. And their descendents are said to still live in that area of Russia to this day.

Zana's son Khwit
Over the years since, there has been controversy about what Zana actually was. Was she in fact human? Was she some kind of Neanderthal throwback? Was she a Russian Yeti? Or was she of Sub-Saharan African descent like Dr. Bryan Sykes concluded upon testing the DNA of her descendents?

This is where this story takes a strange twist. Once Zana was determined to be a human of Sub-Saharan origin, the story was subsequently swept under the rug by many skeptics, claiming she was a very ugly, possibly deformed human with sub-standard intelligence. And this is what has happened with many possible bigfoot stories. Once the DNA results test positive for a human, the investigation comes to an end. If it’s found to be a human, it’s a dead end for bigfoot research. It’s happened so many times with DNA results. But who could have predicted what would eventually happen in the field of bigfoot research in the meantime?

There were too many well-documented, curious details about Zana that didn’t add up to her being a regular human. She was described as being 6 feet 6 inches tall, very bulky and muscular, long arms, and covered in thick reddish hair. She had thick, heavy brow ridges, a broad nose, no discernible forehead and no neck, and large red eyes. She could follow orders and understand what the villagers were telling her, but she couldn’t speak. She was only able to make different sounds to express herself. And even though she was eventually allowed to live indoors, she couldn’t tolerate the warmth and preferred to sleep outside in the often very cold temperatures.

Does this description sound familiar?

And when the Sasquatch Genome Project headed by Dr. Melba Ketchum did their DNA tests of possible bigfoot samples, made their conclusions, and began suggesting that Sasquatches were a type of human, a light bulb popped on for some bigfoot researchers.
Zana's daughter, Natalia.
So, this story becomes even more interesting, since many believe Zana was a yeti/sasquatch- type hominid. They did, in fact, bury her in the local cemetery, but since the grave hadn’t been marked, no one knows exactly where. Though it was Dr. Igor Burtsev that exhumed and studied the skull of Zana’s son, Khwit, to try and find some answers. He along with several other anthropologists determined the skull structure to be a mix of both modern and primitive features. But since that time, we haven’t had much of an idea about what that could mean.

But finally, we may reach some REAL conclusion about what Zana actually was. A human…of sorts??? A human of the Sasquatch type??? That is to say, if the Sasquatch Genome Project is correct???

Now, though this all may seem obvious to some, for others, it takes a while to soak in. DNA results in the past of possible bigfoot hair and blood that have ended up being found to be human after all, can STILL be a sasquatch. We need to go back to the drawing board with a lot of cases. If sasquatches are a type of human, then DNA results of “human” that have been dismissed in the past as bigfoot evidence need to be revisited. Maybe we missed the obvious all along.

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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What takes the hog?

A few days ago we got in a report from Terry Snell (found here) about his encounters with possible Bigfoots.  His first brush with Bigfoot took place in West Virgina back in his teenage years. That story is pretty good and the pieces fit together well with other area sightings.

Terry currently lives in Texas where his more recent brush with Bigfoot took place. In the above gif picture you see a dead hog, all at once the hog rolls away into the night. What took the Hog?

The Crypto Crew's Leon Drew conducted an interview with Terry to get all the details.

Here is that interview.

As mentioned, Terry provided the pictures of the hog being taken away. I worked several hours trying to see what took the hog, I could not see what it was or wasn't. Here is a couple enhancement of the photos provided by Terry.

I filter the image in red in an attempt to see more detail in the background.
I was looking for eye shine, a shape, a tail, an ear ...or whatever.

I could not see any potential predator.

Photo #1  

In photo #2 you can see the hog has been pulled back into the weeds. I again used a red filter, alone with several other colors, in an attempt to see what took the hog, nothing could be seen.  According to Terry this hog weighted around 275 pounds, so it would take something strong to move it.

Picture #3
Again, red filter. The hog is pulled slightly toward the left of the photograph. I strained my eyes, trying to see what moved this hog and finally drug it into the darkness.
I could not see any thing that was pulling the hog. Listen to the full interview and hear Terry tell about it and where he found what was left of it. 

