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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If I described to you a creature that had a 10 foot long neck, a 10 foot long tail and a 30 foot long large round body, what would you guess it to be? I'm sure most of you would say that it was a dinosaur. Well this is what has been described by numerous witnesses for over 100 years.

Deep in central Africa in the Congo there is said to live a dinosaur, the pygmies of the Likouala swamp region call the creature mokele-mbembe, which translated means "One that stops the flow of rivers."

The creature has also been described as having grey to brown skin with no hair and as spending most of it time under the water. The creature is said to sometime travel in search of food or to other near by swamps and rivers, resulting in some of the reported sightings. The locals say that Mokele-Mbembe will over turn boats and kill people by biting them or hitting them with it tail but it is thought that the creature is herbivore, plant eater.

So I'm sure you are asking "where is the evidence?" or "is there any evidence?"  well there is some evidence that we should consider.

First lets consider that sightings have been reported for over 100 years now, with the earliest record dating back to 1776. There has been and continues to be expeditions in the region searching for the creature.
The next evidence we should consider is the odd Tracks. The tracks are described as a rounded shape about 3 foot in diameter having 3 toes with claws and having a stride distance of between 7-8 feet.
Here is a photo of a possible track

A living dinosaur
Dinosaur track?
There is also some possible video evidence that needs to be considered as well.  In 1992 members of a Japanese film crew allegedly filmed video of Mokele-mbembe. As they were filming aerial footage from a small plane over the area of Lake Tele, intending to obtain some shots for a documentary, they noticed something in the water and shot about 15 seconds of video. Here is a still frame from that video.

A living dinosaur

But that is not all, there have been many more expeditions into the Congo looking for Mokele-Mbeme, one in 1992 by William Gibbons produced 2 photos of unidentified objects in the water. Gibbons claimed one was the head of the creature.

Many experts have looked into the tales of Mokele-Mbeme and those who did not just dismiss it as folklore, stated it could be a sauropod dinosaur. When locals were shown a picture of a sauropod dinosaur they said that picture is of Mokele-mbembe.

Even, Ivan T. Sanderson, The man who coined of the word cryptozoology, Saw what he said and wrote to be the Mokele-Mbeme. Sanderson seen the creature dive back into the water and he stated that it's head was as large as a hippo.

So could it be possible that a dinosaur or group of dinosaurs are still living?  But before you make up your mind completely consider that it is estimated that about 80 percent of the Congo remains unexplored.
So maybe there will be a real Jurassic Park someday, and talking about movies, the movie Baby: Secret of the lost legend, starring William Katt, was based on sighting reports of the Mokele-Mbeme.


[Sources: Wikipedia, mokelembembe]
[sauropod Photo: oakdome]

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  2. I met someone who saw Champ out in Michigan once. They described it as being a dinosaur as well


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