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This is actually a case from 2005 according to what I have read. It took place in Taos county, New Mexico while a husband and wife were on a vacation trip. Here is an overview of the story.

A couple are getting up in the morning hours and preparing to head back home from a trip. The man's wife had got up first and said that someone was standing outside the entry door to their travel trailer. As the man gets his pistol his wife take three pictures of the figure standing outside the door.

Here is a short video of the rest of the story and the picture of the figure.
Mock up photo of the report.
In my travels and research I sometimes run across some interesting reports about Bigfoot. The report featured today was one that I was not familiar with and can't recall hearing about it. The case comes from Washington County, Missouri. Missouri is home to a bigfoot like beast known as MOMO. The name Momo is just a short term for Missouri Monster.

It seems that a call came into the sheriffs office a little after 2am that a man had shot a 7 foot tall "hairy beast" 9 times at point blank range.  The call was taken very seriously and about a dozen officers, from two different police departments, were dispatched to an areas known as Hamilton Hollow.

I'm guessing that a lot of people have never heard of this report that appeared in Anchorage Daily News back in 1993. Often times these reports are buried away and forgotten. I'm attempting to bring many of these lost or little know accounts back to the bigfoot community. We must remember that many new bigfoot enthusiast join the community often and they need to know about these historical accounts.

The follow account comes from a refrigeration mechanic by the name of Dana Jacallen. Jacallen is sure he's had several encounters with bigfoot and recounted them for the newspaper. After reading the original publishing, I say the chances he encountered bigfoot is very good.

Here is his story along with the newspaper clippings.

Today, I wanted to continue looking at old historical cases concerning Bigfoot and variations of the creature. Many times these older cases are passed over or totally forgotten. Some of these cases have what appears to be good evidence and many still have unanswered questions.

I think it is important for us to look at these old cases. It gives us more of an understanding of where we are today and how we might improve on our research. Plus knowing the history about any subject is very helpful in understand the subject and being able to answer questions about it.

Now, let get into some information about this particular picture.

Running Time: 48 minutes

Thanks to my recent subscription to Amazon Prime, I finally get to watch some long overdue bigfoot documentaries and movies. I know some of you may not like the fact that we do movie and book reviews, but it can be important in pointing people to films or book with good information or at least worth the price of admission.

With that said, last night I watched Bigfootville. This is a straight forward bigfoot documentary with witness interviews, skeptic voices, and field research. The film quality is pretty good but not HD as this film is a little older. Don't let the fact this film was made in 2002 put you off, it still has a lot to offer.

The film takes place in rural Oklahoma were numerous reports of a 9 foot tall hairy man have been reported. During the course of the film there are several witness interviews and some investigations. During a night investigation, which included 2 witnesses who had a previous sighting in the area, there is some activity that is pretty interesting. Some rocks are thrown and a dark figure is seen by everyone in the group. One of the witnesses was really emotional about returning to the area, he was nearly to the point of tears. It seems his reservations about returning to the area were on target.

The witnesses who tell about their sightings, all come off as being authentic and truthful. It seems pretty obvious these folks seen something that was out of the norm for the area. Another very interesting part of this documentary is listening to the local Native American tribe talk about it.

Now, a few things about the film bothered me. The overtones the first quarter of the film had me frustrated. It was leaning strongly to idea that all bigfoot sightings were fake and the witnesses liars or just mistaken on what they saw. One big wig anthropologist by the name of Russ Tuttle had me ready to scream at the TV. He was one of those people who spout the old lines of "You seen a bear" and "It was just someone pulling a prank", "there is no evidence of bigfoot".
There was also a wildlife guy who made a statement I have heard many people say and it goes something like this: "I've been in the mountains all my life. I have never seen or found any evidence of bigfoot, there is no such thing." But thankfully I held on and the program improved and got to witness testimony and investigations.

The good news is you can actually watch the movie for Free as it is on youtube. If you have some time I recommend you give it a watch.

Overall, this is a very good bigfoot documentary. I was unable to find this title on DVD, it appears it is unavailable, so Youtube or Amazon is the only way to watch it I guess.

Here is my final rating.
Rating: 3 out of 5    


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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The Chinese version of bigfoot, the yeren.

Woodwose And One Of The Many Other Faces of Bigfoot
The “Wild Man” That Has Existed In Our Consciousness For Centuries
By Dorraine Fisher

Why is it that big hairy monsters in the woods seem to be ingrained in our collective human psyche?
In the field of cryptozoology, one of our main frames of reference to the existence of an unknown animal is to decide how many accounts of this creature there are, and how far back in history these accounts span. And after years of study and research about bigfoot, we know that the legend of bigfoot or sasquatch can be traced back to a European cousin known as the woodwose. And if we keep checking historical record and inscriptions on some very old historic architecture and drawings, we can take it back even further.