So the question that has really weighted me is what took the hog and why can't I see it?

Hope you enjoyed the interview and a big thanks to Leon for doing this follow up interview and to Terry for sharing his experiences with everyone.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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The tale of the S.S. Ourang Medan
 Does Old CIA Document Confirm Legend? 

I recently had a friend send me a CIA document she ran across during her many document searches.
The old document was in reference to a story I knew a little about but had never dug up the full tale.

So of course, I had to do some research and find out more about the tale of the S.S. Ourang Medan.

Here is the story in a nutshell -  "In June of 1947, two American vessels sailing the Strait of Malaca in Indonesian waters received a distress call from a Dutch merchant ship, Ourang Medan. Message read, “All officers including captain are dead lying in chart room and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead,” followed by a final transmission “I die.” One of the American ship, SS Silver Star attempted to hail the ship, but to no avail. When they boarded the ship, they found the deck littered with corpses. The entire crew was dead, including a dog aboard the ship. The bodies of the crew all showed signs of being frozen in terror at the moment of death. Their facial expressions horrified, teeth bared, eyes pointing at the sky. They had no visible signs of trauma. The ship finally exploded and sank."

Can We Really Believe Our Eyes?
Why Perception Is Everything
By Dorraine Fisher

Seeing is believing, right?

How many times in the discussions about mysteries of the world have I heard someone say, “I'd have to see that for myself to believe it.”

Knowing what I know now, seeing something doesn't necessarily hold much water...at least not in the way we want it to.

Click on this link and look at our Facebook page cover photo, and tell me what you see.

I've asked a few people to do this and the answers are different. Some people see a pair of headlights shining in the dark. Others see a pair of female breasts.

So, now, while you're rolling on the floor laughing, it DOES actually bring up a very valid point that applies to the world of the paranormal and the unexplained. Not to mention everything around us. Our team artist, Greg Champy, was not intending for this kind of perception of these two beacons that were meant to be headlights. He was just trying to keep our Facebook page fresh. But different people see artwork in slightly different ways.

Now, check out the photo below that's been circulating for years

What do you see? Do you see a rabbit...or a duck. What you see at first depends on how your mind works. Psychiatrists have been using ink blot pictures in this way to interpret the patients' state of mind for years. It's a great way to spot a person's obsessions and perceptions. It tells immediately what their mind is focused on.

Because that thing we focus on is what we create. It becomes our reality. And that's how we'll actually see it.

And you may have noticed this in the past with a hundred other visuals and didn't give it much thought. But this is really a big deal. It impacts how we view reality, so it impacts everything.

Why? Because this means there cannot possibly be an absolute reality. There is only our personal perception of it. So everything we see is determined by our minds interpretation. And we all have a slightly different interpretation, because we've all lived a different life and experienced things differently. So, in the rabbit/duck picture, what are we really seeing? The answer it's a rabbit...and it's also a duck, basically depending on what you, from past experiences, EXPECT to see.

I.E. If your experience of seeing a dog for the first time is seeing it lunging toward you, growling and snapping, that has a certain impact on your brain. It records in your mind that dogs are evil, growling, biting monsters you should always avoid. And the next time you see a dog, you react with fear because of that early experience. But if you grew up in a house full of cuddly puppies, of course, you'll have a completely different view. And the kicker is, you'll have a really hard time understanding a person's fear of them. You won't have had that experience, so you're reality is different.

Our brain is wired to try to associate everything we see with something familiar. And what that vision or event will mean to us is based on experiences we've had of it before.. Whenever we see or experience something, our brain is recording it for future reference. If it's something new that we've never seen or experienced before, you can bet our brain is busy taking notes, trying to process it all and save it for future reference. But this is why we often become dumbfounded and time seems to move slower when we see something we can't process. Our brain actually has to slow it down in order to get a grasp on it.

The worlds of forensics and criminal justice have become increasingly more wary of eye witness accounts and will, in addition, search for other more tangible evidence to back them up. Why? Because we're learning that what we see is very much controlled by what we think and how we think about it. So eye witness testimony is becoming less and less reliable.

