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Bigfoot sighting near Joplin, Missouri
Bigfoot near Joplin, Missouri

This report is from our friend Casey Macias. Casey is a bigfoot enthusiast who enjoys researching the unknown.

Elain Byrd, a lovely woman in her late 60's early 70's, claims to have sighed a Sasquatch in the woods behind her house on the morning of August 6th, on a little tiny trail/path that she often goes down in the early mornings to bird watch.
She said she took up the hobby of bird watching after her husband passed away in 2002 at the age of 72. She loves birds watching and said watching them early in the morning gives her a peace of mind in her dark times. She was uncomfortable with going on audio and video so she gave me permission to tell her story.

Like I said she is in her late 60's early 70's but she is very coherent and completely competent. She woke up early in the morning between the hours of 4am and 5am to feed her dogs, she noted that for the better part of the night they where causing a fuss, a big fuss way more than usual. She said that her dogs had been acting funny or scared for a few days but she thought nothing about it. She said they have acted as if they wanted to come into the house on several occasions in the last three weeks. She also has a smaller dog that stays inside with her. On this particular morning when she walked out of her house she couldn’t get her little dog to come out with her she even put a leash on it and tried to drag it out of the house, but she wouldn’t come out at all. This resulted in the dog having an "accident" inside the house, which according to Elain is something that hasn’t happened in a very long time, not since she was a puppy.

Elain lives In the suburbs of Webb City Missouri, in between Joplin Missouri and Webb city. After attempting to feed her three very large dogs, who wouldn't even touch their dog food and after going back inside to feed her small dog, she got her clothes on and proceeded to head out into the woods. There is a little trail, that used to be an ATV trail, behind Elain's house. She took her usual items with her, which included her walking stick and a small backpack with water and her binoculars. The time it was about 7:30am and she was walking down the path taking her time looking toward her usual areas for her beloved birds, when she noticed that for some reason she wasn't finding any birds at all. She said she thought to herself “well that's not entirely unusual", there had been a few days where she didn't see anything until just before 9am. She kept walking the path that's only about a quarter of a mile long, deeper and deeper into the foliage. She checked the time and it was pushing 9:45am and still not one bird, not even the sound of birds.

She said it was weird and that you can always here birds down her path. She said there had been mornings where she couldn't see them but she could still here them.
Normally she stays out till around 12:30  or 1 o'clock  in order to make it home to fix herself some lunch but It was an eerie silence in the woods that morning, it kind of made her feel uncomfortable.

So she decided to turn around and slowly head back to her house, all the while keeping an eye out for her birds, still nothing. So she took a water break, then she said she herd movement like tree branches down the path but she couldn't see what it was because there is a few hills on the trail.
She just couldn't see over then next little hill to see what it was. So she puts her water away and begins walking slowly up the little hill taking her time, being carefully not to step on any branches or twigs or grass, anything that would be too loud and might scare the birds, she thought she heard in the brush over the little hill.

When she got to the top of the hill and looked down the other side, just enough to peek over the hill without scaring the birds away, she noticed something that she thought was a large man wearing hunting attire of some sort. She stated she was kind of upset because she doesn't allow anyone to hunt on her little bit of property that she owns. Being upset, she hurried a little to rush towards the man and noticed that it wasn't a man at all but a large hairy brown something, that was standing upright moving some branches around.

I asked her to describe what she saw. She gave me a description of  what sounds like a Sasquatch. She stated it was very tall between 6 and 7 feet with a cone shaped head. She said she called out to the man or whatever it was, to state to their business on her property. She said she was very nervous and didn't know what it was, she said she startled it, because it turned to look at her and it did, as she put it “An About Face”, her middle son was in the Army Reserves so she was very familiar with the military, she stated that whatever it was turned so hard that it would have given her whiplash. The creature headed the other way very quickly and she said that its arms where hanging down, way lower than the average man, She said it started walking faster then sort of ran and turned sideways kind of bending down as if it was going to get onto all fours. The creature headed into the trees and was gone.
She told me she wasn't sure if it actually got onto all fours or if it just seamed like it cause whatever it was bent down so fast. She said she was frightened so bad that she didn't know what to do.