It seems there are many faces of this creature. And as more reports come in, we realize that out our hairy friend in the forest is probably very diverse in it’s appearance. And this varies a lot by local region and area of the world. Some accounts tell of something almost human in appearance, while others seem more ape-like...and there are a thousand other variations thereof.

But the woodwose, wild man, bigfoot, or sasquatch has lived, at the very least, in human consciousness for a very long time. In nearly every corner of the world there are historical accounts and descriptions that lead us to believe that there were many thoughts and conversations about these creatures that took place long before modern sightings. And there is something to be said for human consciousness. People who gave these accounts historically had nothing to gain by telling others these stories, but they did it anyway. Why? Was it more acceptable in those cultures? Why were these creatures added to so much art and architecture if there wasn’t something really significant about them? Were the artists just copying other things they’d seen before, or has the woodwose always been with us...no matter where we go in the world? We were always handed stories about “monsters” in the woods. What if the monsters weren’t always necessarily “monsters” per se, but what if they were real and the stories were based on something that had been seen by enough individuals to warrant some significance.

And although there aren’t so many written records of them from the past, complete with all the details we look for now, evidence of them is everywhere and on everything:

 Cross-legged woodwose with shield at Hales St. Mary’s Church in Suffolk, England.

Choir stall misericord from St. Mary of Charity Church, Faversham, Kent, England.
Green man, Medieval Celtic

Hairy man riding a unicorn, said to be from an Eastern European Ancient Tarot Deck.
The Fight In The Forest, by Hans Burgkmair, believed to possibly be a depiction of the the German poem Sigenot about Dietrich Von Bern.

19th Century depiction of Grendel of the great tale, Beowulf. Grendel may have been a woodwose or bigfoot type of creature.
Old photo believed to be of the Chinese wildman or yeren.

Athoua, the “evil spirit” that haunted the sleep of the Caribbean natives around 1590.
The Lesovic is a woodland spirit of Slavic mythology that is said to protect the animals and the forest.

And various English carvings and drawings:


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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General area where the sighing took, as best as I could pinpoint.

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

This sighting took place back in May of this year. I have attempted to local the general area as best I could based on the info given. The picture of the map above is a place called Tundra near the community of Bethel, AK. I did not take this report in, I found it and I'm sharing the post word for word. Full credit for the original post should go to Deltadiscovery.com.

Here is the account.

Bird Hunters Come Upon Bigfoot

Two geese hunters who are from Bethel are the most recent eyewitnesses of a large, hairy, Bigfoot-like creature on the tundra near the community of Bethel.

One of the hunters, speaking on terms of anonymity, said that he and his partner were hunting for geese a few miles from the “golf ball” out on BIA Road on the Atmautluak Trail area when they came across the mysterious creature.

The day was a Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. It was nearing 11pm at night but it was still light out with the longer spring days.

They were on their way home on their 4-wheelers when one of them spotted the large man-like being, covered completely in dark hair sitting on the tundra in front of a lake with its legs stretched out in front of it.

“What is that?” he asked his hunting partner. They thought it was some sort of animal but looking at it, they realized it was sitting down like a person, very manlike.
“It looked like it was sitting down to eat,” said the eyewitness.
It was not a bear – it was too tall even while sitting, and it was not anything resembling a moose – it looked like a humongous person sitting on the tundra.

One of the men was curious and wanted to get closer for a better look. But no, the other hunter did not want to go any closer than they already were, which was about 100 yards or so, so they stayed where they were.

When the men first noticed the hair-covered and enormous being, they stopped to watch. At first the being did not know it was being stared at by the two hunters who were very curiously and intently looking. The creature had looked comfortable sitting on the tundra, turning its head and shoulders nonchalantly when it suddenly locked eyes with the hunters. When it locked eyes with them, the creature immediately stopped fidgeting and focused all of its attention on the two men and froze.
That gave those two hunters the major creeps.

So after trading gazes with the being for about a minute which was about as long as they could stand, the men got back on their ATVs and continued on their way home afraid and shaken but thrilled that they had seen something that could have been Bigfoot! And while they were driving back, they kept looking over their shoulder to make sure the creature was not following them!

