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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seeing as how the video is now set to private here is a still from the video

What does everyone think, would you like to see more?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 13 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. I definately need to see more prior to reaching any conclusions.

  2. Seriously? After all of the hype and years of promises-- THIS is the best they can give us? Anybody can lie under a blanket of fake fur and make it "breathe"!!!

  3. Yeah. It's promising that Erickson has put so much time and money into this, but like anyone when it comes to video, I would need something verifiable in the environment.

  4. I will have to see more to make my assessment. Looks promising though. But we have all been there,,huh? If there is more, I dislike the fact these ticklers are being put out. I think we are all getting tired of this drama, if you have something to report, report it, don't leak tidbits to get attention. If you have a real deal, it will get attention fast.

  5. This has been going on for SO long! Makes me think it may be bogus & that they r afraid of back lash? That fur looks like a bad fake & not like it would repel the rain? I am a total believer but this is not OK, the fact that its been taking so long & these "tiny teasers" I just dont like it.

  6. fake as a fake monkey suit or fake fur!!!

  7. Chewbacca taking a nap

  8. Even though this video doesn't show jack, I am very encouraged by the HD quality. If the Miltida subject stands up and walks towards the camera (as it has been reported that she does) the video will probably be on par with the PG film. Possibily even better.

  9. I just can't see this as genuine. As a widely traveled hunter, I just don't see the constant coloring as anything I've seen. Especially in longer haired game (and people) the ends of the hairs being "older" than the root are lighter, thanks to the sun. However, most mammals will have at least some variation in coloring in their coats. Some of this is due to the wear and tear with a combination of sun bleaching, BUT most have natural tonal nuances. Matilda looks to be one color, head to toe, no variations, no cockleburs, no 'stick-tites' and not a hint of the natural look I would expect. Perhaps I'm overanalyzing, over thinking and just down with a bad case of sour grapes... Do hope it's legit though.

    1. I certainly respect your expertise as a hunter, but what about bears, aren't they often one color head to toe?

  10. Why are they teasing us with just showing it sleeping.. why didn't they come out with the thing waking up. Just just discredits them you know. Seems they want us to pay to see the rest. Very discrediting to them are they idiots.?

  11. In general, I do not think Bigfoots are dumb enough to sleep in plain site. And with their keen senses, that any animal in the wild, I think it would have heard them approach. I believe even a hybernating bear would wake up.. It's a load of shit.. And I'm a total believer in bigfoot.

  12. As professional bigfoot hunters/searchers you should know enough than to fake it. It cries wolf so when you finally do get one on film no one believe you guys. I want to believe. But seriously no bigfoot will sleep in the open,nor will he not wake up when you approach. No animal in the wild has ever been found sleeping, why because they have keen senses and can smell you in their sleep. Bigfoots are well adjusted to the environment so their senses are just as keen as any wild animal. So prove this is real by showing us the footage of it waking up and showing us the face so we can conclude if it is indeed real or fake. It's hard to fake a face....what say you???


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