She had her cell phone with her and called her son and stayed on the phone with him until she made it back to her house. She said that she has not stepped foot back into those trees and has only gone out the back door in order to feed her dogs. She did note that the dogs behavior seemed to have gone back to normal in the past few days. She stated that she had heard from neighbors that their animals were also acting funny, but that they have being ok now.

So I asked her if she would at least go outback with me, into the woods, in order to show me where she saw the creature, so that I could look around and she agreed, but only under the conditions that she called her youngest son to go with us. I said that was ok and I understand.

We went back into the woods and she showed me around where everything was she felt uneasy and very scared but felt a little better with me and her son there with her. Her son had brought a rifle with him in order to make her feel better.
I noticed a lot of the trees had been moved around and looked as though something had been making its way threw them with ease, almost as if you took a 4x4 truck threw some brush, but nothing was too broken up.
Just as if something had been moving the brush around for whatever reason. I took some photos of the area including the spot where she claims it had almost seamed like it went on all fours. I thanked her and her son for their time and told her that if anything else out of the ordinary happens to give me a call. She seamed very relived to get it off her chest stating her middle son had told her not to call the police.
Based on what I noticed out in the area and what she described, it sounds like she witnessed a Bigfoot. There was plenty of woods and a river near by, which according to her son, has plenty of fish in it. It seams to me that she might have scared the Bigfoot out of the area by shouting at it.

Here is the Photos I took.

  the trail in the woods behind her home

The trail

Pretty heavily forested

spot where she claimed it kind of bent down on all fours


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Is Nessie Real?
Nessie - Real or Not?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Does The Loch Ness Monster Really Exist?
Extreme Monster Hunter, Adam Davies, Weighs In
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher 

            Most of us in the bigfoot world believe in the creature because there’s enough evidence floating around out there to give us good reasons. Hundreds of researchers around North America and around the world are collecting evidence nearly every day, listening to hundreds of stories and filing reports. It’s enough of a constant cycle of sightings and reports to at least give all of us reason to believe we need to examine the subject further.

            Bigfoot gets a lot of attention because he’s earned it. He keeps popping up in lots of places around the world and holding everyone’s interest. But when you look at Facebook pages and websites dedicated to The Loch Ness Monster, there doesn’t seem to be so much activity; one recent report and photo among a few other scattered sightings over the course of time. No volume even close to the number of bigfoot and yeti reports around the world.

            So does The Loch Ness Monster, aka Nessie in Scotland warrant the same attention and emotional investment from researchers and locals there? Does it really exist? I just had to ask our favorite cryptid hunter, Adam Davies, the guy who’s actually been there and done the work to look for Nessie and worked with National Geographic, Monster Quest, and Finding Bigfoot, what his thoughts are on the subject. He knows lake monsters exist. He’s actually seen one. And even though it’s a really hard thing in the cryptid world for a cryptid researcher to say he doesn’t think a certain cryptid exists, Adam seemed pretty comfortable saying it’s his opinion that Nessie doesn’t exist, and he explains why:

“I know Lake Monsters exist.

Importantly, so do credible scientists. 

In 1999, I was part of a team which used a hydrophone to prove the existence of Selma, the Norwegian version of Nessie. 

You could clearly hear the animals seemingly communicating with one another. So convincing was it that it led the Marine Research Institute in Bergen to conclude we had found an unknown species. Importantly, I also saw it. 

In Loch Ness a year later, I tried the same approach with the hydrophone. Simply put, apart from fish, there was nothing very interesting registering on our hydrophone.

What could it be in the Lake then? Well, to dismiss all the accounts as  floating logs, wakes or just lies was incorrect in my opinion. I remember seeing a particularly persuasive account by a Monk who had certainly seen an animal in the water. He described its specific movement through the water. He had certainly seen an animal.

