Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another bigfoot Body?

I have no idea who this woman is in the video,sorry, I have never heard of her until maybe yesterday or early this morning. She is saying this is bones from a bigfoot being held at the Smithsonian. The bigfoot was a female and a tree had fallen on her. They estimated the female Bigfoot to be around 40 years old. 
I have not idea if it's true or not but wanted to share her video.
This makes a lot of bigfoot dead bodies...seems people are finding them or killing them on a regular bases now.....but oddly not one will show a picture of it.


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  1. Then where is all the photos. 1962 ??
    Then if this was the fact , Bigfoot would be in our school books and not in out mythology books.

  2. Bigfoot ballyhoo known hoaxer .


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