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Monday, December 17, 2012

Jumping Bigfoot - Breakdown
I Uploaded this in 720p HD ...so please adjust the settings.
Okay,  I know a lot of experts have looked at this video and many are saying or hoping it is a real bigfoot, but after looking at it more it appears to just be a person. I'm not an expert and I know the video is never as clear on youtube as it is while I'm watching it on my computer but all I can see is a person jumping around. I think most are calling this the "Russian Jumping Bigfoot" or something to that effect.  If you watch the part over a few times of when the "bigfoot" first jumps out you can see the white shirt, belt, and different color pants.

Here is the video

Still Frame

Also of note, is that the dog in the video has zero reaction. IF this was some kind of WILD BEAST the dog would have either run or run after the subject, in my opinion. The man and boy's reactions are very questionable as well. 


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  1. That's a front shot, i'v been looking at this for ages and you can see the muscles in the shoulders, biceps and forearms, that thing is huge.

  2. That's a front shot, i'v been looking at this for ages and you can see the muscles in the shoulders, biceps and forearms, that thing is huge.

  3. Replies
    1. yeah it's hard to see..but if you will just watch the first jumping part a few times...you can see it...Oh and also adjust the setting to HD...it helps a little

    2. Okay I can see a grayish tint. The arms are very long. Also the movements seems more like a gorilla. Bent back, knuckle dragging almost. This seems to be a little odd for a bipedal creature. The arms definitely are disproportionate for a human, but that could be faked. If it is a guy in a suit he is rather athletic, it would be hard to hop those logs. Still the behavior seems odd for a BF, albeit a Yeti probably has different behaviors. According to Moneymaker, BF would probably keep the trees between itself and the people, and retreat under cover rather than exposing itself. Also it crosses from right to left, and we all know that BF crosses left to right (kidding).


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