What could it be then? Fishermen at Foyers told me they had seen huge eels in the Loch. Large eels would explain the shape of the animal many people were describing, I concluded. I was never a fan of the `sturgeon theory.`

I would be delighted to be proved wrong! If anyone does, I will join the queue to shake their hand.  However, the only way I can see Nessie actually existing is if it is an infrequent visitor to the Loch.”
But Adam certainly hasn’t lost faith or the inspiration to keep searching for these types of
creatures, as he expressed further thoughts about that in his  statement:                                                                                                                                                      
“Fascinatingly though, I heard on several occasions from locals about Loch Morar.  One very well known Nessie skeptic suggested that I look there to see my second Lake Monster, as did locals. With its clear waters, and without the tourist focus of Loch Ness, it has a real appeal.

If there is a Lake Monster in Britain this is the best place to search.

I know Lake Monsters exist…”

            So is it possible we all just caught a glimpse into where Adam’s headed next?  He  

wouldn’t say, so who knows?  But  Loch Morar, also in Scotland, may be the future hot spot to 

watch for lake monsters. Stay tuned.   

[Special Thanks to Adam Davies]

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Here is the TV show, America's Oddities, that I worked with. It is a lighthearted, fun type of show that makes it fun without making fun of the people or stories. There was more interviews and information given but I'm not sure if it will make it into another episode or the final cut.
I hope you enjoy it.


So the show has officially been picked up and will air in spring 2014. This was posted up by JP, the director/producer/expert. Yay!
Thanks to all the folks America's Oddities and good luck with the show. I had a great time filming with you guys.

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Mitchell talks about UFOs
Edgar Mitchell
In an article on Bloomberg News, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was asked about the Roswell incident, and replied that he had been contacted not only by the man who delivered the coffins to the base for the bodies found in the wreckage, but by descendants of other original Roswell observers. He went on to say that the UFO cover-up has gone on far too long, and that this is due to the military industrial complex's obsessive secrecy.

Edgar Mitchell was the sixth man to walk on the moon. Mitchell was on the third NASA manned lunar landing mission, Apollo 14.

UFO Crash in Roswell
1947 paper
Recently the government admitted to Area 51, so maybe we are inching closer to full disclosure.


[Mitchell Image: NASA]
[Source:Unknown Country]

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If I described to you a creature that had a 10 foot long neck, a 10 foot long tail and a 30 foot long large round body, what would you guess it to be? I'm sure most of you would say that it was a dinosaur. Well this is what has been described by numerous witnesses for over 100 years.

Deep in central Africa in the Congo there is said to live a dinosaur, the pygmies of the Likouala swamp region call the creature mokele-mbembe, which translated means "One that stops the flow of rivers."

The creature has also been described as having grey to brown skin with no hair and as spending most of it time under the water. The creature is said to sometime travel in search of food or to other near by swamps and rivers, resulting in some of the reported sightings. The locals say that Mokele-Mbembe will over turn boats and kill people by biting them or hitting them with it tail but it is thought that the creature is herbivore, plant eater.

So I'm sure you are asking "where is the evidence?" or "is there any evidence?"  well there is some evidence that we should consider.

First lets consider that sightings have been reported for over 100 years now, with the earliest record dating back to 1776. There has been and continues to be expeditions in the region searching for the creature.
The next evidence we should consider is the odd Tracks. The tracks are described as a rounded shape about 3 foot in diameter having 3 toes with claws and having a stride distance of between 7-8 feet.
Here is a photo of a possible track

A living dinosaur
Dinosaur track?
There is also some possible video evidence that needs to be considered as well.  In 1992 members of a Japanese film crew allegedly filmed video of Mokele-mbembe. As they were filming aerial footage from a small plane over the area of Lake Tele, intending to obtain some shots for a documentary, they noticed something in the water and shot about 15 seconds of video. Here is a still frame from that video.

A living dinosaur

But that is not all, there have been many more expeditions into the Congo looking for Mokele-Mbeme, one in 1992 by William Gibbons produced 2 photos of unidentified objects in the water. Gibbons claimed one was the head of the creature.

