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Is it a Mask?

Many (Including myself at one point) thinks the bigfoot seen in the Tent video is a mask (and it could be). Well I have tried to give everyone something to look for in finding a perfect match for the bigfoot in the video. If you can find a mask that matches the bigfoot in the tent video feel free to contact me. If this is a production mask that is sold, then there should be others out there of it and they should match perfectly.
I do not know if any of this story is true about the killing of the bigfoot but at this point I have not been able to debunk the video as a mask.

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DNA Analysis of Smeja "Steak" From Sierra Kills  - So is this over with now?

Not Bigfoot
Here is a summary of the report by TCC's own Dale Drinnon

"From this it seems definite that the same sample analyzed had two sets of mitochondrial DNA, one human of presumably European ancestry and the other female black bear, with the bear DNA predominant and the sex of the human DNA donor not determined, but most likely from more than one human donor because parts of the sequences do not match up between tested samples.

I would definitely go for contamination in this case. And as one commentator has noted, there is no way to know for certain that this steak came from whatever it was Justin had shot at, it was found later when Smeja and others went back to look for remains after he had left the bodies in the first place. But one thing is certain, the sample does NOT represent a crossbreeding of a human and a bear!

 Best Wishes, Dale D. "

So we can now assume that Smeja shot a bear and the sample was handled incorrectly. So did Smeja know he shot a bear? What about the polygraph test? Was it all a hoax or is there more to the story?

For me at this point I will assume this was all a hoax. I wonder if any of the samples were passed on to the Ketchum Study? If so what was the results? According to some people they claim Ketchum had a sample and she said the sample from Smeja was a sasquatch, which if true will bring that study under more fire.

I'm glad the results of Smeja's steak were finally presented, but I still have questions about it all? What if the Ketchum study calls it s squatch? Then we will have 2 very different DNA results for this sample.

Well here is the long and short of it...NOTHING will do beside a bigfoot dead body period. The body would have to be shown on TV everywhere. I personally would prefer some other way but it is just not going to happen. All this DNA stuff is just not cutting it right now. The more I read about these "kills" and "DNA studies"  the less confidence I have in them.

It seems at this point bigfoot DNA samples are not any better than a blurry photo, except I can understand a blurry blobsquatch photo better than all the DNA jargon.

So to me the Sierra Kills story is a bust and over with, but we still have the Ketchum Study, The Tent Video and the Oxford DNA study. So we still have a little hope I guess, but I will not be holding my breath. I expect more disappointments, untruths and falsehoods....I hope I'm wrong.


[Sources:Frontiers of Zoology, Bigfoot Evidence]

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Saucer-Shaped Craft Photographed From Airplane Window

By TCC Team member Dorraine Fisher
Analysis by Thomas Marcum
Is this a real UFO?
             A friend of a man named Larry Siu, a passenger on a plane headed from Hong Kong to Kunming City in southwest China apparently snapped this picture from the airplane window of what appears to be a saucer-shaped UFO.
            Siu said, “Many passengers saw it and took pictures.”
            The picture was said to have been taken last week, and was subsequently passed on to Rex Pictures. 
Upon first looking at the photo, it look pretty good. The background story seem feasible as well but lets look at the photo itself.  
Here is a zoom of the object
After running the photo on some software I have, it seems this is a HOAX.
The software came back with this determination.
"NOTE: Photoshop IRB detected
  Based on the analysis of compression characteristics and EXIF metadata:
  ASSESSMENT: Class 1 - Image is processed/edited"
This is only part of the analysis of the photo data. This could very well be one of the cell phone apps where you can place an "ufo" in any photo. There is also a bigfoot app that does the same thing.

DF & Tom


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I Uploaded this in 720p HD ...so please adjust the settings.
Ok,  I know alot of experts have looked at this video and many are saying or hoping it is a real bigfoot, but after looking at it more it appears to just be a person. I'm not an expert and I know the video is never as clear on youtube as it is while i'm watching it on my computer but all I can see is a person jumping around. I think most are calling this the "Russian Jumping Bigfoot" or something to that effect.  If you watch the part over a few times of when the "bigfoot" first jumps out you can see the white shirt and the different color pants.

Still Frame


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Tent video Bigfoot - RIP?

By now most have heard of the tent video and the reported killing of the bigfoot seen in the video.
Many are saying that this is now an admitted hoax, that Rick Dyer has now admitted to it or did at some point. I have not seen any comments by Dyer admitting to a hoax but on the contrary I have seen him make recent statements like "... well worth the wait." Meaning it will be worth the wait for people who want to see the proof and body.

