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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kingston, NH
A few days ago I got an interesting email from a lady named Barb. It seems she and her sister had seen a bigfoot several years ago in Kingston, New Hampshire. As most of you know we have gotten a lot of reports from there over the last year.

Here is the information that Barb provided about her sighting.

"A number of years ago my sister and I were walking down a main street in Kingston NH and we both saw a hairy creature wearing a tattered flannel shirt in a field of tall grass. There were no houses on that side of the highway and he first emerged from the woods into the field. The grass was too tall to see if he had pants on but he was covered in long fur. There was an object in his hand - it may have been a long stick. We stopped and stared...as soon as he despised we were watching, he turned around and went back to the woods. He was huge and had a long stride."

(Tom - Over the years I have heard of people seeing a bigfoot wearing clothes, if anyone else has heard of this please comment or email me.)

Here is more from Barb about her sighting.

"It  was very tall and large overall. It had to be at least 7 feet to perhaps 7 and a half feet tall. It was just massive. My son's are both 6 foot 2, and he was a good foot taller, at least. He had huge, long arms. I almost think he was carrying a scythe - but it could have been a stick."

Barb continued
"At the time were staying at the Pine Acres cottages on the lake across from Kingston State Park. On that day, it was very sunny and hot - so we were walking to the General Store to get soda and ice cream. I was about 17 and my sister was about 11. It was 1972.

He was across the roadway in this big field of tall grasses that went up to his waist. We saw him step out of the tree line and walk through the field. He stopped and froze when he saw us and then very quickly turned and went back to the woods. He may have squatted down and crawled back, because he disappeared very fast. I'm not sure.

At the time I had never heard of, or was interested in, Sasquatch or Bigfoot. It happened out of the blue, but neither of us will ever forget it.
I think the thing that really sticks in my mind the most was how shocked he was that we had stopped and were looking at him. I don't think he expected to draw any attention to himself. He froze dead in his tracks and looked at right at us, then turned away quickly and was gone. The whole experience only took minutes, but it was something else.
I wish I could tell you more."
- End Report -

Thanks to Barb for the report and the story.

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