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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Red haired giants
Red Haired Giants
Early 2011 near Lovelock Excavations Cave in Lovelock Nevada, the mummified remains of two giants that appeared to have had red hair were found. 

The Paiute tribe, a native American tribe of Nevada,  tell of how their ancestors once fought against a race of 10 foot tall white men with red hair.

The Paiute tribe called these giants the Si-te-cah giants or tule-eaters. Tule is a fibrous water plant.
According to oral tradition these red haired giants would hunt the Paiute and eat them.

Apparently the giants lived in a large cave or were chased there by the Paiute tribe. The Paiute tribe managed to build a fire at the cave and would kill the giants as they ran out. Any that didn't run out died from the smoke.

Arrowheads have been found near the cave where the giants were discovered.  Two bodies were recovered from the cave, one of a man and of a woman.

Some claim this is all untrue and was just something to gain tourist.


[Source: Wikipedia]

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