Now, I've brought this subject up before in paranormal circles, only to receive messages and emails from people asking me why I don't believe they saw what they saw. But it's not that I don't believe these stories. In fact, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt (cautiously, of course) that these witnesses saw what they say they saw. But there's a lot more to “seeing” than just your eyes.

First of all, we don't really see things with our eyes. Our eyes are merely a lens, like a camera lens. We actually see with the part of our brain known as the visual cortex. And whenever we see anything, the visual cortex is making its interpretation based on past experiences. So nothing is quite as “real” as it may seem to us.

But this revelation about reality should have thrown the world on it's ear. Yet, it hasn't so far. Why not? Because we're not quite grasping the implications. It could go as far as to mean the line between what's real and what isn't, aren't as clearly defined. They're all open to the interpretation of the viewer. We've all been taught to think one person is right and one person is wrong. But if we're all seeing the “reality” based on our personal view, then what is REALLY real? Who's right and who's wrong?

Sure, you'll agree with the person who sees it the same way you do. But knowing all this, does that method of decision hold water?

How on earth do we decide what is real??!!

Now, I'll say again that this doesn't mean I don't believe in anything. Quite the contrary. But we have to be very aware of how our brains process information and we need to take that into account when we decide what we're seeing in front of us. How many different ways could this be interpreted? Think it through. Always strive to be logical.

So, in relating this to bigfoot research, I would say this. When we're doing research, or just trying to decide what's real. We need to be aware that we can't really rely on our eyes to tell us some absolute truth. But that being said, that doesn't mean our eyes are always lying either. It may just mean the world isn't as concrete and solid as we'd like to believe it is. There's a lot of mystery left there, and the more we know, the more mysterious it becomes.

My personal advice is this: If we're all creating reality by the way we perceive things, we have the power to make the choice to create it in a positive way and believe in possibilities rather than waste time focusing on the negatives. Just my two cents.

But you don't have to take my word for it. If you're curious to know more about perception and reality, watch parts 1 and 2 of Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes. Tell us what you think.

Here is a couple more popular images for you to study over.

Don't get excited ....it's just a lamp.

Face illusion - forward or side view?


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Booth West VA
I recently got in this report from Terry. He also does some Bigfoot research and has gather some other witness testimony to help confirm one of his two sightings. These are really interesting and I hope you enjoy them.

Here is Terry's reports. 

- Start Report -

Name: Terry *****
Email Address: On file
State: West Virginia and Texas
County: Monongalia
Date of Sighting: 10/86/84 and 2008
Time of Day: West Virginia sighting around 5:00 pm
Nearest Town: BOOTH WEST VIRGINIA and Ben Wheeler Texas.
Length of Sighting: About 3 Minutes
How many Witnesses: I have three witness that have seen the same BF at different times.
Any Photos/Videos:
Describe sighting in detail:
 (note: BF = Bigfoot)
I was walking up a logging trail behind my my house heading up to the top of the hill. Where there is a field. I was going up to check for deer. If I saw some I was going to go back home and get my bow. In any case, as I near the top of hill and could just start to see the edge of the field, I noticed off to my left something moving. So I turned that way to see a very tall BF walking away from me. With the wind blowing my way it didn't realize I was observing it. Now since I'm looking up hill at it all I could see was it's head and neck and shoulder area. With the sky as the back drop. I saw it very well. It's head was massive. It had brownish to grayish hair. Groomed really nice. I could not see any ears. My guess is it was 8ft to 10ft tall. By the way, I was super scared as I knew it was a BF. I was so scared I remember thinking that if it turned to look at me..that I would crap my pants and pass out from fear, Lol. In any case, it took all I had to turn my back to it. Once I did I ran like hell back down the hill to the house which was only a couple hundred yards away.