Many experts have looked into the tales of Mokele-Mbeme and those who did not just dismiss it as folklore, stated it could be a sauropod dinosaur. When locals were shown a picture of a sauropod dinosaur they said that picture is of Mokele-mbembe.

Even, Ivan T. Sanderson, The man who coined of the word cryptozoology, Saw what he said and wrote to be the Mokele-Mbeme. Sanderson seen the creature dive back into the water and he stated that it's head was as large as a hippo.

So could it be possible that a dinosaur or group of dinosaurs are still living?  But before you make up your mind completely consider that it is estimated that about 80 percent of the Congo remains unexplored.
So maybe there will be a real Jurassic Park someday, and talking about movies, the movie Baby: Secret of the lost legend, starring William Katt, was based on sighting reports of the Mokele-Mbeme.


[Sources: Wikipedia, mokelembembe]
[sauropod Photo: oakdome]

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Bigfoot video from Florida

I have attempted to enhance a video taken in Florida of a possible bigfoot. I was ask to look at this and try to enhance it. The original uploader is JaredGaston95.
What do you think? It walks like a person to me.

Patty of the Patterson film

I took a little time, testing out some software, to try and enhance the boob bounce of patty.
The breast do seem to move naturally.


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Lawson Bar area
Lawson Bar area
TCC's Bobby and Corinna long take in a report of a possible bigfoot encounter. They went and filmed the area, please watch the video below. The full report is below the video.

- Start Report -
On or very near July 6th a couple went to Lawson bar to take an early morning swim. It was still dark on the river.
As they walked near the river something made a huge splash approximately 60 feet from the bank. They thought it may be a beaver slapping its tail or a large fish jumping. Then it happened again.
Erik took his flashlight out to see what it was. Though his light was dim he spotted large rocks being thrown from the opposite side of the river, a few as large as a soccer ball maybe a basketball!!! As many as six or more large rocks were thrown in their direction but not coming too close.

Erik decided to throw a hand sized rock in that direction and he heard it hit the rocks on the opposite bank then in return another large one was returned at him. He then threw a handful of small rocks back scattering all across the area. Him and his girlfriend then heard loud footfalls in the water (two legged) then it ran up the hill away from the river. Erik explained there is no possible way a man could move that quickly in that terrain, up that hill and in the dark!
It ran up a hill I could barely climb in broad daylight. (Bobby)

After realizing what they had possibly throwing rocks at they quickly got back to their car and got out of there. Erik explained he has not returned since the incident. He is positive they had encountered a Bigfoot.
Erik Jensen & Krista (Alias)

GPS 42.9474N, 1223.33647W   Altitude 634'

- End Report -

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Red haired giants
Red Haired Giants
Early 2011 near Lovelock Excavations Cave in Lovelock Nevada, the mummified remains of two giants that appeared to have had red hair were found. 

The Paiute tribe, a native American tribe of Nevada,  tell of how their ancestors once fought against a race of 10 foot tall white men with red hair.

The Paiute tribe called these giants the Si-te-cah giants or tule-eaters. Tule is a fibrous water plant.
According to oral tradition these red haired giants would hunt the Paiute and eat them.

Apparently the giants lived in a large cave or were chased there by the Paiute tribe. The Paiute tribe managed to build a fire at the cave and would kill the giants as they ran out. Any that didn't run out died from the smoke.

Arrowheads have been found near the cave where the giants were discovered.  Two bodies were recovered from the cave, one of a man and of a woman.

Some claim this is all untrue and was just something to gain tourist.


