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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I think this could be the general area.
I got this report in a couple days ago. This possible sighting is only a little over a month old, so it is pretty fresh. In the map picture above I have used the available information from the report to attempt to find the location. I'm not sure if this is the exact spot or not.
Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Donna ******

Email Address: On File

State: Tennessee

County: Shelby (I think)

Date of Sighting: June 1, 2015

Time of Day: early or middle afternoon

Nearest Town: Bolton

Length of Sighting: a few seconds

How many Witnesses: 1

Any Photos/Videos: photo of possible footprint a couple of days later

Describe sighting in detail:

I'm a 63 yr. old perfectly sane and normal grandmother of two. I live in a small southern town near Memphis, TN.

On June 1, 2015 myself, my daughter and granddaughter were on our way to Memphis on a shopping trip. We were in my Ford Edge and my daughter was driving. My granddaughter was in the front passenger seat and I was in the back seat behind the driver's seat. We turned off highway 14 onto I think it's Brunswick Rd. (it's just a kind of a shortcut to the Wolfchase mall in Germantown). It goes through the small communities of Bolton and Brunswick. I was just looking out the window as we talked. When we turned off the highway to Brunswick Rd. (I think that's the name of the rd.) we pass a field.

The boundaries around the field are grown up with trees and shrubs and grass and you can't see the field from the car except at a small entry driveway the farmer uses to get in. As we passed the driveway that day I saw in the middle of this open field something tall and black. It looked unnatural to me. I just saw it for a couple of seconds but I knew it was something I couldn't identify. I whispered to myself "What the heck was that!" I now could kick myself for not telling my daughter to stop and back up so I could look again. I finally decided it was a burned tree trunk but honestly I really didn't believe that. I saw this in broad daylight (about early or middle afternoon). It was something tall and black and it was in the middle of the open field. It was stationary.  I could see the small plants of Milo or corn (hard to tell the difference when it's just inches tall) around the bottom of it. It was black from top to bottom.

It was dark by the time we headed home and we took a different route but I had a doctor's appointment the next day in Memphis so I drove by the field again to see if there was a burned tree trunk in the field. The tall black thing was gone. I knew then I had seen something unusual. Because I could not get this off my mind I ask my husband to go with me to the field to see if we could find footprints.

We walked around the field and I believe I found a large bare footprint. At least to me it looks like a footprint with toe impressions. I just felt the need to tell this to someone. I took a picture of the impression with my cell phone. I also saw other impressions I believe to be footprints but were not quite as clear. There were a lot of deer tracks in the field and there are thick woods  that surround it except on the road side. There is a good size creek near the field and down the road going the opposite direction.

I walked to the back of the field and walked down the tree line. Just saw deer tracks and a few dog or coyote tracks. No feeling about the tree line until I got to a certain point and I suddenly got a creepy feeling. I looked up and didn't see my husband because he had gone over the hill and out of sight. I walked back to the middle of the field where I could see my husband again. I wanted to stay and look longer and asked my husband to walk to the woods where I got the creepy feeling to see if he got the same feeling but he wouldn't because it was a little distance and he was ready to go. We left but I know I'm going back to that field again.

I don't know when I'll get back there and I have no idea who that land belongs to but I just feel like I have to go back and look more........Well that's my story and don't know what good it does to tell it but I just felt the need to do so. Thanks for listening.

- End Report -

I have attempted contact with Donna, in an effort to get the possible track photo. I have not got a reply yet, if I can obtain the photo I will update this post with it.

Thanks goes to Donna for sharing her possible sighting. If anyone else in that area has seen a possible Bigfoot, then please feel free to contact us.


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