Now with that said. Back in 1984 in that house...a trailer we lived in...one night we were in the house my brother and I. And all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a woman screaming right outside not far into the thickets behind the house. I went out onto the porch to listen better. And this scream was very loud from a very deep tone to very high pitched scream. And it did this over and over for at least 15 minutes. During all this screaming I went back into the house and loaded some guns. I now very much believe that scream was coming from the BF that I witnessed 2 years later.

OK with that...over the years for my own therapy doing my own BF research I come across a girl that lived on that same hill she witnessed that same BF up behind our house one day while she was picking blackberries. She told me she was picking and just looked up to see this BF standing there looking straight at her. A fear overcome her and she told me tears were just flowing from her eyes. Her mother was there too but she was just down the hill a bit and did not see the BF. In any case this girl said she was looking right at it's face. She described in pretty good detail, it matches the many other sightings people have, at least ones that have a face to face. In any case, I believe she turned to check for her mother's where about and when she turned back to where the BF was it had silently strolled off.

Now, she knowing that I had an interest in this BF, I just got a message from this woman now, today that her cousin who still lives on that same hill saw a BF the other night while he was standing outside at night. He stated it ran up hill right between where our house use to be and the house next door to him. She stated he said it scared the hell out of him.

So with that I feel confident that BF or perhaps a family of BFs still live on that hill. I can say this much I know that hill very well. And it fits as a perfect habitat...here's why....it's high up...very few houses....plenty of game including deer. The ridgeline is full of thickets no man wants to traverse. And if BF actually prefer caves, there's some of them on the backside. Also there is a creek on one side of the hill and full river on the other. There are also transmission lines running through there as well. Leaving cuts mile after mile.

With that I also had a encounter in Van Zandt county Texas ...I live in Texas now. In any case this was at night while I was out hog hunting. This thing tore down a tree near me and then skirted all around my stand as well as crawling in on its belly right up behind me. I use a starlight night scope for hog hunting but as luck would have it since it was behind me I could hardly get turned enough around in my stand to view it. But what I could see is that it was on its belly and had reached up far enough to grab a branch on the tree that was grown up tall enough that it was in front of my face. And this BF was moving that branch enough that it swaying right in front of my face. Now I'm just trying to rationalize what in the heck is going on. This went on for about 5 minutes. Being alarmed I sat back down in my stand hoping it would step out in front of me. An area I had control over since I was armed with a pistol and two rifles. But I heard it back back out the same way it came.

OK, with that the following week I shot a bore hog and placed it front of my game cam to see what all would come in on this hog.On my cam days later, I saw a coyote, buzzards, and a skinny dog. Well later at night on the cam I got pictures of the hog being rolled away from the cam and then pulled out away from the IR lights. I tried everything I could to lighten those pictures to see what might be able to do that. But didn't have much success with it. But my suspicion is that perhaps a BF on its belly was just far enough back on the ground to use its long arm to pull that hog it's way. Can't prove it. But I'm pretty positive it was not a coyote because a coyote was to small to pull it away.

Best Regards.

- End Report -

Thanks goes to Terry for sharing his reports with us. In some reports, I like to search from additional sightings in particular areas. I searched for reports in the same area as Terry's reports. Here is what I found.

 In Monongalia county, WV, which is the county in which the town of Booth is located, there has been one other report of Bigfoot activity. It seems a man has had several run ins with Bigfoot in this area while hunting. He tells of the unseen creature following him on a few occasions. His reports span from 1988 to 2003.

As for Terry's other report from Texas, there was one Bigfoot report from Van Zandt county. It was back in 1975. Two boys playing next to a creek seen a human looking figure covered in hair.

The additional reports can be found on the BFRO's website .

We hope to have a follow up to this post in the near future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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A few days ago, I got in the following report. I was able to email back and forth and Mark provided the picture and some zooms he had done of the object.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Mark ********
Email Address: On file
State Province: Ontario
County: Canada
Date of Sighting: 10/07/2015 (7/10/15)
Time of Day: 9:16 pm
Nearest Town: Sudbury
Length of Sighting: 5 min  then I left the area
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: 1
Describe sighting in detail:

Observation made from a parking lot East end of the city of Sudbury, On, Canada. Clear sky, sun was setting. I viewed an object that appeared to hover in the distance silently.

