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Can you communicate with ghosts through meditation?

One of the main purposes of meditation is to help us discover our true selves and connect with the spiritual being residing in our physical body, So powerful is this practice that some say it can provide us with the means to temporarily remove ourselves from the physical world and initiate communication with the spirit world

Meditation as an opportunity to contact with ghosts

It is thought that quietening and calming the mind during meditation, letting go of any doubt, opening your heart and listening deeply to your spirit are the basic ingredients to being able to facilitate contact with the spirit world. According to Ryuho Okawa in his book The Challenge of the Mind, by practicing meditation we are given the opportunity to contact the very world from which we came from.

Did Ancient Egyptians Really Have Helicopters???
Examining A Hotly Debated Hieroglyph
By Dorraine Fisher

If you’ve ever watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, you’ve probably seen a picture of the hieroglyph above. It’s often referenced as evidence by ancient astronaut theorists as proof that ancient Egyptians at least saw things, thousands of years ago,  like our modern flying machines.

And you can see why. The top-center figure bears a striking resemblance to our modern helicopters, including a top blade, cockpit, and rear blade. Many people have now seen this hieroglyph on TV and the internet, but most don’t know much about it.

Mysterious “UFO” With Trailing Blue Smoke Spotted
By Dorraine Fisher

This video has surfaced on the internet recently and we decided to take a look. Believed to have taken place at Miami Airport, workers there were said to have spotted and recorded a large mysterious “UFO” with a large cloud of blue smoke trailing behind it.

The video clearly shows the object moving across the sky. Although there is a lot of speculation and guesswork surrounding the event, most believe it to be something normal like a “Florida rocket launch.”

It’s unknown when this event took place, but according to one observer, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station just launched the Atlas V rocket on June 24 of this year that contained a Navy satellite. It was said that “ the plume is from a hydrogen powered rocket engine, water vapor condenses in the high altitude forming a cloud of ice crystals reflecting light from the sun which, from this viewpoint, is below the horizon.”

Nothing is confirmed yet, but it’s definitely interesting.
 Tell us what you think. 


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Crop Circle study

First let me start by saying that I know that some, if not most crop circles are made by humans, but there remain some formations that have some unexplainable facts, and one question is how can a big crop circle be made over nite with just a couple guys with a rope and a plank?

Crop circles - Some Facts - 
More than 10,000 Crop Circle formations (Agriglyphs) have been found or cataloged worldwide. More than 6,000 crop circles have been investigated and documented since 1980.
Crop circles are usually not round, but slightly elliptical. In a real crop circle the plant's shafts/stalks (mostly wheat, but also grass, barley, canola, buckwheat, linseed, rice paddies, corn, sunflowers, blueberry bushes, trees, etc.) are bent around an inch above soil (corn stalks are bent a couple of inches above the soil) and the plants are laid in precise geometric swirl patterns with little signs of physical damage. There may be light burn marks at the base of stems, altered cellular structure and soil chemistry, increased magnetic particle deposits, discrepancies in background radiation, alteration of the local electromagnetic field, depletion of the local watershed, along with long-lasting energy patterns. Some analyzed crop circles have shown higher radiation levels. Crop circles range in size from a few inches to hundreds of feet across and have been as large as 200,000 sq. ft.

In real crop circle formations the stems are not broken but bent at 90° angles about an inch off the ground, at the plant's first node. The plants are subjected to a short and intense burst of heat or energy that softens the stems or stalks allowing them to be folded over onto the ground at a 90° angle. When the stems or stalks reharden into their new position, the plants and crop are not damaged and continue to grow. This is the method used to identify a real crop circle formation (agriglyph). The canola oil plant has a structure like celery. If the stalk is bent more than about 45°, the stalk will break. When crop circles are found in canola fields, the stalks are bent 90°. Research and laboratory tests suggest that microwave or ultrasound may be the only method capable of producing this effect, but plant biologists are still baffled by this phenomenon.

Crop circles are not a modern phenomenon and may have been occurring for hundreds to thousands of years or longer. They exist in the centuries-old folklore of South Africa and China, and are in Native American Indian legends.

