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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is it a Mask?

The Tent Video - Is it a Mask?

Many (Including myself at one point) think the bigfoot seen in the Tent video is a mask (and it could be). Well, I have tried to give everyone something to look for in finding a perfect match for the bigfoot in the video. If you can find a mask that matches the bigfoot in the tent video feel free to contact me. If this is a production mask that is sold, then there should be others out there of it and they should match perfectly.

Here is the enhanced video

I do not know if any of this story is true about the killing of the bigfoot but at this point, I have not been able to debunk the video as a mask.

Update: Of Course, we know it was all a hoax but the tent video never was exposed completely.


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  1. Great post Thomas!

  2. Perhaps a database of production bigfoot masks and Hollywood bigfoot creatures should be made for a ready reference to debunk hoaxes.

  3. U don't even mention the nose. It looks like it has a band aid on it. What the heck is that. Look at the straight lines and the buckle near the nostral.

  4. Could the lines next to the eye just be artifacts from the video compression?

    1. Don't think so ...have view it with various effects and color enhancements and the lines remain under all effects.

  5. My first impression was that it was a mask and I said so when this first hit the news. The face in the video looks as if it moves stiffly and is being manipulated by someone else unseen. I actually had the impression that it was something being held by hands and not being worn as a mask over someone's head because of the movements.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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