It caught my eye as it looked out of place. I watched it for 5 min as it made no movement. I asked an individual in the parking lot to verify what I saw. They thought it was weird and had no idea what it could be. Before I left the area I snapped one pic with my Samsung s4 cell phone.

When I arrived at home, I uploaded the picture to my PC. I was surprised when I viewed the pic zoomed in. It had the appearance of a concession of possible lights along what looks like an elongated body. I'm not sure what to make of it. Take a look for your self ...is it an illusion, trick of light or something more?

- End Report -

The very top photo was provided by Mark. I just added the circle and the TCC tag. Here is a couple of the zoom mark did of the photo.

This is a zoom in done by Mark of the object.

Here is another zoom done my Mark. There does seem to be some type of object sitting in the sky.

I also did a zoom myself and zoomed in even closer to the object. Here is that photo.

As you can see there is something there, just kind of hanging in mid air.

So just what is this object?

Thanks to Mark for sending in his sighting and the photos. If anyone else seen or took picture of this object that day, feel free to contact us.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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General map of area
I got this report in a few days ago. The sighting took place in Canada and the submitter thinks it might have been a Thunderbird. Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Claudio ******
Email Address: On file
State: Canada
Date of Sighting: Between June and August 2010
Time of Day: Morning
Nearest Town: Ottawa
Length of Sighting: 2 minutes
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:

I remember waking up one morning and looking out the balcony and seeing this giant black bird flying at a very high altitude.

I have a good trained eye for birds and can recognize most of them on the spots. It was definitely much bigger than any vulture or eagle, I would say approximately between 4 to 6 meters (approx. 20 foot) in length. It was heading South, flying steady. I had a camera near me but was so shocked that I didn't think of picking it up.

I later looked up online and found out what I saw matched exactly other reports of the Thunderbird.

- End Report -

Thanks goes to Claudio for sending in the report. If anyone else has seen a possible Thunderbird then please sent it in to us.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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The Ocean State ParaCon is an annual event that brings the paranormal and metaphysical communities together in supporting a selected charitable cause.

This year, they are honored to announce that all monies raised will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project.

I'm happy to say that our very own Jason Morse will be at this event representing The Crypto Crew.
Make sure to stop by his table and get the latest scoops.

There is an impressive line up for this years event. Check out some of the guest.
Everyone who can, go out and support this event, it is for a good cause and you can meet some really awesome people.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Belief In Bigfoot: Why Debate Is Pointless

By Dorraine Fisher

I'm going to tell you something you may not want to hear. Will you change the way you think based on what I say? The odds are against it for lots of scientific reasons, but you know I'm going to say it all anyway.

I no longer debate the existence of bigfoot...or anything else for that matter. And people often ask me why. Citing that debate is healthy thing. But I strenuously disagree for reasons about which I've spent a lot of time thinking.

When I was still new to bigfoot research, I was easily pulled into debate after debate with skeptics. I knew what I knew and no one was going to try and tell me otherwise. But I've since learned that ANY debate about Bigfoot with ANYONE is pointless. And I'll tell you why. But this story can't be told without delving into basic human nature. Yes, here I go again

First of all, what is a debate? It's basically an argument, right? Perhaps it takes place in a controlled environment and both sides are given a chance to speak. But it's still an argument nonetheless. And an argument is a conflict of sorts, or a fight...without guns or fists. But still a fight at its core.

And in the event of a conflict, we, as humans, are hard-wired to try and accomplish one objective: winning. We can't help ourselves, really. Instinct is a powerful thing. And when instinct takes over, logic and reasoning inadvertently go right out the window. It's not about finding the truth. It's about winning the argument. And just like any competition, you'll basically do whatever you can get away with in order to achieve that goal.

But why is that? Don't the “facts” speak for themselves?

They do, but only if others are really listening to what's being said.