The first written account of a crop circle is from August 8, 1590 and is found in "The Natural History of Stafford-Shire", published in 1686. There are also other references from England's 15th century that suggest crop circle formations. In John Aubrey's "Natural History", a 1633 school teacher seen green circles made by the spirits in the grass. Another early historical record of a crop circle from 1678, is the "Mowing Devil" case, where a farmer's field was believed to have been visited by a devilish entity that trampled the crops down in a circle. There is a wood engraving of this event. In 1686, a book entitled "A Natural History of Staffordshire", made reference to rings, circles and other shapes found in grassy fields. The scientific journal, Nature, decided to include in one of its issues a reference and a picture of the June 17, 1996 DNA double helix field of barley crop formation, with spiraling spheres of different sizes, found in Alton Barnes, England, which was 648 feet long.

Double helix crop formation.

Man made circles -
When a man-made crop circle is found, the grain stalks are broken, the formations are usually jagged and the formations do not have any symmetry. Because of the disinformation spread by the media, most people think that all crop circles have been produced by pranksters with a plank, a garden roller, ladders, ropes and measuring tools. The disinformation and non-media coverage of crop circle formations actually protects the farmers and their harvest from damage caused by researchers and the curious from trampling their crop circle grains, harvest and lands.

Circle makers - can they make huge designs overnite?

Crop Circle Formation Designs -
the past 25 years, more than 10,000 crop circle formations have been found in more than 29 countries: England, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Japan, Wales, France, Scotland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Finland, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, India, Sweden, Ireland, Yugoslavia, China, Argentina, Croatia, Denmark, Peru, Romania, Siberia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Chile, Egypt, Isle-of-Man, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Sardinia, Tasmania, Ukraine, Uruguay, etc. Most of the elaborate crop circles found, are found around England's ancient and sacred site areas (Stonehenge, the earth mound of Silbury Hill, Avebury, Cheesefoot Head, etc.). Southern England is where around 90% of the elaborate crop circle formations and designs are found. A majority of the world's crop circles are within a 40 mile radius of Stonehenge. The dimensions of most of the early single crop circles would fit inside the inner horseshoe at Stonehenge. Most crop circles with single and double rings would fit within the inner and outer edges of the first ring of stones at Stonehenge.

Crop circle formations are no longer just circles, they now come in different shapes, designs and pictograms. All real crop circle formations have bent unbroken crop stems and interwoven stalks. The most common crop circle is the single circle, but they also come in sets of two (doublets), three (triplets) or four (quadruplets) and may be surrounded by an outer ring or more circles. The stalks in a crop circle are bent into a swirl pattern, and the swirl patterns spin clockwise or counterclockwise or may contain two or more layers spinning in different directions. When there is more than one circle, one circle may spin clockwise and the other may spin counterclockwise. When looking at a crop circle from the air, it may appear to spin clockwise, but when looking at it on the ground the stalks will spin counterclockwise.In the 1980's and 1990's, the circles became more elaborate, producing crop design patterns called pictograms. In the 1990s, crop circles formations became complex patterns using intricate geometric designs and developed exponentially in complexity. Some of the more sophisticated patterns are based on mathematical equations.

Stonehenge circles

Crop Circle Researcher Colin Andrews -
Crop Circle Researcher Colin Andrews author of the book: "CROP CIRCLES - Signs of Contact" and co-author of the book: "Circular Evidence", has been researching crop circles for than 20 years and has compiled the largest database on crop circles. Colin has catalogued hundreds of authentic and man-made crop circles in his crop research career. The late philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller began funding Colin Andrews' research into fake crop circles, back in 1999.

Crop Circle Plant Analysis and Research -
In the field of Crop Circle Plant Analysis and Research (radioactivity measurements, spectrographic analysis, magnetometer readings, microscopic inspection, cellular plant experiments, weighing, photographing, etc.): High-pressure infrasound is capable of boiling water inside plant stems in one nanosecond, causing the water to steam, and leaving tiny blowholes in the plants’ nodes. Research and laboratory tests prove that infrasound (less than 20 Hz) is capable of producing such an effect. This process creates surface charring along the stems. Microwave radiation (high frequency electromagnetic waves) is also believed to be how the stalks are bent and the plant's nodes are swollen.

Farmers have reported that when they find a new crop circle, they have seen steam rising into the air from within the design. Crop circles also show the possible existence of ultrasound also. Several people have reported hearing a trilling sound prior to witnessing crop circles forming. They also report a total stillness in the air (no wind) and total quiet. This trilling sound was captured on magnetic tape and analyzed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab as being mechanical in nature with a frequency of 5.2kHz.

