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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DNA Analysis of Smeja "Steak" From Sierra Kills  - So is this over with now?

Not Bigfoot
Here is a summary of the report by TCC's own Dale Drinnon

"From this it seems definite that the same sample analyzed had two sets of mitochondrial DNA, one human of presumably European ancestry and the other female black bear, with the bear DNA predominant and the sex of the human DNA donor not determined, but most likely from more than one human donor because parts of the sequences do not match up between tested samples.

I would definitely go for contamination in this case. And as one commentator has noted, there is no way to know for certain that this steak came from whatever it was Justin had shot at, it was found later when Smeja and others went back to look for remains after he had left the bodies in the first place. But one thing is certain, the sample does NOT represent a crossbreeding of a human and a bear!

 Best Wishes, Dale D. "

So we can now assume that Smeja shot a bear and the sample was handled incorrectly. So did Smeja know he shot a bear? What about the polygraph test? Was it all a hoax or is there more to the story?

For me at this point I will assume this was all a hoax. I wonder if any of the samples were passed on to the Ketchum Study? If so what was the results? According to some people they claim Ketchum had a sample and she said the sample from Smeja was a sasquatch, which if true will bring that study under more fire.

I'm glad the results of Smeja's steak were finally presented, but I still have questions about it all? What if the Ketchum study calls it s squatch? Then we will have 2 very different DNA results for this sample.

Well here is the long and short of it...NOTHING will do beside a bigfoot dead body period. The body would have to be shown on TV everywhere. I personally would prefer some other way but it is just not going to happen. All this DNA stuff is just not cutting it right now. The more I read about these "kills" and "DNA studies"  the less confidence I have in them.

It seems at this point bigfoot DNA samples are not any better than a blurry photo, except I can understand a blurry blobsquatch photo better than all the DNA jargon.

So to me the Sierra Kills story is a bust and over with, but we still have the Ketchum Study, The Tent Video and the Oxford DNA study. So we still have a little hope I guess, but I will not be holding my breath. I expect more disappointments, untruths and falsehoods....I hope I'm wrong.


[Sources:Frontiers of Zoology, Bigfoot Evidence]

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  1. why do you (we) want their existence proven? if you want to know, there is a way. get out into nature. the branch crack and echoed whoop are more thrilling around the glow of the campfire than in front of the computer screen.

    once they are verified, those natural experiences will be harder to come by. the forests will flood with idiots and there will be backlash restrictive legislation put into place - and we just might anger our 9ft tall forest buddies. leave well enough alone: camp, hike and seek. you will know.

    1. I already know they are real...trust me. It just seems everyone hoaxes and lies..:(
      Not much would change if they were proven to the general population.

    2. no need for me to trust you; i grew up in the rockies. i hope you are correct, but fear you are not; quite a bit might change for the negative. i sincerely desire that they are never verified, and feel all true believers should be seeking to obscure the truth. it seems best for all involved.

    3. if you know, you know, yes? he is a rare bird indeed.

  2. but, as has been stated and shown, there is proof to be had. go outside and seek it personally.

    1. and i know that folks have done that and had these experiences. we have, you have, thomas, yes? i simply mean all of us should seek personally: people.

  3. well I don't think bf will be easier to find even if it was proven to the general public is what I meant be nothing much would change...most people are too lazy to hit the mountains nowadays...lol Thanks for the comments and happy holidays

    1. It might even deter many people from going to the mountains.

  4. I have no idea if this is a hoax, but this test doesn't necessarily rule out bigfoot. From the beginning they noted this sample was found five weeks later, in the snow.

    1. Thats just a cover story ...it's all been a lie. Shawn and TT are just trying to cover their butts.

    2. Justin just released a statement. This is the part that I'm curious about "People in this circle have said things in private and done things behind closed doors that they will have to be heald accountable for very soon." Shawn and TT might have some explaining to do.

  5. It seems to me that if Smeja did shoot a BF or two, he painted himself into a corner. The only way to make liability go away is sell the bodies to someone with deep pockets, keep the sample anonymous in Ketchum's study and have someone mysteriously surface some bear samples. The worst that could happen is he's called stupid for shooting a bear and saying it was a squatch and he keeps the cash.

  6. I don't doubt that the samples delivered to the Canadian labs were Bear. What I have reservations about is that the samples were delivered by open enemies of Dr Ketchum, and I don't have a lot of confidence in the chain of custody.

    1. yeah I agree with Larry, it could be just another attempt to discredit Ketchum and the study. But I do think the whole Sierra Kills story was a fake.

    2. Wow Larry, you think Cutino and Huggins purposely sent a piece of bear to Canada to test to discredit ketchum? You're very ignorant sir. It's my understanding smeja sent sample directly to canada and Huggins who went through Trent and Cutino went through Midwest lab never having custody of canadian sample. Both those guys have been investiating Sierra incident for a long time and Cutino even has supposed thermal footage from there and has become friends with Smeja (see BFF) through that time. why on earth would they prioritize discrediting ketchum over the one thing they'd want to be credited, confrmation on steak. crazy talk as they are both good men who are doing the honest thing

    3. anything remotely attached to Team tazer,Shawn evidence, and Justin Smeja throws a red flag. It was a hoax all the way. A bunch of thugs and liars.

  7. Four things: Documented chain of custody, contamination prtotocols, verification of duplicated results made by other labs in blind study and amount of data in terabytes acquired from samples. I will bet my left nut that this "studY fails on all 4 counts. Next.


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