The facts can get lost in the midst of all the preconceived ideas of the debaters. But what preconceived ideas could these debaters possibly have, you ask? The same preconceived ideas that all humans (yes, everyone) are guilty of harboring. And that is the idea that the other side of the argument has some hidden agenda. The belief that everything coming out of their mouth is a blatant lie. You see this in social-political arenas all the time. Even the soundest reason won't change the view of the opposing side, because you are the enemy. You have to be wrong.

If we believe they're lying about everything, the facts won't matter. All the work and frustration it took to collect all those facts is moot...because they're hard-wired to NOT believe them anyway. The opposing side is the enemy. And the enemy is ALWAYS wrong. Right? That's what we all think.

And, of course, you may agree with a lot of what I've said here, but you'll feel sure it doesn't apply to you. Right?

Sorry. Everyone is guilty of all this. No one is exempt. We ALL have this entrenched, burning need to be right and will fight literally to the death to prove it. Why? Because being right is the most important thing in the world. The person who's right gets all the perks; sometimes even gets to be king or queen. Being right is everything. No one wants to hang out with the person who lost the fight. And fear of isolation in a social species like humans is a pretty powerful thing. We don't want to be alone. So in order to be elevated in stature, we need to be right. Or, at the very least, we need to make the other side look wrong. Very, very wrong.

You see, science has this thing called the argumentative theory of reasoning. And the idea behind it is that we humans didn't take up debate about a subject in order to discover some universal truth. We did it to try and exert authority over others. It theorizes that humans didn't evolve the ability to reason so they could find the truth or make better decisions. We evolved reasoning skills in order to convince others or to be cautious of what they try to convince us.

In a nutshell, we're suspicious by nature. It was a very important survival mechanism. And as much as we'd all like to think we've evolved as a species, we're still animals after all. Maybe it was designed to help us be wary of strangers and to preserve our own lives. So, it's at least easy to say it's not really our fault. We're flawed human beings.

But that, my friends, is why I don't debate Bigfoot or anything else any more. How often do you see someone's opinion being changed by a solid point that was raised? They don't really hear that point or comprehend because maybe their basic human instincts of suspicion have kicked in. It's mostly about winning. And they're in safety mode. Maybe that skill has outlived its usefulness in the modern world, but it's still there nonetheless. Not to mention again that humans are naturally competitive and have to win the argument at all costs.

So how much do you really think sound reasoning and truth really matter?

And you can tell yourself Dorraine is crazy and she can't possibly be talking about me. But you're guilty. We all are. We're hopelessly human. And it's a hard pill to swallow that we may have advanced ourselves, survived, and even thrived as a species by actually ignoring facts and truth in favor of winning an argument.

So the next time you feel this burning need to build your case and put all kinds of facts together to support your argument, remember I said to not waste your time and energy. It won't get you anywhere but the land of frustration. ******DF

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Area where creature was seen. (photo provided by Corey and Tye)
Over the weekend, I got in this report of a possible sighting of a Shunka Warakin. For those who may not know, the Shunka Warakin is a wolf/hyena type creature mostly reported out west.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Corey ******
Email Address: On file
State: Iowa
County: Van Buren
Date of Sighting: July 2,2015
Time of Day: 10 pm
Nearest Town: Bentonsport
Length of Sighting: 15-30 minutes
How many Witnesses: myself and Tye
Any Photos/Videos: none
Describe sighting in detail:

It was around 10 pm, Tye and I saw what we thought was a coyote coming out of the brush across from us along the edge of the field and raised its head high as it watched us before going back in.

Then it reappeared in the lower part of the field and we thought it was a coyote by the way it was trotting. It kept coming towards us and didn't seem to have any fear of us. We hurried down along the edge of the field to have a closer look of it. We got at least a couple of hundred yards with our spotlights on it the whole way and we could see it was a very large canine. It sometimes raised its head high to look at us which was 3 or 4 times. It had pointed ears and was grayish tan. I'm guessing it stood at least 4 feet or so high at the head, Tye thought it stood on its hind legs but I think it just raised its head.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, (1918 to 2007) head of the Division of Perceptual Studies at The University of Virginia.