Biophysical evidence shows the plant's nodes and stems are drastically extended, seed embryos are altered, and their is the existence of expulsion cavities, as if they have been heated from the inside. There is also a reorganization of the plant’s crystalline structure. A malt fragrance can also be smelled after cutting open a stem from a freshly made crop circle, which means that the plant has been cooked from the inside, but the crop remains unharmed.

Exhaustive lab analysis into hundreds of 1991-1995 crop circles shows physical and biophysical changes to the plants inside a crop circle. There are also alterations in the germination, development of seed embryos, and alterations in the plant's stem node length and circumference (up to 200% increase in one case). The grains from crop circle plants can grow 40%-50% larger have a stronger and larger root system with larger grains, than the grains from the crop surrounding the crop circle. Alternatively, some crop circle plants produce seeds that are smaller than normal plants. The reason for the differences in the plants may be water supply available when the formation was made, the age of the plant when the event occurs or the type of plant. The internal structure of the plants is altered at the cellular level. The cell pit walls of the plants are fractured and expanded. In grain crops, there are nodes close to the ground that help the plant grow vertically. Crop circle plants have expanded, elongated or "blown nodes" nodes. The plants with the largest node expansion are found in the center of a crop circle.

Crop Circle Soil Research -
Researchers have found distinct changes in crop circle soil temperature, composition, and crystalline structure in the soil and within the crops inside the formations. It has been scientifically documented that soil samples taken from within crop circles, show changes to the soil's crystalline structure and mineral composition and the soil appears to have been baked. Analysis concluded that a heat of 1,500°C would be required to create such a change. Four non-naturally occurring, short-life radioactive isotopes (vanadium, europium, tellurium and ytterbium), that dissipate in 3-4 hours, have also been found in the soil. Soil tests have also shown that alpha emissions are around 200% above normal, beta emissions are around 50% above normal and the soil is 2 to 3 times as radioactive as the soil outside the crop circle.

Large quantities of surface and subsurface water (up to millions of gallons water) in and around a crop circle disappear. Aerial photography, using infrared film, shows the groundwater under a crop circle is depleted for several days to a week or more before the water table returns to normal. The soil within a crop circle formation is generally dry, cracked and dehydrated, even after heavy rain.

Crop Circle magnetic Fields -
The Earth's magnetic field (energy grid) is a multi-poled magnet and the magnetic fields connecting each pole run along what is called ley lines. The north and south poles are the strongest poles of our multi-poled planet. There are also secondary poles located all over our planet. The area around Stonehenge is one of these secondary pole locations. Like all of our planets ancient sacred sites, crop circles mostly appear at the intersecting points of the Earth’s magnetic pathways of energy (ley lines). The size and shape of a crop circle formation depends on the proximity to the ley lines, magnetic node points and the water available at that site. Measurements of the earth's magnetic field inside crop circles, have been recorded with increases up to 120%.

Crop Circle Electromagnetic Effects -
Crop circles alter the surrounding electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic measurements (EM) have registered 40 to 50 nano Teslas in the middle of some crop circles (10 times the normal radiation level). Compasses spin erratically and can’t locate north, battery powered devices like watches, cameras and cellular phones malfunction, brand new batteries are drained in minutes, car batteries have been drained, overhead helicopter and aircraft equipment are affected, radio frequencies are different inside the crop formation, farm animals and birds are agitated and stay away from the crop formation, and with really large crop circle formations, entire towns have lost power.

Crop Circle Effects on Humans -
The electromagnetic energy inside a crop circle can also interact with human and animal brainwave patterns. Because the human and animal body is electromagnetic in nature, being inside or near a crop circle has been known to affect people’s biophysical rhythms. Women will also experience menstruation cycles early. Some people experience heightened states of awareness and healings in crop circles commonly associated with sacred sites and holy places. Other people complain about of headaches and unusual pleasant or unpleasant physical or mental symptoms. People also experience dizziness, disorientation and nausea. Prolonged exposure to infra-sound or microwaves (which interact with the water in the body) produce the same symptoms.

Crop Circle Witnesses -
More than 80 people have witnessed and reported seeing crop circles forming in 15-20 seconds. They all describe seeing incandescent or brightly colored balls of light (orbs) before and after the crop circle is formed, proving that the orbs of light are involved in crop circle formations. In some reports, people have seen shafts of light in a field where the crop is swirled into a geometric shape. When farmers find new crop circle formations, they usually see steam rising into the air from within the design.

Solar system crop circle.

