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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Vanishing Phenomenon of A Sasquatch
Is There A Simple Explanation?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
            One of the greatest curiosities about sasquatches is their ability to seemingly vanish without a trace, into thin air. Some believe it to be a supernatural ability, some equate it to some skill of super intelligence, or maybe it’s just a very unique adaptation for an animal with a prime objective of avoiding humans. Or is it really something simple?
            Occult View offered up the “bear with mental illness” theory; the idea that maybe some bigfoot sightings are actually bears with a brain malfunction that causes them to want to walk on two legs. And when threatened, it drops down to it’s normal four-legged stance and speeds away. The idea is that we’re looking at and possibly misidentifying what is actually a bear on two legs. And the reason it seems to disappear is that when it drops down to four legs, we’re still looking for an upright creature that we, of course, won’t see because our eyes are still focused on another level of vision; at least eight feet tall like we would expect in a normal sasquatch.  

bear walking on two feet
            I suppose this could be true in some cases. Bears do walk on two legs when they want to catch the scent of something...like a human, and there very well may be some mental malfunction that could cause them to do this more often.  But how many bears with this particular mental illness are walking our woods? And what are the odds that someone would see them in this mental state?
            But this theory leads us to another idea. Sasquatches have been reported to crouch down when they feel threatened or adopt a “duck and run” stance.  And they have been reported crawling away on all fours in order to hide and escape danger.
            Is it possible that they sometimes drop down on all fours as soon as they perceive a threat and reach a potential hiding place? Could their seemingly magical disappearance be a simple escape trick that can fool a human’s slow vision.  Is it possible that they do this more often than we think?
            If they duck and run, or crouch down and crawl, they would leave our field of vision instantly. Because we’re looking for a sasquatch; a 7 foot tall plus animal.   And if we did see a sasquatch crawling away on all fours, we might tell ourselves it was a bear and never give the sighting another thought.
            Another idea is that they may simply be so fast in their escape that our limited human eyesight can’t keep up. There have been many reports of them moving very quickly in very rough terrain. They appear to not be hindered by mud, or thick brush, or anything else in their path.
            And then maybe they really are supernatural beings like Native Americans have always claimed.  Maybe our human logic and reason simply can’t accept that there are some things in this world we may never know.  Maybe some things are beyond the physical and beyond our comprehension. Maybe the supernatural really does exist on a different level of reality that we aren’t capable of perceiving.  Maybe. Maybe not. But haven’t so many of us seen far too many strange things as to rule any idea out completely?
            But whatever you choose to believe, we all can agree that they’re amazing creatures we may spend a lifetime learning to understand... and still not get the job done. *********DF

Here is a video done by FB/FB 

(Keep in Mind we have not done any analysis of this video and are not saying this is a real bigfoot)

[Helpful Source:Occult View]

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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1 comment:

  1. I also think that sasquatches use trees to block out their outline ( tree peeking) more than most people realize . When most people are out in the bush they are used to seeing "horizontal" animals versus "vertical" animals, or animal shapes. When movement is detected , people tend to naturally look for a horizontally shaped animal , not something tall standing behind a tree or other cover to break up it's outline or shape. One moment it's there, then poof , it's gone!


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