The eyewitness who reported this encounter said that he had always questioned the validity of Bigfoot sightings. Never before had he seen anything like this, and now he says they definitely did see something.

- End Report -

It seems like  a pretty good sighting report to me. If anyone else in that area has seen a Bigfoot, feel free to contact us.


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Agogwe - The agogwe is a purported small human-like biped reported from the forests of East Africa. It is 1 to 1.7 m (3.3 to 5.58 ft) tall with long arms and long rust-coloured woolly hair and is said to have yellowish-red skin under its coat. It has also been reported as having black or grey hair. Its feet are said to be about 12 cm (5 in) long with opposable toes. Alleged differences between it ...and known apes include a rounded forehead, small canines and its hair and skin colour.

The first recorded sighting was in 1900 by a Captain William Hichens who reported his experience in the December 1937 edition of Discovery magazine thus: "Some years ago I was sent on an official lion-hunt in this area (the Ussure and Simibit forests on the western side of the Wembare plains) and, while waiting in a forest glade for a man-eater, I saw two small, brown, furry creatures come from dense forest on one side of the glade and disappear into the thickets on the other. They were like little men, about 4 feet high, walking upright, but clad in russet hair. The native hunter with me gazed in mingled fear and amazement. They were, he said, agogwe, the little furry men whom one does not see once in a lifetime."

When Hitchens was criticized and ridiculed, Cuthbert Burgoyne wrote a letter to the magazine in 1938 recounting his sighting of something similar in 1927 while coasting Portuguese East Africa in a Japanese cargo boat. They were close enough to shore that they could view the beach using a "glass of twelve magnifications" they watched a troupe of Baboons feeding and... " As we watched, two little brown men walked together out of the bush and down amongst the baboons. They were certainly not any known monkey and yet they must have been akin or they would have disturbed the baboons. They were too far away to be seen in great detail, but these small human-like animals were probably between four and five feet tall, quite upright and graceful in figure. At the time I was thrilled as they were quite evidently no beast of which I had heard or read. Later a friend and big game hunter told me he was in the Portuguese East Africa with his wife and three hunters, and saw a mother, father and child, apparently of the same species, walk across the further side of the bush clearing. The natives loudly forbade him to shoot." Without the quote, an account of Mr. Burgoyne's making such a report is given in.

Charles Cordier, a professional animal collector who worked for zoos and museums, followed the tracks of the kakundakari in Zaire in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Once, said Cordier, a Kakundakari had become entangled in one of his bird snares. "It fell on its face," said Cordier, "turned over, sat up, took the noose off its feet, and walked away before the nearby African could do anything".

The agogwe is also known as the kakundakari or kilomba in Zimbabwe and the Congo region. About 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in) tall and covered with hair, they are said to walk upright like humans.
In the Ivory Coast it is known as the sehite.
In Tanzania and northern Mozambique, they speak of the agogure or agogue, a human-like, long-armed pygmy with a coat the colour of fired earth. Although its appearance is said to be grotesque, the agogue is said to be more mischievous than menacing.

Name: Agogwe
Similar to: Bigfoot, Orang Pendek, Batutut
Location: East Africa
Movement: Bi-pedal
Size: 2-6 Feet tall
Photos/Videos: None

I do not know who to credit for the picture used with this post, sorry. I find it amazing that these bigfoot type creatures seem to be reported all over the world. What also seems a bit different is that some of there creatures seem to be a bit more aggressive when compared to our elusive Bigfoot.
Most of this post was take directly from Wikipedia.

[Source: Wikipedia ]

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Kingston, NH
A few days ago I got an interesting email from a lady named Barb. It seems she and her sister had seen a bigfoot several years ago in Kingston, New Hampshire. As most of you know we have gotten a lot of reports from there over the last year.

Here is the information that Barb provided about her sighting.

"A number of years ago my sister and I were walking down a main street in Kingston NH and we both saw a hairy creature wearing a tattered flannel shirt in a field of tall grass. There were no houses on that side of the highway and he first emerged from the woods into the field. The grass was too tall to see if he had pants on but he was covered in long fur. There was an object in his hand - it may have been a long stick. We stopped and stared...as soon as he despised we were watching, he turned around and went back to the woods. He was huge and had a long stride."

(Tom - Over the years I have heard of people seeing a bigfoot wearing clothes, if anyone else has heard of this please comment or email me.)

Here is more from Barb about her sighting.