[Source: Wikipedia]

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Reincarnation - is it real

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

So You Don’t Believe In Reincarnation?
Consider These Things - The Soul Series Part 3
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

    Over the years, through experience and knowledge, I’ve come to believe in at least the possibility of reincarnation. I’ve had enough strange experiences of the world that I never dismiss something as impossible any more. And I believe it’s folly to say something isn’t possible when “impossible” things happen every day. I DO believe that the mysteries of the universe run far deeper than any of us really imagine. And you may think it’s easier to believe in something like Bigfoot because there is some evidence to suggest they exist, where there’s no proof of reincarnation at all. Right?
Well, let’s examine this a little further.
In parts one and two of this series, I’ve introduced the possibility that our soul is actually an energy force that drives us and makes us who we are; a real, genuine source of energy like any other known to science. And science knows that energy can’t be destroyed. It can only change its form. So if the soul is as I describe, where does it go when we die?
Is it possible that you are a time traveler?
With all this information in mind, suppose you have died. But suppose that it’s just your body that has given out. This other part of you, your soul, this indestructible energy force must now find a new home. It needs a body…and what better body to use than a newborn baby?
But you don’t have to take my word for it.
Dr. Ian Stevenson, Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia has spent many years studying cases of reincarnation in children. And he has documented over 3000 cases in the course of his career. He’s a medical doctor, the former head of the department of psychiatry for the university; and has a spotless reputation. And believers and skeptics alike who are familiar with his work agree that he has the best collection of evidence yet that could prove the validity of reincarnation.
Thousands of children remember details, events, circumstances, and names of people they knew. They can find their way around places with which they couldn’t possibly be familiar unless they had been there. And they remember details about vocations they couldn’t possibly know unless they had worked in that vocation. Some even recall details of a different language if their supposed last life was in a different country. And many experience seemingly mysterious physical pain from an injury or death in the previous life. These experts estimate that 90 percent of physical ailments we have can be attributed to some past life experience.
And experts like Dr.Stevenson claim children have a better chance of remembering a past life while they’re young, like it’s fresher in their minds. But these memories have a tendency to fade as they get older.
But on a more personal level, maybe you’ve had some experience of this and didn’t realize it. Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Do you have an abnormal fear of something that literally consumes you and yet you don’t know where it came from? Could it be you had a terrifying experience in a previous life that may have even claimed your life and now invokes horrible fear as you recall it in this one?
  2. Did your parents claim that you possessed certain significant personality traits from the day you were born?
  3. Do you have certain aches or pains or other physical ailments that no doctor seems to be able to help? I.E. if you were strangled or hanged in a previous life, you may experience neck pain in this one for no apparent reason.
  4. Have you ever had a dream that was historically accurate? Like it correlated with a familiar period in history? Were you wearing clothes from the period? Did you feel like you were really there? Could it be not just a simple dream, but a past life recollection?
  5. Do you feel more comfortable in certain types of terrain? Do you maybe feel more at home in the mountains or by the seaside, when maybe you weren’t necessarily born there? Could it be you had a happy life in one of those places in a former life?
  6. Have you ever met someone that you liked right away and had that feeling like you’ve “known each other forever?” These experts say we find a way to stay close to the same familiar souls in each life. Could it be you really have known this person forever?
  7. Have you ever met someone you hated right away but really couldn’t put your finger on the idea of why? Could it be this person wronged you in some way in a previous life and you, on some level, sense it in this one?
  8. Have you ever seen someone and instantly felt drawn to them by some unseen force you couldn’t explain? Almost like they seemed familiar? Could it be they remind you of someone you’ve known before and even loved in a past life? Could it be that you somehow recognized this as a person you’ve known before?
  9. Have you ever entered a place you’ve never been to before, but somehow it seems familiar? Is it possible you’ve been there in a previous life?
  10. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that gives you that feeling of déjà-vu? Like this has happened to you before, but you know it couldn’t have possibly? But is it possible it may have happened to you this way in a previous life?
  11. Have you ever known a child that seemed frustrated by being a child and having the limitations of being a child? Could it be this person is unknowingly trying to accomplish something that was left unresolved in a previous life?
  12. Do you have emotional issues that you can’t seem to resolve? Are you stuck in your life or confused much of the time? Do you feel you have a mental block about certain aspects of your life. Could it be that these problems were created in a previous life, never resolved, and carried with you into this one?

