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Friday, August 30, 2013

Bigfoot sighting near Joplin, Missouri
Bigfoot near Joplin, Missouri

This report is from our friend Casey Macias. Casey is a bigfoot enthusiast who enjoys researching the unknown.

Elain Byrd, a lovely woman in her late 60's early 70's, claims to have sighed a Sasquatch in the woods behind her house on the morning of August 6th, on a little tiny trail/path that she often goes down in the early mornings to bird watch.
She said she took up the hobby of bird watching after her husband passed away in 2002 at the age of 72. She loves birds watching and said watching them early in the morning gives her a peace of mind in her dark times. She was uncomfortable with going on audio and video so she gave me permission to tell her story.

Like I said she is in her late 60's early 70's but she is very coherent and completely competent. She woke up early in the morning between the hours of 4am and 5am to feed her dogs, she noted that for the better part of the night they where causing a fuss, a big fuss way more than usual. She said that her dogs had been acting funny or scared for a few days but she thought nothing about it. She said they have acted as if they wanted to come into the house on several occasions in the last three weeks. She also has a smaller dog that stays inside with her. On this particular morning when she walked out of her house she couldn’t get her little dog to come out with her she even put a leash on it and tried to drag it out of the house, but she wouldn’t come out at all. This resulted in the dog having an "accident" inside the house, which according to Elain is something that hasn’t happened in a very long time, not since she was a puppy.

Elain lives In the suburbs of Webb City Missouri, in between Joplin Missouri and Webb city. After attempting to feed her three very large dogs, who wouldn't even touch their dog food and after going back inside to feed her small dog, she got her clothes on and proceeded to head out into the woods. There is a little trail, that used to be an ATV trail, behind Elain's house. She took her usual items with her, which included her walking stick and a small backpack with water and her binoculars. The time it was about 7:30am and she was walking down the path taking her time looking toward her usual areas for her beloved birds, when she noticed that for some reason she wasn't finding any birds at all. She said she thought to herself “well that's not entirely unusual", there had been a few days where she didn't see anything until just before 9am. She kept walking the path that's only about a quarter of a mile long, deeper and deeper into the foliage. She checked the time and it was pushing 9:45am and still not one bird, not even the sound of birds.

She said it was weird and that you can always here birds down her path. She said there had been mornings where she couldn't see them but she could still here them.
Normally she stays out till around 12:30  or 1 o'clock  in order to make it home to fix herself some lunch but It was an eerie silence in the woods that morning, it kind of made her feel uncomfortable.

So she decided to turn around and slowly head back to her house, all the while keeping an eye out for her birds, still nothing. So she took a water break, then she said she herd movement like tree branches down the path but she couldn't see what it was because there is a few hills on the trail.
She just couldn't see over then next little hill to see what it was. So she puts her water away and begins walking slowly up the little hill taking her time, being carefully not to step on any branches or twigs or grass, anything that would be too loud and might scare the birds, she thought she heard in the brush over the little hill.

When she got to the top of the hill and looked down the other side, just enough to peek over the hill without scaring the birds away, she noticed something that she thought was a large man wearing hunting attire of some sort. She stated she was kind of upset because she doesn't allow anyone to hunt on her little bit of property that she owns. Being upset, she hurried a little to rush towards the man and noticed that it wasn't a man at all but a large hairy brown something, that was standing upright moving some branches around.

I asked her to describe what she saw. She gave me a description of  what sounds like a Sasquatch. She stated it was very tall between 6 and 7 feet with a cone shaped head. She said she called out to the man or whatever it was, to state to their business on her property. She said she was very nervous and didn't know what it was, she said she startled it, because it turned to look at her and it did, as she put it “An About Face”, her middle son was in the Army Reserves so she was very familiar with the military, she stated that whatever it was turned so hard that it would have given her whiplash. The creature headed the other way very quickly and she said that its arms where hanging down, way lower than the average man, She said it started walking faster then sort of ran and turned sideways kind of bending down as if it was going to get onto all fours. The creature headed into the trees and was gone.
She told me she wasn't sure if it actually got onto all fours or if it just seamed like it cause whatever it was bent down so fast. She said she was frightened so bad that she didn't know what to do.

She had her cell phone with her and called her son and stayed on the phone with him until she made it back to her house. She said that she has not stepped foot back into those trees and has only gone out the back door in order to feed her dogs. She did note that the dogs behavior seemed to have gone back to normal in the past few days. She stated that she had heard from neighbors that their animals were also acting funny, but that they have being ok now.

So I asked her if she would at least go outback with me, into the woods, in order to show me where she saw the creature, so that I could look around and she agreed, but only under the conditions that she called her youngest son to go with us. I said that was ok and I understand.

We went back into the woods and she showed me around where everything was she felt uneasy and very scared but felt a little better with me and her son there with her. Her son had brought a rifle with him in order to make her feel better.
I noticed a lot of the trees had been moved around and looked as though something had been making its way threw them with ease, almost as if you took a 4x4 truck threw some brush, but nothing was too broken up.
Just as if something had been moving the brush around for whatever reason. I took some photos of the area including the spot where she claims it had almost seamed like it went on all fours. I thanked her and her son for their time and told her that if anything else out of the ordinary happens to give me a call. She seamed very relived to get it off her chest stating her middle son had told her not to call the police.
Based on what I noticed out in the area and what she described, it sounds like she witnessed a Bigfoot. There was plenty of woods and a river near by, which according to her son, has plenty of fish in it. It seams to me that she might have scared the Bigfoot out of the area by shouting at it.

Here is the Photos I took.

  the trail in the woods behind her home

The trail

Pretty heavily forested

spot where she claimed it kind of bent down on all fours


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  1. Any tips or advice on what to do if an encounter with Bigfoot turns hostile?

    1. Normally before the encounter gets hostile, you will get warnings. Advice would be to back away slowly and then get out of there. Show no signs of aggression.

  2. This is indeed cool and interesting. Does Bigfoot really exist? Many believe that this is just a creation of the mind but many also think this is really true. Whatever the truth is, I still find this very much interesting. Bigfoot really amazes me. Thanks!



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