Some are saying that Minnow Films is behind this "hoax" and are putting it out. I personally find it a little hard to believe that a company with a good reputation of making award winning documentaries would engage in this type of behavior.
Minnow Films has made over 20 films and worked with people like Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald. Minnow films also made a documentary for Warner Brothers titled "When Harry Left
Hogwarts" in 2011. It was a behind the scenes look at the Harry Potter films that took 1 year to film.
Minnow Films has also worked with  BBC and aired several programs and currently have a few in production for BBC. So I find it a little hard to believe that a successful,award winning film company with a good reputation could be behind a hoaxed story about killing a bigfoot. It would seem to be a very risky move on their part.

Minnow Films was founded by Morgan Matthews in 2006. Matthews has been directing documentaries for over 10 years.

Minnow Films Filmography - Click Here
Minnow Films In Production - Click Here

So what are we left with? Well at this point we have a small clip of a possible bigfoot filmed from inside a tent, we do know that there was a rifle in that very same tent and we have a report that the rifle was used to kill the bigfoot seen in the video. We also know that other people (Film crew) were reportedly filming these events. We also have been told that some DNA testing has been done on the bigfoot and will continue, and at some point the body will be shown to some researchers.

I know that many still have a bad taste in their mouth over the 2008 Dead Bigfoot hoax pulled by Dyer but it could be possible that it's not a hoax this time. We all know that Dyer has spent many days and nights in the woods over the last few years running his expeditions, so it could be possible that he really has something this go around. I know it seems easy to totally dismiss this claim because of who is making it but one has to admit the creature seen in the tent video looks pretty real.
I will continue to follow the story as much as I can, it should be interesting to see which way all this will go.

In case you have missed our first post about this, you can catch up by Clicking Here!

Here is the Tent video 


[sources: Bigfoot Evidence 101,Minnow Films]

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I have no idea who this woman is in the video,sorry, I have never heard of her until maybe yesterday or early this morning. She is saying this is bones from a bigfoot being held at the Smithsonian. The bigfoot was a female and a tree had fallen on her. They estimated the female Bigfoot to be around 40 years old. 
I have not idea if it's true or not but wanted to share her video.
This makes a lot of bigfoot dead bodies...seems people are finding them or killing them on a regular bases now.....but oddly not one will show a picture of it.


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Love him or Hate him, Rick Dyer and the Tent video caused a stir among the bigfoot community.
Now it seem the video will be released by a British film company called Minnow films.
Minnow Films has been filming with Dyer and many other Bigfoot groups all over the world for the past 4 Years. The film group was reportedly with Dyer on September 6, 2012 in San Antonio, TX  when the now famous Tent video was shot.
The working title of the upcoming release is "Of Men and Monsters".

I went to the Minnow Films website, Found Here , and indeed the title is in production.
The tag line is "A fascinating and touching portrait of men who are obsessed with monsters and their adventures to find them"

Just who is Minnow Films?
His is what their website says about them:
"Minnow Films is an award-winning independent production company, renowned for its sensitive and intelligent portrayal of powerful human stories. Founded in 2006 by filmmaker Morgan Matthews, Minnow quickly established a reputation for bringing a fresh take to challenging and moving stories, such as the BAFTA and RTS winning The Fallen, a film described by the BBC as their most ambitious single documentary film to date."

More can be found about them from the links above."

After I watched the black and white version of the Tent video I was sure it was some type of suit and we were being played but after the HD color version came out and I watched it , I was not so sure anymore.
So I for one would like to see the entire video and the story surrounding it. It could be a very important piece of evidence or at least let me make a better judgment of the film.


[Sources: Minnow Films , Bigfootevidence101]

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Does this solve the Provo Canyon Bigfoot Mystery? For me it has not been a mystery but many are still holding on to this as a real bigfoot. It appears even more evidence is mounting that this is nothing more that a hoax. Steve Alcorn has found some evidence of this as well and it can be read by clicking HERE.  
There have been countless TV news spots ran about this footage, not to even mention the huge amount of internet sites that covered it, and the original youtube video has over 5 million views. There has been a slew of analysis and breakdown videos,including a quick one from me.
Here are links to some videos. 

Breakdown & Enhancements
Still Frame
Provo 1 - Here
Provo 2 - Here
Provo 3 - Here
Provo 4 - Here
Provo 5 - Here
Many more on youtube.

News coverage
Provo News 1 - Here
Provo News 2 - Here
and many more! 

So if this finally over? I doubt it but at least we have had something to debate and talk about other than the election.



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