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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Did Ancient Egyptians Really Have Helicopters???
Examining A Hotly Debated Hieroglyph
By Dorraine Fisher

If you’ve ever watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, you’ve probably seen a picture of the hieroglyph above. It’s often referenced as evidence by ancient astronaut theorists as proof that ancient Egyptians at least saw things, thousands of years ago,  like our modern flying machines.

And you can see why. The top-center figure bears a striking resemblance to our modern helicopters, including a top blade, cockpit, and rear blade. Many people have now seen this hieroglyph on TV and the internet, but most don’t know much about it.

As the story goes, in 1848, a group of archaeologists working in Abydos, which is a few hundred miles south of Cairo, Egypt discovered the strange inscription on a ceiling beam in the temple built a few thousand years ago by Pharaoh Seti. The inscription was carefully copied and brought back to Europe, but was eventually dismissed and deemed inexplicable by Egyptologists.

And nothing much more was said about them.

But the very nature of the strange depictions wouldn’t let them die out completely. People kept noticing them. Tourists in the 1990’s who visited Abydos kept photographing them and showing them to other people where they were eventually picked up by the internet and ancient astronaut theorists worldwide. And when the popular TV show Ancient Aliens latched onto it, the rest was history. It was considered clear proof that ancient Egyptians had knowledge of modern flying machines like we know today.

But Egyptologists continue to explain them away. And after many years of collecting extensive information of ancient Egypt and its mysteries, they have every right to do so.  They maintain that the figures were created in this way simply by the re-facing and re-carving of the original stonework over time. Referred to as palimpsests by Egyptologists, some weathering is believed to have occurred and some of the stone has fallen away leaving something that’s nothing like the original inscriptions. They explained that these were common events with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and that it’s ridiculous to entertain any other theories about it.  Particularly notions about ancient helicopters.

And of course, we should respect their research and their educated opinions about it. They may be exactly correct in their assessments.

But the one thing that bothers me about this is, that all this weathering, re-facing, re-carving, and erosion over these thousands of years has left a curiously detailed depiction of what looks exactly like a modern helicopter. What are the odds of that happening in exactly this way? And since we have so many other strange but fairly obvious-appearing depictions of odd flying craft in all kinds of ancient art, is it SO ridiculous to believe that this could be something similar?

I personally don’t think so. I don’t believe it’s ever wise to dismiss something as being ridiculous simply because it doesn’t fit with the perceived ideas of science at this moment.  But the debate will likely rage on for a long time. I guess we’ll all have to decide for ourselves.

Interior of the Temple of Seti in Abydos, Egypt.

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This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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  1. I'm a reserach scientist and have worked in biomedical research for 26 years. Most who claim to "love science" are not the slightest bit scientific and being intellectual has nothing to do with being intelligent. What's embarrassing is "scientists" and "researchers" with closed minds and no answers, only denial and dismissal because it's outside their wheelhouse and conflicts with the false cultural & western narratives of the false & revisionist history we are fed daily. They are a-scientific, no free thought, conjecture or innate curiosity...not scientific and completely unintelligent to hide behind "science" like they do.. counterintuitive be definition..Oh, the irony!!! lol

    1. "research scientist"...typo..lol

  2. Not only a helicopter, but what looks like a car without wheels, a Jetson's ship, and an upside-down pistol. Others look like multi-winged insects and birds - maybe showing a relation to flight? Whether this means they saw these things because they existed back then or they were just imaginings, who knows? There is another possibility...time travel. If time travel exists as some claim it does, someone could have traveled back in time and put these things there just to mess with us. I think all these bibles of the world could be the same kind of thing. Color me crazy...

  3. I wish I could edit my original comment, but the car without wheels could also be a tank.


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