 Reincarnation Proof?
By Dorraine Fisher

If you believe we've lived past lives, or are just curious, you might want to try following the
career of the late Ian Stevenson, the Canadian born psychiatrist and head of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia for nearly 40 years. He was studying and documenting thousands of cases of past life accounts. And in that span of time, managed to build a pretty strong case for the phenomenon.

But what has been even more astounding is that subjects often physically resembled some of
those individuals from a past life. And it came to be recognized as a possible clue of a past life, even
though the resemblances didn't consistently occur in all subjects. But when they did, the resemblances were often uncanny; almost eerie. And sometimes family and other associations could be found to support some of these cases. And it soon became part of the framework in which
Dr. Stevenson did his work.

You can find out more about Dr. Stevenson's studies here: Reincarnation Physical Resemblance
But it's also interesting to note that these resemblances are still being found on a regular basis
around the world. And some of them are being considered and studied by child psychiatrist, Dr. JimTucker, who is continuing Dr. Stevenson's work.

But check out some compelling photos of known people from the present time and their
possible past-life counterparts. Are these just coincidences or is there a correlation? You decide.

Ellen DeGeneres and Henry David Thoreau

Bruce Willis and Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Justin Timberlake and Unknown
Hugh Grant and Oscar Wilde

Nicolas Cage and Unknown

Jack Galifianakis and Louis Vuitton


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Sometimes, when we start working a claim or case, we get to a dead end for various reasons.
This does not necessarily mean the person was untruthful or trying to pull a fast one. We have had people attempt to hoax us and I guess that is just part of the field.

Often times, we get sent photos or someone will send in a report and they are looking or asking for help with their mystery. In some cases we are able to help. Take for instants some recent photos sent to us by Nancy. Nancy, has some large birds on her property and they are causing some damage and attacking some of the critters. Of course, knowing Iowa has some history of Thunderbird sightings and that these birds on Nancy's property were large, we had hopes that maybe, just maybe it was Thunderbirds.

Here is one of Nancy's Photos
One of a few photos that Nancy sent us.

Team member Leon Drew, talked with Nancy on the phone and got more details about the birds and property. We were then thinking these birds could be vultures, and even Nancy thought they could be, but vultures normally do not attack living critters. But buzzard on the other hand, also called chicken hawks, do attack critters, and they are pretty large, so these large birds on Nancy's property could be buzzards. There was also a fairly recent report of a condor being seen in Iowa. Plus the picture quality was not that great due to how it was taken, which couldn't be helped, and we really can't identify the birds for sure until a better photo is taken.

Nancy's neighbor also had a mystery. He had this odd looking round things with a hole in them, laying on the ground. This photo was sent in.

I will admit, it is a weird looking thing. I didn't know what it was ....but I did find out.
I did some searching on the internet and found out this is the fruit of a Osage orange tree. The fruit is edible but it has a unpleasant taste. It is also called a horse apple. It is said that the fruit is a natural insect repellant. I found some good information and my info at 2 dope sistahs blog.

Of course this is only a couple of examples but other times we run down leads and they just don't pan out or the evidence is just not there to support the claim. Then on other cases we reach an end and just need to wait for another clue to keep going.

I have had several cases where someone would send me photos and claimed Bigfoot was standing in the background but it was nothing more than a shadow or just cases of pareidolia. We still have to check this stuff out and understand it is just part of the field. Often times, these types of reports are not posted. 

Not too long ago, we had someone trying to pull a fast one on us. It was a story about a Gorilla photo from the United Kingdom. We were able to filter out this story and expose it as a fake. The person who sent it in may have been taken in as well. I do wish other websites would attempt to filter some of their stories, as some of them will publish anything to get a few clicks. Oh well, what can you do.

I just thought I'd share a few of the cases, where it just didn't pan out. The cases are fun to work, even if they don't pan out sometimes or we get stuck and have to wait on the next clue. Thanks goes to Nancy for sharing her photos and stories with us. Thanks also goes to Leon Drew for his help.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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