Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Possible Bigfoot Encounter in Oregon

Lawson Bar area
Lawson Bar area
TCC's Bobby and Corinna long take in a report of a possible bigfoot encounter. They went and filmed the area, please watch the video below. The full report is below the video.

- Start Report -
On or very near July 6th a couple went to Lawson bar to take an early morning swim. It was still dark on the river.
As they walked near the river something made a huge splash approximately 60 feet from the bank. They thought it may be a beaver slapping its tail or a large fish jumping. Then it happened again.
Erik took his flashlight out to see what it was. Though his light was dim he spotted large rocks being thrown from the opposite side of the river, a few as large as a soccer ball maybe a basketball!!! As many as six or more large rocks were thrown in their direction but not coming too close.

Erik decided to throw a hand sized rock in that direction and he heard it hit the rocks on the opposite bank then in return another large one was returned at him. He then threw a handful of small rocks back scattering all across the area. Him and his girlfriend then heard loud footfalls in the water (two legged) then it ran up the hill away from the river. Erik explained there is no possible way a man could move that quickly in that terrain, up that hill and in the dark!
It ran up a hill I could barely climb in broad daylight. (Bobby)

After realizing what they had possibly throwing rocks at they quickly got back to their car and got out of there. Erik explained he has not returned since the incident. He is positive they had encountered a Bigfoot.
Erik Jensen & Krista (Alias)

GPS 42.9474N, 1223.33647W   Altitude 634'

- End Report -

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