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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


TCC - Ok, so I'm beating around on the net on a Christmas day and I run across the picture above and a odd story. I had to translate the original text as it was in Chinese.
Well in any case here is the translated text, it's a bit choppy but you can get the story.

Mountainous California, USA, in the north. On that day, in the mountains and blustery wind, the flames arose from trees rubbing together in the wind from the cage.

The flame grows quickly, fanned by the wind, spread rapidly. Spread debris following and we also spread the adjacent mountain burning a pile of one exhausted, burned.People go out, everyone in the village at the foot are anxiously staring at the fire mountain. I could only helplessly, watching.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------And a fierce cry and you do not know the man called "Gyao~o~on!" At that time, both the animal could be heard from the direction of the mountain.Look, large animals have been rushed out of the fire. Does not seem to be a human being. The height is too high, strangely, (oh) body has been covered with brown hair crack.In the chiseled face, peeling out to the ki (free) to yellow teeth, came running towards us. The animal was stopped at the foot of the front of the villagers about 20m.From standing on two legs neatly than gorillas and monkeys, but rather human-like.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------One of the villagers! "It Big Foot" cried."There were rumors after all!'m Was true!"Or "He's killed the horses and cattle out!"In this village incident that killed livestock from cattle and horses had earlier in succession. How they are killed bizarre Moreover, also, as in the instant death blow horses, some cattle head have been tear. I thought at first was the work of a bear, something different is how slow the bear.Somewhere down the line, "You can be like this, no doubt Bigfoot live in the mountains" Big Foot never rumors and standing, I saw nobody yet has been the culprit for killing livestock. I had now been proven that this rumor was true, however.

Most of the villagers had become stuck in fear. I think it was "...? Attacked or come", ran toward the mountain Bigfoot big whoop next moment, burning again.


The photo on the above, in which one of the villagers came out with a camera and try to shoot a wildfire when it was taken."

TCC - So the above photo is "reportedly" a real bigfoot? I have no idea when this event occurred. The picture looks like a phony to me.



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  1. Let me sum it up for you.. This picture is FAKE. reminds me of the 6 million dollar man's bigfoot..

  2. Completely, unquestionably fake. Just look at the arms, if nothing else, look how short they are. Duh.

  3. I don't care if it's fake or not. It's a pretty darned good representation of what I think a male bigfoot would actually look like.

    As a side, would you consider changing your text-to-background colors? White text on a black background is very hard on the eyes and leaves an imprint of lines in my vision when I try to look at the pictures afterward. I know I can highlight the text as I go, which makes light blue on white, but that's a hassle.

  4. The original article states that this originally came from the National Examiner, a super market tabloid. Some how that line was left off by the author of this blog. It seems that a fact like that should have been included.

    1. I google translated the article, Maybe it was not in the copied part, I stated I think it is a phony, but now knowing it was for National Examiner I would guess it was some type of mock up for the mag.

  5. The body looks fake but the face looks a lot like the bigfoot in the Dryer tent video. I cannot tell if fake or not. I did notice the short arms and feet look funny

  6. Well, I'm thoroughly disappointed that his genitals are all covered up in hair? Was it cold that day?

  7. Of course its not an actual photo, but you have to admit, it is a pretty good drawing of what one probably looks like. I'd want to see his upper body a little thicker and his arms a little longer, but otherwise I think they did a fair job at it.

  8. Wow,we must have alot of people on this blog who have seen bigfoots of every shape and size up close before. I mean afterall, everyone is calling it a fake, but have one of you every even seen one? How would you possibly know what they look like?? Or are you just assuming what you think one should look like based of your own perceptions, the patty video, or eye witness testimony. And if your representation doesnt fit, then it must be fake. Is this pic fake? Who knows, probably, but the fact is that we really have no clue. Not one of you out their knows what the proportions on all these beings are. You have no clue about arm length, hands, feet, arms or anything else. You are simply assuming b/c you think thats how it should be.

  9. is that steven streufert??!

    1. nah...it's way to manly looking

  10. That's a photo of the costume from one of those 70's documentaries that had all the re-enactments running through it....maybe the one that Peter Graves narrated?
    Plus you can clearly see the edges of the photo where they cut it to put into fire pic...Look at the inside edge of the it's right arm...
    There is also some painted hair etc..around the feet.
    Looks like something from the Nat. Enquirer/ Globe or something...

  11. Look at the tops of the feet... Looks like a costume get-up to me, I mean a boney outline on the top of the left foot, cant tell on the right but looks like a boot to me...


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