     Grasping the idea of having lived past lives gives an explanation to many things in our lives we can’t

explain. And strangely it takes away the fear of death somewhat because it lets us know that this life

is not the end. There is another after this one. We have another chance. It can change our whole

perspective on life and why we are the way we are. Maybe…just maybe there’s always a reason.

     Modern medical science is just beginning to recognize the possibility that many of our problems,

 mental and physical, can be healed through past life regression therapy. The act of finding the origin

 of our problems in this life by delving into previous ones is proving to be very successful. And

 they’re using it more and more. Why?

     Could it be because we really have lived before? Hmmm. ******DF

     Still don’t believe? Check out this video featuring little James Leininger who recalls compelling

 details of his past life as a WWII fighter pilot:

©The Crypto Crew 

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3 Ufos filmed in VA
This video was shot by Chris Light, he has allowed me to attempt to enhance it. Chris films 3 similar looking objects near his home. Chris also told me that the objects made no sound whatsoever.
These objects look very similar to a report we got from Jeremy Ward in Kentucky (Report HERE).

Check out the video, the enhancement come after the clip.


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Can out of body really happen?
[photo taken from ning.com]

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Soul Series Part 2: Out-Of-Body Experience/Astral Projection
 Is It Possible?
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher
(Soul Series Part 1)(Soul Series Part 2) (Soul Series Part 3)

I never ask anyone to replace their own beliefs with mine. I respect everyone’s beliefs because they come from a place of their own perceptions. People believe what they believe based on their experiences…that are a very personal thing to each individual. And who are we to judge others’ experiences?  The only thing I wish for my readers is to make them think about things a little differently and try to imagine different possibilities.  So here I go again.

In Western society, we’re used to believing that body and soul are mutually exclusive. And after explaining a possible practical way to wrap one’s mind around the idea of a living soul in Part 1, I want to take us a step further. If the soul IS in fact real, then does it take on a life of its own, and can it separate from the body? Are near death experiences (NDE’s) and astral projection really possible? Let’s just try to imagine it for just a moment.

If the soul is our energy source, then science can be applied to the subject, in a manner of speaking. Science tells us that energy can’t be destroyed. It can only move or change its form.

So, imagine for a moment that your body is just an organism. A mass of living tissue. What if it’s the soul, our energy source, that makes it a thinking, feeling human? What if one relies on the other to make it what it is? The body would rely on the soul to give it life and character. But interestingly also, the soul would require a body, a physical instrument, in order to create a visual image of the energy of what the soul is trying to say.

I.E. it would be impossible for the soul to manifest a smile on its own. And invisible entity/energy source can’t smile. It needs a mouth to do that. Ambitions on their own would be futile without an actual body to move this energy source forward. To have a thought to do something isn’t enough. We need the body combined with the mind to make things happen in our lives. Neither can exist on their own.  So could it be that we think of the body and soul as one complete entity because they are so tightly tied to each other?

 Or are they?

This organism we call our body wears out. And it eventually will die. But often the “energy” we feel in our “soul” doesn’t match what our body can accomplish, especially when we get older. How often do older people complain, “My spirit is willing, but my body won’t cooperate.”   Could it be that the energy source I’m calling the soul is still every bit as strong as it was the day we were born…like any other energy source? Could it be that it’s not diminished in the least because, scientifically speaking, energy can’t be destroyed?

So if we can follow this, it begs a few profound questions.

Just exactly what happens to this energy source, the soul, when we die? It can’t be destroyed. According to science, it must move or change its form. So where does it go? What does it become? 

Many religions attempt to answer this question. But what if a little tiny bit of science can also be applied?  Let me ask you this: If you’ve ever lost a loved one, did you ever feel their presence was still lingering around you for a time after they passed?  Did it seem there was still “energy” around you that you felt was their energy? What if that energy is an actual scientifically stated, tangible energy form like any other energy form? What if, after this person’s body has died, the person’s energy, life force, essence, or soul is still just hanging around you for a time?