Solar system circle with more detail
Good Video about Crop Circles

Standout Facts - 
* Little Physical Damage
* Light Burn Marks*Altered Cell Structure
*Magnetic Particles
* Higher Radiation Levels

Conclusion -
It is easy to dismiss all crop circles as man made and it is my guess that most circles are man made but there remain some crop circles that appear to be different and as of yet can not be explained. We should keep an open mind about crop circles, maybe some day we will be able to explain what is really making these circles...be it man, something in nature, natural phenomena, Aliens, Angels or something as of yet to be discovered. So let just keep on researching this until we find the final answer.

(Not sure where some of this comes from, I've had it a long time, so I can't list any sources or give proper credit. Sorry. If by chance anyone knows the original source please let me know, I would be glad to give proper credit)

Please note that some of this data may be slightly outdated.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Message from the grave

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

©The Crypto Crew
Text Message From Beyond?
A Final Message From a Friend?
By Dorraine Fisher

Have you ever had strange experiences after someone close to you died?

"Jay" is someone who prefers to remain anonymous, but swears he had communications with a friend via text message who had previously been killed in an auto accident.

"It was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me," he said with a pang of sadness that was still obvious. "Carl had been my best friend for years. We grew up together, took vacations together, and met our wives almost at the same time. And when the accident happened, it was like I’d lost a brother. I was beside myself."

But on the day following his friend’s funeral, Jay, in his grief, couldn’t get his head together. He had promised the family that he would pick up some pictures and personal items from the funeral home after the funeral service was over and deliver them back to Carl’s wife.

The family had created a type of shrine to Carl for the funeral that consisted of old and new pictures, his favorite sports memorabilia, items from his children, and other favorite personal items for people to look at and remember him.

"It was my only job that day. I promised I’d do that one little thing. But I was tired and I got to talking to people and it just slipped my mind," Jay recalled.

And he didn’t remember it until he was some seven miles away from the funeral home. He stopped in a parking lot of an old rural church and pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket.

"I was getting ready to call Carl’s wife and let her know what happened and that I’d be late."

But to his surprise, Jay glanced at the screen on his IPhone only to see a message already opened and scrawled across the screen, "You really are stupid, you know that. Haha!"

"I checked for a number of the caller but there was none, which was really weird, and I was curious. So I asked, ‘Who is this?’ And within seconds the answer came back, ‘Who do you think this is, Chief?’"

"And then I felt like I’d swallowed a big rock. Carl always called me Chief. It actually dated back to our days as kids when we played cowboys and Indians. The name Chief just kind of stuck."

"I just buried you today. You’re dead. I don’t know who this is but, what kind of a sick bastard are you? I punched in the message, feeling pretty mad and not knowing what to say or what to think. Only that someone was playing a really sick joke."

But then there was no response for quite some time and Jay began to think he may have just dreamt the whole thing even though he could see it on the screen.

"I was surely tired enough," he said.

But he kept staring at the screen, feeling confused and somewhat mesmerized in his fatigue, and he stared off across the highway for a moment only to hear his phone chime another text message.

The text appeared on the screen. "Lucky for you, dumba**, they boxed all my stuff up and left it in the coatroom for you to pick up. ‘Good thing somebody’s on the ball today, ‘cause you sure ain’t. Hahaha!"

"I swear my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest," Jay recalled. Carl had also called me that name fairly often… when we weren’t with our families, of course. But now I had to know if it was who I thought it was. So I typed."


"But no answer. So I sat there for a minute, thinking I’d surely gone crazy. And it seemed like a really long time when I suddenly looked down at my phone again."

"You really are stupid,’ the text said again."

But Jay just stared at the screen, only to see another message appear.

"You’ve been stupid since we were kids and you rode your bike off the dock at Spring Lake. Hahaha!"

"So now, I was stunned. Nobody talked to me like that…except Carl. And nobody knew about that except Carl. I nearly drowned that day because my foot got stuck in the bike when I went in the water. Carl’s the one that jumped in and got me. He helped me get the bike out of the lake and he swore he’d never tell anyone. I would have been in big trouble if he had."

"So I texted back."

"How did you know about that?" I typed.

But then there was no answer again. So Jay waited again. He glanced away from the screen again and then glanced back to find another message.

"I gotta go, Chief."

"Wait," I texted back."

"Take care of things for me," a text returned.

