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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Does this solve the Provo Canyon Bigfoot Mystery? For me it has not been a mystery but many are still holding on to this as a real bigfoot. It appears even more evidence is mounting that this is nothing more that a hoax. Steve Alcorn has found some evidence of this as well and it can be read by clicking HERE.  
There have been countless TV news spots ran about this footage, not to even mention the huge amount of internet sites that covered it, and the original youtube video has over 5 million views. There has been a slew of analysis and breakdown videos,including a quick one from me.
Here are links to some videos. 

Breakdown & Enhancements
Still Frame
Provo 1 - Here
Provo 2 - Here
Provo 3 - Here
Provo 4 - Here
Provo 5 - Here
Many more on youtube.

News coverage
Provo News 1 - Here
Provo News 2 - Here
and many more! 

So if this finally over? I doubt it but at least we have had something to debate and talk about other than the election.



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  1. Tom, although I agree with you that Steve Kulls has been at this a long time and is very food at what he does, it was not he that dug up that information. It was me. Steve Kulls does deserve a lot of props for his work. He is a great investigator. I just thought I would offer a small correction to your article.

    1. Sorry Steve -- I was thinking Kulls had done this...very sorry. I will correct it.

    2. All corrected...got my Steves mixed up ..lol You are the Steve that help bust the Tent video..
      again sorry.

  2. Thanks Tom, and yes I am the one who uncovered Dyer's involvement in the Tent video.


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