            Thousands of people claim to have, at one time, had an out-of-body experience, (OOB) or astral projection or what they referred to as a near death experience when they faced a near-fatal injury or illness. They experienced the sensation of leaving their body and looking down on it from above. And they claim they still had a sense of themselves. They knew who they were and they knew the body below had belonged to them. But for some reason, they returned to that body and resumed their lives. And afterward, they could recall what had happened to them. Are these people dreaming, or simply crazy? Or does the soul or energy force simply leave a body that has died and can no longer serve the purpose the soul requires of it? If the soul can no longer use this body as an instrument, does it take its business elsewhere? And if so, where does it go?

Those of us who delve in cryptozoology and the paranormal are faced every day with accepting new avenues of thought. And we’re lucky that our minds are challenged in such a way.  It’s hard for us to say that one strange thing exists, but another couldn’t possibly. We have to remain open to a broader world and all its possibilities. This is just one more thing to consider.

 Keep in mind, I’m not asking anyone to believe anything I say. But to only just imagine the implications of this. Imagine what this means if it’s even close to being true. Of course, we’ll probably never know for sure in our lifetime, but it’s an exercise in a whole new world of thought.  And I’ll dive into that a little deeper next week.

Stay tuned for part 3. ********DF  

©The Crypto Crew

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Is there a soul in there
Frame from Planet of the Apes (2001)

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Does The Soul Really Exist?
Soul Series Part 1
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

                        When you had no real spiritual guidance as a child like me, it’s easy to lean on the side of what you believe is practical and logical when you choose what to believe about the world. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. And you’re convinced you’re right and that it’s completely sensible. And no one can tell you otherwise, and you won’t believe otherwise.

            But if you’re lucky like me and have had weird things happen to you, that weirdness has a tendency to move your brain forward. Every time you have a strange experience it challenges you to think in new ways, and ask new questions. Cryptozoology challenges us in such a way. We have to wonder if there are a lot of things that exist around us that just haven’t been proved.  And one of my big questions of the universe once was, “Do I really have a soul?”

            After years of deliberation, I decided I do, and I’ll tell you why.

            I’ve asked a lot of different people this question over the years, and reactions were mixed. Sometimes the eye rolling would begin from non-believers, and others most definitely believed the soul exists, but couldn’t really define it.

            So what are we really talking about when we talk about the human soul? I could only go from my own frame of reference to start.

When I have, in the past, described a person as having “no soul,” I meant this person was cold, distant, and uncaring. If I described someone has having a “beautiful soul,” I usually meant this person had a warm, caring, and inviting nature. So if you really think about it, aren’t I talking about an energy source?

            Most people exude something. Whether it’s negative or positive, everyone gives on an energy force that other people respond to in kind.

            Now, when we’re trying to put a definition to it, it’s difficult.  It’s really easy to see the soul as that part of us that’s intangible or indefinable.  But is it really?

            If your soul is simply the type of energy you exude, then that energy is either positive or negative. How often are you drawn to people who radiate positive energy, or are repelled by someone throwing out negative vibes? We pick our significant others, friends, and colleagues and make our life’s choices based very much on the energy we receive from them. You choose the house that feels like home. You pick the kitten that tugs at your heartstrings. You pick the mate you feel like you’ve known forever. How real are all these things; these decisions that sprout from this part of you that supposedly can’t be defined? Are they really intangible?  

Are your thoughts intangible? What about your personality, your beliefs, your hopes and dreams, aspirations, opinions, ambitions, fears, and insecurities?  No. They’re very real because they’re yours. They belong to you. You feel them and you know they’re real because you experience them every day. And they are the things of which your “soul” consists. All these things combined create it.  Science refers to it as “the self,” but every term boils down to your energy source; all the things about you together that make you who you are.

 So “the soul” becomes a pretty important part of you. Maybe the most important part, because without it, you aren’t you at all.

            And without it, you can’t perceive what you see around you. You can’t make determinations about anything without all these traits of which your soul is made. Maybe you believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, UFO’s, etc. Chances are, you believe in something. But how can you decide anything in this world is real if the self or soul that’s making that determination ISN’T real.  And the answer is: you can’t.  

Your soul is as real as any other part of you. *******DF

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