"And that was all," Jay told me. "I asked him once more to wait, but there weren’t any more messages. I stared at the screen for a while until I pulled myself together and the screen went off. I sat there for a minute wondering if this had really happened to me. And I tried to pull up the last message again only to find that it wasn’t there. All the messages were just gone."

Disappointed and a little bewildered, Jay drove all the way back to the funeral home that was in the neighboring town hoping to get the items quickly and be on his way. But when he arrived, he found they had been removed from the entryway.

"I yelled out to see if anyone was around to help, but there was no answer, though I suspected everyone was in the office upstairs. I was so tired, and I didn’t quite know what to do for a minute until I realized that the text message had said the stuff was in a box in the coatroom. I felt a little weird about it but nevertheless I went into the coatroom. And sure enough there was a box sitting just inside the doorway. It was half open and had the family name printed on the outside in black marker. I flipped the lid open and saw that all the items were there…ready for me to take home….just like the text had said."

"It’s strange what goes through your mind," he said. "I never told Carl’s wife because I didn’t want her to know he’d contacted me instead of her. Though maybe he contacted her too and she never said anything to me about it. Why would she? Who would believe it anyway?

So, did Jay receive a text message from beyond?

"Sometimes I’m not sure I believe it either," he said. "But when he told the story about the day at the lake, I really wanted to believe it. We were good friends. He talked to me just like that all the time. And we never went back on our promises. I really don’t think anyone knew about it except him and me. I guess I want to believe it was him saying goodbye in his own way, but I know I’ll never know for sure." *******DF


©The Crypto Crew

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Stan Romanek - Alien contactee. You may remember him from being on CNN's Larry King show a few years back, Stan was the man who, among many other alien encounters, filmed the alien peaking in a window. Many say that Stan is the real deal while others say he is nothing more than a hoaxer but his UFO photos look pretty good to me. According to what I have read there have been well over 100 individually unique experiences that Stan, his family and friends have encountered since December of 2000 many with photos and videos.

Stan on Larry King

The video below is worth watching because of the many UFO photos and videos.


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Possible bigfoot

I Just Saw Bigfoot/ A UFO!!!!  What Now?

A List Of Dos and Don’ts When You Have An Encounter
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

      Life is funny. It can be pretty mundane and boring most of the time. But then again sometimes things happen that you can’t explain. You can be sitting somewhere minding your own business and suddenly you see something unusual.  Maybe you think you know what it is, but your mind can’t quite process it. Somehow it doesn’t seem possible, but there it is, right in front of your eyes.
      Well, if you think you saw something unusual, chances are, you did. But the big question is, what do you do now? Do you tell somebody or not? And who do you tell?
     The Crypto Crew has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for anyone who’s had an encounter with Bigfoot or seen a UFO.
1.  Try to remain calm, and keep your eye on the creature or UFO. Take in all the details, and take photos or video if possible.
2.  After the sighting, take note of your location. If it’s a bigfoot sighting, try using a particular tree to determine the height of the creature and to mark your location.
3.  Take note of the time of day and weather conditions. 
4.  Take note of any sounds, smells, or colors of the object or creature.
5.   After the encounter is over, write down all the details you remember. And if there are other witnesses with you, they should write down their experiences separately. If possible, draw a picture of what you saw.
6.  Use caution about who you tell. Find a notable and respected researcher or research group in your area and discuss the encounter with them in detail. They know the important questions to ask, and they can best help you decide how to handle any evidence you may have and to decide if the media needs to be contacted.

1.  Don’t panic. Or at least try not too. Chances are, you’re not crazy and you ARE seeing something significant. The world is a still a mystery and even in the 21st Century, new things pop up on the planet every day.  And generally, in the case of Bigfoot and UFO’s, you’re in no real danger.
2.   Don’t move, make noise, or act aggressive if you see a bigfoot. If you’re quite and non-threatening, your chances of watching them longer are increased.
3.   Don’t assume, even today, that people will believe your story. Minds are still a little narrow on this subject, and until ironclad proof is found and presented to the world, the majority is still VERY skeptical. So beware. Telling people who don’t believe or aren’t supportive will only end up being harmful to you.
4.  Don’t contact the press until you’ve had time to process what you saw and have spoken to a valid researcher on the subject. A decision to communicate your sighting to the press must be weighed very carefully. Some will represent you well, while others will make you out to be crazy. Approach such matters with caution.
*And remember, if you’ve seen something like this, you’re among the very lucky. Few people have such an opportunity. This is a once in a lifetime event. *******

©The Crypto Crew 2012
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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