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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I'm guessing that a lot of people have never heard of this report that appeared in Anchorage Daily News back in 1993. Often times these reports are buried away and forgotten. I'm attempting to bring many of these lost or little know accounts back to the bigfoot community. We must remember that many new bigfoot enthusiast join the community often and they need to know about these historical accounts.

The follow account comes from a refrigeration mechanic by the name of Dana Jacallen. Jacallen is sure he's had several encounters with bigfoot and recounted them for the newspaper. After reading the original publishing, I say the chances he encountered bigfoot is very good.

Here is his story along with the newspaper clippings.

Jacallen's fascination with the creatures goes back to a cold morning in 1979 in the remote Etolin Island area near Wrangell. He and his hunting partner were hoping to harvest some of the deer they knew inhabited an alpine meadow at the head of the fiord.
They arrived by boat late in the evening, just before dark. Jacallen hiked up the hillside to sleep near the meadow, while his hunting partner stayed on the boat.

Jacallen was suddenly awoken, just a little before dawn the next morning,by having his sleeping bag jerked out from under him. Half asleep, he thought it was just his hunting partner getting him up to hunt. He continues to put on his boots and grab his rifle, all the while thinking his hunting buddy was already ahead of him.

Once to his feet, he starts following some tracks in the snow. At first he thought it was his friends tracks but suddenly realized the tracks were much larger than his size ten boot. He also notices the tracks appear to be a bare foot track. He knew it was not his friends but continued to follow the tracks anyways. After all, he did have his rifle.

Then he sees what was making the tracks.

He said "I stopped and looked up. Fifteen feet away, one hand on his hip, the other gripping a branch of the hemlock that was just above my head, was the biggest, hairiest guy on two legs I ever want to see." He would later guess the creature to be between 7 and 8 feet tall.

He went on to say: "Without thinking I started to thumb the safety off. He turned his head to stare at me straight in the eyes. His teeth were showing, but it was not a snarl or a grin. I want to say it was a knowing smile. I knew I could place a killing shot, but I also knew it would be wrong, even criminal."

Jacallen said he heard "an unmistakable sense of warning, as clearly as if someone had spoken. It wasn't logic, it wasn't fear it was communication. . .He was saying to me with all the power of the spirit, 'Leave me alone.' "

After this, the creature turned and walked in the forest. Jacallen scrammed down the hillside and met his hunting buddy. After it was good and daylight the two men retraced Jacallen's steps and got measurements of the tracks and the tree branch. The footprints measured 17 inches long and 5 or 6 inches wide. The impressions left in the mossy ground convinced the men that the creature had weighed 600 to 800 pounds. The hemlock branch the creature griped was measured to be 9 and half foot off the ground.

Jacallen compared the the bigfoot to the one in the film Harry and the Hendersons.
Stating:  "This one was equally as large, but more lean. He had long, silky hair. On his arm it was a good 6 inches long. He walked erect and he was quiet. He made no sound. He was graceful. . . . He had a glint in his eye. He had intelligence."

But that was not the last time Jacallen had a run in with a Hairy man. He also tells of 2 other occasions in the newspaper article. One was while he was trapping for mink and something kept setting off his traps. One trap had a stick still in it. The other time was when he was building a cedar shed.

If you can download or zoom in on the following images, you should be able to read more about all of these accounts. That is what I did and it was readable. This was a rather large publishing and there are a lot of details. I just hit a few of the high points.

Here are the images.


 First part of the newspaper article.

 Second part of the newspaper article.

Originally published in the Anchorage Daily News, March 1, 1993


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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1 comment:

  1. %100 Truth they do speak to you with there mind,more and more will see them more and more will hear them.And it’s just not hearing and seeing it’s all about what they make you feel.Fear some feel the most wise and care they make you feel.Not all are the same just like humans good and bad.Not all look alike not all feel the same about humans because man kill.The World will see and feel what this is all about with them.It is Time.Its about the World 🌎They will tell ones with good spirit.The Earth needs help.Its time for them to come out.But humans are slow with understanding with there Heart.


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