The Vanishing Phenomenon of A Sasquatch
Is There A Simple Explanation?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
            One of the greatest curiosities about sasquatches is their ability to seemingly vanish without a trace, into thin air. Some believe it to be a supernatural ability, some equate it to some skill of super intelligence, or maybe it’s just a very unique adaptation for an animal with a prime objective of avoiding humans. Or is it really something simple?
            Occult View offered up the “bear with mental illness” theory; the idea that maybe some bigfoot sightings are actually bears with a brain malfunction that causes them to want to walk on two legs. And when threatened, it drops down to it’s normal four-legged stance and speeds away. The idea is that we’re looking at and possibly misidentifying what is actually a bear on two legs. And the reason it seems to disappear is that when it drops down to four legs, we’re still looking for an upright creature that we, of course, won’t see because our eyes are still focused on another level of vision; at least eight feet tall like we would expect in a normal sasquatch.  

bear walking on two feet
            I suppose this could be true in some cases. Bears do walk on two legs when they want to catch the scent of something...like a human, and there very well may be some mental malfunction that could cause them to do this more often.  But how many bears with this particular mental illness are walking our woods? And what are the odds that someone would see them in this mental state?
            But this theory leads us to another idea. Sasquatches have been reported to crouch down when they feel threatened or adopt a “duck and run” stance.  And they have been reported crawling away on all fours in order to hide and escape danger.
            Is it possible that they sometimes drop down on all fours as soon as they perceive a threat and reach a potential hiding place? Could their seemingly magical disappearance be a simple escape trick that can fool a human’s slow vision.  Is it possible that they do this more often than we think?
            If they duck and run, or crouch down and crawl, they would leave our field of vision instantly. Because we’re looking for a sasquatch; a 7 foot tall plus animal.   And if we did see a sasquatch crawling away on all fours, we might tell ourselves it was a bear and never give the sighting another thought.
            Another idea is that they may simply be so fast in their escape that our limited human eyesight can’t keep up. There have been many reports of them moving very quickly in very rough terrain. They appear to not be hindered by mud, or thick brush, or anything else in their path.
            And then maybe they really are supernatural beings like Native Americans have always claimed.  Maybe our human logic and reason simply can’t accept that there are some things in this world we may never know.  Maybe some things are beyond the physical and beyond our comprehension. Maybe the supernatural really does exist on a different level of reality that we aren’t capable of perceiving.  Maybe. Maybe not. But haven’t so many of us seen far too many strange things as to rule any idea out completely?
            But whatever you choose to believe, we all can agree that they’re amazing creatures we may spend a lifetime learning to understand... and still not get the job done. *********DF

Here is a video done by FB/FB 

(Keep in Mind we have not done any analysis of this video and are not saying this is a real bigfoot)

[Helpful Source:Occult View]

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This video was originally uploaded by youtube user jnctv1001. It was filmed in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It shows a somewhat fast moving figure crossing in the background. The people filming the video seem fearful of it. I have attempted to gain more detail about the figure by slowing down and zooming in on the figure. Some are making a comparison with this video and the somewhat famous Memorial Day Footage. The witness stated that the creature was very tall approx 7 – 8 feet and ran into a wooded area.

So could it be a bigfoot? It's hard to say just from this video.

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Rex Gilroy shows off a cast of his own foot and one of a yowie
In 1976 Rex Gilroy and his wife, Heather set up the Australian Yowie Research Centre in an effort gather evidence of yowies for scientific study.
Thanks to his efforts, Rex Gilroy has become known as The father of yowie research.

Back around the end June Rex and other Yowie researchers were on their way to the Northern Rivers, citing new evidence that these mysterious creatures are living around Lismore and Casino.
The expedition is being led by Rex himself and they hope to find more evidence of the yowie.

"We will be following up a number of new leads," Mr Gilroy said.
Gilroy also reported that Yowie footprints from the Lismore area were among a number used in a recent Animal Planet TV documentary, which is thought to be the Finding Bigfoot TV show.

"The fresh tracks found in the Lismore area match others from the Kempsey and Blue Mountains wilds, all of which display an opposable big toe." Gilroy stated.

"We plan to search hereabouts, where it was claimed a male and female pair of hairy hominids were seen recently by hikers, moving through a forest apparently searching for herbivorous food." continued Gilroy.

Yowies  are known as the "Bigfoot of the Bush" or the giant "hairy man", yowie believers say the beings are a primitive, ape-like race dating back at least two million years.

The Gilroys have more than 200 plaster casts of yowie tracks and thousands of accounts of yowie sightings.Rex Gilroy has logged over 30 years of research on the Yowie mystery and claims to have collected over 3000 reports.

[Source:Northern star ]

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The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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