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Monday, January 27, 2014

Message from the grave

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

©The Crypto Crew
Text Message From Beyond?
A Final Message From a Friend?
By Dorraine Fisher

Have you ever had strange experiences after someone close to you died?

"Jay" is someone who prefers to remain anonymous, but swears he had communications with a friend via text message who had previously been killed in an auto accident.

"It was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me," he said with a pang of sadness that was still obvious. "Carl had been my best friend for years. We grew up together, took vacations together, and met our wives almost at the same time. And when the accident happened, it was like I’d lost a brother. I was beside myself."

But on the day following his friend’s funeral, Jay, in his grief, couldn’t get his head together. He had promised the family that he would pick up some pictures and personal items from the funeral home after the funeral service was over and deliver them back to Carl’s wife.

The family had created a type of shrine to Carl for the funeral that consisted of old and new pictures, his favorite sports memorabilia, items from his children, and other favorite personal items for people to look at and remember him.

"It was my only job that day. I promised I’d do that one little thing. But I was tired and I got to talking to people and it just slipped my mind," Jay recalled.

And he didn’t remember it until he was some seven miles away from the funeral home. He stopped in a parking lot of an old rural church and pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket.

"I was getting ready to call Carl’s wife and let her know what happened and that I’d be late."

But to his surprise, Jay glanced at the screen on his IPhone only to see a message already opened and scrawled across the screen, "You really are stupid, you know that. Haha!"

"I checked for a number of the caller but there was none, which was really weird, and I was curious. So I asked, ‘Who is this?’ And within seconds the answer came back, ‘Who do you think this is, Chief?’"

"And then I felt like I’d swallowed a big rock. Carl always called me Chief. It actually dated back to our days as kids when we played cowboys and Indians. The name Chief just kind of stuck."

"I just buried you today. You’re dead. I don’t know who this is but, what kind of a sick bastard are you? I punched in the message, feeling pretty mad and not knowing what to say or what to think. Only that someone was playing a really sick joke."

But then there was no response for quite some time and Jay began to think he may have just dreamt the whole thing even though he could see it on the screen.

"I was surely tired enough," he said.

But he kept staring at the screen, feeling confused and somewhat mesmerized in his fatigue, and he stared off across the highway for a moment only to hear his phone chime another text message.

The text appeared on the screen. "Lucky for you, dumba**, they boxed all my stuff up and left it in the coatroom for you to pick up. ‘Good thing somebody’s on the ball today, ‘cause you sure ain’t. Hahaha!"

"I swear my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest," Jay recalled. Carl had also called me that name fairly often… when we weren’t with our families, of course. But now I had to know if it was who I thought it was. So I typed."


"But no answer. So I sat there for a minute, thinking I’d surely gone crazy. And it seemed like a really long time when I suddenly looked down at my phone again."

"You really are stupid,’ the text said again."

But Jay just stared at the screen, only to see another message appear.

"You’ve been stupid since we were kids and you rode your bike off the dock at Spring Lake. Hahaha!"

"So now, I was stunned. Nobody talked to me like that…except Carl. And nobody knew about that except Carl. I nearly drowned that day because my foot got stuck in the bike when I went in the water. Carl’s the one that jumped in and got me. He helped me get the bike out of the lake and he swore he’d never tell anyone. I would have been in big trouble if he had."

"So I texted back."

"How did you know about that?" I typed.

But then there was no answer again. So Jay waited again. He glanced away from the screen again and then glanced back to find another message.

"I gotta go, Chief."

"Wait," I texted back."

"Take care of things for me," a text returned.

"And that was all," Jay told me. "I asked him once more to wait, but there weren’t any more messages. I stared at the screen for a while until I pulled myself together and the screen went off. I sat there for a minute wondering if this had really happened to me. And I tried to pull up the last message again only to find that it wasn’t there. All the messages were just gone."

Disappointed and a little bewildered, Jay drove all the way back to the funeral home that was in the neighboring town hoping to get the items quickly and be on his way. But when he arrived, he found they had been removed from the entryway.

"I yelled out to see if anyone was around to help, but there was no answer, though I suspected everyone was in the office upstairs. I was so tired, and I didn’t quite know what to do for a minute until I realized that the text message had said the stuff was in a box in the coatroom. I felt a little weird about it but nevertheless I went into the coatroom. And sure enough there was a box sitting just inside the doorway. It was half open and had the family name printed on the outside in black marker. I flipped the lid open and saw that all the items were there…ready for me to take home….just like the text had said."

"It’s strange what goes through your mind," he said. "I never told Carl’s wife because I didn’t want her to know he’d contacted me instead of her. Though maybe he contacted her too and she never said anything to me about it. Why would she? Who would believe it anyway?

So, did Jay receive a text message from beyond?

"Sometimes I’m not sure I believe it either," he said. "But when he told the story about the day at the lake, I really wanted to believe it. We were good friends. He talked to me just like that all the time. And we never went back on our promises. I really don’t think anyone knew about it except him and me. I guess I want to believe it was him saying goodbye in his own way, but I know I’ll never know for sure." *******DF


©The Crypto Crew

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